how to buy a four seasons hotel mattress

Then, in true Four Seasons style, they will retain your slumber preferences on file so that next time you check-in, your favorite mattress accoutrements will be waiting for you.
Speaking of the beds, even though this Four Seasons has not yet been updated with the new Four Seasons mattress it was insanely comfortable.
The other night I had the ultimate one-night stand–with the Four Seasons! They invited me to crawl into bed with them and let me tell you, they sure know how to treat a lady.

Besides selecting twin, full, queen or king size, you have the choice of purchasing any individual portion of the bed system or the full set, which includes the newly designed Four Seasons mattress, box spring and Signature topper.
We stayed in a Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano, Egypt .The four seasons beds are very comfortable .So I would like to purchase a Four Seasons bed.
Now, in partnership with Simmons Bedding Company, Four Seasons invites you to experience the latest innovation in comfort with the all-new mattress and topper collection designed exclusively for Four Seasons.
The guestrooms at Four Seasons feature soundproofing design, in-room temperature controls and signature beds, making each room a true sleeping sanctuary.
These proprietary beds, along with a full array of Four Seasons pillows and bed linens, are never sold in stores and may only be ordered directly through a Four Seasons hotel or resort.
I would to know how can we order the mattress and who should we contact with the Four Seasons hotel.
Not only can you create your ideal bed inside your Four Seasons guestroom, you can extend your perfect sleep to your own home when you purchase The Four Seasons Bed directly from a hotel or resort.
The coveted Four Seasons sleep experience begins with the design of the guestrooms, which are created as true sleeping sanctuaries, with double-walled windows for soundproofing, in-room temperature controls, blackout shades and top-quality bedding.
I asked Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano , four seasons hotel cairo at nile plaza , Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at the First Residence and Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh all of them haven’t Four Seasons bed for sale .
Available in Signature, Signature Plush and Signature Firm, each customizable Four Seasons topper promises ultimate comfort.
Enter the dreamy world of Signature Sleep by Four Seasons, and discover more tips and secrets to getting a good night’s rest.
We stayed in a Four Seasons hotel and loved the bed so much that we ordered! It arrived two days ago and it perfect.
The Four Seasons Bed is already in place in several locations in the U.S., and will replace beds at all Four Seasons locations over the next few years as part of the normal course of upgrade.
having stayed at various of the Four Seasons Hotels,, I can only say they are the best and the beds is a dream….
The first hospitality company to offer guests a custom-designed bed, Four Seasons understands better than anyone that a great night’s sleep leads to vitality and wellness.
The Four Seasons BedRest peacefully on the world’s most comfortable mattress.
Sleep peacefully night after night with a signature Four Seasons bed in your own home.
I reside near the City of Toronto, Ontario Canada – I am interested in purchasing the wonderful Four Seasons pillows.
How can I manage this? I have stayed in many hotels around the world and the Four Seasons bed is a stand out with exceptional comfort.
For more information or to purchase, contact your nearest Four Seasons and ask to speak with the front desk.
Not only do I love my Four Seasons bed and how easy it was to order, I always recommend this bed to my friends! So much so, that I have included it in my blog: Thank you Four Seasons.
We recently stayed at a Four Seasons Hotel.
Once this is confirmed I will then forward your email enquiry to the Director of Purchasing for the Four Seasons Hote George V, who will then be happy to contact you to provide the necessary information.
could you please advise where I can buy your bed? I am living in Amsterdam but in The Netherlands there is no four seasons hotel.
· The Waldorf Bed: Hilton’s uber-luxe hotel brand sells The Waldorf Bed which has five cushioning comfort zones and a box spring engineered with a "patented innerspring configuration to give extra lower back support and minimize the effect of partner movement." It comes in queen for $2,100 and king for $2,300.
· The Sofitel SoBed: Splurge for the SoBed package and you will get not just the Sofitel custom-designed mattress and boxspring but four SoBoutique pillows, one featherbed and one down duvet by Pacific Coast Feather Company along with 400 thread count cotton percale linens by Yves Delorme, including 1 bedskirt, fitted sheet, duvet cover, 2 pillowcases and 2 pillow protectors.
There’s the MGM Grand at Home store where you can buy pillows, linens and comforters ; the Vdara at Home store (where you can buy a Sealy Posturepedic mattress, box spring and linens); The Mirage at Home store which has the same Sealy bed as Vdara plus linens; and even The Bellagio at Home store which sells a special Serta mattress in sizes full to cal king.
· DoubleTree Sweet Dreams Bed: The DoubleTree brand mattress and box spring "promises " extra comfy-ness through a specialized design and construction that includes continuous innerspring support, a movement-reducing foundation, and a soothing quilted top.
The prices range from $3,369.00 – $3,742.00 for a queen, queen split or king bed and includes a mattress and box spring set, mattress topper, comforter, feather and down pillows, sheets and a bedazzle bed skirt.
Four Seasons beds are loaded with cotton instead of synthetic stuffing for a sturdier feel–the king version features 40 to 50 pounds of it–and there's a centerpiece between box spring and mattress with a layer of rigid foam to prevent sagging.
Does anyone know what kind of mattress and bedding is used at the Four Seasons? I found the setup at the HK Four Seasons to be extremely comfortable and want to duplicate it at home.
I inqiured with the SF Four Seasons a few years ago (4-ish) and their mattresses are(were?) a special line created just for them by one of the larger manufacturers.
Garcia is the interior designer on The Travel Channel’s show "Hotel Impossible." Since being cast on the show, she’s helped turn around 10 struggling hotels so far, with two more left for the season.
And why a white duvet cover? Garcia says white and neutral colors are what you’re going to find in a hotel.
The first bed commissioned by a hotel company and given a brand name, the Heavenly Bed was billed as an "oasis for the weary traveler," and it looked the part: a bright white duvet, a down blanket, five feather-and-down pillows, three 230-thread-count sheets (one sheet is laid over the blanket, a practice known as triple sheeting), and a custom-designed 12 1/2-inch-thick Simmons mattress with 900 individual coils.
With hotel companies now sponsoring sleep studies, commissioning their own branded mattresses, and even publishing sleep newsletters, the competition to win customers’ loyalty by promising them a better night’s rest means that putting a pillow-top mattress and higher-quality sheets on the bed may no longer be enough.
It’s a movement that’s beginning to force hotel chains without branded bed programs to adopt one in order to compete, says Joseph McInerney, president and CEO of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) in Washington, D.C. "Hotel chains are coming out with new beds because that’s what their customers want," he says.
They’re already a boon to the major mattress companies, which PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates will sell $1.4 billion in beds to hotels in 2005 alone—almost double the number they have sold over the past five years.
Introducing The Four Seasons Bed – the next evolution of the iconic Four Seasons sleep experience and the first fully customizable hotel bed, offering travellers the opportunity to effectively choose their own bed and personalize their sleep during every Four Seasons stay.  With an innovative mattress system developed by Four Seasons in partnership with leading bed manufacturer Simmons, each guest can have their bed personalized to their unique preference in minutes.
“From the day we welcomed our very first guests for the night more than five decades ago, we have placed supreme importance on creating optimal sleep conditions, along with the intuitive service that has always been the hallmark of Four Seasons," says Chris Hunsberger, Executive Vice President, Product and Innovation.
In celebration of World Sleep Day on March 14, 2014, Four Seasons will host Twitter chats Thursday, March 13 at 9:00 pm EDT and on Friday, March 14 from 3:00 pm EDT.  Participants will include a Dream Team of Four Seasons sleep experts as well as Dr.
Four Seasons has long been known for its signature beds – a cult favourite that while never advertised, has been purchased by tens of thousands of happy sleepers wanting to replicate the perfect Four Seasons sleep in their own homes.
The Four Seasons Bed is already in place in several locations in the US, and will replace beds at all Four Seasons locations over the next few years as part of the normal course of upgrade.  Travellers can contact individual Four Seasons properties in advance of their next visit to inquire about the availability of the new bed.
With the introduction of the industry’s first fully customizable sleep experience, Four Seasons continues to revolutionize the hospitality industry with innovations and creative approaches to enhance each guest’s experience.
Join us on an interactive room tour and discover how the new Four Seasons Bed can provide the sleep of your dreams, even after you check out—then share your own sleep tips and stories.
Don’t expect a chocolate on your pillow when you stay at Four Seasons: According to Isadore Sharp, who founded Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in Toronto, eating sugar before bed doesn’t promote a good night’s sleep.
How to Sleep WellLearn the secrets to getting a good night’s rest with expert advice from our Dream Team and tips from Four Seasons fans.
By incorporating abstract art, curvilinear lines, soft textures, and organic and repeating patterns, the interior designers at Four Seasons make conscious decisions to use serene elements that are scientifically proven to elicit a positive reaction in the brain, creating a soothing atmosphere for sleep.
A Restful RoomExplore this room and uncover the Four Seasons details that make it ideal for sleep and rest.
It’s best to unplug from everything about an hour before you want to go to bed.iMYTH While it’s true that children need decreasing amounts of sleep as they grow, everyone requires between seven and nine hours of sleep each night once they reach adulthood.
If you’re into getting your zzz’s and want to share your favorite sleep tips with the world, join the Twitter chats with Four Seasons Thursday, March 13 at 9:00 pm EDT and on Friday, March 14 from 3:00 pm EDT using hashtag #inbedwithFS.
In an effort to help guests get a good night’s sleep, the luxury hotel brand is rolling out customized beds.
If you experienced bedding found in a particular hotel that you visited we are here to help you find and receive that same bedding! was started in 2006 and since then we pride ourselves on customer service like no other.
The W Bed was introduced for sale in 2000 on the success of beds from other Starwood hotels, such as the Westin Heavenly and the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper.
Starwood’s Westin Hotels initiated the trend of mattresses as souvenirs when it introduced the Heavenly Bed in 1999, a pillow-top model that has sold more than 100,000 units, the company said.
The Four Seasons doesn’t advertise the availability of its beds and has no e-commerce site for in-room furnishings, said a spokeswoman.
Introduced in rooms in 2004, this bed went on sale in 2006 on, where 1,000 mattresses have been sold since, said a spokeswoman.
Hilton, which sells its beds through its e-commerce site, saw a 4% sales increase in 2012, a spokeswoman said.
The hotel chain has used foam mattresses instead of inner-spring beds since 1966, according to a spokeswoman.
"I was staying at the Four Seasons, New York and had the best sleep of my life," said Jeremy Murphy, vice president of communications at CBS, who purchased a queen-size Four Seasons Stearns & Foster bed after his visit.
W offers three versions of its signature bed—a firm plush top, a pillow top and the Extreme W for a "princess and the pea" night’s sleep, a spokeswoman said.
But upon request, a property’s concierge will sell the entire bedding package: beds, sheets, duvets and pillows.
Westin has seen retail bed sales revenues surpass $125 million as of September 2012, according to a spokeswoman.
For example, the Principe di Savoia (0039 02 62301; ; doubles from £236), in Milan, has recently introduced wonderfully soft cashmere sheets with a thermo-regulative effect that makes them ideal in summer or winter, while the Cotswold House Hotel (01386 840330; ; room 16 costs £350 per night, including breakfast) in Chipping Camden, has equipped one of its rooms (No 16) with a bed costing £14,000.
The Heavenly Bed from Westin Hotels and Resorts can be shipped from the US and costs £3,310 for a king-size bed and bedding (visit and click on Westin Store).
I know that Four Seasons Hotels used to have custom mattresses made by Stearns & Foster, and are now switching to a Simmons model.
 The only way to find out which S&F mattress is the one made for 4 Seasons is to rip into them and compare coil count, gauge and the layers of material on top of the coils as well as the material type.
Want even more options? Hilton to Home lets you buy the “Hilton Serenity Bed” mattress and box spring solo ($1,550), a la carte bedding from $65 to $270 each, and a “bed package” that includes all the trimmings for $2,438.
Several top-of-the-line hotel chains have started selling the beds and bedding that they offer in their rooms, including The W, The Westin, Sheraton, Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, and Sofitel.
The Supreme Foam mattress and box spring costs a cool $1,850, and complete bed and bedding packages sell for as high as $3,732 — the ultra-luxe package reflects the allure of the JW Marriott brand.
Riding the “options” wave, Marriott sells three different mattress types, a la carte bedding, and four unique packages.
The SoBed mattress and box spring set comes in regular ($1,375) and featherbed ($1,635), and of course, you can also purchase all the requisite a la carte bedding items or a complete set for $3,190.
My husband and I currently sleep on a Duxiana mattress which I find too "mushy."  I have always owned S&F mattresses.  I am interested in the Four Seasons Hotel mattress made by S&F.  It is an ultra-plush pillowtop.  I also saw an article about a S&F mattress called the "Bagatelle Gardens" which is a "box pillowtop."  My questions…a lot of people are buying mattresses from hotels now.
Recently we stayed at a hotel and both woke up saying "wow, how did YOU sleep?" Turns out their website has a way to order that exact brand mattress.
I stayed at a fancy hotel once and found the secret to its comfiness was putting a duvet under the base sheet- between it and the mattress.
My husband and I stayed at a B&B in Kelso, Scotland and we slept in the MOST COMFORTABLE BED EVERRRR!!! So comfortable, that I decided to peel back all the bedding and the mattress cover to see which kind it was.
Not bedding, but I purchased a robe from a hotel in New Orleans by asking at the front desk.
Pacific Pillows ( ) claims to supply bedding to most of the major hotel chains.
Check with the hotel desk to see if they offer their bedding for sale.
We actually slept in a hotel in Sweden which was purposely designed to sell mattresses — the hotel reception was inside the mattress store.
I fell in love with the pillows at the Four Seasons Hotel in Atlanta and ordered them from this site.
So when we both fell in love with the ones at a hotel in Portland, I tracked them down (on Pacific Pillows) and bought them.
We wound up staying in a local hotel overnight while our car was fixed, and the duvets were pure heaven.
While many hotel brands sell their signature beds, Four Seasons says its customizable system is a first in the industry.
The new system lets travelers pick from a selection of firm, medium, or soft mattress toppers that each hotel will put in place upon request in advance of guest stays.
Four Seasons has just teamed up with Simmons to announce a new bed at hotels around the world—and it's already in place at a select batch of the luxury properties with more to come this year.
There's still plenty of need for innovation, the hotel group says, citing an Ipsos study that revealed that 92% of guests have preferences about bed firmness.
Four Seasons is hoping guests that like the new system will brag about it on social media with #inbedwithFS.
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I think the "novelty" of mattresses that do not require turning over any more seems to generate labour cost savings for hotel companies, but reduces sleeping comfort once the mattress ages a bit.
I guess that was the Sealy Posture Pedic, the one that required turning over every four months, that seems to have made the difference.
Love their bed! Anyone know if it is Sealy or Stearns and Foster? Which type within the brand? Bought a bed previously from the Four Seasons and time to replace.
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Small clarification: I bought the actual FS bed from Four Seasons when it was still the posture pedic by Sealy.
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For example, I think the reason the W beds are so comfortable is because they are on these raised wooden platforms…the beds don’t move when you jump on them, you do not have to worry about the support feet leaning one way or another, or being perfectly flat, like when you own a wooden frame bed with horizontal angle steel supports, as we do (Thomasville).
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