how to buy a house on gta 4

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You can’t buy a safe house, you unlock them by progressing farther in the game and Roman will get them for you both to share.
You can also choose whether to kill dwayne or kill playboy x to unlock a bonus safe house.
The safehouses are a part of the story and as you progress, you gain a new house.
you cant buy any houses or safe houses in GTA4.
your welcome… seems some people on this forum dont appreciate any bit of info… so in which case i wont bother posting about any of the other locations i know… since you only get flamed for doing so.
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All safe houses in the game will be given to you.
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I will mark this one correct, if at least the most cheapest garage and appartement are in the actual answer, due to the fact that the link might get taken down and the answer will be of no use to anybody.
Erhm… the garage screenshot points to the wrong one (32k $) instead of the right one (25k $) in the answer and on the website you linked to.
Also with a map location I was looking for maybe a map screenshot with an X where the garage or appartement should be and not just "North Los Santos", because that could be anywhere, so I will edit my question in that regard.
Special Features: Single Garage, Girlfriend Photographs The Clown’s Pocket Location: Almost right in the center of Las Venturas, just to the East of The Strip.
Special Features: Single Garage, Girlfriend Photographs Las Venturas El Quebradas Location: To the North of the small desert town.
Special Features: Single Garage, Girlfriend Photographs Pirates In Men’s Pants Location: On the small island in the middle of the water filled area just off The Strip.
Special Features: Single Garage, Girlfriend Photographs Verona Beach Location: Slightly North of the thicker wooden pier.
Special Features: Single Garage, Girlfriend Photographs Palomino Creek Location: To the North-West of the town.
Special Features: Double Garage, Girlfriend Photographs Blueberry Location: Just to the West of the center of Blueberry.
Special Features: Double Garage, Girlfriend Photographs Jefferson Location: To the South-East of the actual park in Glen Park.
Special Features: Triple Garage, Nicely Decorated Interior Redsands West Location: To the South of the small block directly North of the airport runway.
Special Features: Double Garage, Girlfriend Photographs Prickle Pine Location: To the South-West of Prickle Pine.
Special Features: None Rockshore West Location: The second house up to the East of the small row of houses to the South of Las Venturas.
Special Features: Single Garage Whitewood Estates Location: Towards the South of the Western-most road in Whitewood Estates.
Special Features: Girlfriend Photographs Santa Maria Beach Location: Just to the West of the largest pier in Los Santos.
Special Features: Single Garage Calton Heights Location: At the top of the winding road.
Special Features: Triple Garage Doherty Location: Just across the street from the Driving School entrance.
Special Features: None Verdant Bluffs Location: In a small one-way street opposite the Airport to the far East of Verdant Bluffs.
@Skorpro you should tell everyone that if it fails to make sure they have all the files installed and tell them how to fix this error "msvcp100d.dll". im still trying to figure out how and why your mod requires so many other programs installed to work.
I got dozens of "asilog.txt" from people who got a "msvcp100d.dll" error and I could see that other C++ ASI mods (NOT only my mod) failed too… I suggested to install the hole MS VC++ to update ALL needed files! This was the simplest way to fix this problem, before v1.01 was released!! But on some systems (Windows7!!!) the mod(s) still failed.
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Discussion in ‘Grand Theft Auto’ started by octobermagic, Dec 4, 2008.
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I beat the game and now Roman’s dead but it doesn’t let me date Kate.
Hi is there a cheat for me to become a cop on grand theft auto IV.
Is there a way to get to space in grand theft auto on xbox 360.
I have been trying to use the phone in the grand theft auto IV.
Is there anyway I can get real life cars in Grand Theft Auto.
Dating Kate when you beat the game.
you lose the one on the first island, I think it gets burned down by people that burn down Roman’s house…even though they don’t tell you that… because after that mission its no longer on the map.
I finished the story but i only got 3: Playboy x’s, apartment roman got and one in the last island.
Unlock a new island- Roman buys a house at some point and kill Playboy X, not Dwayne and you will get his house.
I had the same question after I beat the game: "What do I do with all this money?" I mean, throughout the whole game, Niko talks about the "American dream" yet, there’s nothing glamorous about being rich in Liberty City.
This is the first GTA game I ever played so it would be cool to experience the whole thing.
In a next GTA game or DLC, i wanna see a Real Estate Market AND a Stock Market.
You can find her in the driving school there, just up the road from CJ’s garage (past the fire station and up the hill.) She… stands next to the water cooler in the room with the TV that gives you driving school missions.
The fourth place can be obtained by eliminating another character in the game, and this is a really swish penthouse in North Holland, Algonquin.
When Niko first arrives, he lives in a very scruffy apartment with Roman in Broker, but that is lost to them in a future mission.
You can download this from the live marketplace or go out to a video game store and buy the GTA 4 Episodes from Liberty City gam…e.
40% = invite for coffee.Michelle’s home is actually at her garage in the far north of San Fierro.Times available: Midnight – Noon Just for dating Michelle, CJ gets access to her garage, which is like a free Pay n Spray.
First, get the ballad of gay tony game add on.
All the safehouses have parking spaces, and the parking space on the one in Broker can still be used, even though Niko cannot use the safehouse itself.

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