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It’s a pocket Kirstie & Phil with you every step of the way, guiding you on everything from searches and viewings to making an offer and of course, closing the deal.
It is full of video guides and audio tips and contains detailed chapters on finance, mortgages, dealing with agents and more.
We’ve made programmes about it, written books about it, and now we’ve gone one step further and made an app about it.

Perched in Welcombe’s rugged landscape, classed as an area of outstanding beauty, the house – complete with room and annexe – is just a short stroll from the National Trust beach of Welcombe Mouth and only a mile from the nearest pub – although it’s a five mile trek to the shop.
Miss Harlow believes the celebrity factor has some part to play I this success, saying: ‘I think obviously the fact that it’s [Miss Allsopp’s] has some attraction but it’s also a big family home and right by the beach, so perfect for a family holiday’.
Mary Harlow, operations manager for Classic Cottages, said the company have had the home on their books for five years, taking it on shortly after Miss Allsopp bought it.
Her current programme, Kirstie’s Fill Your House For Free, advocates the idea of reusing and repurposing items and, true to her word, it seems to be an ethos she has kept alive throughout Meadowgate, with its mismatched crockery and thrown-together feel.
Mary Harlow, operations manager for Classic Cottages who let the property describes it as perfect for a family holiday as it is right by the beach.
One of the country’s most famous homemakers, known for her of traditional arts and crafts, Miss Allsopp, 42, has opened the doors to the home she made famous in the show Kirstie’s Homemade Home.
Finished off with quirky touches – see the rowing boat in the middle of the garden, a bath in the master bedroom and gold WOW lettering on a wall – the transformation from wreck to dream family home was chronicled in the 2009 TV show.
Before Miss Allsopp bought Meadowgate in 2008, for £300,000, it had been empty for 39 years and was in a shocking state of disrepair.
The dining room of Kirstie Allsopp’s Meadowgate home in Devon, which featured on the show ‘Kirstie’s Homemade Home.
I think she’s saying she thinks Phil is gay – which is something I say A LOT…" she adds with a cackle before turning to me and her right-hand woman, Beth, who is busy googling the pronunciation of the word Plaistow, the location of the first episode of Kirstie’s Fill Your House For Free, the second series of a show that sees Kirstie help homeowners who don’t have any furniture fill their homes with pieces taken from a makeshift shop which she has stuffed to the gills with old sofas and ornamental lamps – donated cast-offs which are then upcycled to meet the tastes of whoever is on the show that week.
"See? Now, you see now I’m a WRECK!" She breathes and continues: "Obviously, we have domestic violence in the UK… Can you see? I’m caveating every f***ing word and swearing a LOT… but we do have access to birth control, we do get to choose when we don’t have children but perhaps we shouldn’t think that means we get to choose when we DO have children." Then, in a seamless loop back to her previous point, she says: "I’ve seen people on the show who say ‘If we find the right house, I’ll get pregnant, I’ll have a baby, if we just find the right house’! No.
But there’s a great little thing called birth control and women in Tanzania don’t get it." (Allsopp explains that she recently went to Tanzania for Comic Relief and visited Dar Es Salaam, visiting a sexual health clinic there.) "Your average Tanzanian man wants seven kids and your average Tanzanian woman wants three kids, and 50 per cent of Tanzanian women will have some exposure to violence every week.
Finally, what is the answer for the lost souls of Generation Rent, stuck in a weird (and expensive) purgatory between a culture obsessed with property shows and period features, and an inaccessible housing market? The problem, she says, cupping her face in her hands and whispering "Here we go again…" is this: "I think that people aren’t necessarily doing it [buying a place] soon enough.
It is five days since Allsopp gave an interview in which she said – "with a degree of humour" and in the context of a conversation about housing, she wants it known – that if she had a daughter, which she doesn’t (though she has two sons, the first of which she had at the age of 35) then she would tell her not to go to university, but instead to find a nice boyfriend, get knocked up by the age of 27 and settle down.
We meet for our interview at a photographic studio in north-west London, where Kirstie – who is also step-mother to Hal, 13 and Orion, 10 – has spent the morning being photographed for an issue of Heat magazine, in a Paul Smith dress ("It breaks my usual rule of flattering first, pretty second") and a pair of blue Zara heels, chosen to downsize her "enormous" size-eight feet.
We’ve already produced two Channel 4 series, Kirstie and Phil’s Perfect Christmas and a travel show Vacation Vacation Vacation.
It was this that led me to doing deals on properties for people up and down the country on Location Location Location & Relocation Relocation with Kirstie.
Our ultimate guide to the most exciting time of year! From checking out the coolest gadgets to showing how to make a unique for the people that matter, we want to make sure that you can focus on the fun, not the stress, of Christmas.
I’m a country lad through and through and as much as possible my wife and I and our two boys get out of London and spend time with family on the farm.
That said, I also love our capital and in 1996 I started my own property search firm in London dedicated to looking after the interests of purchasers.
A few years later I met my on screen husband Phil, and we began making Location Location Location & Relocation Relocation.
I must admit, I don’t watch ‘Location, Location, Location’, but I know it’s an extremely popular show, and I know the pair are talked about quite a bit in the property industry, especially the extremely do’able Allsopp (anyone else feeling her sexual vibe?).
On Monday (17th November), Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer from ‘Location, Location, Location’ were on the show as guests; ready to answer a few property related questions from the public.
I initially started this website because I wanted to document my every step from property idiot to property landlord, in hope that people would find my site and help me along the way.
In How to Buy a House, professional homefinders Phil and Kirstie from Location, Location, Location balance the odds, helping you to find and buy your new home with confidence and success, whether you’re getting a foot on the ladder or upsizing.
This latest offering by Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp (probably the UK’s most famous housing gurus) is a simple to follow, nicely photographed guide book offering a primer to buying a house in the UK.
From city flats to country retreats, Kirstie and Phil take you through the buying process, highlighting pitfalls and offering practical tips that could save you time, money, and heartache, in this essential companion.
They were £1 each!!! Needless to say, I was thrilled with them and they’ll be used and washed loads… He’s got lots of stuff, so if you’re at Portobello Market you’ll find him near the covered market area, opposite Thai Rice.
It has been brilliant fun to experiment and breathe new life into things that otherwise would have ended up in landfill! One of my favourite up-cycling crafts was with British designer Zoe Murphy who screen prints imagery onto retro furniture.
So, if you feel your home is more shabby than chic and you’re fed up with faded curtains, mismatching furnishings and flat pack stuff that is falling to pieces then we can help, so please get in touch with our team.
I’ve been working on a number of projects recently, including designing a great new range of bed sheets and bringing out my second gift and homewares range at Marks and Spencer, which I’m thrilled with.
I bought it from my mother in law’s shop, The Lacquer Chest on Kensington Church Street &#8211 at no discount may I add! But I absolutely love it for it’s sheer practicality and prettiness.
It’s a hand-embroidered tea towel, painstakingly crafted by an ancient Italian lady (aged 108) in a gift shop her family have owned for more than 400 years.
I have a real thing about Bird’s Eye Maple – it’s one of the rarest woods on the planet with a naturally occurring, distinctive pattern that looks like tiny eyes disrupting the grain of the wood.
It’s like saying to a child: “There are Smarties on the table, but don’t eat them.” I’ve lost count of the number of times vendors’ estate agents have leant over and whispered to me: “Look, actually, you can get it for a lot less, because they’re desperate to sell.” They just can’t help themselves.
Kirstie Allsopp: My battleplan for house buyers and sellers Television’s property expert Kirstie Allsopp explains what works – and what doesn’t – when it’s time to move house.
It’s not cheap to get two solicitors together, but if you’re buying a £500,000 or £1 million property, it is worth it in terms of time saved, and all sorts of bills reduced (storage, removals and interim renting).
If you’ve gone bankrupt, for example, and are going back to your parents’ house with your tail between your legs, just tell the buyers you’re “moving to be closer to your parents”.
Of course, no estate agent is going to say the place is unsuitable, just as no clothes shop assistant is going to tell you your bottom looks big in that new dress.
If buyers ask awkward questions about why you’re moving, use phrases such as “It seems like the right time”, or “To be nearer friends and family”, and make sure to say, “We’ve been very happy here”.
In How to Buy a House, professional homefinders Phil and Kirstie from Location Location Location balance the odds, helping you to find and buy your new home with confidence and success, whether you're getting a foot on the ladder or upsizing.
From city flats to country retreats, Kirstie and Phil take you through the buying process, highlighting pitfalls and offering practical tips that could save you time, money and heartache, in this essential companion.
The book is about buying a house, not the housing market in general.
A good book that if you are a first time buyer is helpful and new to buying and selling.
If you like the idea of buying a house and want to have a colourful and attractive book to let your friends know that you are ‘thinking of buying a house’ then this is a must.
Really good simple advice for the house buying process – from deciding what you’re looking for to keeping your new house standing after you’ve bought it.
This isn’t a book about making a killing in the property market – it’s just a supremely practical and easy-to-read guide to buying your own home.
Even though this book is coming up for 10 years old there are still some great hints and tips to making your house purchase go smoothly.
Unlike other reviewers, I’m impressed with it precisely because it has appeared at a time when the property market seems to be falling: it helps the reader focus on exactly what she or he wants from a house which might have to be home for five years or more before the market picks up again.
If you are a first time buyer and serious about buying a house, then don’t bother.
It's true that the book makes no warning that house prices can go both up, and down, but I think that they were correct to ommit it.
The book isn’t as good as what i expected – I thought it would be loaded with tips, advice and many unknown things about properties.
However, if you are seriously considering buying a house I suggest you also get a more balanced view of the currently precarious housing market by doing your own research.
Kirsty and Phil have put all their familiar Location Location Location advice into one handy and stylish book.
In How to Buy a House, professional homefinders Phil and Kirstie from Location Location Location balance the odds, helping you to find and buy your new home with confidence and success, whether you’re getting a foot on the ladder or upsizing.
This is a good coffee table book that is snappily written and will no doubt help some people to take the plunge into property.
Location, Location, Location is a Channel 4 property programme, presented by Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer and produced by IWC Media, part of the RDF Media Group.
Relocation, Relocation was cancelled in 2011 due to economic conditions making it difficult for people to buy one house, let alone two.[3] Repeats are frequently shown on More4 and it has also been dubbed in Italian and broadcast in Italy by Lei with the name: "CAMBIO CASA (FINALMENTE!)".[4] An Australian version of the show began in 2011.
A traditional turn of phrase used by property experts is that the three most important factors in determining the desirability of a property are "location, location, location".
Kirstie Mary Allsopp[1] (born 31 August 1971)[2] is a British television presenter, best known for her onscreen partnership with Phil Spencer, co-presenting Channel 4 property shows including Location, Location, Location, Relocation, Relocation and Location Revisited.
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Kirstie Allsopp – the bubbly foil to the more considered and softley-spoken Phil Spencer – has been talking to a local newspaper in her adopted county of Devon about her property portfolio, as many people like to call multiple home ownership now.
It’s a holiday home-cum investment property and is available to rent for £2,000 a week plus it’s also featured in her recent TV show Kirstie’s Homemade Home during which she did up the dilapidated cottage for £23,000 and learned 15 crafts along the way, including iron mongery.
The Honourable Kirstie Allsopp (she is daughter of the sixth Baron Hindlip) has three homes which she’s amassed with the help of millionaire property developer partner Ben Anderson.
There are the "dead cat bounce" people, who think the perkiness in January and February is like a dead cat bouncing [a blip in a downward trend], and there are the people who believe the appalling lack of supply in this country, and the fact that the population has gone up by 5 million and is continuing to rise, means that as soon as there is any liquidity in the mortgage markets you will get killed in the rush.
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Dear readers,It’s been an eventful year for me – the birth of my first child, a bouncing 11lb boy – and time away from the television.Yet the issues I’m passionate about remain unresolved ­and are perhaps getting worse.
We all know we could improve our homes to increase their value by making small changes – but where do we start and how much will it cost? Often it’s the smaller, cheaper improvements that can offer higher returns than the more expensive ones.
Kirstie Allsopp describes her favourite interior design features and gives her advice on creating enviable home style You own a great house and want to make a big impression for visitors.
Kirstie Allsopp gives her top advice for anyone thinking about moving house – from how to choose your removal company to practical advice for packing up.
For a man whose career consists of helping people move, I have to own up to the fact that it is not an experience I like – and I did it for probably the third time in my life last year.
When that happens, presenters Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer are happy people… Sometimes you get what you wish for and Phil Spencer is one of the lucky ones.
I learn how to make a festive spiced cider and a Christmas feast in preparation for a day at a local Christmas fair.  My competitive spirit also returns as I enter a Yule Log cake competition with all the crafty friends I met whilst making Kirstie’s Handmade Britain.  There is present buying, prize giving, and full on Christmas cheer.
Come fly with Phil and I as we travel the world in search of the best budget deals and complete luxury retreats.  Travelling across three continents, 30,000 kilometres and using more than ten different forms of transport we made it our mission to find the best holidays on the market – It’s a lot of fun too! From Ibiza to Iceland, Morroco to the Maldives, each episode is packed with advice for your happy holidays.
I’ve always championed British crafts and their current renaissance is something I’m all for celebrating, but this series isn’t just about making things for your home, it’s about making things good enough to win prizes! In each programme I master new skills and put them to the test when I enter craft competitions at Britain’s brilliant country shows.
Kirstie’s Handemade Christmas is full of fun and inspiration for a big festive make off.  I learn how to make decorations and gifts and take a fairy tale trip across the Atlantic to New York to make candy canes, shop in the Christmas markets, and meet a local family who take the tradition of festive decoration to the extreme.

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