how to buy a mattress coil count

Getting a good night’s rest is essential for short and long-term health, so it’s important to choose a mattress that complements your body’s physical needs and sleeping patterns.
Get a feel for different mattress types by trying out mattresses of varying levels of thickness and firmness.
Knowing exactly how much you’re willing to spend before going to the store can eliminate confusion and prevent you from being talked into buying a mattress that’s out of your price range.
It takes a little while for the body to get accustomed to a new mattress, so start really paying attention to the way it makes you feel after about three days.
Start the process of choosing and buying a mattress again, taking into account the factors that made the old one inappropriate for your needs.
Other considerations, such as your partner’s preferences and your budget, may also factor in to your decision-making process when you’re mattress shopping.

He may take it one step further and show you a much more expensive mattress, maybe way out of your budget, which has the same coil count as the one he is trying to sell you and say “see, typical mattresses with this high coil count cost much more than the deal I’m about to give you!” The high price of the comparison mattress in this scenario has nothing to do with the coil count.
He knows you prefer firm, he knows you will not like the mattress he is comparing, and he knows that you will make an association between the “special” high coil count on the one he’s trying to sell you and the idea that lower coil counts are not comfortable to you.
Owner Satisfaction (Sample) Price Distinctive Advantage Or Trait SLTD Rating Thick- ness Best Use Retailer War- ranty Aireloom / Kluft               75% (45) $1400- $20k+ often luxurious C+ 11-16" permanent Macys, Bloom- ingdales 10-25 year Duxiana (Dux)               74% (51) $3600 – $12k+ prestigious C+ 9.25-12.5"* permanent Duxiana stores 20 year Denver Mattress               62% (68) $130 – $1300 strong return policy C+ 7.5-14" permanent, temporary Furniture Row 5-15 year Englander               62% (37) $400 – $2100 — C 9-12"* permanent limited avail.
10 year Hastens               74% (28) $4100 – $30k+ ultra prestigious C+ na permanent Hastens stores 25 year Heavenly Bed               64% (101) $1000 – $1900 hotel mattress C 13" permanent Nord- stroms 10 year Ikea               64% (65) $80 – $1000 value potential C+ 6-13.4" permanent, temporary Ikea stores 20 year King Koil               62% (82) $250 – $2500 "flared" model avail.
C 9-16"* permanent Sleepys 10 yr- lifetime Restonic               61% (84) $400 – $2500 — C 9-13"* permanent, temporary City Mattress 10-15 year Sealy               65% (895) $270 – $2500 model variety C+ 5.5-16" permanent, temporary many retailers 10 year Serta               63% (693) $400 – $3300 top US mattress mfg.
His article over at Slate is a good starting point to avoid getting ripped off at the mattress store.
Shop for a mattress and you’ll be faced with hundreds of options: ultra premium this and that, super coil density here and pillow tops made from angel feathers there.
Here’s the lowdown: Mattress makers rename identical products for each different retail store.
Look for a mattress store with a solid return policy, look for a comfortable mattress on the lower end of the price scale and try out the bed in the store.
Alright, so you can’t trust the naming or the wrapping on the mattress, what can you trust? Certainly not things that would appear to be standardized measurements like coil count.
Everything in the process of buying a mattress is designed to confuse the consumer and make them think they’re getting their money’s worth out of the huge markups.
Not all coils are equally sized or the same thickness or strength or does count really indicate what’s going on under the surface of the mattress.
Just like with high thread-count sheets, mattress makers play fast and loose with their methods of counting coils.
Latex mattress construction: Most latex mattresses are actually a combination of materials, with the top layer being latex and the lower layer being polyurethane foam or memory foam; be sure to read the description to see how thick the latex layer will be.
Memory foam mattress construction: Many memory foam mattresses are a solid piece of memory foam, but there are several variations, from spring mattresses that feature a thin piece of memory foam in place of a pillow top to mattresses that are half memory foam and half latex foam or some other material.
The initial firmness of memory foam mattresses surprises most people, but they can offer customized support that is good for people who enjoy firm mattresses or who have back trouble.
Pillow-top mattresses, mattresses that have a thick layer of quilted foam over the springs of the mattress, are popular choices among people who sleep on their sides.
If you’re worried about durability but you want a soft sleeping surface, consider buying a memory foam mattress with a pillow top.
The basics of gel memory foam mattresses: While memory foam mattresses are incredibly popular, some people find that they get too hot when they sleep on them.
Gel memory foam density: Like regular memory foam density, they generally range from 3 pounds to 5 or 6 pounds, and the higher the number, the firmer the mattress will be.
And why spend all that money on springs just to dampen their effect with a giant pillow? If you really want to sleep on foam or cotton, buy a foam or cotton mattress.
But the big-name mattress makers (with some exceptions) all get their coils from a single company, Leggett and Platt, for their highest-end mattresses down to their lowest.
All this shuttling back and forth on the scale of firmness—why not just start with the firmness you like, and then stop? My favorite mattress name encapsulates the paradox: Simmons Beautyrest World Class Granite Plush.
Finally, an independent mattress manufacturer I talked to swore that latex makes the best mattresses.
Pillowtops: Pillowtops are soft layers of foam (or cotton, or wool) sewn to the top of the mattress.
Larry Thomas of Furniture Today—a man described to me as "the guru of the bedding industry"—told me coil counts are "overrated" and "not a good indicator." Yes, if you pay more, you’ll get a theoretically better coil design, but better enough to feel a difference? I sure couldn’t.
You sleep on coils because they’re softer than the floor, but you still want good, firm coils, but then you put foam padding on top to soften the coils, but you still want the foam to be dense, and then finally you put a strong box spring underneath for just a tiny bit of give.
The heart of an innerspring mattress is the coils.
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What does a coil count mean? How thick is good? Unbiased information on mattresses.
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Use the easy-to-fill-in guide so that we can match the mattress you saw in a store with one of our name brand mattresses at our 110% Low Price Guarantee! Save money and shop with confidence at US-Mattress! Buying Online Has Many Advantages! As an Internet Retailer Top 500 company, US-Mattress customers are four times more likely to be satisfied than customers who shop at brick and mortar stores.
Shop Sealy Simmons Beautyrest Simmons Beautyrest mattress have been produced with a pocketed coil since 1925.
Even with fewer coils, the Stearns & Foster coil unit has more working steel in it than any other mattress we sell.
This means that customers who have purchased from our store have rated us as "excellent!" Our mattress experts receive training several times a year from the nation’s top mattress brands, and they’re ready to help you select the right mattress.
Through research, the mattress manufacturers have found that adding a greater quantity of high quality comfort materials provides a more comfortable sleeping surface and contributes to a longer comfort life.
Mattress shopping can be confusing and stressful, so let us help you find the perfect mattress! If you’d like more information, you can always call us at 1-800-455-1052 and speak to one of our friendly mattress experts who will be happy to assist you.
Sealy, Serta, and Simmons Beautyrest offer three or four different grades of innerspring coil units in their lines, usually providing more coils in higher priced mattresses.
A top of the line mattress with the best support has more than 600 coils (based on a full size mattress made of a heavy gauge wire).
It’s also important to invest in a matching foundation and mattress not only to extend the life of your mattress but also because many manufacturers will void the warranty if the mattress is used on a box spring that it doesn’t match.
A quality box spring or foundation supports the mattress to extend the mattress’ life.
You want a high number of coils and a thicker, heavier gauge of steel for firm support and durability.
Answer: Beginning July 1st, 2007 all mattresses manufactured must meet the new Federal Government on F.R., "Flammability Regulations." This requires that every mattress must have a label that states the mattress set meets the federal standard.
Providing them with a mattress set that offers adequate comfort and support for active, developing bodies is important, and usually cannot be found in hand-me-down or used sleep products.
Answer: Despite their simple exterior appearance, mattress sets are highly engineered sleep systems constructed of different components such as springs, foam and air.
Innerspring mattresses offer various types of surface materials over the coil unit that aid in improving the comfort of a mattress without compromising the support.
Answer: Throughout the industry, there are standard mattress sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, California King, and Eastern King.
Regardless of how the mattress is constructed, every mattress requires a foundation or box spring to properly support the mattress, and ensure the life and comfort of the mattress.
Even if your mattress doesn’t show much wear and tear, your body, lifestyle and sleep needs have probably changed.
Answer: Mattress protection, including the use of waterproof mattress pads, is the easiest way to protect the manufacturer’s warranty on your mattress.
In general, we’d recommend a mattress that offers good support, and such support does not mean the hardest or firmest mattress available.
Wire coils make up the core of traditional innerspring mattresses and determine the level of support your mattress offers your back.
Coil count is a measurement of the number of coils in your mattress, and it is one of the factors that determine its quality, comfort and support.
The resulting product of either process is latex foam, which is a naturally resilient and breathable cushioning foam that instantly conforms to the body to provide comfort and support.
TIP: Unlike an innerspring or foam support system that continues to provide proper support with the addition of plush materials on the surface, air and water support systems actually lose support when a customer attempts to soften the feel of the bed by removing some of the air or water.
Like an innerspring mattress, foam conforms to and supports your body by allowing your hips and shoulders to penetrate the surface while allowing the back to be supported in its proper position.
TIP: Pay attention to the number of coils in your mattress! Coil count is not everything, but there should be more than 300 coils with a minimum of 13 gauge wire in the full size model.
The resulting product of either process is polyurethane foam, which is made up of a network of tiny interlocking support cells consisting of “struts” and “windows”.
TIP: In order to experience the true feel and performance of latex foam in a mattress, there should be at least a 2 inch thick layer near the sleeping surface(s).
These alternatives provide support through displacement, allowing the heavier part of the body to force the air or water into areas with less weight (like a balloon that is squeezed in the middle.) The Original Mattress Factory does not manufacture air or water beds.
TIP: In order to experience the true feel and performance of viscoelastic foam in a mattress, there should be at least a 2 inch thick layer at the sleeping surface(s).
Our best Offset knotted coil unit is used in The Original Mattress Factory’s Orthopedic mattresses.
The Talalay process is a highly controlled and precise process that produces the highest quality, most resilient and most consistent latex foam.
The “struts” form the support structure of the foam while the “windows” or voids allow it to circulate air and “breathe.” As such, polyurethane foam is both durable and lightweight.
It is made of one piece of tempered wire and commonly has a high coil count, but uses less steel and a much thinner gauge of wire with a low number of turns.
They are higher priced and are made specially for the stores specifications to meet a price point, meaning they have had things taken out that the local independant’s mattress of the same brand will have.
When discussing the coils of an innerspring mattress, the word "gauge" refers to the thickness of the wire used to construct the coil.
Continuous coil designs also allow for significantly more coils per mattress, making it difficult to compare coil counts with non-continuous coil systems.
The Offset design, found in more expensive mattresses, is similarly hourglass shaped, but the circles at the top and bottom of each coil are flattened to create a hinging action within the mattress core.
Pocketed coils provide more motion separation than other innerspring coil types, meaning that when your sweetie starts tossing and turning, you are less likely to be disrupted from your zzz’s.
Coils constructed with a higher number of working turns will result in both a softer and more durable mattress, since the work of supporting your body is spread throughout the spring.
When considering the core of an innerspring mattress, there are a number of important factors: the number of coils used throughout the mattress, the way the coils are constructed, and the shape of the coils.
On the flip side, pocketed coils endure greater strain over time, since each coil absorbs weight without distributing it to other nearby coils.
This design allows the mattress to better conform to your body, and tends to make Offset coils less noisy than their Bonnell predecessors.
Based on 19th century buggy seat springs, the Bonnell coil has an hourglass shape with a knot at each end, and is known as the original mattress coil.
The boxspring or foundation determines the height, support, and even the angle of your mattress.
We like latex both in the layers of an innerspring mattress cushioning system and as a stand alone block of foam mattress.
If you have a latex mattress without the wool layer, than be sure to find a fitted, washable wool mattress pad by Natura, or a wool mattress topper by OMI.
At Get-A-Mattress™ we are THE experts of today’s new mattress industry, including organic and natural mattresses.
The foundation is now often an upholstered wooden frame that provides a "foundation" for your mattress.
This foundation can work with any mattress and is a replacement for your current foundation.
Sleep studies confirm that relieving pressure reduces the tossing and turning that interrupts your sleep, not to mention your partner’s dreams! Pressure point reduction also helps your body recover by facilitating the flow of oxygen and nutrients to tired muscles for a more comfortable nights rest.
The MediWedge has not been tested in combination with any other mattress for fire retardant ordinances.
The higher quality of the padding or cushioning material, the longer the mattress will keep its shape.
By staying with a name brand mattress producer, you will have better luck in any future warranty claims and you will be assured nothing "funny" was added to the mattress formula to cut corners.
Historically the mattress height was 9 inches.
A memory foam hybrid mattress combines the support of a traditional steel coil innerspring with the comfort of memory foam.
Technology combining Serta’s finest gel memory foam comfort innovations with an advanced coil support system.
This technology features Serta’s Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam and Serta’s Duet Coil Individually Wrapped Coil-in-Coil Support System, for a fully supported and deeper sleep.
Only Serta offers its exclusive Cool Action™ gel memory foam for enhanced cooling comfort and more support where you need it most, in our iComfort® gel memory foam mattresses.
Featuring Serta’s latest in gel memory foam technology for cooling comfort and extra support where you need it most.
A memory foam mattress features an all-foam support core that works to balance proper support with pressure-relieving comfort.
An innerspring mattress is made with a steel coil innerspring support system, with various foams and fibers on top to provide comfort at the surface.
The number of coils in a mattress varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and is based on a queen-size mattress (i.e. twin mattress have fewer coils, kings have more); but the coil count is not necessarily as important as the construction, and Serta’s unique coil construction achieves greater comfort and support.
The top layers of the mattress include memory foam, as well as other comfort foams and fibers.
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In training meetings with RSAs, we used to say, “stronger wire, less coils is just as good as thinner wire, more coils; it really is six of one, half-dozen of another.” Then the industry moved away from any conversation around spec or coil counts with Nat Bernstein’s Comfort Selling program, which we launched at Sealy.
Of course it is easier to sell beds based on this, but I challenge anyone worth a hoot in this industry to successfully argue the merits of higher coil counts, (which the published story is vague about coil types) especially given the variables in foam, maintenance of the mattress, and protection.
I once had an hour long conversation with a guest about coils and coil count before I sold him a bed, and other customers the comfort is the sole decision.
On the other hand, the support portion of the mattress (coil unit, latex core, air or water bladder) will have little or no failure over time.
So when you are shopping for a mattress and they quote you a coil count of 550 (in a queen) that may be okay if the gauge of wire is in the range of 14 - 15.
In mattress construction a 15.5 gauge wire is generally considered thin and would have an associated coil count of about 800 (queen size).
In contrast, a mattress featuring a thick, 12.75 gauge, coil could have a coil count as low as 425 (queen size).
When selecting a mattress with durability in mind, a good rule of thumb is to select the mattress that is the most comfortable and support for you, but has the least amount of comfort layer materials.
For the most part, mattresses with coil counts of 450 - 800 (queen size) can lead to a comfort life of 10 years or more depending on the coil gauge so be sure to ask.
When you do this, the majority of the comfort you are experiencing is coming from the support system of the mattress which is the portion of the mattress that is the most durable and changes the least over time.
Non off-gassing mattress options will contain components like all natural latex, wool, or cotton, and have coil or latex support systems.
How long does the mattress need to last? What is your budget? Do you know what support system is best for you? Also, keep in mind that bigger and thicker is not necessarily better and doesn’t always translate to longer durability.
If you are interesting in selecting a coil mattress you can use coil count as a general guide to whether or not the bed is built for the body weight of an adult.
This means, that if the bed has only one sleep surface (one sided), you will develop a hammocking or sagging effect that is 25% of the depth of poly foam built into the mattress (4" leads to a 1"sag ).
Join us every Saturday morning at Bedrooms & More for a free informative class where we will provide you with the tools you need to navigate the confusing process of shopping for a new mattress and we promise not to give you a sales pitch.
This type of warranty means that the mattress is only fully covered for a finite period of time, typically ranging from 1 to 10 years.
As a general rule, a mattress can have a relatively low coil count if each coil is relatively thick.
You can then see what percentage of the complete mattress is comfort versus support layer.

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