how to buy a mattress pad

Finally, a good mattress topper needs to stay comfortable over time, so we examine how well each model holds up with use and whether it needs special maintenance to keep it in good shape.
The Serta Ultimate 4-inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper gets high marks from reviewers for its comfort and support.
Since a topper’s job is to improve the comfort of a mattress, we give particular importance to how well each pad cushions and supports the body, as well as such criteria as whether it retains body heat.
However, editors stress that a mattress topper "is not a miracle worker." While it can make up for some loss of springiness, a mattress topper can’t compensate for major problems such as sagging, sinkholes or springs poking through the mattress cover.
Yet a mattress topper can’t enhance comfort if you can’t get it onto your bed, so we also consider how easy it is to unpack the pad and keep it in place on the bed, as well as any problems with odor.
If you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep on your mattress, a mattress topper might be the perfect solution.
The right topper can breathe new life into an old mattress, adding an extra layer of cushioning and, in some cases, improving support.

Ratings are based on over 57,000 mattress topper owner / consumer reviews gathered from diverse, credible sources including product review sections on retailer websites (Amazon, JCPenney, Overstock, Wal-Mart, Sam’s and others) as well as online message boards.
Read detailed Memory Foam Topper Reviews / Ratings based on over 47,000 actual owner experiences.
A significant number of owners – about 7% – report that their topper (usually a memory foam or latex topper) is not sized properly to their mattress.
In addition, a memory foam topper can to some degree improve the motion isolation of a mattress, resulting in less disturbed sleep.
Read detailed Latex Topper Reviews / Ratings based on over 750 actual owner experiences.
Read detailed Fiberbed Topper Reviews / Ratings based on over 4,900 actual owner experiences.
Read detailed Featherbed Topper Reviews / Ratings based on over 3,300 actual owner experiences.
Select a topper below for more detailed information, including brand reviews / ratings based on actual consumer experiences.
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Other, thinner mattress pads block dust mites, dirt, sweat, oil and stains from mattresses to keep them clean and extend their lifespan.
Natural latex mattress pads – are durable, naturally hypoallergenic, and free of dust mites and mold.
Wool mattress pads absorb moisture from the body and acts as an insulator, so sleepers remain comfortable in both summer and winter temperatures.
Memory foam mattress pads – lightweight, thick foam that softens with heat and comfortably molds to your body.
Mattress pads can improve sleep quality by adding soft bulk to hard mattresses.
Wool mattress pads – extremely soft and naturally dust mite and mold resistant.
Some mattress pads provide extra cushion and support for a more luxurious bedtime.
Mattress pads (also called mattress toppers) can look like a sheet, pad or small mattress and are used for a variety of reasons.
Natural latex mattress pads can last up to 20 years and synthetic latex can last even longer.
Many of these mattress pads are filled with cotton, are washable and do not repel liquids like vinyl mattress protectors.
Cotton mattress pads – are soft and machine washable.
Since higher thread counts mean tighter weaves, a mattress pad with a high thread count will keep the fill in and debris out.
These protective mattress pads range in thickness.
They are usually very thin, quilted and built with elastic edging to keep the mattress pad in place.
Some are quilted with heavy padding, while others are only a flat barrier between the fitted sheet and mattress.
However, because of memory foam’s thickness, some thicker pads can actually be a good alternative to buying a completely new mattress when you need one.
Another alternative to materials for mattress pads is memory foam, which molds to your body.
Moreover, mattress pads are great for providing extra cushion to a firm mattress and they can often help guard against dust mites.
These are extremely soft and great alternatives to mattress pads if you’re looking for something that’s more lightweight and soft.
Cotton, latex and wool are commonly used for mattress pads.
And, let us know in comments below what are other important things that you look for in mattress pads and featherbeds.
As an added bonus, the down alternative layer gives you an extra layer of softness, helping you sleep better.This waterproof antimicrobial mattress pad from Dream solutions is made of 100% polyester and is easy to care for.
Covered with smooth, silky Egyptian cotton and loaded with 12 ounce poly fiber fill, this mattress pad was built to envelop you with soothing comfort.Designed to hold firmly in place, the 20 inch nylon skirt wraps tightly around the sides of your mattress drawing inward so it stays put, no matter how many times you toss and turn throughout the night.
It’s Like Sleeping on a Cloud with the BFF Supersize Mattress Pad You couldn’t have a poor night’s sleep even if you tried with th…is supersize mattress pad! This down-alternative mattress pad is made of 100% polyester with an Ultrarest polyester fill and a 210 thread count cover.
In addition to protecting the surface of the mattress from wetness with a soft and silent waterproof layer, the pad has a specially treated outer layer that makes it super easy to remove stains and discoloring.
Do you prefer to sleep on a cool surface? Does pillow-top comfort appeal to you? Would it be helpful to limit allergens? A mattress pad, which covers the top and hugs the sides of a mattress, can provide all these benefits — and plenty of others.
Your mattress is an investment, but it’s highly susceptible to damage from stains, moisture and bacteria; protect your mattress from moisture with this woven, waterproof pad, which features a 3M Scotchgard Protector Repel and Release treatment that beads up liquids, letting you wash away any stains.
Sleep Soundly With the Protection of This Waterproof Antimicrobial Mattress PadYou’ll sleep well with the peace of mind provided b…y this Dream Solutions Ultimate waterproof antimicrobial mattress pad.
The extra cushioning from this hypoallergenic mattress pad provides you with the comfort you need for a good night’s sleep every time.
For a worry-free night sleep, this 3M Scotchgard Waterproof Mattress Pad has you covered.
Sleep Philosophy introduces the Harmony …3M Scotchgard Waterproof Mattress Pad with the newest technology on the market.
This Egyptian Cotton Mattress Pad Will Change The Way You SleepDesigned to provide not only sublime comfort, but serious protectio…n, this Cotton Mattress Padis a billowy, breathable surface that adds life and longevity to your bed.
The simplest version of a mattress pad is made from polyester or cotton, has fitted corners to snugly contour to your mattress, and is intended to add a thin layer of cushion to the mattress.
This mattress pad has very deep corners that fit my really thick and plush matress.
The beautyrest mattress cover fits my king sized matress very well.
When our replacement matress pad arrived I was extrmrly please that it was of ample size to allow me to put if on our temperpidic mattress without needing a crowbar or a second person.
Thick mattress toppers include both traditional featherbeds and modern designs made of foam.
This matress pad fits perfectly on my pillow top mattress and doesn’t make any crinkle noices.
Comfortable bedding makes getting to sleep much easier, and that’s why a well-made bed includes everything from firm pillows and warm blankets to supportive mattress pads.
A mattress pad may not be the first item that comes to mind when you’re shopping for bedding, but the right one can provide the extra comfort necessary for a good night’s sleep.
You can also get a good foundation for sleep with a memory foam mattress pad.
This is a great quality mattress pad that is thick and plush with deep pockets for thick matresses.
Protective mattress covers lie between the mattress and the fitted sheet, so they aren’t very thick.
While a featherbed style is soft, it doesn’t provide much support for the body and is best paired with a firm mattress.
Pad arrived promptly and prevented several more shopping trips looking for a suitable mattress cover.
Memory foam mattress toppers range in thickness from 2 to 6 inches, while latex foam toppers only range between 2 inches and 4 inches.
Cotton fiber – Mattress toppers that contain cotton fiber come in two types: those made with organic cotton and those made with synthetic cotton.
Memory foam toppers – Memory foam mattress toppers are currently the most popular type of bed enhancement.
For those visitors not as interested in plunging into the purchase of an entirely new mattress–which can cost a pretty penny–a mattress topper can be a great alternative that lets you get the added comfort benefit of the type of mattress you’re interested in, without paying the full mattress bill.
Memory foam mattress topper reviews written by actual owners can help you get a feel for the pros and cons.
To help you in shopping for the perfect mattress topper that fits your preferences and other special considerations, here is a compilation of the five most important factors you should pay attention to, plus some tips on how to make your most important decisions.
Memory foam toppers range in price between $50 for the lesser known brands and thinner models, and up to $600 for the thicker models and popular brands like Tempur-Pedic.
Visit us to learn more about mattress toppers and pads or to share your own Serta, Sealy, Simmons or IKEA mattress review.
And with that in mind, we’ve brought David back to share his experience about buying mattress toppers.
Pillows come in soft, medium & firm, and each is suited to a specific sleep style.
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National Incontinence is America’s source for bladder control products.
You should obtain encasements before the pest control operator comes to treat your home, but I recommend not putting them on until treatment occurs; many PCOs will want to treat/remove bed bugs from your mattress before it is encased.
And while using a mattress encasement does not prevent you from getting bed bugs in your home, if kept intact, it will keep them on the encasement surface and prevent bed bugs from harboring on and leaving fecal stains on the mattress itself — and the staining in particular is something many people would like to avoid, especially on a nice or newer mattress.
It was late at night and after doing some reserch online, we headed to wal-mart (the only place opened 24/7) and bought a bedbug fogger, 2 mattress encasements – one for the boxspring (wal-mart brand I guess…cant remember now since I threw the boxes already), encasements for the pillows, bed frame (metal- we didnt have one, the box spring was on the floor), new bedding, doublesided carpet tape and the portable shark steam cleaner.
If you go to US Bed Bugs and click the link for Protect-a-bed Allerzip SMOOTH Mattress Encasements, you’ll find the options include sizes for three different mattresses: 4-8″, 7-12,” and 12-18″ tall.
If your pest management professional does recommend encasement use for your box springs and/or mattresses, make sure you are using ones which have been independently tested to keep bed bugs in or out (more on that below), make sure they are installed correctly and carefully, and inspect them regularly and carefully for tears.
If you have bed bugs, many pest management professionals and entomologists recommend encasing your mattress in a high-quality encasement that is designed and tested to keep bed bugs in.
I have some questions,first my son’s room was infested with bedbugs at first we had no clue what the bites on him were, the doctors confused it with chicken pox,hen fleas but having cats i knew we weren’t dealing with fleas the flea bites are totally different and they don’t itch as bad as bedbugs until i finally found bedbugs on his bunk bed must of admit IT FREAKED ME OUT so the first thing i did was grab a cockroach spray and kill them, they actually died..we got rid of the bunk bed,and encased the mattress, fogged his room and sprayed the carpet.
You should not assume your encasements are bed bug proof unless they have been carefully tested by an independent entomologist to prevent bed bugs biting through the fabric, getting through the fabric, getting through the zipper, or escaping in the gap at the zipper’s end stop.
Does anyone know whether the standard, non-fabric Protect-a-Bed Bug Lock encasements are as effective at keeping bb’s in and out as their higher-end Allerzip line? They are less expensive, and I don’t care about the protection against allergens, just want confidence in keeping bed bugs out/in.
US Bed Bugs also sells Protect-a-bed Allerzip mattress, box springs, and pillow encasements, as well as BugZip products and Climbup (R) Interceptors.
A few years ago, Richard Cooper performed tests comparing six encasements which were being marketed for protection against bed bugs: Protect-A-Bed AllerZip with BugLock Zip, National Allergy Elegance (which as of 2010 has undergone major design improvements; please see below!), National Allergy Classic, Mattress Safe, CleanRest and Bed Wetting Direct.
Encasements should be tested by an entomologist and data should prove bed bugs cannot get into or out of the encasement, nor bite a person through the fabric (for example, if encased inside it).
I would note that even the high end encasements can rip, and at least one NYC PCO (John Furman, known as KillerQueen on the forums) recommends the Protect-a-Bed AllerZip mattress encasement for a box spring, over the AllerZip box encasement, because he says it’s sturdier.
In the second experiment, only three encasements (Protect-A-Bed, National Allergy Elegance, and Mattress Safe) kept first instar nymphs from escaping from a completely closed zipper end stop (the place where the zipper closes).
In developing the Protect-A-Bed, JAB first tested fabric to make sure bugs couldn’t bite through (they couldn’t), then hired an independent lab to put starved, live bedbugs inside the zippered covers and tempt them with a human leg at regular intervals.
If you do not yet have bed bugs, an encasement may be a good preventive measure for keeping bed bugs out of your box springs and mattress.
The highest satisfaction levels for memory foam pads, according to the mattress topper reviews on sites such as, are from those who purchase thicker and denser toppers — at least 4” thick and 5+ lbs/ft3, respectively.
There’s a reason no major manufacturer of mattress toppers will warranty their product: the average memory foam mattress only lasts for three years.
If you go for broke and buy a luxurious 4” memory foam mattress topper, you may find that your deep-pocket sheets don’t fit anymore.
Or you could buy Intelli-Gel one time and have a mattress that feels even better than a cheap one and lasts for 10 years! Intelli-Gel doesn’t wear like foam, so you won’t have to worry about your bed feeling too firm or too soft every few years.
That’s because Intelli-Gel provides 2-3 times more cushioning support than your mattress came with when new! And our Intelli-Gel is pretty heavy-duty; our king size weighs about 70 pounds.
And we have just the thing to make your mattress feel comfortable again- Intelli-Gel®! Our exclusive Intelli-Gel technology is specially designed to be supportive yet comfortable.
When you receive it, you can either fasten it on top of your mattress or you can remove the worn-out foam from your mattress and replace it with the Intelli-Gel.
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Through advances in design and manufacturing, modern protectors are able to very effectively protect against liquids and other threats, all without changing the feel of your mattress.
If you want to protect your bed against fluids and allergens while protecting the feel of your mattress, a protector is the obvious choice.
Mattress protectors are great for those purchasing a new mattress or like their mattresses feel as once the protector is installed, it will continue to have that exact same feel and experience.
Arguably the most common form of mattress protector you’ll see when shopping online or browsing through a home goods store is a “mattress pad.” A mattress pad is a relatively thick quilted cover that sits on top of your mattress like fitted sheet, acting as a separator from you and the surface of the mattress.
Although mattress protectors are designed to be as thin as possible, so as not to change the feel of your mattress, most premium brands offer warranties for as much as 10 years, demonstrating the quality of even the thinnest protectors.
If you are looking for a way to protect your mattress and provide a safer and more comfortable sleep, you have likely come across products from two different camps: mattress pads and mattress protectors.
Fitted-sheet style protectors most often feature a cotton, Tencel or polyester surfaces with stretchy sides and an elastic fitting band that wraps under the bottom of the mattress.
Worse, the thick padding used on a mattress pad can often harbor tons of dust mites in just a short time, exacerbating allergy and asthma symptoms.
The primary purpose of a mattress protector is to offer valuable protection against allergens and fluids safeguarding your mattress.
Also, mattress pads generally aren’t the best protective choice for your bed, as they are rarely designed to block fluids, bacteria, and allergens.
When weighing out the pros and cons of each design, many people will opt for a mattress protector instead of a mattress pad.

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