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If you see or feel any type of significant moisture or even dried mud on the seats, floors, glove compartment, tracks of the seat, or in the trunk, that car was most likely flooded.
CarFax claims that there could be upwards of 800,000 used cars on the road that may be involved with "title washing," a practice where someone illegally alters documents on a car that was salvaged or totaled.
We recently reported about a dealership in NJ that was caught selling flooded cars to consumers without disclosing the damage.
However if the wires under the dashboard or components in the engine compartment have significant rust on them that is a major sign of water damage.
Often these cars are damaged in states affected by major storms, then moved elsewhere to be sold to unsuspecting buyers.
One place you should definitely look is in the trunk where the spare tire sits, most scam artists will clean the trunk carpet but will forget to lift it and take care of any damage underneath.

Yes it is "wrong wheel drive" but if you want something different for the price of a moderately equipped Accord you can have 18" wheels, navigation, 6-speed manual, Brembo brakes with HiPer-Strut suspension, a 270hp turbo 4, navigation, leather and other goodies.
Looking for some top-down motoring bliss? Mid-mounted Flat-6, 6-speed manual, it even has navigation and a Bose stereo! It is not as "new" as the others but there is less than 25k miles on the clock and still has some warranty coverage.
This means that for the average new car owner, if some electrical component fails on their car, allowing the horn to blare uncontrollably at 3 AM, and they’re on month 37 of ownership, take a wild guess who has to take their loud-ass nightmare to the dealer and scream the problem at the service tech over the ear-piercing wail of a car alarm, while retaining all of the privileged fun of paying for all of that out of pocket -with 2 years of payments left to go, which at this point, is money that might as well be placed on the surface of the sun.
BMW gets a lot of crap for building some cars that aren’t exactly "ultimate driving machines." But those cars make them money so they can keep cranking out the good stuff for us, like the upcoming M2.
Last week I asked you imaginative bunch to find the best modified examples on eBay under $20k, and here are the awesome cars you found.
But does that exhilarating feeling need to drain your bank account? I challenge you speed freaks to find the car on eBay with the highest top speed, under $15k.
This was the body style that solidified the F150 as the best selling car in the world, with good reason – you can still find great examples like this one 20 years down the line for a reasonable price, with no real downsides.
It can last upwards of half a million miles on the original engine if you change its oil occasionally, the parts are dirt cheap, and the wealth of knowledge is plentiful.
The "affordable" Lexus is actually pretty damn reliable when you realize that it’s built with the drivetrain that Toyota has used in nearly every car in the 90s – the 2JZ-GE inline-6 engine.
After I asked you thrifty, frugal, and dare I say, cheap lot to give me the most dependable cars for less than the price of a new car’s down payment, you answered with some astonishingly solid examples.
Its engine is simple with no expensive service intervals, has room for 5, uses cheap tires, cheap fuel, parts are plentiful, and it doesn’t look half bad.
Parts are plentiful and reasonable, the electronics aren’t super complex like they are in later LS and IS models, and the car is reasonable light, so that means that it’s a great sporty drive.
The Reason: If you’re buying your eighth old Volvo station wagon, you can probably learn what you want to know about the car with a thorough visual inspection and a short drive.
The Reason: The people who get in trouble buying a used car aren’t the ones who spend too much money, it’s typically the people who don’t spend enough money.
The Reason: When it’s 100 degrees outside it may not be fun to check the heater, but if you live anywhere it gets cold you’re going to want to know if that works.
The Reason: Unlike a leaky valve cover or a bent rim, there’s no easy and simple fix for serious rust penetration.
The Reason: It’s easy to get carried away in a moment of car-buying passion, but it’s harder to get excited about someone else getting a great car.
First when dealing with an individual your more likely to be able to get a better deal depending on the persons situation but with a little chat and some friendly conversation the bartering process is more likely to come out better than if dealing with a used car salesman and on top of that forum users are more apt to give deals to other users.
What I mean is "I have $5000 to buy this compact sedan so I save money, drive my small family and can park in the city much…oooooo look a mustang!" isn’t logical and beyond what you need (no matter what your inner child says).
Plus if you go through a forum like Naxja or AlfaBB (you can tell what cars I’m looking for) you can get a lot of feedback from guys posting about the car that might know more than you, or if it is long distance forum users are often open to checking out a car for you and you’ll be getting an honest opinion back.
Buying on an impulse leads you to decide that you’re going to buy the vehicle before you’ve looked at it, and that makes you do things like inspect the vehicle in the dark and/or in the rain, where you’re not going to look at or see certain things.
My Rabbit pickup and Volvo 240 wagon purchases ended in tears because of major rust issues I missed because the conditions weren’t favorable for a thorough inspection and that my impulse to buy overcame my common sense.
Program Car – is just another fancy name for "off lease" or 90% of the time "previous rental" – That’s where almost every single one of these cars comes from.
There is an old adage that applies to buying things, especially used cars and that is, "Buyer Beware." I never thought that would mean, "Buyer Beware Of Fucking Snakes!" One UK woman just got a crash course in the updated mantra after she bought a used VW.
In shocking news, the most popular vehicle bought at CarMax this year was not a Range Rover or a Mercedes E63 Wagon or some other wonderful piece of performance machinery that is long out of warranty and waiting to self-destruct at a moment’s notice…it was the Nissan Altima.
From Car Buying: A few weeks ago, I asked what cars on eBay under $20k are due to appreciate in the coming years, and you replied with 10 gems that have drained my bank accounts, credit cards, and emergency piggy bank.
TrueCar has analyzed car prices over serveral years to reveal the day of the week, month, and time of the month to buy a car—including timing for specific car types.
I also know that it’s a balanced handler with a large amount of adjustability on the throttle, and that the DCT is wicked fast—because the paddles are properly mounted on the wheel itself, it’s possible to snag the next gear as you unwind and exit a turn.
This particular model has the carbon-ceramic rotors and six-piston front brakes, so it’s possible to wait until the "100" mark before stepping firmly on the left pedal.
I met up with Road & Track’s own Sam Smith and Robin Warner at Mid-Ohio, my home track for club races and a place where two of the Armco barriers in "Thunder Valley" have my name on the purchase order.
This is where the reduced weight is apparent; this car just seems to turn faster than the previous model, even if the steering feels a little dead in the hand.
Even the somewhat ridiculous thickness of the steering wheel makes sense when you’re trying to feed in the smallest of corrections as the back wheels are engaging hyperspace.
Pressing either for a short time loads a pre-programmed set of parameters for steering feel, suspension stiffness, and traction control.
It takes a bit of a steady hand to carry full throttle all the way out to the main straight, at which point you’ll pull the right paddle twice and easily burst through the 100 mph mark before it’s time to brake again.
Although more difficult to measure, the chart over yonder helps to illustrate the average change in value for a three-year-old vehicle in April 2007 versus today.
Although we’re normally big fans of buying your cars used, now is the absolute worst time to be buying one — especially if you want high fuel economy.
Today, values of high fuel economy vehicles are up nearly 20% since January, a far cry from the steady depreciation of 2009 and 2010.
However, there are certain other dealers out there which facilitate you with services of buying and selling your auto parts.
At the segment level, values are up around $1,500-$2,500, with some models surpassing their respective segment average.
Recent data from Kelley Blue Book indicates that so far this year, fuel-efficient segments have increased far more aggressively than they have during the past two years.
The turbo system on the third-gen RX-7 is partially controlled by 60ish vacuum lines connected to a bunch of brittle plastic solenoids that run around 50 total feet and sit under the intake manifold on top of the motor.
Case in point, I just finished up a timing belt and balance belt job, and while I was in there, it got new seals for the whole front end.
Obviously V-6 Camaros/Trans’ with a single exhaust, rusted and falling off, rocking Z28/WS6 badges and fake hood scoops.
Check Out Millions Of Listings At AOL Autos! Research KBB Values Shop for newer used cars that still have at least a portion of their original manufacturer’s warranty remaining: Most late model used cars have at least three-year/36,000 mile basic warranty coverage (and often longer "powertrain" coverage on the engine and transmission).
(Important: Be sure to confirm the used car warranty is fully transferable.) Check into Certified, Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles: These are late model used cars and trucks that typically have less than 50,000 miles and have been given multipoint inspections — with any needed service or upkeep taken care of before the used car is put on the lot.
Abad made the assertion days after Tan had told the Senate, upon questioning by Estrada, that the COA had received DAP funds which it used to buy official cars and computers, and to hire litigators and consultants.
Ford’s Burela, speaking at the Guangzhou auto show which runs until Saturday, said the industry expects used car sales of 6 million this year, about 10 million in 2016 and 20 million by 2020, putting it on par with new vehicle sales.
Basically what was said above, civics and CRX’s were/are cheap so every 16yr old gets one, puts pepboys "racing" parts on them and try to show off and race every car they see lol This is what gives Hondas a bad name.
I think Hondas are fine cars, I wouldn’t mind having one as a family vehicle, or helping my mom buy one.
After a while the conversation went into Japanese cars that we wanted, and I brought up the Honda Civic SI.
THAT I can absolutely respect, but like what bonestock said above, those fart cannons…. oh my goodness… Almost as bad as faux blowoff valves or whistle tips.
all Hondas are ghey.. except the Honda NSX and the ones you cant buy in America.
Because the vast majority of Hondas are uninspired cars that live forever.
I understand the to each their own thing, but Honda’s were build to be economy cars, not race cars.
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At this point, people who are adopting electric vehicles have, of necessity, greater funds than the average car-buyer and greater willingness to accommodate the minor-to-massive inconveniences needed to refuel their cars.
I’d need a 100 foot extension cord, a reserved street parking space (on a street I don’t live on, which violates the rules for such things, even for handicapped persons), and a healthy dollop of trust that no one is going to unplug me.
News flash – other folks make electric cars which work for a lot of people.
As an aside, have you ever found that there’s a somewhat consistent demographic that cannot wrap their heads around why a person would want a wagon when they could have an SUV? I start to try to explain myself – "I have nightmares about ferrying kids to the mall on Saturdays in a Honda Pilot somewhere deep in suburban hell" – but then I realize that would be insulting and instead smile and nod while they extoll the virtues of their Nissan Mirano, especially how the four wheel drive is perfect for patchy ice.
Tesla’s doing great, interesting stuff, but it’s not reached the point where an electric vehicle works as well as an ICE.
"Used Car Face Off: The Sports Coupe Edition" via Theneeds Welcome to Used Car Face Off, where we find two similar or similarly priced used cars and ask you which one you would buy.
I'm a fan of the saying "it's better to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow." It's so true.
Peter Orosz shares his experiences and views on how not to buy a second-hand car in this light-hearted and informative article.

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