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While eBay appears to be opening its doors to virtual currency, China’s largest e-commerce site Alibaba shut the door on Bitcoin earlier this month.
"The updated policy clarifies that listings for Bitcoin and other similar virtual currencies must be listed in the Virtual Currency Category in the Classified Ad format.
A eBay UK spokesman told CNET that virtual currency sales will only be allowed on eBay US and eBay UK for now; it’s unclear if the policy will spread to other countries where eBay operates.
While eBay US and UK will start allowing Bitcoin to be sold in its classified ads format, it won’t yet let users sell the currency in the auction or buy-it-now formats.

Without going out of its way to court much publicity, the online auction Goliath has quietly added a new category to its United States site where users can buy and sell virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin.
Although, eBay still doesn’t allow users to pay for other goods sold through its system with virtual currency.
Executives at online payment company, and eBay subsidiary, PayPal have publicly toyed with the idea of accepting virtual currencies like Bitcoin.
Unlike actual cryptocurrency exchanges, which typically route all transactions through a centralized system to prevent fraud, eBay’s virtual currency marketplace functions by connecting buyers and sellers, who transact with each other directly.
EBay has allowed users in the UK to buy and sell virtual currency since early February.
The sheer number of listings under the category could create a potential customer relations nightmare for eBay, should buyers find themselves dissatisfied with purchases, scammed outright, or have refund claims disputed.
“To promote a trustworthy marketplace and ensure compliance with applicable regulations, eBay is currently updating its Currency Policy,” an eBay spokesperson told Mashable.
A PayPal spokesman told us he could not comment on individual cases but said: "Bitcoin transactions aren’t covered by our seller protection programme because they are regarded as intangible goods." He added: "PayPal systems have not been hacked, but we always investigate cases where a customer’s account may have been taken over by a third party.
He told us: "Someone hacked into my eBay and PayPal accounts – I didn’t buy anything from Mr Phillips." He says the money went out of his PayPal account but was later paid back.
Will Phillips is £5,300 out of pocket after falling victim to a very 21st-century financial scam involving hacked PayPal accounts and the digital currency bitcoin.
Bitcoin has been around for about five years, but it was in 2013 that it started to move from the tech chatrooms into the public consciousness – helped by a high-profile news story in November about a man who realised that the computer hard drive he had chucked out contained bitcoins worth £4m, and was in a landfill site in south Wales.
What seems to have happened is, in the space of one night, fraudsters hacked into legitimate PayPal accounts and, posing as these people, bought his bitcoins on eBay and made off with them.
His case emerged just hours before bitcoin was plunged into chaos by the news this week that one of its best-known "exchanges," the MtGox website, had disappeared from the internet amid rumours that almost 750,000 bitcoins, worth more than £200m, may have been stolen.
A PayPal fraud involving bitcoin has lost Will Phillips money.
Phillips waited until the money was in his PayPal account, then sent the currency to the wallet address provided.
Previously users have only been allowed to sell for making the decentralised currency on eBay, but there are no plans yet to accept payments in the form of Bitcoins.
Its value has climbed back to around $800 off the back of positive news such as on-line gaming sites allowing payment in Bitcoins, but there is no guarantee that nervous regulators in other countries will not clampdown on the use of the virtual currency.
Bitcoins are set to make more inroads into the mainstream next month when owners of the virtual currency will be able to buy and sell it on eBay.
The online auction website is to add a virtual currency category on its classifieds section, allowing users to buy and sell the cryptocurrency.
And, both PayPal and eBay like the customer, so if you do not want to loose your Bitcoins, read this guide.
So if you sell Bitcoins on eBay, you thus have to have something tangible involved-and if it has tracking, its virtually impossible to get a chargeback.
The problem with selling Bitcoins on eBay, by strictly receiving them electronically is that there is no physical aspect involved.
I want to share with you a completely safe way to sell Bitcoins on eBay.
THAT is why PayPal sides with the buyer-they aren’t used to selling digital goods, just tangible things.
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First of all, you can buy bitcoins on ebay, but you should never sell bitcoins on ebay (because of charge backs) – you pay quite a hefty premium doing it this way, but that premium can be quickly made up in a bullish market.
During an online chat, he says, an eBay representative told him that anyone selling bitcoins on eBay would be safeguarded by the company if they move their bitcoins onto a physical device, such as a thumb drive, and then send that to the buyer.
EBay doesn’t include tools for verifying digital transactions, so if you send some bitcoins to a buyer via the net and the buyer claims he never received them, eBay will claw back the payment you received.
“My query with eBay came about as I was exploring the profitability and options for selling cryptocurrency without using an exchange,” he tells us, saying that he thinks that people will pay more for bitcoin on the auction site.
With PayPal under its wing, eBay is registered with state and federal governments as a bona fide money transmitter, and that gives the site a leg up on many of the early Bitcoin exchanges, which were built by independent computer geeks unfamiliar with the world’s rather complicated financial regulations.
eBay can serve as a default bitcoin exchange, in part because it owns PayPal, the digital payment service that meets government money transmitting requirements.
Hughes says that the eBay representative he spoke went so far as to propose an optimum title for the auction — title that also seems to subvert what is essentially a digital transaction.
In fact, the popular auction site could eventually become a big player in the trading of dollars and yen and other fiat currencies for bitcoins, the world’s most popular digital currency.
But in the meantime, a photographer in the U.K. appears to have found a clever hack that will let you trade bitcoins on eBay with more confidence: You can send them through FedEx.
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I know it was stupid but I just lost 20 bitcoins by selling bitcoins on ebay.
On Tuesday, PayPal announced that it was partnering with Bitcoin processors BitPay, Coinbase and GoCoin to allow its merchants to accept the cryptocurrency for digital goods like online games and downloadable songs. It’s a second baby step for the payments giant toward full Bitcoin adoption after the company’s Braintree unit, a mobile payments provider, said earlier this month that it was working on a feature that would let customers of businesses like Uber and Airbnb pay with Bitcoin.
Instead, the payments firm is letting its three partners handle the Bitcoin processing for PayPal merchants, which for now will only include businesses like online gaming companies, which offer digital goods. Scott Ellison, senior director of corporate strategy at PayPal, likened his company’s announcement to “a test” that’s been five months in the making.
Compared to its smaller e-commerce competitors, PayPal and eBay have been relatively slow to work with Bitcoin, with executives citing regulatory concerns as the main hindrance. began accepting Bitcoin in January, pairing with San Francisco-based Coinbase to let customers buy anything from laptops to reclining chairs with the digital currency.
Dunworth hopes that a positive response from snapCard users would demonstrate to merchants the importance of accepting bitcoin on their sites.
SnapCard users can purchase items from major retailers, even if their e-commerce platform doesn’t accept bitcoin.
Gyft’s service lets users buy cards from merchants like Target using bitcoin and other payment modes.
After this, users can login to snapCard and checkout their shopping cart automatically using their linked Coinbase wallet.
Users can also choose to receive an invoice from snapCard, which will allow them to pay with a wallet of their choice or fiat currency-linked debit or credit cards.
Instead, snapCard users can trade their bitcoins for fiat currency at the current exchange rate when they make a purchase.
Despite not yet offering virtual currency payment options, eBay’s US site has now added Virtual Currency to its Coins and Paper Money section for buyers and sellers of BTC and other ‘coins.
This functionality is not yet available for Australian eBay users, though virtual currencies can be purchased through the US site for Australian delivery, and Australians can still buy and sell on eBay Australia, but there isn’t a separate section.
US eBay users are now able to trade in bitcoins, litecoins, dogecoins, devcoins and other coins, mining equipment and contracts.
Currency offers a range of virtual currencies at a range of amounts, starting at 0.1BTC. The Minders subcategory offers mining gear.
In the UK users are able to buy and sell currencies, but from the classifieds section, with the deals taking place outside of eBay’s virtual corridors.

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