how to buy a house in riften xbox

Alternatively, if you give Riften to the Empire during Season Unending or conquer it during Reunification of Skyrim, Honeyside can be purchased from Hemming Black-Briar without having to complete or begin the quests for the Jarl.
Honeyside must be purchased from her steward Anuriel in order to complete the quest and receive the title of Thane of Riften.
This house, the second-least expensive home that can be obtained, becomes available for purchase during a quest for the Jarl of Riften.

 360   The Dragonborn cannot become a Thane of Riften once Maven Black-Briar is Jarl.
 360  If the children’s bedroom is purchased from the Riften Steward after previously purchasing the enchanting room, the objects from the enchanting room may still be in the children’s bedroom, the different objects become merged.
 PC   360   PS3  The Dragonborn will be able to buy Honeyside, but not be named Thane.
 PS3   When in Iona’s room, Whirlwind Sprint towards the wall above the table will teleport the Dragonborn to the front door inside the house.
 360   One of the weapon racks in the basement of the house may not store a weapon allowing storage of only three weapons on the rack.
 360   If the Dragonborn tries to place a woodcutter’s axe on the third slot from the left of the weapon rack, it will be dropped instead, though it will stay suspended in the air.
 PS3   360   Discovering Cragslane cavern and clearing it before starting the ‘skooma trade’ quests may lead to inability to complete the second quest that requires that this dungeon be cleared.
 360   The mannequins in the enchanting room may occasionally move position and appear in the middle of the basement or elsewhere in the house.
 360   After purchasing, the miscellaneous quest to let the Jarl know the house was bought will not be open.
 360    PS3   The Weapon Plaques on the walls display all weapons diagonally.
In for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, Honeyside is the house you’ll be able to purchase in Riften once you gain enough favor with the Jarl there, and costs 8,000 gold.
I have a couple questions, I received the quest to purchase Honesyside from Riften’s Steward but when I talk her there is no response that I click on that lets me purchase the house, any help you can give would be appreciated.
Once you complete those, you’ll become a Thane, and you’ll be able to purchase Honeyside from the Jarl’s adviser Anuriel for 8,000 gold.
If you still cannot purchase a house after completing this questline, you may need to do a few more quests to help out citizens of Riften, such as the Argonian in the inn needs 3 flawless amethysts or a sword delivered to the blacksmith from the jarl’s son.
the last 2 quest require 10 fire salts and 5 ice wraith teeth (I would advise checking all the alchamists if you have trouble finding wild ice wraiths and fire atronachs) then i spoke to the jarl and she told me i could get the house.
Hi i did the skooma quest, the jarl’s sons sword quest, the mages quest in the keep and the blacksmiths and food traders quests.
After you buy Honeyside, then make sure that you DO NOT open either door and enter the house until you buy all the upgrades, as on PS3, and possibly Xbox, it renders the weapon racks and displays unusable if you take the default piece off of them, and may work for the mannequins as well, but I hadn’t bought that one at that point, and reloaded an auto save from just before I went in and got the upgrades.
Hopefully that helps 🙂 I also heard you must talk to the Jarl again before upgrading your house to become Thane because of a possible bug.
The quest for Wujeeta is the key to it all, but bear in mind that if she’s killed intentionally during the quest, then according wiki, you can forget owning the house or becoming Thane.
I’m not sure how reliable that information is, but just to be safe, talk to the Jarl again before upgrading your house.
Just go do 4 assistance quests for the citizens (Giving a beggar a gold piece, and dropping an item and letting whoever picks it up keep it counts as well), and you will get a journal entry to go see the Jarl.
Just a question, everyone keeps mentioning doing a certain quest in the main storyline involving, well… To avoid spoilers, a certain political change in Riften, I guess? It isn’t actually necessary to make it to that point, though, is it? I’m trying to hold off on the main storyline at the moment.
Edit: You CAN use this method to buy the decoration for free as well, you just have to be really fast because he takes your money quicker than he would sell you the house.
This is a tutorial on how to get any house for free in Skyrim.
10:14 Skyrim – Free house.
Welcome to the second episode of SKYRIM GUIDES – a quick guide on how to purchase a new home in Riften.
If you like what you see, tell me about it! I will continue making more Skyrim Guides if people want more.
In the series SKYRIM GUIDES, here you get to learn how to be a better Dragonslayer! Okay, not necessarily so.
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an action role-playing open world video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.
It is the fifth installment in The Elder Scrolls action role-playing video game series, following The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
Houses also include a bed which belongs to the player; player-owned beds provide a temporary boost to health and stamina after sleeping in them (unless you are a werewolf, in which case you can never obtain such a boost from sleeping no matter where you are).
Houses are among the most expensive purchases a player can make, but owning a house allows a player to store items in it securely and can be a welcome sanctuary after dungeon-crawling.
Aside from houses, undertaking certain faction questlines can also provide the player with a shelter associated with that faction at no extra cost.
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To use this method you need to have a companion, then; When you see a Skill Book in the game (cross-ref one of the FAQs for names; or look at the value of the book) talk to your companion and select the "I need you to do something" command.
All you have to do is proceed through the story until you kill your first dragon outside of whiterun the king of the town will tell you he has told his steward to allow you to purchase land in his city after you tell him the dragon is dead.
It costs 5000 gold "because being the dragon born and saving an entire city from destruction isn’t worth anything." and uprages to the house will be close to 2000 gold total.
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if you want a house just keep doing jobs for the jarl until he asks if you want to be thane he says you must help the people.
Is there any houses for sell in Skyrim for Xbox without having the hearthfire DLC? I have just the regular game and am running out of room to store things.
In this guide we’ll tell you how to line your pockets without setting foot in a single dungeon, where to find the of your life, and how to get on the property ladder.
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game name: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim cheat title: Get a Free House cheat: Fly on Whiterun’s Dragonsreach and go to the right where you’ll see some stairs.
With this official add-on to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you can purchase land and build your own home from the ground up – from a simple one-room cottage to a sprawling compound complete with an armory, alchemy laboratory, stable, garden, and more.
Use all-new tools like the drafting table and carpenter’s workbench to transform quarried stone, clay, and sawn logs into structures and furnishings.
What I figured out is there is a known glitch for buying the house in Markarth but, has anyone figured out a work around? I completed the first quest, have not been able to get them to offer me another one and no ability to buy a house? This is for MARKARTH not Windhelm or Whiterun (I already own Breezehome (and am about to kill my thieving husband because barrels are coming up empty along with lots of other ‘missing’ items, married Marcurio from Riften and items missing are showing up in his inventory for sale)).
You guys, to purchase the house in Markarth you need to be at LEAST level 20, after that talk to the jarl and if you already finished forsworn quests for him, he’ll give you a personal quest to find something that belonged to his father.
Hey, I only bought the house in whiterun before finishing the main quest, and i think its noteworthy that after that I could buy riften’s and markarth’s without any further quests at all… it seems that completing the main quest already makes you elegible to buy houses anywhere.
Oh my god are all of you people retarded “I have just bought a house, where do i find it?” Right after you have purchased your house from a Jarls Steward there is a map marker that directs you to, believe it or not, the front door of your newly purchase house.
I’ve read a few comments of people having issues with not having the option to buy a house after finishing the Jarl’s quest.
Hey guys I’m trying to buy a house in windhelm and i’ve assisted all 5 citizens in the hold, and the new Jarl gave me the option to buy a house but when i talk Jorleif (the guy her sells it) he tells me that the house is not available due to recent unpleasantness.
To get the house in Windhelm without cheating or glitching, complete the imperials questline, if you are in the imperial army, and the new jarl will make you a thane and offer to sell you that house (if you have helped the required people), which will trigger the Blood on the Ice quest if it has not already somehow been done.
All he says is stuff like “yes?” “Need something?” “I’m retarded, I don’t want you to have a sweet house, so I won’t even talk to you.” If anybody can tell me why this douche won’t talk to me, or how I can upgrade it, I would appreciate it.
“I cant find the house i just bought” is one of the funniest comments i have ever read on the internet! People look at the map!! it’s what its their for and it will show you exactly where the houses are.
I am a Thane everywhere including Falkreath and have the named weapons to prove it and can pick up one of the random radient quests from the steward but even after completing this, no further quests appear from either Jarl or steward and no purchase option appears.
Same problem, I understand it’s related to you killing his servant guy, Halvard something earlier in the Dark Brotherhood questlines meaning Jarl Siddgeir in Falkreath doesn’t like you meaning he never unlocks the land-purchase option.
The new Jarl and his Steward basically have no relation to Helvard at all (who still happens to be laying on the floor where I killed him), and yet, I still can’t purchase the land in Falkreath.
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Only have 2-3 miscellaneous quests not related to anything "Thane" related and I’m sure it’s the whole Helvard thing since you still get the quests from Nenya (which isn’t "glitched") but rather the Jarl itself.
I received my letter from the Jarl of Falkreath, I went over to him and killed some bandits he was dealing with (Not sure if thats radiant as I’ve done it more than once, going to the same hideout with the same objective, however if it is then my bad) and then returned.
I have been trying to buy a house in Falkreath for about 45 minutes now, and yes I have asked the steward as well about buying land, I have even went back to a save made about a week ago and I can’t.
Same problem, I understand it’s related to you killing his servant guy, Val-something earlier in the Dark Brotherhood questlines meaning Siddgeri in Falkreath doesn’t like you meaning he never unlocks the land-purchase option.
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I’m not sure if the radiant quests from the steward like {Kill X enemy at Y Location} actually contribute to the Jarl/Steward selling you the land.
As has been stated, there are radiant quests that will block the Falkreath Jarl from giving you quests until you wrap them up.
Also it isn’t the rare item dropoff (Amulet of Arkay, Ysolde’s mammoth tusk etc)stopping the advancement either as the character that can buy Falkreath land also has the Arkay quest still active.
I killed Halvard as part of the DB questline and had no problem (well that is a lie, I had a radiant quest open and had to finish it before the Jarl would give me the get him a drink quest).
WARNING: Do not buy any upgrades to the house until after you have spoken to the Jarl again and been made a Thane or you will never be able to become a Thane of Riften due to a glitch – at least not until Bethesda correct this issue with a patch.
This house in Riften is worth buying because it has an Alchemy area, an Enchanting area, and two mannequins which allow you to use the duplicating items mannequin glitch to get infinite gold for yourself.
This guide will show you how to own the available house in Riften as well as acquire the title Thane of Riften and be assigned the that comes with the position.

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