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The Chetrit Group and partners have agreed to pay more than $150 million for the former Cabrini Medical Center, a huge five-building complex at Second Avenue and East 19th Street, the person said.
Joseph Chetrit is in contract to purchase a 1.5-acre site a block from Gramercy Park, in what could be the next high-profile play by the New York-based investor, according to a person familiar with the matter.
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worked with us to not only find a mattress we loved but to return our crappy little mattress to the manufacturer under warranty for FULL credit towards our new purchase! The product we first purchased was an exception and i would not warn anyone away from that particular brand or style but this time we chose a latex mattress instead of another innerspring mattress.
A department or franchise mattress store would not have given me the same service and flexibility, I'm sure.
we waited 4 months for our chairs, the table we wanted was discontinued (luckily I called up the LA store and they had one left but getting it shipped was a headache as yopu have to purchase from your nearest store and then gave me a really high shipping …More quote, then a different girl gave a much better price) they then forgot some of our stuff in the delivery, but then found out its backordered too.
Michael Breus, a clinical psychologist who specializes in sleep disorders, collaborated with Angie’s List on this guide to choosing the best mattress for you.
We may not have chosen the right mattress the first time but we chose the right mattress store.
She spent a good deal of time explaining the differences in mattresses and encouraged us to try each mattress out until we found one that was just right for us.
Local mattress companies offer personal service, first-hand knowledge and increased value, buyers say.
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Our top-rated Mattress Discounters are backed by certified, local reviews.
They were disorganized – the original" …More date on the slip didn't exist, needed to reschedule, and then delivery men were not careful and bent a newel post on my staircase while bringing the mattress in.
Instead of helping us with the claim process, she tried for" …More a half hour, to convince us to purchase another, more expensive mattress, and then put the claim in! When I called with questions, she became uncooperative.
When I pointed this out, she actually laughed at me!!! Now, I still had the inspection, and was told to contact the mattress cover company, Fabrictech/ Pure Care.
… or if I lied, and they couldn't get the stain out, they would have replaced it!! Both companies are trying to avoid covering a warranty for a mattress which is so deformed we cannot use it.
Then they came back because they had delivered (and carried up 2 flights, breaking post in process) the wrong mattress.
For the record the mattress warranty specifies "no cleaning fluids are to be used".
was fantastic when we made our initial purchase and again two years later when we returned unhappy with the way that inner-spring mattress was holding up.
When I got the mattress ready for "inspection", I found a slight stain on the mattress.
Bag of Chips = 100% Air.
Don’t wait too long to attach the support as ripening muskmelons are ready to release from the vine and large fruit of many types of melons can pull the vine off of a trellis.
It also means that melon enthusiasts can grow a lot more melons in a given space by planting several rows about 4 feet apart.
Gardeners in apartments, garden homes and town houses without a spot of earth in which to garden can select a large container such as a half whiskey barrel and along with some trellis material create a melon patch on a sunny balcony or driveway.
Walking through a melon patch to inspect or harvest fruit usually resembles some new slow motion dance or an outdoor version of the game Twister as we carefully turn and step to avoid crushing a vine.
Let’s face it, for a melon to be put in a field truck, rolled down the belt of a packing house, boxed and trucked across the country it needs to be a little less ripe than one that need only be hand carried from the garden to the back porch! And last but certainly not least, it’s just plain fun to grow your own at home.
Are pine needles good mulch for vegetables? Does it add too much acidity to the soil for other plants, such as fruit trees? In the edible-free front yard, I’ve been pulling the weeds but they are overtaking my garden.
Just like Angela above, I am wondering how you know if your compost or mulch is contaminated? Anything with livestock manure could have residual herbicides in it that would actually harm plants (the hay the animals consumed could have been sprayed ) and I have read that piling it up or composting it actually makes the herbicide take longer to degrade.
Where do you get all that mulch? The garden creates it, or at least some of the raw material that becomes it: spent cornstalks and uprooted pea vines and the like, to which Stout added fall leaves and also bought-in straw or hay (“spoiled” hay was fine, and cheaper; don’t worry about a little decay, she said).
O_O Middle Tennessee? thats weird so do I, I start my tomatos in April or MAy… but they are usually from little plants, I tried seeds this year, and I did it in March(late i know) but my whole garden flopped this year, so next year I’m going with just pots.
Nice tutorial! I grow beefsteak tomatoes (which beefsteak I have no idea) which are BIG! Just onethink slice is enough to cover an entire sandwich! I buy all my vegetable seeds from Eden Seeds ( )which only sells organic seeds.
Other than that, I think you should mention that cardboard egg cartons are just as good (and are biodegradable) and you should actually start the seeds outside, with full sunlight so you don’t need to worry about hardening them off.
its my first year growing tomatoes in my back yard and i am still a rookie (green as my tomatoes) and i would to know how to save seeds.
Many times, especially with plants that reproduce sexually (as most do), the seeds that are retrieved from the fruits are not as good as the seeds from a supplier.
hi i was growing cherry tomato seeds, and once they germinated there were no true leaves, just seed leaves.
I would not start seeds outdoors without a heated greenhouse because I start them in mid-winter when temps are way too cold for tomatoes.
Seeds from the fruit may have a different mix of parentage from the seeds used to grow the plant.
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After 5 or 6 weeks in the ground, your plants will begin to "run." A first daughter plant will form and root, then the runners will set more daughters.
Some people use a sheet of black plastic to smother weeds, leaving holes for the strawberry plants, but that’s more work than weeding when it comes time to position the runners and the daughter plants.
Many gardeners prefer to renovate their beds, thinning out most of the plants and leaving some strong ones to produce runners and daughter plants for the third year.
In the second year, the berries will ripen about 1 month after the plants bloom, with the bigger berries developing at the center of each cluster.
The peels potassium feeds the plant and helps it resist disease…works for tomato plants too.
The peel’s potassium feeds the plant and helps it resist disease…works for tomato plants too.
Just flatten a banana peel and bury it under one inch of soil at the base of a rosebush.
Lavenders and purples… add some pinks… this is my color scheme! Love foxgloves(digitalis)… grows wild everywhere in Scotland, where my husband was borna and raised.
Let’s just reiterate one thing here — Madison Beer is 15 years old! So it’s no surprise that the singer wants to focus on promoting her new song, “Unbreakable” instead of the fake Vine video that haters are claiming is her online.
NO, the video is of Madison beer because after that tweet saying she didn’t do it, she deleted it and tweeted that it was her and she was sorry and disappointed in herself for doing that.
When a Vine video hit the web recently of a girl laying in bed and touching herself — Miley in ‘Adore You’ style — many thought it looked so much like Madison Beer, it had to be her.
Oh yeah because all of her tweets saying that it wasn’t her would make us believe that it was someones else in this world who coincidently has the same room,headboard,face,neck,nails,ring,and mouth, bc we’re so dumb we’ll believe everything she says! And besides her parents paid these people to write about this article making her look innocent.
There is a lot of proof that it is her the same bed frame the same nails the same ring even the same chin she even admitted it was her in the video over twitter but deleted it a few seconds later but a lot of people got screenshots so it was clearly her.
I have screenshot photographic proof of one of her tweets saying she admitted to being the girl in the video and apologizing to everyone.
Dr David Tappin, consultant paediatrician at the Yorkhill NHS Trust, said: "What we would say to parents is that the most important steps to take to reduce cot death are to put babies on their back to sleep and to stop smoking during pregnancy and keep the baby smoke-free after the birth.
The four-year study published in this week’s British Medical Journal found that routine use of an infant mattress previously used by another child was significantly associated with increased risk of sudden death syndrome, especially if the mattress was from another home.
Babies who routinely sleep on an infant mattress previously used by another child may be at increased risk of cot death, according to a study published today.
The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths advises that it does not matter what kind of cot mattress is used, or whether it is new, as long as it is clean, firm, does not sag and shows no signs of deterioration.
After a scenic ride through the vines, your first stop is at our crush pad and tank room to see where it all happens! Then visit our barrel room and cellar to enjoy an opportunity to taste and contrast the flavors and aromas of wine aging in three different oak barrels.
We invite you to visit our beautiful and romantic Tuscan Villa tasting room and event center, enjoy our wines, and experience the feel of “Tuscany in Texas”.
It’s sun-drenched ochre walls, roughhewn, massive wood beams buttressing a dappled clay tile roof, oak-shaded patios, fountain, and rows of grapevines stretching toward the horizon are exactly how you pictured Tuscany would be.
"And that’s when she was like, ‘No, no, no. . . .’ " According to Smiles, Lepore tried to negotiate a friendship, though she says she felt he wasn’t ready for that because he wanted something more.
"He said, ‘Let me pick you up,’" Smiles recalls, "and I told him, ‘Don’t do that, I’m fine.’" But Lepore was worried, he says, that she had a concussion.
"We knew it would be a huge market and we have to get moving," recalls Rob Fishman, co-founder of Niche, a social­media network that helps connect brands with online stars, who has worked with Lepore and Smiles.
Like Lepore, Smiles had spent years struggling to find her place before she latched onto Vine.
When Lepore recalls that time now, he does so with anger – as if wanting to prove that Smiles was more into him than she might imply.
After only a few weeks flirting online, they decided to meet for the first time in person in New York, which, as Lepore announced in a Vine, would happen August 4th at 3 p.m. in Washington Square Park.
Lepore’s six-second lip-sync serenades to Smiles – "I can be your hero, baby . . ." – set the fangirls’ hearts aflutter.
So as Smiles and Lepore soared to the top of Vine, they naturally began trading posts.
"I was thinking, ‘What is he going to do in jail?’" With the allegations not made public, Lepore and Smiles struggled to keep up appearances online.
In their desperate rush for fame and their willingness to share, stage and manufacture intimacy online, Lepore and Smiles’ story is a cautionary tale of the digital age.
The news of the meet-up went viral on its own, and Lepore and Smiles arrived separately to Washington Square Park to find a mob scene.
But for Smiles, shooting the Vines with Lepore and reluctantly sharing them with her fans only left her feeling more uneasy about the relationship.