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Traditional mattress manufacturers like Sealy, Simmons, and Serta have their own lines of memory foam beds, and also offer combo memory foam and inner-springs mattresses.
The leading memory foam and air-filled mattress providers rarely, if ever, discount their products; but the inner-spring mattress market is extremely competitive and full price is a price no one should every pay.
If you opt for a memory foam mattress, be sure to comparison shop new products from traditional mattress makers like Sealy, Simmons, and Serta.
As Consumer Reports found, much of the mattress industry intentionally works to prevent consumers from comparison shopping by making different-but-similar lines of mattresses for a variety of distributors.
I paid about one third of that for a comparable quality memory foam mattress from Costco around the same time that he bought his mattress.
For example, the Ikea Sultan Hansbo Memory Foam Pillowtop Mattress from IKEA is only $399, but shipping can cost up to $299, depending on location.
Most mattresses are made with an inner-spring construction; that is, the core of the mattress is devised from a set of steel springs that support the structure.
Mattress-only stores like The Original Mattress Factory offer competitive prices and may, according to Consumer Reports, provide more knowledgeable, attentive salespeople.
Overall, a mattress should last you about eight to 10 years, and "all but the cheapest mattresses are apt to last about that long," Marks says.
And because good mattresses can be found at both the low and high end of the price spectrum, it makes sense to start with the cheaper models in stores and work your way up in price, Marks says.
In a study, Consumer Reports found that 72% of shoppers were successful in haggling down the price of a mattress, Marks says.
Doctors tend to recommend Tempur-Pedic mattresses for people with back problems, but some consumers have reported that memory-foam mattresses can be hot to sleep in, Marks says.
Also, negotiate the cost of delivery: Ask if some delivery dates or times are less expensive, if there’s a discount for local delivery or if you can get a discount for picking up the mattress yourself, Frietchen says.
Finally, look for retailers that offer "comfort guarantees," which give you the option to return a mattress if you take it home and discover that it’s uncomfortable, Mahoney says.
It may have a name on it but dont be fooled mattress company make cheaper mattresses for the discount stores.
Technology combining Serta’s finest gel memory foam comfort innovations with an advanced coil support system.
Featuring Serta’s latest in gel memory foam technology for cooling comfort and extra support where you need it most.
Our innovative foam sleep systems are designed to provide outstanding pressure relief and body support.
While comfort is essential for a good night’s sleep, many choose to disregard this aspect and focus primarily on the cost of the mattress.
When purchasing a mattress, it’s important to keep in mind your body’s unique comfort and support needs, in addition to price.
Remember that you will sleep on this mattress every night for many years to come, and by now you should stop worrying about finding a cheap mattress and start thinking about investing in the right mattress.
The Only Official Mattress of the National Sleep Foundation engineered to help solve 5 common sleep problems.
From a gel memory foam to a pillow top innerspring mattress, there are plenty of options to consider.
Make sure that the mattress you are interested in provides you and your sleep partner with the right level of comfort.
Whether you prefer a firm mattress or a mattress that conforms to your body as you sleep, consider which mattress will give you a restful night’s sleep.
Our advanced innerspring systems are designed to be strong and supportive, while layers of cushioning provide enhanced comfort.
Mattress manufactures contractually set minimum prices that they allow retailers to sell their mattresses at, so they either have to price them at that minimum or overprice them and negotiate.
Have a mattress shopping tip of your own? Scoff at this "coil count" business because you rock it out on a foam mattress? Let’s hear about it in the comments.
They have advice directly from a guy who has been part of his family’s mattress business his whole life.
Always ask if the innerspring mattress you’re looking at has edge support to keep the edges firm and keep it comfy for you getting in and out of bed.
If a store is willing to negotiate mattress prices, then they are overpriced, so make sure you get them down a considerable amount.
I was leery of buying this bed because I have been sleeping on an airbed for 2 years, & I expected a foam mattress to feel like laying on a concrete slab in comparison – but it isn’t.
I have had 4 airbeds suddenly go flat in the middle of the night in less than 2 years, so for me it’s worth the wait to air out just 1 memory foam mattress once – rather than 1 new air bed about every 6 months, all of which smelled every bit as strong as this bed does.
I find the mattress perfectly comfortable after I put these memory foam toppers on.
Keep in mind, it’s not like spring mattresses which have a resistive bounce to them – & it does kind of squish around you & cradle your form where you lay (which some people don’t like)…but the mattress I was sent is neither too firm nor too soft – it really is just about right.
All of the foam beds I’ve experienced felt like a foam mattress topper laying on a sidewalk, so I was afraid to invest much, but this bed is actually quite agreeable.
I also bought this bed a zippered vinyl mattress cover as an allergy blocker, so together the two of them smell like the interior of a new car, splashed with a bucket full of paint… : } I shut the mattress in the bedroom, & I air it out with a fan about 4 times a day.
I have been searching for a comfortable mattress for a cheap price, and when I came across this mattress on Amazon, it seemed like a perfect match for me.
King Size was unavailable when I made my purchase, which I prefer, but I think Queen is about the largest mattress one small person in chronic pain can lug around by themselves if I ever have to move again.
I’ve slept 2 nights on the new mattress, & one thing I notice is the bed really holds body heat much better than my 18" airbed, which always remained as warm or cold as the air in the room.
This mattress expanded to its full 8" height in about 6 hours, but I cannot sleep on it yet, because of the intense chemical odor.
I manage fibromyalgia, arthritis, upper & lower back pain, & recurring nerve pain in my arms, & I think I am going to do quite well sleeping on this mattress.
About the chemical odor, I would recommend that those with allergies, asthma, & hypersensitivity to chemicals set up alternative sleeping arrangements for 4 or more days to allow this mattress to fully air out.
I never knew a memory foam mattress could feel this decent.
My first night on the mattress, initially, it felt great (just lying flat on my back).
There may be truth to the notion that the thinner memory foam mattresses are more comfortable, compared to thick 12" mattresses, because the thinner beds lack the dense 6-8" resistive base layer of foam that makes the thicker beds so firm.
The vinyl cover was actually more pungent & took longer to air than the mattress itself, despite having already aired it out for 2 days in my car before the mattress arrived.
comfortable, as the mattress seems to adjust to your own body type & weight.
Reward yourself every night with the cloud like bliss of Sealy�s McIntyre Select plush Euro pillowtop California king mattress.
Sealy California King Mattress is Not Just Plush But Pillowtop Plush Easing yourself into the embrace of the Sealy Euro Pillowtop Select Plush California King Mattress after a long day is just what the doctor ordered.
Sealy Plush Euro Pillow Top Mattress Gives You Comfort That�s Fit for a King Embark on a journey of restorative slumber and ultimate calm each night with the king size Sealy plush euro pillow top mattress .
As every foam mattress it has specific smell for the first few days that’s why I recommend to take mattress cover off for several hour after you mattress get back to shape ( it comes in a roll and you have to wait 48h before using it so it has time to go back to shape) Highly recommended, great price and quality.
Softer than plush-firm mattresses, the plush mattress is popular with sleepers of smaller builds & those who need less firmness.
Excellent product, just as described; firm, no odor, slept on it first night after it arrived without any problems.This is probably my best mattress purchase in 25 years.
A mattress with Medium firmness is ideal for most sleepers who need support, but also cushioning.
I foam mattresses cause of my back pain, but if you have never tried memory foam mattress before go to any mattress store and try one.
Shop a huge selection of affordable mattresses and mattress sets for twin, full, queen, and king size beds.
I bought this online for the first time & it is the best mattress I have ever slept on.. It did not take long for it to expand, got to sleep on it the very first nite.
I needed to replace an old twin mattress in my guest room and was pleasantly surprised with the look and quality of this foam mattress.
There is no need to buy an expensive base for the mattress as long as you have a good flat foundation unless you want your mattress higher.
I really like this mattress! I had an extra box spring from my King mattress, so I bought this XL twin mattress as an extra bed for our baby room.
this is the best mattress that i ever had, sleep good at night.
So I went to a mattress store to test some of their mattresses to make sure I wasn’t going to love something else.
A Soft mattress has plenty of cushioning, and offers the least support of the mattress types.
A Plush Firm mattress is very similar to a Firm mattress, but with added cushioning at the top.
When buying a new mattress make sure to buy a high quality mattress that will help you get the best possible night's sleep.
It really is that great and I didnt have any issues with the topper sliding like in some of the other reviews since I put a mattress cover over the top and sheets over that.
A Plush mattress features extra cushioning, with a soft-to-the-touch surface.
An Ultra Plush mattress has a very soft surface created by extra padding.
A Firm mattress offers the most support.
My husband is 6 ‘ 4 and 240, I never ever feel him move one time during the night…. We also got the frim mattress and that is just perfect for us.
Go to Sleepy’s or whatever mattress store you like, find a bed you like, then sit and wait out the grueling back-and-forth negotiation that has to take place and if the price doesn’t come down by 50% off the tag then go to the next closes Sleepy’s (or whatever) and tell them you want X bed for X dollars.
Since we were moving from a futon to a real bed in our first apartment, the frame and delivery were musts, and even with some additional shopping around during those 30-days, (looking for other furniture), our deal on the actual mattress price didn’t suffer for the free stuff.
They’re also going to try selling you a “mattress protector” or “mattress pad.” If it is a cushioned pad, then don’t bother; you are getting a new bed so why in the world would you need a pad for it, right? But, if it is a waterproof style that comes with a stain warranty for the bed, then it is worth thinking about.
Go to Sleepy’s or whatever mattress store you like, find a bed you like, then sit and wait out the grueling back-and-forth negotiation that has to take place and if the price doesn’t come down by 50% off the tag then go to the next closes Sleepy’s (or whatever) and tell them you want X bed for X dollars.
We bought our mattress, a sealy I think, from a local independent Mattress store because we liked how it felt and the price was very reasonable.
If you are looking at an innerspring mattress, ask whether the bed has any kind of “edge support.” The edge where you get out of bed is the first place that will break down, so the mattress should either have some type of heavier steel gauge for the coils or some sort of heavier foam around the edge.
“This article reads like it is – a sales pitch from a guy whose family has been in the mattress business for X years.
Learned several years ago while shopping for a mattress that different stores will have the exact same mattress as another store, but with a different name on it (same brand).
If you’re dying for a Temperpedic mattress, but don’t want to shell out an insane amount of money, you can get comparable memory foam matresses at Costco or for much less.
The mattress I’m currently sleeping on I’m disappointed by, having not known anything about mattresses when I made the purchase.
One thing you will not find at your local mattress store is a wide selection of Air Mattresses.
A salesperson actually told me to buy a cheaper/less comfortable mattress because “children don’t really need the extra comfort”.
That’s $400 per year! (the mattress I own now cost that much) Who can afford that, for one thing? And for another, I have heard way too many people like Beth and Mark above say that mattresses are grossly overpriced and there are ways to get them for less.
We found stores would price match if we found the same brand mattress with the same coil count (indicating the same exact mattress).
We just bought a new Stearns & Foster king size bed from Sealy’s Mattress and More stores.
Heck, after reading all the mattress articles I’m not even sure what the words “firm” and “soft” mean anymore.
This article reads like it is – a sales pitch from a guy whose family has been in the mattress business for X years.
I remember it saying how it is hard to compare prices because one company gives the same mattress different names depending on what store it will be sold in.
My wife and I just bought a mattress (Seriously JD, why is it that we’re always doing the same thing at the same time…) We found Sleepy’s too salesy.
“Mattress salespeople are pretty good at finding the best fit for customers” – I had to chuckle at this item.
We paid about $1200 for the lower-end queen size mattress and “foundation” (basically the box spring that supports the mattress).
I’ve never paid more than half price for a mattress.
The salesperson there adviced me to buy the waterproof mattress protector, in case there were any “accidents”, and that was good advice.
I eventually bought a very nice pillow top mattress at another store.
Not sure if this will be helpful, but some other bloggers just bought a new mattress that they heavily researched and decided to go with an environmentally friendly version.
If you are looking for an Air Mattress – check out to see all of the available options and reviews of the top mattresses.
We knew some of these when we bought the mattress I have now and I think we made a good buy.
I do not notice any difference in the feel of the mattress and 2 years later it’s still looks and feels like it’s brand new.
You might not want to sleep on an Air Mattress every night, but they sure are useful for when you have guests in town.
Get a more restful night’s sleep with a new memory foam mattress, and consider relaxation items like light therapy and sound therapy machines to improve your sleep.
Select from firm, plush and pillow-top mattresses, and sleep comfortably on a new innerspring or memory foam mattress.
Feel as the Night Therapy memory foam mattress conforms to your body, and get more room for you and your partner with a Simmons king pillow-top mattress.
Combine your new mattress with relaxation items like sound therapy machines to improve your sleep at night.
From Sealy pillow-top to Select AirBed latex mattresses, get the comfort you deserve with a new mattress from Kmart.
There's nothing better than a good night's sleep, but you need the right mattress for a great night's sleep! Big Lots carries brand new Serta® mattresses that are designed for the ultimate comfort and support to keep you sleeping soundly.
Relax with the comfort of a Memory Foam, Euro-Top or Pillow Top Mattress from American Freight Furniture.
Our mattresses come in a variety designs and materials including memory foam, pillow top and euro top to help you find the perfect mattress for your bedroom.
Stop dealing with back pain and nights without sleep and replace your current mattress with a high quality memory foam mattress available at affordable prices.
Enjoy a good night’s rest with a comfortable mattress from American Freight.
Discover your next mattress at your local American Freight Furniture and Mattress store.
And why spend all that money on springs just to dampen their effect with a giant pillow? If you really want to sleep on foam or cotton, buy a foam or cotton mattress.
But the big-name mattress makers (with some exceptions) all get their coils from a single company, Leggett and Platt, for their highest-end mattresses down to their lowest.
All this shuttling back and forth on the scale of firmness—why not just start with the firmness you like, and then stop? My favorite mattress name encapsulates the paradox: Simmons Beautyrest World Class Granite Plush.
Finally, an independent mattress manufacturer I talked to swore that latex makes the best mattresses.
Pillowtops: Pillowtops are soft layers of foam (or cotton, or wool) sewn to the top of the mattress.
You sleep on coils because they’re softer than the floor, but you still want good, firm coils, but then you put foam padding on top to soften the coils, but you still want the foam to be dense, and then finally you put a strong box spring underneath for just a tiny bit of give.
Larry Thomas of Furniture Today—a man described to me as "the guru of the bedding industry"—told me coil counts are "overrated" and "not a good indicator." Yes, if you pay more, you’ll get a theoretically better coil design, but better enough to feel a difference? I sure couldn’t.
Here’s the lowdown: Mattress makers rename identical products for each different retail store.
The heart of an innerspring mattress is the coils.
Sleep is one of the most important aspects in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and a quality mattress that fits your unique sleeping style is an important decision.
My niece bought a bed from and they set it up for her!! Spend as much as you can for a mattress because you will be spending quite a bit of time sleeping, about 50 hours a week.
In Consumer Reports’ latest buying guide, the organization tested 12 mattresses from companies like Ikea, Sealy and Costco, and found that some of the more expensive ones actually weren’t exactly top-notch, while those with a lower price-tag didn’t always mean low quality.
Could an old mattress be responsible for a lackluster love life? A recent survey found that almost a quarter of respondents with a mattress more than 10 years old report less romance in their lives — and most blame the mattress.
The price of even a traditional innerspring mattress can top $5,000, and experts warn that the very cheapest off-brand mattresses aren’t worth it.
However, the big three — Sealy, Serta, and Simmons — offer well-regarded queen-size mattress and box spring sets for less than $600.
Turns out this research was conducted on behalf of Sleepy’s, the mattress retailer, so the suggestion that a new mattress might be in order comes as no surprise.
In general, look for more layers of padding if you enjoy a soft mattress or sleep on your side and fewer if you sleep on your back and like your bed to be firm.
Finally, don’t worry too much about the number of coils — 375 is plenty for a queen-size mattress, according to GoodBed.
Although a box spring isn’t always necessary, the warranty may stipulate that the mattress be used with the appropriate component.
That amounts to mere pennies a night if the mattress lasts even five years.
Go to a shop whose policy is to match/beat, and that has large buying power (sorry local mom & pops – this system doesn’t let you play) – then find the mattress you want and repeat #3.
To learn how to get the most out of our money, we went mattress shopping with Danny Seo a few weeks ago to check out Natural Care, his new mattress line, and to learn some tips about getting a good mattress at a good price.
And come on, for gross out warnings, I’m expecting stats about how much sweat the average mattress soaks up in a lifetime (fyi- googled it and read in a 7 year lifespan, a mattress will double in weight from sweat, shed skin cells and oils.
I don’t agree with the comment that you can’t look for better deals between stores – while it is true that each store orders a different ‘model’ name, in many cases they are the same mattress (same features, coil count, etc..) simply with a different name.
The last time I bought a $1600 mattress (that was not advertized to be on sale), I paid $700 which included 3 negotiations then an upgrade to high-end mattress because I coudln’t afford to wait a week for my mattress, it was the end of the month and the salesperson wanted the sale.
Not sure I agree re box springs: We have the exact same mattress in both of our homes — but since we upgraded the frame in our weekend place and stopped using the box spring (wouldn’t fit) we have had back aches after sleeping there.
Partially because I use proper support, I am getting a full warranty replacement (actually, at my request, I will be buying a new mattress using a credit for the original purchase price of the old one).
To learn more about Danny’s Natural Care mattress line from Simmons (and we can definitely attest to it high comfort factor!) as well as more mattress buying tips, click here.
Sorry, Canadian in Swedish Clothing, I don’t know if the system I have used would work for a memory-foam mattress b/c the market is a lot smaller and there may be large differences between memory foam products.
Go to a local shop, find the mattress you want, then negotiate as far down as you can (make sure all shipping/removal of old mattress, etc is included).
not) beforehand (seriously, spend an afternoon in a store if you don’t know) and narrow it down (spend at least 5 minutes on a mattress of interest, and jump between 2 as you narrow it down to eliminate).
If a mattress is designed to be used with a box spring, my advice is to avoid platform beds, or geta mattress designed for use with platforms.
Mid-C Frank I have to disagree if you have a good quality mattress there is no need for a box spring.
First – recognize that the list price, especially at a big box or department store, is about 3x the cost of the mattress.
Platform beds were designed for mattress only not both box spring and mattress.
A platform bed, or even the floor (as long as it’s level) will make the mattress feel exactly the same as it does on a box spring.
No need to buy a box spring mattress f you have a platform bed often a box spring mattress is unnecessary.
I recently dropped 2K on a Sealy Latex mattress, have had back aches ever since, and its developed large body impressions in just a few months.
Apart from a couch, shopping for a mattress can take a large chunk out of your home furniture budget but it’s a smart investment in your life.
Your purchase will come with the full manufacturers warranty, free delivery, free setup and removal of your old mattress if desired, and the guaranteed lowest price.
You can negotiate the price of most brands of mattresses in the retail store but a mattress store will be more negotiable than a furniture store when it comes to price.
The triple choice (firm, plush, pillow-top) may be available under the same manufacturers brand name so if you find the firmness you desire, the very same mattress may be available with harder or softer upholstery, so be sure to order the correct comfort level.
Many people try a mattress for a couple of minutes in a retail store which feels different over eight hours of sleep once they have it delivered.
The strip-mall mattress store salesman told us that he didn’t work on commission and that they aren’t going to be carrying Tempurpedic beds anymore; instead, he steered us to the ComforPedic by Simmons and we felt like it was an ideal fit.
For instance, every store you visit is likely to have a unique name for the same mattress, perhaps a different cover for the very same model.
With that said, let me caution you major manufacturers, such as Simmons Beautyrest, Sealy, and Stearns and Foster, label the exact same mattress with different names for different retailers.
Industry Secrets?, yes, there are many, but hold on to your checkbooks, debit, and charge cards, because soon you will know how to "one up" every dealer in town and retailers will be begging to sell you a mattress at half the full retail price or less.
Before you leave home, remove your sheets and mattress protector, look at the tags on your existing mattress and write down the manufacturers name and measure how thick the upholstery is on the sleep surface and the overall depth of the mattress.
Therefore don’t buy a mattress until you understand what makes it comfortable (the comfort layers), what type of support (the number & size of the coils) it offers, and how long (warranty period) it will last.
Is this a bad idea? Does the way it is stored affect the mattress? The discount is about 50% off which is a great price, shipping free too.
Remember, comfort is what you feel when you try out your mattress in the store.
A stain on your mattress will void your warranty so buying a waterproof mattress protector is cheap insurance.
Note: You can even shop a large chain with their own local stores since the sales people are on commission! You will only get a better deal on a mattress if you ask for a better deal.
The three things you must know when buying a mattress are comfort, support, and durability.
When trying out different mattresses, always start by lying first on the hardest mattress (called firm in the stores), then working your way to the softest (pillow top).
Comfort is what you feel when you get into bed, support is what you feel when you get up in the morning and durability is how long the mattress will last.
If you decide to purchase a mattress that’s thicker than your current one, consider requesting a low-profile box spring (approximately 3.5 inches lower than a traditional box) so your headboards wood finish will be visible.
Erica, who bent the mattress? If it was the delivery team then it is the responsibility of the mattress store to replace the mattress.
Buying your mattress from funds our research and protects people just like you from mattress retailers’ high prices, and scams like the multiple mattress names.
Measure your headboard opening, if any, and the height of your current mattress and bring this information to the store.
Use of mattress protector will ensure that your warranty will stay in effect.