how to buy a used mattress

But all that goes out the window when you start buying mattresses over Craigslist.
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In some states, used mattresses can only be resold if they’ve been disinfected and covered in new ticking (fabric).
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They wear out in peculiar ways, they can be infested with bed bugs or other vermin, and fluids from other people may have seeped through.
It’s not a pretty website, but it has effectively replaced newspaper classified ad sections as the clearinghouse for swapping goods amongst—at least ostensibly—private parties.
If picturing a ring of Posturepedics around the planet isn’t enough to make you shudder, then maybe carcinogenic contamination will: Conventional mattresses contain toxic chemicals like flame retardants, formaldehyde, and phthalates, which can leach from the landfill into our drinking water.
So maybe your boyfriend’s impulse to save a mattress from a landfill death isn’t so loathsome, after all? As a friend who works in the hospitality industry recently pointed out, anyone who’s ever stayed a night in a hotel (whether it’s a Holiday Inn or the Four Seasons) has shared a bed with thousands of others before him.
Because they’re so insidious — surviving up to 18 months in the tiny cracks of wood furniture without so much as a morsel — many eradication experts recommend steering clear of secondhand furniture like upholstered chairs and wood dressers altogether, let alone used mattresses and box springs.
One company, Essentia, makes its petroleum- and VOC-free memory foam mattresses from natural latex, a renewable resource that comes from the rubber tree plant.
Then there’s the possibility of polluting our air with even more of these chemicals, since difficult-to-compress mattresses create flammable air pockets that can increase the risk of landfill fires.
If you do wind up with bed bugs and they spread to your other belongings, you’ll be sending more stuff to the landfill than just your mattress.
But when you consider that a conventional spring mattress needs to be replaced every five to seven years, you may decide that the long-term investment (for you and the planet) is worth it.
RE: Cleaning a Used Mattress Set In Tarrant/Dallas TX counties, there is a Public Health that says "any used mattress sets" before they can be sold, they must be sanitized by washing and spraying with a commercial antibacterial cleaning solution.
RE: Cleaning a Used Mattress Set Instead of buying the Goodwill mattress, could I make a suggestion? Try your local Rent-a-center type place and ask them about purchasing a mattress set.
RE: Cleaning a Used Mattress Set Our local Salvation Army sells new mattress sets.
I can think of all sorts of reasons I wouldn’t want a used mattress, the same reasons that make me bring my own pillow to a hotel room and two blankets (one to sleep on top of and one to have over me!).
Do you have a store near you that you could check out? Our bodies tend to "shape" our mattresses, kind of like shoes, not to mention having to worry about who had the mattress last.
Cleaning a mattress thoroughly of stains, germs, and odors may seem daunting.
Ask a QuestionHere are questions related to Cleaning a Mattress.
I just wondered what is the best way to "clean" this set when I get it? I plan on putting a mattress cover over the mattress once I clean it.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, Cookiepom RE: Cleaning a Used Mattress Set Please, if there is any way you could buy a new set, that is what I would do.
The reason for buying the display one was because it was a great deal, a $600 mattress for $335.
Can anyone tell me how to clean and disinfect a mattress given to me? Then I'll buy one of those mattress cases and mattress pad.
Oz on his tv show says to enclose your pillows and mattress with the zippered allergen covers which go all the way around! It traps the remaining mites inside.
I am going to buy a used mattress set from the local Goodwill store.
RE: Cleaning a Used Mattress Set I agree with laj.
This is a guide about cleaning a mattress.
I don't know about disinfecting a mattress but we have a vinyl allergy cover on our mattress and one on the box spring.
RE: Cleaning a Used Mattress Set Naw.
Look for sellers who have taken their time to take good quality photographs of their mattresses, try to avoid the sellers without pictures or with blurry pictures, or pictures taken off a store website, as it is harder to tell the quality of the mattress on sale.
The best way to find a good quality used mattress for sale on eBay is to utilise the search bar at the top of the page.
The following information is designed to help the consumer purchase a quality used mattress from eBay whilst providing tips on what to consider before purchasing a used mattress.
If a different sized mattress is required, some research into custom mattresses is necessary.
One of the most common problems is bed bugs, so before a used mattress is introduced to the home, a good cleaning is advisable.
Some people would find advice on how to find a used mattress on Craigslist useful, and don’t need to plow through the 90% of comments that don’t offer such advice.
Yeah, I bought a mattress off of Craigslist a year ago from a fellow college student who had just used it for a year and was only selling it because it wouldn’t fit in the space she was moving into.
Those who get all defensive about people who wouldn’t touch a used mattress (or couch or X) with a 10-foot pole are also being judgmental.
I actually bought my pillow top mattress and matching box spring from Craigslist when I first moved out.
I wouldn’t buy a used mattress and can afford not to have to BUT after 9/11, when I had to live in a short term rental, I bought a used futon from the Super for $25.
I don’t think all the people who are saying they’d risk getting bed bugs for a free or used mattress have ever dealt with bed bugs.
two, I live 400 miles from an IKEA store, so the drive alone, plus the cost of a rental truck would have bumped up even the cheapest IKEA mattress to the cost of what I spent on a name brand pillowtop, in town, that i could borrow a truck for a pick up same day.
I’m a total snob about a lot of things, and I never would’ve bought a mattress of Craigslist myself, but my boyfriend got one on there.
Before the dawn of bed bugs I think people would have been more open minded to the idea of a used mattress.
I sold a mattress set on Craigslist about 5 years ago to a college kid who just couldn’t afford to buy one anywhere else.
I bought a mattress for my guest room off Craigslist.
Good for you that you’re wealthy, are fortunate to have super-clean friends/relatives who are just ready to get rid of a hardly-used mattress, are willing to go into debt, live near IKEA, or are a germaphobe.
Another poster had a good idea – check with relatives and friends before getting an old mattress from a stranger.
Lord only knows the history of the mattresses in some of those places, yet we inspect the sheets, sniff the blanket(sometimes) and crawl in! My own mattress is 10 years old and needs replacing.
I now know the importance of owning a great mattress, but what if I can’t afford one? So, it’s time to look to Craigslist again.
I understand that for many people the thought of using a mattress someone else used is gross, but for many of us it’s the only option and I’m not embarrassed about that.
The point a lot of people were making is that instead of buying a used mattress, save for one that is new and guaranteed to be bedbug-free.
Go Craigslist mattress! I recently moved across the country, and decided not to bring along my one piece of furniture.
Goodwill! They legally cannot sell used mattresses, so they sell factory-made scrap mattresses – meaning the sides of the mattress don’t match the top of the mattress…both of which will be covered by two layers of sheets, a blanket, and a duvet.
IKEA mattresses are a few hundred dollars… they are comfortable on their own, even moreso with a mattress pad.
And some people can’t sleep on their old mattress while they save up for a new one because their income just covers their living expenses without allowing anything to be put aside.
BED BUGS, over a year later and having gotten rid of absolutely everything she owned, I’m of the thought process that a new mattress from a reputable dealer and even then using a bug bag are the best options.
Everything for $100… thinking I would buy a new top mattress in a couple years when I could afford a better one, 4 years later and I still don’t really have the extra cash… but this article is reminding me to put that closer to the top of my list.
the second mattress i purchased from craigslist, i actually DID have the means to purchase new from a store.
This article has good tips on how to go about getting a good mattress deal if used is what you’re looking for.
It’s obvious from the article why she wouldn’t get the cheapest ikea mattress possible.
I think everyone is a little wary of buying something like a mattress of of Craigslist.
When I was just out of college and needed a mattress, I found a free one on Craigslist.
Our mattress was not from craigslist (though we totally would) but from a used furniture store.
Be wary of bed bugs: Check the mattress for tell-tale signs of bed bugs — small red or brown spots and other signs of the little critters.
In this economy, some (most?) people can’t just fork over $600+ dollars for a mattress.
I apologize for being "that person" but I think buying a used mattress from a stranger is really gross.
I find it interesting so many people will buy anything else used except a mattress.
And frankly, the defensiveness of many of those who don’t like reading (legitimate) opinions from those who wouldn’t buy a used mattress seem to indicate that they have some sort of inferiority complex.
I didn’t realize I was marked as such a poor person just by buying a used mattress.
They were just trying to get rid of their barely used, good quality spare bedroom mattress.
I got a brand new mattress on Craigslist for $75 and it was the best decision I’ve made.
We have been on the same one for 20 years (11 with my husband & 9 more growing up!), but we’re waiting until we move to a bigger space to splurge on a Tempurpedic or organic mattress.
I wouldn’t buy a used mattress but I sleep in hotel rooms all the time.
In my opinion, if you buy used, zip a mattress cover over it, throw on your own *BRAND NEW* sheets, maybe add a topper for extra cush if you wish, and enjoy youre new bed.
My first mattress when I moved out of my parents’ home was a freebie that someone was getting rid of.
Luckily I have compiled some tips for the terrifying task of finding a mattress on Craigslist.
She wasn’t ready to give it up til her moving date, but we went to "meet" our new mattress in advance, no pressure to buy on the first date.
I could afford a fancy new mattress, but I’m the sort of person who would sleep on hardwood if left to my own devices.
We spend such a huge part of our lives sleeping on our beds, it’s important that we get the best mattress possible, right? Sometimes it’s a bit hard to afford an amazing mattress.
Veto-ing the craigslist mattress advice.
It is amazingly nice, and a million times better than a cheap ikea mattress, and we still got to buy groceries and pay our rent.
In fact, we both work on our feet all day, so when we go home we want to lie down on a nice comfortable mattress.
I guess if you got a good mattress cover to enclose it, that would be fine but it would be a last resort.
PS: after reading the comments, I might actually print this out and keep in mind for future mattress buys.
I bought a king-sized mattress set from a rummage sale years ago for $50.
the one thing I would NEVER buy off craigslist is a used mattress.
I am just so paranoid about bedbugs (Vancouver has a huge problem) and probably was lucky enough to have friends who got rid of their mattress in time.
Not so different from buying a real mattress, I’d think, depending on who the sofabed came from (for all I know it was used as the primary bed beforehand, too).
At the end of the day, no one sees your mattress, so if its comfortable and its in great shape, then it doesn’t matter where you got it or how much you spent.
Want to know why? Those who can’t afford a mattress are not picky about taking one off the street in a nice neighborhood.
I imagine that if this article substituted the word "sofa," "chair," or "rug" for "mattress" there wouldn’t be such an uproar.
It seems wasteful to suggest buying a new just-for-now mattress since it seems from this thread that it might be hard to unload a used mattress later.
About a year ago I asked How Do I Make a Futon Work as a Bed? Hilariously enough, you all told me to never try and use a futon mattress over a regular mattress.
Look, I’ll be perfectly honest…we have a mattress from Craigslist.
Even renting a rug doctor and getting the mattress to your apartment is more of a painful experience than a mattress on sale w/ free delivery.
I once sold a mattress that was in my guest bedroom…which got minimum usage…the buyer said it was for his inlaws who are staying with him while they are renovating the house.
We ended up paying 60 bucks for a nice, comfy double pillow top mattress and box spring.
It was $20 for the mattress, box spring (also great, clean condition), and wheeled frame.
I wouldn’t buy a mattress on CL now, because I make enough money to go out and buy a new one if needed.
Maybe if someone is really broke they could buy a (new) memory foam pad and sleep on the floor or couch until they save up enough to get a new mattress.
If I ever decide to sell it, I will be sure to post proof of my mattress protector, as well! Really helps put fears to rest.
For all the New Yorkers afraid of bed bugs, don’t you have a bed bug cover on your mattress anyway? I would rather buy a mattress from someone who will let you into their home and look you in the eye than a Sleepy’s salesman.
He met the couple who was selling their one year old mattress…they were a young couple like us, and she just hated how stiff it was.
I don’t know… We’ve even had bed bug problems in the past, but I just don’t feel like a new mattress is worth all of that trouble and waste of getting rid of an old one.
It’s much nicer and more comfortable than any new $99 Ikea mattress.
His posting included picture proof of the super high-quality mattress protector that had been on it since day one.
I’ll admit, I never once regretted spending $600 (when I was in college too!) on the mattress, but knew I could make it happen in CA without it.
I don’t think there is anything wrong with buying a 2nd hand mattress, if you know what to watch out for.
I bought my USED mattress, box springs, bed frame, and headboard from a well-respected used furniture salesman in my hometown (he mostly re-sold from garage sales and estate sales).
As soon as I found a job, the first thing I bought was a nice, new mattress, which is only now beginning to show signs of wear after 6 years.
Michelle – When I went to grad school, we found our apartment in advance, and I ended up buying a used mattress from the person who lived in my room before me.
While I probably won't buy a used mattress again, I'm a big proponent of used furniture in general – particularly wood furniture.
Mo' Money Mo' Houses – When I moved out I got a new mattress, but when my BF first moved out he got a used one, though it was from a friend of mine, I knew her really well and she used it for only a year (and she's very clean).
Now that I am moving across the country, I will need at least new furniture in my bedroom: a bed frame, mattress, desk, etc.
Annie – No — but thanks to your recommendation we just bought a new Aireloom to replace the too-firm mattress we had before.
When I was living in grad school, however my roommate (who was famous for owning nothing that couldnt fit in his car) was planning on sleeping on an air mattress.
My current mattress we got about 6 years ago on a good discount because the covering was mismatched or something.
I'd only buy a used mattress if it was from a friend who I trusted! And if it was clean and almost new.
Stephanie – I bought my mattress new when there was a really big sale, on a sales tax holiday.
Brand-new mattresses can be expensive, and finding the right one for your comfort and style can require lots of research, such as price, quality, brand name and warranty information.
"Some of the things that can come with a used mattress are just plain gross," says AJ Smith, managing editor at "Pet dander, bodily fluids, dust mites and other allergens can cause respiratory problems and also allergic reactions.
 “[You] have to be very careful that people haven’t discarded an item because of bedbugs—either knowingly or unknowingly,” says Missy Henriksen, vice president of Public Affairs at the National Pest Management Association (NPMA).
“Fairly recently, there have been recalls on cribs that have an adjustable side because they were disengaging and catching babies’ heads and hands,” says Marcia Turner, author of the blog Thrift Shopping Tips.
Of course there are many professional jewelry resellers that specialize in the certification of estate pieces, but if you buy straight from another individual via eBay or consignment shops, you have no way of verifying quality, Roth says.
FREE mattress buying guide shows you how to buy the best memory foam mattress without worrying about high mattress prices, cheap mattresses or scary salesmen.
The first, most important thing to remember about buying a memory foam mattress is DON’T GET HUNG UP LOOKING FOR PERFECTION.
Memory foam will be firm at first then will soften where your body is touching it so that your entire back is cradled without small gaps between you and the mattress.
The most important steps to take, from setting a budget and choosing a mattress size to finding a memory foam mattress dealer.
Don’t ever buy a memory foam mattress online unless you’ve tried a similar one in person.
As a general rule, don’t even bother with a memory foam mattress priced below $500.
It’s great to get your baby’s clothes from a secondhand store. Especially since babies outgrow clothing so quickly, you’re going to save a ton of money.
The reason being many of the great deals in classified ads aren’t great deals at all, they’re hot merchandise. The Internet is increasingly becoming a great place to sell goods, unfortunately stolen goods are thriving, and consumer electronics are some of the biggest offenders.
Whether you’re buying for a bicycle or a motorcycle, don’t skimp. Get something new and the finest quality your money can buy.
 When we were full-timing in a couple of different large RVs, each was set up with a master bedroom — complete with a quality queen size bed and a nice firm RV mattress.
Since we no longer live full time in an RV, we currently have a travel trailer that is on the lower end of the scale as far as RV amenities and style go.  It’s quite functional, but the factory-supplied RV mattress is of very poor quality.
When you spend big money on a motorhome or fifth wheel designed for extended living, odds are the quality of the RV mattress will be pretty good.
And, when it comes time to buy sheets for your RV mattress, you’ll need to know which of these standard sheet sizes will fit your new mattress.
If you have a less-than-adequate RV mattress, then you’re probably wondering if you’re stuck with the one that was provided from the factory or if you can get a higher quality replacement instead.
If you’re replacing a mattress for the bunk in your RV, then you’ll need a truck mattress.
RV mattresses with everything from custom shapes, to oddball sizes, and dense foam mattress are available from a long list of companies.
Rotating and flipping makes sense if you sleep on a two-sided mattress that’s made with materials on both sides, but most mattresses made today are one-sided and shouldn’t be flipped.
Fact: Rotating and flipping only make sense if you sleep on a two-sided mattress that’s made with materials on both sides of the inner coils.
Fact: Taking the label off won’t get you jail time, but retailers recommend leaving it on because most return policies and warranties require the tag to remain on the mattress or box springs in case of return.
Fact: Mattress manufacturers and scientists agree that these microscopic creatures live everywhere and the mattress environment, but the debate continues over how much weight they can add to a bed.
Regularly washing — a waterproof, breathable mattress cover in addition to your sheets can ward off invisible infestations and help relieve allergies and asthma.
If you have tried to apply a coupon to your cart, it could be that the manufacturer has chosen to restrict retailers from offering coupons for their products.
There are different types of mattresses available and gone are the days of chiropractors recommending a firm mattress.
If you are buying a new mattress for your bunk bed, you might also be in need of a new bunkie board.
This is likely the type of mattress that you have grown up with and many people still prefer an coil mattress to a foam mattress.
When trying to choose a brand of bunk bed mattress to buy, it’s hard to go wrong.
This is likely the type of mattress that you have grown up with and many people still prefer an inncercoil mattress to a foam mattress.
Coupons also do not apply on Buy At Your Price, the bidding option for customers to "make offer" for an item.
It is always possible to find a quality brand-name bunk bed mattress without breaking the bank.
Depending on your budget, you might be able to afford certain bunk bed mattresses while others might be out of your price range.
If you are shopping for a new bunk bed mattress, resist the temptation to run out and buy the first one you see.
A bunkie is a thin board that acts as the box spring for your mattress and provides increased support for the sleeper.
So whether you choose a Simmons Mattress or a mattress from another brand, you can rest assured that your kids will be getting a great night’s sleep.
Coupons can not be applied to all brands, in some cases our agreements with manufacturers do not allow the use of Cymax coupons.
When looking at a foam mattress, there are two things you must consider.
The number of coils used and the gauge of wire determine the firmness of the mattress.
For more information about coupons, please call us toll free 866-740-9830, and talk to an expert.
In other cases, the coupon you are trying to apply may have a price or category restriction, or both.
You’re using a web browser that isn’t supported by Facebook.
Finally, create a restful sleep environment – sleep in a cool, quiet, dark room on a comfortable, supportive mattress and foundation – to get your best night's rest.
And because people tend to overlook their mattresses and don't think about them, we recommend that you "check" your mattress using these four questions on a regular basis – at least twice a year – to make sure mattress wear and tear isn't sneaking up on you and disrupting your sleep.
Or maybe your sofa is more comfortable than your bed! In either case, you should make sure to practice good sleep habits – from sleeping on a comfortable, supportive mattress to not drinking alcohol too close to bedtime.
If you've tried the common sense tips from our Better Sleep Guide, and you know you're sleeping in a restful bedroom environment including a comfortable and supportive mattress, you should see your doctor.
Sleep in a cool, dark, quiet room on a comfortable, supportive mattress to get your best night's sleep.
If you're tossing and turning more at night or if you're waking up feeling stiff or sore after a night's sleep, it could be a sign that your current mattress is no longer the best for you.
At least twice a year, check for visible signs of wear and tear and ask yourself if you're sleeping better or worse than you did a year ago and if a new mattress might improve your sleep.
Sleep in a dark room, on a comfortable, supportive mattress.
Sleep on a comfortable, supportive mattress and foundation that offers you enough space to move around comfortably.
The sleep environment is a very controllable part of good sleep – whether you're sleeping during the day or at night.
Be sure not to shortchange yourself out of a good, quality night's sleep and buy the best mattress you can afford.
How has it changed since you last bought a mattress and how might these changes affect your purchase? And what about your body? Has it changed and how has this affected your need for support or your comfort preferences? Finally, think about space needs and take your partner with you (if you have one) when you shop for your mattress.
Happy Living magazine urged buyers to learn the difference between used and rebuilt mattresses, and to be careful when buying used: “If you do decide to buy a used mattress, your best protection is to cover it in plastic to prevent any dirt or parasites from coming in contact with your body,” the article said.
“I could’ve bought a mattress here,” I said jokingly to my auction buddy Janet as I eyed two mattresses – a king and a twin – propped against a wall in the furniture section of the auction house.
Mattresses were on my mind because I had bought a new mattress set a few days before – for a lot more than I would’ve paid at the auction house.
I'd buy a bed frame, boxspring and mayyyybe even bed sheets from Craigslist, but no way in hell I'd get a mattress.
bed sheets from Craigslist, but no way in hell I'd get a mattress.
I just moved to Seattle and tons of the mattress stores here put up some of their inventory on craigslist for a bit cheaper than in store… they sell stuff there, they drum up business, and it generally works pretty well.
I bought a used mattress off craigslist once…was really happy with it…was only 6mos old (or so the guy said) and was worth $1300 new…got it for $400.
There are so many mattress depot type places out there now that you can get a really solid pillowtop queen for like 400… if craigslist points you in the direction, by all means go to the store.
The <span>ONLY </span><span> explanation that makes sense is that it's stolen or it isn't brand new, either way you don't want it (possession of stolen goods is a crime too, just ask the pawn shop why they don't want stolen goods).
So I'm looking for a new Queen sized mattress b/c I've had this mattress for at least 10-15 years minimum, possibly longer.
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