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Users of the social media site Reddit debated the question, and while the site might not be the first place one goes to for life-changing advice, some of the readers’ answers were just as good as Mom’s.
"A three-inch memory foam mattress pad made my back feel soooooo good," wrote one Reddit reader.
If you live in a place that will let you adapt at least part of your lifestyle to a good bike, your quality of life will absolutely benefit," posted Brokenshatner.
Buying $100 worth of the same socks means you never have to waste time matching socks again, said one Reddit user.
Reddit users shared their thoughts about $100 items that can change the quality of life.
The reason: "A good set of tools will save you time and money.
After months of careful shopping and trying out a wide range of mattress sets at various stores, my partner and I thought we had found a queen-size Stearns & Foster model that would be the solution to our nights of crummy sleep.
When my partner and I selected our mattress, we did just that, trying numerous beds before finding one at Macy’s with a foam pillow top that had just the right firmness to support our backs without feeling like a stone slab.
One of the reasons mattresses are so much higher than they were 20 years ago is the rise in popularity of platform beds, which have a strong enough foundation to support a mattress without box springs.
Set a ballpark budget: New mattress and box spring sets can cost from around $500 to more than $5,000, depending on the manufacturer, bed size, special features, and how diligent you are about shopping for deals.
A full-size mattress, which is barely big enough for two small people, is 54 inches wide and 75 inches long, while a queen-size bed is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long.
The manufacturer’s Beautyrest Glover Park Firm Pillowtop (sold at Sears), a Best Buy at $780, topped the Ratings of conventional, innerspring mattresses while its ComforPedic Loft Crestwood Luxury Plush, $1,920, earned the lowest scores among foam models and overall.
Consumer Reports’ latest tests confirm that more coils, fancier fabrics, and frills found on pricier models don’t guarantee a better mattress.
Using a temperature-controller chamber, the tests found three innerspring and three memory-form mattresses that were better at retaining body heat, which should help keep users warm when the weather turns cold without feeling clammy when it’s hot.
And because retailers often change model names, it’s hard to compare models store to store so use Consumer Reports’ performance ratings as a guide.
Consumer Reports’ most recent test of mattresses found models that performed well and cost under $1,000.
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Mattress manufactures contractually set minimum prices that they allow retailers to sell their mattresses at, so they either have to price them at that minimum or overprice them and negotiate.
Have a mattress shopping tip of your own? Scoff at this "coil count" business because you rock it out on a foam mattress? Let’s hear about it in the comments.
They have advice directly from a guy who has been part of his family’s mattress business his whole life.
Always ask if the innerspring mattress you’re looking at has edge support to keep the edges firm and keep it comfy for you getting in and out of bed.
If a store is willing to negotiate mattress prices, then they are overpriced, so make sure you get them down a considerable amount.
When was the last time you thought about replacing your mattress? Last month? Last year? Never? Susan and I have been sleeping on the same mattress since we were married—over 17 years ago—and until recently I had never really given it much thought.
This got me thinking, “Hey, my mattress is more than eight years old, maybe I need a new one.” Every time I’d hear one of those commercials, I’d start thinking about it some more.
I said to Susan “I wonder what type of mattress my mom would suggest,” to which she replied “Your mom won’t be sleeping in it.” At the time that made sense, but buying a mattress is unlike buying other items; once you sleep on it you can’t take it back.
At first, it was just an idea, but pretty soon, I found myself walking past the mattress section of the department store “just in case.” Eventually, that comfortable night’s sleep I’d been having was not so comfortable anymore.
How do I know? My son inherited my perfectly fine “old” mattress so guess where Susan and I end up when we are having a really hard time sleeping on the new mattress? You guessed it: in David’s room.
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I have been in the mattress industry for 19 years.
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If you save your cash for a big down payment, you will be saving money in interest over the term of your loan, while having lower monthly payments as well.
There are many different loan types with varied interest rates and term lengths, so doing your homework to find the most cost efficient loan is very important.
It’s good habit to do it every morning anyway, but it’s even more important when you’re giving your date a tour of your place.
It’s a good idea to have your pet corralled when a date first comes over, letting the critter out once you’ve given her the heads up.
If your most personal space is messy, it’s a good bet that’s closer to the real you than the rest of your place.
Don’t blow the golden opportunity to impress your date the second she crosses the threshold into your place.
You can be sure that once a woman enters your abode for the first time, she’ll be looking around for those things that display your hobbies and interests.
If you know you’re having a lady over to your place in advance, even if it’s just a chance, start right away.
You and a gal have been out a few times and tonight you’ve invited her over your place for the first time for a dinner you’re whipping up yourself.
In researching this article, we got information from the ladies themselves via Reddit (fair warning, as with anything on Reddit, it can get fairly vulgar) and Facebook about what makes a good first impression.
If it’s not some mystery banana peel behind the couch, the smell in your place is likely the result of multiple offenses.
But latex pillows, just like natural latex mattresses, are well suited for people who suffer from allergies and sleep disorders and, of course, people who care about the health of their body, because the latex pillows provide the most “physiological”, namely a suitable support to your body while you sleep.
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Bedding that has been used is a potential health hazard. It could harbor bacteria, mold, fungi, blood, other bodily fluids, hair, skin, pollen, dust mites, or allergenic residues from pets and insects.
Any doctor who will not listen to the patient and family is not a good doctor! The problem with brain injuries and "brain dead" diagnosis is that the health industry has a monetary interest in quickly declaring death..hence the rush to deny treatment even if it would be barbaric and inhumane to do so.
An impulsive decision by Dunlap’s cousin to make a final check of his vital signs saved his life.After his ordeal, Dunlap remembered being declared brain dead and feeling "ticked off" at the doctor, he told the TODAY Show.But the hospital treating Dunlap insists he was really dead, according to the Toronto Star.
There have been instances of people being incorrectly diagnosed as brain dead, but this time SIX DIFFERENT DOCTORS have all come to the same conclusion and they have used every possible means at their disposal to confirm it.
Recent cases of people being declared brain dead, then recovering contradict what doctors and organ procurement groups having been telling the public since 1968."Brain dead is dead.
These cases are vastly different than that of Jahi’s, in that they awakened a very short time after being declared "brain dead".
Our experience, similar to those of Jahi and her family, is that people with severe brain injuries are treated like second class citizens, often being denied the treatment, care, and that their humanity demands.
In the two cases mentioned (Zack Dunlap and Colleen Burns), brain death testing was not done properly; these patients were never truly brain dead.
I hate to even bring this up, but could MICRA (the CA limiting death payouts due to medical errors to $250,000) have anything to do with this case? Apparently if Jahi dies due to the surgery, any monetary payout would be limited to $250,000; however, if she suffers brain injury the payout is limitless.
His body was prepared for organ harvesting, but alert family members were able to elicit behavioral signs that showed he was anything but brain dead.
If the patient is too unstable for the apnea test, then a transcranial doppler must be done instead (a test that checks for blood flow to the brain….a brain dead person has none).
Admitted to a hospital in Syracuse, New York, after a drug overdose, she, like Zack Dunlap, was declared brain dead and prepared for organ harvesting.
Sebastien Paillard was considering consenting to turning off his mother’s ventilator at the doctor’s recommendation when staff members noticed signs of brain activity in the "dead" woman.Three woman in a single year, first they were irrevocably dead, and then they weren’t.
The reasons for confirmatory tests in neonates and infants are that there’s a relatively small number of brain dead neonates reported in the literature, and neonates’ physiologic and cerebrovascular responses to brian injuries are different than that of older patients.
in Jahi McMath’s case, she is certainly brain dead.
We know a couple who purchased a complete bedroom set — full bed with headboard and footboard, two nightstands, a dresser with mirror, and a bureau, in beautifully finished solid cherry — for less than $500! As you canvass thrift stores, you’ll find that some stores carry more furniture than others and that some seem to acquire better pieces.
Buying New Furniture An antique oak hutch, a grand piano, a rich cherry wood dining table, an elegant brass bed — think of how your eyes are drawn to such star pieces when you enter a room.
Both of these stores have a wide selection of furniture, from low-end pieces made with particleboard and veneer to high-end solid wood pieces.
We’re going to explore both of these areas over the course of the next few blog posts and whether your goal is just to learn how to rest comfortably in a hammock or to try sleeping in a hammock every night, consider this your definitive guide to making sure that you have the right hammock and the right technique to get a good and healthy rest every time.
Guess what? Sleeping in a hammock is good for for you, it can even help cure your insomnia, and while it’s just now beginning to gain recognition in sleep studies it’s something that people around the world have understood and embraced for centuries.
Some are asking about using a hammock every night at home or on a long term backpacking trip while other people simply want to know whether you’ll wake up with neck and back pain if you spend too long in one or even ‘accidentally’ fall asleep.
It’s not out of necessity or poverty, it’s done because they prefer to sleep in a hammock for all the benefits it provides and in most cases grew up sleeping in a hammock since they were infants.

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