how to buy a non toxic mattress

I’ve only just become aware of this toxic mattress and especially toxic lambskin baby rug theory…many say proof is that SIDS increases with each additional child because the fungus builds up and in poor families because they by second-hand matresses, so my question is, why aren’t there more cases of SIDS in nurseries and with childminders (who also often buy second-hand)? Surely their mattresses are used by many different children over many years??? My thanks to anyone who can reply.
Downsides: According to reports it’s pretty noisy, so if you’re the type to sneak out of bed after your littles fall asleep (like Daddypotamus and I do every night) be warned! Also, keep in mind that polyethylene is not breathable – you’ll probably want to add a washable cotton mattress pad over the cover if it’s going on an adult bed.
A certified organic latex mattress with certified organic cotton and untreated wool in the cover does the trick.
It’s fairly inexpensive, and as I mentioned earlier “food-grade polyethylene is the safest plastic available for waterproofing a crib mattress [or other mattress].
Has anyone else had trouble finding the crib sized mattress cover? I googled as described but the first 3 pages have come back with more info on why it is safe and new mattresses with this kind of cover but no covers by themselves.
To get around this, either go with a naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant natural latex mattress or consider an organic mattress with a waterproof layer made of low density, food-grade polyethylene.
Need a chemical free, non allergenic one, and I am stumped… I found your blog while googling for a natural mattress, and I’m so glad to find it.
Where to buy: You can Google “low density, food-grade polyethylene mattress cover” to find the best prices on the crib versions, but the only manufacturer of adult-sized covers I am aware of can be found here.
According to this article, “Just because a mattress is called organic does not mean that it’s non-toxic.
Unfortunately, it appears that this fungus likes to eat chemicals so it’s possible that anything you spray on it will just feed it The good news is that mattress wrapping does seem to be very effective at dealing with gasses right on the sleeping surface.
will i just have to swallow putting her to sleep on a crap mattress, try not to think about it all night long as she breathes in nasty chemicals, and stop doing research because that’s when i realize how many of these healthier options are for people who can afford them? sorry, end of rant! i appreciate this article and, especially, how well researched it is! just may have to lay this one down for a while, i guess.
Antimony (a heavy metal almost identical to Arsenic), Boric Acid (yes, the Roach Killer), Silicon (Silica Glass, a known respiratory hazard and carcinogen), Melamine, Formaldehyde, Decabromodiphenyl Oxide, and Ammonium Polyphosphate are the main chemicals being used by mattress manufacturers to meet the new state and federal flammability standards.
Antimony Trioxide (Arsenic), Boric Acid (Roach Killer),  Silicon (Silica Glass), Melamine, Formaldehyde, Decabromodiphenyl Oxide, and Ammonium Polyphosphate are the main chemicals being used by mattress manufacturers to meet federal flammability standards.
Almost all mattress manufactures and retailers continue to tell people there are no chemicals in mattresses, there are no labeling requirements.
With the new flameproof mattress regulation all mattresses now contain toxic chemicals.
Organic Cotton or Wool is the most common batting you might find while shopping for a natural or healthy mattress.
Most organic mattress makers claim wool pass fire barrier tests.
Natural latex is attractive in a mattress because it’s healthy, durable (20+ years) and will provide you with a consistent feeling product for years unlike synthetics that dry out and break down.
Every mattress sold in the United States must contain enough Fire Retardant to withstand a 2 foot wide blowtorch open flame for 70 seconds.
A solid foam mattress like a natural latex mattress is ideal as there are no open areas where accumulation and reproduction can occur.
I’m currently thinking about buying a “Twist” mattress – they send you a kit and you construct it yourself so I don’t know if it is subject to the same requirements as pre-assembled mattresses, but it is pretty cheap ($421 for a full-size) and is made of organic cotton and organic buckwheat hulls (they also have a non-organic option that is cheaper).
A 10-year New Zealand program to encourage the practice of “mattress wrapping” – covering infants’ mattresses with multiple layers of non-toxic materials – significantly reduced SIDS.
But then I realized, “I’m going to spend 1/3 of my life on my mattress – if anything deserves my investment, it’s my mattress!” Plus, IntelliBED is the only company to offer a 30 year warranty on their mattresses, even though they usually last much longer.
There are four options for non-toxic mattresses certified organic mattresses, Wool mattresses, Prescription for chemical free mattress and Intelli bed.
If you go that route, you want to make sure that the other mattress materials are not inherently toxic so avoid memory foam mattresses.
Organic cotton, wool, or latex barrier covers or any other type of mattress cover or pad will likely not be enough to protect you or your children from the toxic chemicals or gases coming from the mattress.
If you can’t afford to buy an organic mattress, how do you block the toxic off-gassing from a typical mattress? We are frequently asked this question and I wish we had a good answer.
Even mattresses that are called organic can have materials that have some toxic off-gassing, so it’s important to know what to look for in an organic mattress.
People sometimes assume that a dust mite allergy cover, barrier cloth or organic mattress pad will block the off-gassing.
Other plastic waterproof pads may also block some or even all of the gases, depending on how thick the plastic is and how much off-gassing there is in the first place, but I don’t know of any waterproof mattress pads, other than Naturepedic, that are tested for off-gassing.
Now I sleep on the plush, EOS organic mattress, and that is complete heaven! It’s organic latex and pocketed coils with a quilted organic cotton and wool covering.
Please NOTE that it’s not safe to use a thick organic mattress pad or topper if you will have an infant in your bed.
Try to look for a mattress without any fire retardant chemicals, made of wool, organic cotton, or natural rubber latex.
These mattresses are generally made of natural latex and wrapped in organic cotton and wool.
Mattress manufacturers are not required to disclose the chemicals used in their beds, but you can do a quick internet search to find the best brands or go to a store that specializes in organic, natural bedding.
Don’t go for a mattress made of chemicals! We go for organic food, why not mattresses? I’ve gotten a lot of good mattresses and bedding over at AustinNatural Mattress.
MATTRESS COMPANIES DO NOT TELL THE TRUTH! I spent a month of extensive reading & asking lots of questions before getting our new organic latex mattress from a small, trusted, one man shop (specializing in only Latex mattresses) Tim at , that custom builds latex mattresses to your liking.
I’m sure there are some great, comfortable, organic mattresses out there, but for me, I just didn’t want to risk spending $4,000 on an organic mattress and still have to sacrifice comfort.
YOU CAN GET PRESCRIPTION FROM DOCTOR! The only regulation on mattresses is that they must be sprayed with highly toxic FIRE RETARDANTS! Tim at Seattle Natural Mattress asked if we had a doctors prescription??? I’d never heard of this, but you can actually get a prescription from your doc against spraying fire retardants on your mattress.
Since changing to the new latex mattresses, they have been sick a lot less and my youngest daughter’s ear infections that were chronic even with ear tubes, have since gone away! Plus, the mattress my husband and I got is super squishy and super comfortable.
Buying an organic and natural latex mattress for each member of our family was super important to me and I scrimped and saved in other areas and ways to finally be able to afford it.
This company also makes an adult mattress but the queen was a little too much for us at $1600.00 so we bought a cheaper mattress (Denver Mattress Co – Doctors Choice for $500.00 queen) that’s probably very toxic so now I’m trying to find a way to off gas and cover it to protect us as much as possible.
And actually, there were a ton to choose from! We tried out a couple, and ended up with a high quality mattress with a wonderfully soft pillow top and in brand new condition (without the toxic chemicals) since it had been sitting in a guest room (also in a pet-free, smoke-free home) for the last 6 years.
So, for those of us that probably have toxic mattresses due to budget and not knowing better at the time of purchase, what do you recommend? Do you recommend wrapping the mattress? I get so sick to my stomach as I continue to realize how bad everything is for us.
MATTRESS COMPANIES ARE NOT REGULATED! They can say it’s “100% natural latex” when only the top two inches is latex, but the rest is something else, which will break down & cause sinking or off gassing.
I went ahead and bought a decent new mattress and then I found this activated charcoal felt that you lay down under the mattress pad (which I also made sure was organic cotton).
I decided to try out some organic mattresses by searching on craigslist and asking sellers if I could come by and lay on their mattress.
I personally bought an organic/natural latex mattress with an organic wool topper to get more of that pillow top feel.
Contact us in Garberville, California, for organic and natural latex mattresses, organic cotton and wool "top of bed" products, non-toxic baby nursery, Healthy kitchenware and food preserving supplies, formaldehyde-free bamboo, cork and linoleum flooring, American clay plasters, a complete line of AFM Safecoat non-toxic building products and sealants and an ever expanding line of green building materials.
Our journey to selling organic mattresses and other healthy home products began while researching how to create a non-toxic nursery while pregnant with our daughter, Grace.
Although this method is a step-up from simply adding super toxic flame retardant chemicals, do not stop your questioning there – there might be some hidden dangers in the barrier of so-called non-toxic mattress.
The test is so severe (it is not a cigarette test but a test designed to imitate burning clothes) that adding flame retardant chemicals to the mattress foam does not prevent a mattress from igniting.
Wool has natural flame retardant properties and is widely utilized by the non-toxic mattress industry to pass the open flame test.
Ideally, what you want to hear is that the non-toxic mattress barrier is made from wool — and preferably organic wool without the use of any chemicals.
A common practice is to treat cotton used to build the barrier with chemicals such as boric acid (yes, the same boric acid used to kill rodents), antimony, and other chemicals that are not as toxic and deadly as halogenated flame retardant chemicals but yet do not contribute to a healthy rest.
Once in awhile independent researchers test products (when they have resources) and sometimes these tests reveal the presence of flame retardant chemicals in polyurethane foam when they are not actually needed to be there to pass any fire standards.
Do you know that most conventional mattresses may be made fully from materials supplied by the petroleum industry? Can sleeping on petroleum-based material be healthy? Petroleum foam (e.g. polyurethane foam) emits VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that pose an array of potential health problems from eye irritation and allergies to cancer.
After you are done with questions around the open flame test, you should inquire about other materials the non-toxic mattress is made of.
By the way, I do not mean to make you paranoid but I personally grew wary of polyurethane foam (a foam made of petroleum) on so many levels including the possibility of it containing flame retardant chemicals.
Why? Besides natural flame retardant properties and body temperature regulating abilities, wool is credited with helping relieve painful pressure points, back pains and arthritis, helping your body relax, and even is associated with the ability to slow down the heart rate, which contributes to deeper sleep.
Most like likely the seller will tell you that a special barrier was built that wraps around the mattress and allows passing the open flame test.
The disadvantages of petroleum foam (aka polyurethane or polyethylene foam) are as follows: the use of an unsustainable resource — petroleum; the emission of toxic gasses called VOCs (volatile organic compounds); the inability to regulate body temperature; anti-mildew properties; and a short life due to sagging.
Not ready to purchase a complete latex mattress? Want to experience the luxury feel of our all natural talalay latex? You can greatly improve your current sleeping environment with our Plushbeds 100% natural latex mattress topper without spending a lot of money.
As a result, you receive an organically pure natural latex topper pad that is softer, more elastic, optimized for relieving pressure points and providing unsurpassed comfort and support, while at the same time absorbing the shock of body movement.
While most "Latex Toppers" sold today use synthetic latex made from petrochemical products which have a limited lifespan, Plushbeds is proud to offer our All Natural Botanical Latex topper pads with no synthetic, petroleum based products.
Our Plushbeds natural latex toppers resist deterioration, with a lifespan of up to 20 years, and can be protected in our optional natural cotton protective cover, providing maximum comfort.
Our natural latex foam is pure, meaning it has no fillers or toxic additives, emits no harmful gasses or odors and uses the highest quality talalay latex.
Our toppers have no synthetic latex made from petrochemical products – your latex topper won’t discolor, sag or break down and will always return back to its original shape.
Our topper natural latex is virtually odor free because of our Fresh Foam Technology.
Our 100% natural talalay latex toppers are a cost-effective way to enjoy the luxury feel of all natural latex at an affordable price.
And it’s soooo important to realize — before you embark on this crazy motherhood thing — that none of us are perfect and we all just do the best we can with the information we have at the time, and as long as you your kids and keep them fed and warm and relatively safe (i.e. make sure they HAVE a crib mattress and don’t let them sleep on like, the kitchen counter, next to the knife block)…you’re doing pretty okay.
When we were shopping for a crib mattress for Noah back in 2005, our choices were pretty limited: standard mattress or anti-SIDS mattresses, which were really high-tech expensive mattresses designed to circulate air and I think some of them plugged in and while I had one of those OMG PANIC moments at the store because WHAT IF I DIDN’T BUY THAT MATTRESS AND MY BABY DIED, the price difference between the mattresses was just too much to justify.
If you put Henry into a toddler bed it would not only allow you to afford an organic mattress for the next 2-3 years for him, but also free up a lot more floor space for games.
I really like the idea of a full mattress as it leaves room for me! I'm sure there will be nights when my child has nightmares or is sick and I wants me, but I need to sleep to go to work! Also, the family stories idea is nice.
Price is obviously is a huge factor to consider – before you purchase, I'd suggest a little research on talalay processing latex and the fact that the Walmart mattress is a mix of natural and synthetic latex – most people with latex allergies have an allergy to the synthetic latex.
Ikea has some spiffy plain wood beds that are nice and low: and IIRC, their latex mattress isn't too bad.
Now that there’s a new baby on the way (due at the end of June), it feels like a good time to upgrade him to a twin mattress on the floor.
Natural, certified organic mattress products for your bedroom, crib and pets.
Also, if you are looking at the full on bottom, twin on top, you could always buy the twin now and buy the bed frame and full mattress when you transition the new baby later down the road.
I also wanted to say that it was your original post about what kind of mattress to get that spurred us to decide on a twin-size mattress to start with, so even if your mattress isn't as eco-friendly as you'd like it to be, because of you we're getting a much more sustainable mattress than we might have otherwise.
And while we might end up with a non-organic mattress for Henry because of price considerations, I would love to be able to provide him with the healthiest sleeping surface possible.
Buy an organic mattress from the industry leader in organic mattresses.
Henry’s been sleeping on a crib mattress on the floor (Montessori-style) since we stopped co-sleeping around two months.
Honestly, searching for an inexpensive organic mattress is pretty daunting.
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We want to make sure when you buy one of our Crib Mattresses online from, you’re getting the one that’s exactly right for you, whether that’s the Pebble Pure Crib Mattress, the Sleepi Crib Mattress, or something entirely different and unique to your home.
Great mattress, great price! Fits well in any crib.
This guide provides information on how to choose a mattress in the correct size for your crib.
I was happy to get the mattress at the same time I ordered the crib from here.
Baby hasn’t arrived yet, but this mattress seems to be a good buy for the price.
Once you’ve picked out your perfect crib, your next step is a crib mattress.
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There is no compromise with this organic crib mattress.
Parents may want to consider springing for a natural crib mattress, even if you’re sticking with a traditional mattress on your own bed — considering how much time babies spend sleeping, it seems worth it! Naturepedic mattresses are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic, meet Greenguard standards for low VOC emissions, and are widely available (even at Target).
From organic cotton and wool, to latex, foam, horsehair, coco fiber and even seaweed, wading through all of the natural mattress options on the market today is enough to bring on a nap.
After suffering for years on a traditional coil mattress and box springs, we saved and researched and saved and shopped and bought a natural organic latex mattress from Savvy Rest.
Look for a natural latex mattress that contains no formaldehyde and no chemical fire retardants (they may contain wool instead).
A LOT TO KNOW: There is a lot to learn when it comes to buying a healthier mattress! Moss Envy is ready to answer your questions! We have the knowledge and experience to match your needs with the perfect mattress.
Moss Envy offers the Midwest’s largest variety of comfortable, healthy, and organic mattresses that pass the Federal flammability test with no added chemical flame retardants.
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Most mattress shoppers go to the traditional mattress chain stores first, looking at the cheap priced "name-brand" pillow-top beds that intentionally refuse to disclose information on the chemicals and sources of the materials and undisclosed toxic flame barrier chemicals used in making their mattresses Sacramento consumers should be aware of – more on this in our "Mattress Morgue" section.
In addition, The Healthy Bed Store is the only mattress Sacramento store owned by a Nationally Certified Therapist that, since 1996, has been working with clients dealing with chronic sleep disorders, back injuries and surgery, surgical or injury-induced pain syndromes and those with chemical sensitivities and toxicity.
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