how to buy a mattress at costco

On the question of retailers, Consumer Reports ranked the Original Mattress Factory stores as the top choice for customer satisfaction.
For innerspring, the best buy choice went to The Original Mattress Factory’s Orthopedic Luxury Firm mattress ($540).
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Costco was high scoring in our Ratings of mattress stores even though it earned, along with Sam’s Club, the lowest scores for service and selection.
The good news is if you’re not happy with the mattress, you’ll receive a full refund, once you’ve hauled it back to Costco.
The best way to judge a mattress is to wear comfortable clothes, remove your shoes, and lie down on the mattress for at least five minutes in each of your sleeping positions, for a total of 15 minutes or more.
So, I was hoping I could turn to you & your readers for information, if possible — do you have any advice about choosing a mattress from Costco? Is there any way to try out Costco mattresses at a bricks & mortar store? Are any of these brands/models sold under a different name in other retail stores, so that I could at least test them out? In particular, I was considering purchasing the Kirkland Signature Stearns & Foster “Boswell” mattress set that’s currently on sale online — but the inner construction/materials don’t match any Stearns & Foster mattresses that I could find at a retail store… and there are no customer reviews of this set online.
So, I was hoping I could turn to the readers for information, if possible — do you have any advice about choosing a mattress from Costco? Is there any way to try out Costco mattresses at a bricks & mortar store? Are any of these brands/models sold under a different name in other retail stores, so that I could at least test them out? In particular, I was considering purchasing the Kirkland Signature Stearns & Foster “Boswell” mattress set that’s currently on sale online.
We bought both kids full mattresses from Costco a couple years ago when we moved.
I’ve never seen the mattress you linked in the warehouse, but I’ve been looking at the NovaForm memory foam one that they do have in store to replace our 7 year old pillow top that has big dents in it.
We have bought two twin mattress/box spring sets from Costco, one for DS, and a few years later one for DD.
The twin mattress on DD’s bed is a Sealy twin from Costco and it’s very comfortable.
I’m interested in getting a memory foam mattress, but don’t want to shell out the money for a king sized tempurpedic.
We bought a Sealy twin with box springs from Costco.
We bought 2 Novafoam mattresses at Costco.
We bought a double bed there about two years ago and it is the biggest piece of crap ever.
Costco does change brands and models on their mattresses from time to time.
In Consumer Reports’ latest buying guide, the organization tested 12 mattresses from companies like Ikea, Sealy and Costco, and found that some of the more expensive ones actually weren’t exactly top-notch, while those with a lower price-tag didn’t always mean low quality.
My husband and I have had a tempurpedic for about 5 years and we HATE it!! We paid 3,000 dollars for our mattress, desperate for a good nights’ sleep! It does not keep its level of support, just as the pillows lose their stability.
I have an ancient lumpy old mattress and box springs that I have a memory foam topper on and 2 feather bed mattresses tossed on top (which I purchase at Kohl’s online on the day after TG for around $35.00 each-all sizes- and I sleep wonderfully.
I just want a mattress that will not get body divots where we sleep and the hump in the middle, at least not for 10 years, like the mattress companies claim their mattress last.
Does any one have a suggestion of what type of mattress would be good for us? I had hoped the sleep number would be a solution for us, but we have now scratched that one off the list since we have read the reviews.
After reading this site, we’ll be looking at Costco but want to avoid memory foam and get a Latex/mostly Latex mattress.
Our friends strongly recommend the sleep number bed, but after reading many negatives we are looking at a traditional mattress.
I have had to sleep on a PLEXUS Low Air Loss Mattress for the past 3+ years due to chronic pain in my neck, spine and SI joints from an accident.
In all my testing of laying on beds recently…..I get the best relief of my back pain when my legs and head are slightly elevated! I tried one a couple years ago, but the cost was prohibited, so I didnt buy anything…NOW I have to get a new mattress – and again, this provided the best relief…They can be purchased with a variety of mattress styles.
which makes me wonder if a nice new innersprings mattress is still the way to go! I tried (for 15 minutes each) the sleep number and termperapedic, (in all firmness levels).
Remember you will not have a mattress to sleep on for several weeks while it is being “fixed”, they don’t send a loaner.
Through the years I would call that number and leave messages for Back Designs to return my call regarding mattress claim.
We made the Sterns and Foster last us a few years by buying a 3 inch latex topper ($300) for the mattress after the divots and the middle hump appeared.
I did a lot of Sleep Number Research today, and started the day off all ready to buy and spend around $2100 for the mattress without the frame.
My daughter has a serta perfect sleeper double pillow top “top of the line” mattress I bought her at a federal bankruptcy sale about 7-8 years ago for a song – and that is hands down, the most comfortable bed in the house….
Our problem with the spring mattress was wife does jumpingjacks in her sleep and I sleep SUPER lightly so I would wake up.
Then I really started laughing when I found on the Costco site a mattress which is a two sided air mattress style, with 3 inches on memory foam on top.
If you are a couple who like to sleep cuddled or spooned together in the middle of the mattress then you get a big crater in the middle of the bed from the weight of both bodies over several months.
The reason anyone returns a latex or memory foam mattress is usually that divots appear after a few months where your body sleeps on the mattress.
I have spinal osteoarthritis, and I need something that works better than a traditional mattress… Air mattresses have been good, with a tempurpedic cushion on top, but it doesn’t take much to make an air mattress fail: one cat-paw, claws extended or two kids using the mattress as a trampoline.
When I bought it, 10 years ago, I first went to downtown’s Sleep Country USA (why buy a mattress anywhere else? Ding!), but all the mattresses there all seemed to start at $1,400, and I wasn’t blown away by the customer service, and then I went to Macy’s, where the customer service wasn’t any better (they couldn’t tell me the difference between what’s inside one mattress and what’s inside another), but at least at Macy’s I found one that I liked well enough and could be delivered to my house for a total of under $1,000.
I avoid mattress stores anymore because of the high pressure and real concerns about getting a used mattress (look it up – lots of stories) I had a sleep number (bought in a store) but after 10 yrs of pain went to and did a mattress comparison – wife & I chose one (The Milan) and have been sleeping pain free since (6 months) the mattress was made new days before we got it and still sealed in plastic.
I’ve had a memory foam style mattress from ikea for about 5 years now and it’s just as good now as when I bought it.
I bought a memory foam mattress on Amazon (Prime!) for under $300, as well as a down feather bed topper and I sleep like a goddamn princess.
They used to have some more affordable (non-organic) options, but now it looks like they only sell the more expensive organic options – the latex mattress, wool topper, and cotton mattress pad I bought now cost almost $3500 for a queen size.
came in here to blow your mind with THE BEST/CHEAPEST MATTRESS EVAR but several people have beaten me to the punch – Amazon has a queen size memory foam mattress that are delivered rolled up in a heavy-ass tube.
Everest Mattress on Elliot! Locally made, family business, very reasonably priced, nice people and great mattresses! They last longer than those name brand mattresses and they are flippable.
I went to the Northgate Sleep Country USA (really, NE Northgate Way has, if you include Macy’s & JC Penney, at least four mattress outlets so it’s worth the bus ride up to spend an hour or two testing brands) and was blown away by the customer service.
Consumer Reports tested 12 models from Ikea, Sealy, Serta, Simmons, Stearns & Foster and Tempur-Pedic, plus Costco’s Novaform brand.  Simmons’ performance varied the most in this test.  The manufacturer’s Beautyrest Glover Park Firm Pillowtop (sold at Sears), a CR Best Buy at $780, topped the ratings of conventional, innerspring mattresses while its ComforPedic Loft Crestwood Luxury Plush, $1,920, earned the lowest scores among foam models and overall.
Keep an old box spring if possible.  Replacing the box spring that goes beneath a mattress can cost anywhere from $150 to more than $300.  For those swapping out an innerspring mattress for a new one, keep the box spring if it is not sagging or damaged.  If switching to memory foam, a solid platform may be necessary to provide enough support.  However, for both foam and innerspring mattresses, some brands require consumers to purchase their box spring purchase to receive the full warranty.
Don’t rely on softness or firmness claims – nearly half the mattresses Consumer Reports tested were softer than promised.  Gauge comfort by lying on any mattress in consideration.  Spend at least ten minutes on each side, back, and stomach – depending on typical sleep position.
Mattress makers offer some lines nationally.  Those available at major retailers like Macy’s, Sears, and Sleepy’s are typically exclusive to those chains.  And because retailers often change model names, it’s hard to compare models store to store so use Consumer Reports performance ratings as a guide.
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Although I would rather not spend the money, the idea of buying a mattress doesn’t bother me because at least I know I’ll have something good to sleep on at night.
Last year we bought a new mattress and box from Macy’s for about 2.3K. (our son has outgrown the jumping phase) And it made a huge difference – lost a lot of morning back ache and sleep very well on it.
I’d always had hand-me-down beds and mattresses until a couple of years ago when I decided to "splurge" at a mattress outlet store.
We started our married life on a cheap mattress ($300) and graduated to a soft-side waveless waterbed when we bought our house 3 years later.
A few years ago, when we were thinking about starting a family, my husband and I decided to invest in a king sized mattress and box spring.
I probably would’ve just taken the cheap path, but after spending two Christmases at my boyfriend’s parents in the best bed I’d ever slept it, I found that a great night’s sleep on a great mattress was worth the investment.
Adding a new top mattress and cutting the frame price in two makes it extremely cheap over 20 years – and the frame should last maybe 40 years even.
I’ll be shopping for a new mattress in a couple years to replace the $500 Serta I bought on special from Macy’s when I broke up w/ the ex 8 years ago – and when I do I’ll be considering a Keetsa or custom McCroskey mattress in the $1500 range.
I had intended to purchase the second to lowest tier mattress, but went twice and found that model out of stock, and the third time I went I just sucked it up and paid for the spendy one in order to get off the air mattress that I’d had in the interim – one of the best purchases I’ve ever made, and I can’t imagine sleeping on a cheaper matress again.
A natural latex mattress is expensive, but will last you 25 years.
I have been researching beds and I’ve had my sights on the Royal Pedic Latex mattress which I’ve had before but I feel it is more than I need to spend only because I do have travel plans this year and next.
i bought my first mattress over 10 years ago — spent $1000.
But yes, I think in general people really underestimate what a good mattress costs, and how do you even figure out what "good" is? Not all of us have the luxury of test-driving a bunch of mattresses to find the best one for us.
The frame should last a few decades, three at least, whereas the top mattress would need to be changed every ten years or so.
We kept that mattress for about 25 years, then thought it was time to buy a "real bed." We got the Select Comfort with dual controls and used it for about 10 years.
It went like this: Quick! How much do you expect to pay for a "good" mattress and box spring (or the equivalent)? I found that the answer is very revealing and one of the central issues in the bedding industry.
The soft pillowy top is sewn to the mattress so, in a few years, when the memory foam flattens, you are left with a deflated top attached to still-good main mattress.
Several years ago I read extensively about mattresses with the idea of replacing the mattress I had.
I have slept on a hand-me-down mattress my whole life, and recently have come to terms with the fact that I may be purchasing my next mattress myself within the next few years.
When I moved into my new home two years ago I bought the Costco version of the Tempurpedic mattress.
I don’t know how much the top mattress costs by then, but if we go with 1500 per ten years, it would mean $150 per year, or 150/365=$0,41 per night.
From a purely profit-minded point of view, it’s also not in the mattress business’ interest to sell you a high-quality product that you only need to buy every 15 or 20 years.
The next time we buy a mattress, we’re going to pay for the best sleep we can afford.
I didnt know how good sleep could get until I invested in a Tempurpedic mattress.
About 3 years ago, I bought a mattress from Mattress Giant for $900, and think I overpaid.
We just bought a new King size bed and we went as high as we could afford on the mattress (I answered in the $2-3K range).
My mother in sleeps on a horrible mattress that’s over 30 years old and gives her a crappy night of rest.
During the time I’ve had it, I’ve also changed the position in which I sleep (from backsleeper to side or stomach) and the mattress has accommodated all those positions.
Yes it was a big outlay, but we know that this mattress will last way more than 5 years.
24 years ago, my husband and I "graduated" from a mattress on the floor to a box springs/mattress combo.
I had a royal pedic mattress queen size and when my ex and I moved in together he wanted to keep in stupid cheap king size bed..I had paid 3,000 10 yrs.
All that said, I have been lying down on Ikea mattresses the last few times I’ve been there….but I’m a total platform person even with a mattress.
As much time as you spend in bed, it doesn’t make sense to me to cheap out on a mattress.
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According to the International Sleep Products Association, approximately 73,000 mattresses are sold daily, and in 2002 the average price paid for a mattress was $600.
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