how to buy a queen size mattress

Select from firm, plush and pillow-top mattresses, and sleep comfortably on a new innerspring or memory foam mattress.
Feel as the Night Therapy memory foam mattress conforms to your body, and get more room for you and your partner with a Simmons king pillow-top mattress.
Combine your new mattress with relaxation items like sound therapy machines to improve your sleep at night.
From Sealy pillow-top to Select AirBed latex mattresses, get the comfort you deserve with a new mattress from Kmart.

Use the easy-to-fill-in guide so that we can match the mattress you saw in a store with one of our name brand mattresses at our 110% Low Price Guarantee! Save money and shop with confidence at US-Mattress! Buying Online Has Many Advantages! As an Internet Retailer Top 500 company, US-Mattress customers are four times more likely to be satisfied than customers who shop at brick and mortar stores.
Shop Sealy Simmons Beautyrest Simmons Beautyrest mattress have been produced with a pocketed coil since 1925.
Even with fewer coils, the Stearns & Foster coil unit has more working steel in it than any other mattress we sell.
This means that customers who have purchased from our store have rated us as "excellent!" Our mattress experts receive training several times a year from the nation’s top mattress brands, and they’re ready to help you select the right mattress.
Through research, the mattress manufacturers have found that adding a greater quantity of high quality comfort materials provides a more comfortable sleeping surface and contributes to a longer comfort life.
Mattress shopping can be confusing and stressful, so let us help you find the perfect mattress! If you’d like more information, you can always call us at 1-800-455-1052 and speak to one of our friendly mattress experts who will be happy to assist you.
Sealy, Serta, and Simmons Beautyrest offer three or four different grades of innerspring coil units in their lines, usually providing more coils in higher priced mattresses.
Stretch out on one of our large queen sized mattresses available in a variety of styles including memory foam, pillow top and euro top.
This size of mattress has many pros including that it fits into smaller rooms and full size sheets are less expensive than those for queen or king size mattresses.
At American Freight we offer top quality, name brand mattresses such as Simmons Beautyrest, Stewart & Hamilton and NordicRest at affordable prices.
That’s 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, for an average of 8 years, which equals over 23,000 hours spent sleeping on your mattress! And considering the price range of mattresses is tremendous (the average brand name Queen set can cost you anywhere from $250 to upwards of $5000), you should buy the best mattress in your budget.
Waking up with aches and pains? Sleeping on a mattress nearly a decade old? Getting a better night’s sleep at a hotel than in your own bedroom? Whatever your reason, a mattress is one of the few purchases that makes a serious impact while you’re both asleep and awake, so let’s get down to basics.
Do you relish the idea of sleeping on a stiff-as-a-board mattress? Think that a firmer mattress provides the right amount of support? Well, you could be right, but BEWARE! Although a firm mattress does relieve your body’s pressure points and keep your spine aligned, a too firm mattress could be too much of a good thing.
Whether you prefer traditional innerspring, latex, memory foam, or even a combination of both, you’re sure to find the mattress that’s perfect for you.
If you prefer sleeping without the extra layers, a standard “tight top” mattress is for you.
The size of your next mattress depends on how much space you have, whether you have a sleeping partner, and how much you’re willing to spend.
A “pillowtop” has visible layers of extra cushion sewn on top of the mattress, and a “euro top” has the extra layers of cushion sewn directly into the mattress.
Serta is the No. 1 brand of mattresses, and its slogan is “We Make the World’s Best Mattress.” For the Serta Perfect Sleeper, Serta relies on the very recognizable “counting sheep” ads to convey its comfort message to consumers.
Companies often pair the same box spring, or foundation, with mattresses in various price ranges, so you may save by buying a higher-priced mattress with a lower-priced foundation.
Sealy makes models at a wide range of prices, from $500 for a queen to more than $4,000 for a foam mattress.
We checked the policies of three of the largest mattress makers, Sealy, Serta, and Simmons, and all agreed that you must have the tag in order to have your claim processed.
You should think about buying a new mattress if you wake up tired or achy, you tend to sleep better at hotels than at home, your mattress looks saggy or lumpy, you’re over 40, or your mattress is at least five to seven years old.
Mattress makers offer some lines nationally, but when those brands are sold through major chains such as Macy’s, Sears, and Sleepy’s, they’re for lines exclusive to those chains.
On the whole, their opinions were the same as those of our in-store testers, about 75 percent of whom told us, in a recent subscriber survey, that trying out the mattress beforehand helped them sleep better.
Some manufacturers beef up the edges of the mattress with more closely spaced coils, slabs of stiff foam, or thicker wire.
A company will void a warranty if you remove the "do not remove" tag, if the mattress is soiled, or if it has uneven support from a box spring or frame–a common reason for sagging, says a Simmons spokesman.
It’s claimed to help a mattress breathe better and feel cooler, especially for memory foam.
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You can even find a mattress that’s most ideal for the specific position you’re most comfortable falling asleep in—whether it’s on your back, side or stomach.
Shopping by mattress comfort? Hop into bed of softness with plush or ultra plush firmness, or opt for the stiffer feel of firm or extra firm.
Shopping for a mattress by features? The innerspring style has been around for a long time and feature coil spring core system.
Looking for an alternative type of mattress? Browse the selection of latex foam and spring style beds too.
Find a huge selection of queen mattresses and choose from a wide variety of unique features and comfort levels from your favorite brands.
But if you’re still not sure which one’s right for you, be sure to check out Macy’s Mattress Finder and take the quiz to find the perfect fit.
For a mattress with a bit more padding on the surface, shop for pillow top and Euro top designs, which feature an additional layer of material to lend a pillow-like look to the mattress.
For an innovative line of beds, look for memory foam mattresses made with high tech foam that shapes to the contours of the body to offer the ultimate support to every point.
There are three parts to consider regarding a mattress purchase: padding or upholstery, inner springs, and a box spring or foundation.
A mattress' price is usually contingent on the number of coils used in its makeup; yet, like padding, quality of coils differs, so more coils do not necessarily mean a better quality of bed or rest.
Padding quantity does not always equal quality – that is why it is important to test certain inner-lying materials.
Materials such as wool, silk, and memory foam / latex foam are commonly used in mattress padding.
People often associate the word mattress with the top layer of the bed – the padding.
Water beds can be heated; the life spans of waterbeds are a couple years longer; and waterbeds are not as susceptible to microscopic parasites that may trigger asthma, eczema, or allergies.
Established brand names and quality of certain padding varies.
The mattress padding can consist of three-to-eight layers of padding.
As every foam mattress it has specific smell for the first few days that’s why I recommend to take mattress cover off for several hour after you mattress get back to shape ( it comes in a roll and you have to wait 48h before using it so it has time to go back to shape) Highly recommended, great price and quality.
With prices for every budget, you can find a luxury memory foam mattress or a cheap queen mattress perfect for a guest room.
In terms of quality, we’re proof that phrase "discount queen mattresses" doesn’t have to mean cheap, disposable queen mattresses; with us, it means you can buy the high-quality queen mattress that you want, for less.
You will soon rest easy knowing that you purchased your new discount-price queen mattress without sacrificing the quality of your sleep.
Whether you’re looking for an online bargain for your favorite queen mattress cover, a queen futon mattress, or a queen mattress set, our talented buying team has done the legwork for you.
I bought this online for the first time & it is the best mattress I have ever slept on.. It did not take long for it to expand, got to sleep on it the very first nite.
I foam mattresses cause of my back pain, but if you have never tried memory foam mattress before go to any mattress store and try one.
Excellent product, just as described; firm, no odor, slept on it first night after it arrived without any problems.This is probably my best mattress purchase in 25 years.
When you’re ready to buy your queen mattress, come visit us to enjoy our fantastic discounts, award-winning customer care, low shipping costs, and delivery right to your door.
I needed to replace an old twin mattress in my guest room and was pleasantly surprised with the look and quality of this foam mattress.
Queen mattresses are the most popular mattress type sold today.
While that ensures plenty of variety and competition amongst mattress and furniture dealers, it also ensures a surplus of misleading information on which queen mattress is right for you.
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The stairs only go up one floor, but they do a switch-back thing; you go up half a floor, then have to turn 180 degrees and go up the second half, and there’s a wall down the center between the two half-flights and a small landing (the ceiling above the landing is also sloped and low, so you can’t fit two people side by side standing straight up).
Then after that door the stairs almost immediately turn back around and go the opposite direction, with a small landing in the middle, and a wall down the center between the lower and upper sections of stairs.
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PM Bedroom Gallery – If you want to compare one-sided to two-sided and also want options between encased coils and a coil system with a border rod, this is the place to go.
700+ coils in a queen is a very firm mattress in most cases, but you will be able to tell by really testing them out from store to store.
Original Mattress Factory – This company is SO over-rated, but they do sell flippable mattresses.
Mattress Giant – Unless you want a one-sided mattress, don’t waste your time.
But when you are looking for an everyday bed for an adult to sleep on for the next 10 to 20 years, I wouldn’t count on a one-sided mattress to last.
The salesman will show you that in an encased coil system you won’t be able to feel anyone else moving in the bed, where in a traditional coil unit, where all the coils are connected with wires, you can feel your partner moving in the bed.
Moving into a three bedroom house and would like to put our current full size mattress in the guest room.
Cost of the mattress and box-spring is $600! They have been around since 1945 and I had never heard of them until searching for “two sided mattress twin cities” in Google.
And their firm mattress has over 800 coils in it for less money than Original Mattress Factory’s crappy firm mattress.
In certain stores, you will find that the salesman tries to convince you that there is no such thing as a flippable mattress anymore.
So read between the lines: It costs less money to make the one-sided mattress, yet they are selling them for the same price they would a two-sider.
In the store, the mattress feels fine because the foam has barely been used.
But they want to keep their largest customer happy, so they give them the flippable mattress.
They will try to impress you by showing you exactly what is in your mattress and how their construction differs from one-sided mattress construction.
I’m sure one-sided mattresses have their place, say in a bed for a child that weighs next to nothing in comparison to the load bearing capacity of the bed OR a bed that hardly ever gets slept on, like in a guest room.
If you have your mind set on a one-sided mattress, they sell those also.
“Box Spring” – I didn’t get into this too much with any salesman, but you want a steel box spring, not something they call a “foundation.” I could be wrong here, but I’m pretty sure a foundation, is just a wooden box with fabric around it.
Well me and my husband have a queen size bed and he likes to snuggle/cuddle while in bed, me on the other hand I hate being touched while trying to sleep or fall asleep.
I was wondering what size bed everyone has and how are you able to get a good nights sleep while sharing a bed with someone who hogs the bed? I Love my husband to death but I really need sleep and these past couple of weeks its been impossible to sleep threw the night without waking up constantly.
I actually was having a lot of health problems and had to sleep with the head of the bed elevated (we did it by elevating the whole head end of the bed), but hubby couldn’t sleep that way, so we had separate bedrooms (we were still newlyweds, so we’d use hubby’s room for recreational use, but we slept in separate beds).
We do occasionally get stuck trying to sleep on a full size (hotels, our rv, etc.); it is hard because we are touching the whole night, and if one of us goes to roll over there’s no way to not bump the other person and disturb their sleep.
Comments: Good ordering process and good communication and help, informed of delivery date and tracking numbers if the mattress is as good as the service I am sure it will be a pleasant good value transaction.
Comments: Excellent! his is now my fourth Ergoflex memory foam mattress! Huge thanks to Matthew White for excellent customer service once again.
Comments: I love my mattress and the customer service has been great.
Comments: Great service, very comfortable mattress and pillows, would highly recommend.
Comments: Very happy with the customer service – A team member called to inform me that the mattress could not be delivered on the Friday due to a public holiday.
Comments: Excellent! Comfortable mattress, worth the purchase, quick and easy online order system, delivered on-time.
Comments: Excellent Service, Have not mattress as yet but have lay on it and feels great.
Comments: Our first night on mattress was great for me (wife) very comfortable and slept very well.
Comments: Mattress arrived on time as arranged, still awaiting delivery of the mattress cover.
Comments: Mattress arrived in good time.
Comments: I’m looking forward to get used to my Ergoflex mattress – I think in time I will have a very restful sleep.
Comments: Excellent service from Mathew Delivery on time and package in good condition.
Comments: Having only slept on the mattress once I would not like to give a judgment as to it’s suitability for me, but initial indications are good.
Comments: Mattress arrived quickly and in good order.
Comments: We didn’t receive our mattress on the delivery date and no one inform us what was going on.
Comments: So far so good thanks! Haven’t had a chance to get the code off the mattress until today after moving house 4weeks back.
Comments: Excellent mattress and service.
Comments: I am looking forward to my first night’s sleep on this mattress.
Comments: Very good customer service, on time delivery.
Comments: Although it has only been a few weeks since I purchased this mattress, I love it, very comfortable.
Comments: Mattress seems fine and good so far.
Comments: Very comfortable, my daughter purchased a king single earlier this year and I decided to replace my mattress from ergoflex as well .
Comments: The mattress appears to be comfortable and together with the pillows, has reduced our back and neck discomfort (our first week).
Comments: After using our new Ergoflex mattress for nearly 3 weeks we find it far superior to our previous pocket-spring mattress and so far we are very happy with it.
Comments: Will be sleeping on the mattress for the first time tonight.
Comments: Mattress and pillows arrived today, mattress is still getting up to shape, we are looking forward on sleeping on the mattress tonight, will let you know how our weekend on the new mattress by monday.
Comments: The mattress was good.
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