how to buy bitcoins from mtgox

Buying bitcoins for credit card or PayPal is very problematic, but all hope is not yet lost.
According to the FAQ and the list of payment methods, the reason that Paypal and Credit Cards are not accepted is to prevent fraud (by doing a fraudulent charge-back).
You can also buy Bitcoins with Paypal or a credit card on Ebay.
Second, because this doesn't apply to services which know what they're doing – CoinPal with its anti-fraud mechanisms offered reasonable fees and did not have a problem with fraud, only with PayPal freezing.

a popular exchange where Bitcoins can be traded for more than a dozen national currencies including the US Dollar and the Euro.
On March 2014, MtGox allegedly reported the finding of 180-200k bitcoins "lying around" in some wallet.
From what I understand mtgox lost bitcoins but I had traded the bitcoins for dollars before the bankruptcy.
I’ve signed up with and I’m trying to learn the API (based off MTGOX v2 API): In order to issue commands, there needs to be authentication.
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News: Bitcoin Core 0.9.3 has been released.
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Please be aware that confirming the balance on this site does not constitute a filing of bankruptcy claims under the bankruptcy procedure and note that the balance amounts shown on this site should also not be considered an acknowledgment by the bankruptcy trustee of the amount of any bankruptcy claims of users.
The graphs below explore the trade behaviors of the 500 highest volume MtGox users from the leaked data set.
On March 9th a group posted a data leak, which included the trading history of all MtGox users from April 2011 to November 2013.
The source data is the leaked private ledger of MtGox, a historically significant Bitcoin exchange.
The data provides a fresh perspective on the price discovery of Bitcoin tokens during a period of rapid growth.
Initial trades with many sells suggest the user mined bitcoin before entering the Gox market.
I’m sure the privately owned Federal Reserve and other privately owned Central Banks around the world that control the creation of currencies at interest to governments and other banks that practice fractional reserve lending and manipulate the commodity markets while laundering drug money and war profits are not happy about bitcoin.
What would happen if bitcoin took over completely as a world currency? If there is approximately 10 trillion in US M3 money and the US owns 35% of the worlds money and bitcoin eventually maxes out at its intended supply of 24 million, bitcoin price could be about 1 million dollars.
About a month or 2 ago I saw it for around $100 if I remember correctly and I was going to wait for it to drop before buying, and now here I am reading multiplied 6 times over… I’m still going to desperately wait for bitcoin value to drop before buying though.
Login to MtGox on a computer and access your account settings.
Buy and sell bitcoins while on the go, or send and receive instant payments, safely and easily with the official mobile app of Mt.
Click on Access, then Application access and check all of the rights.
With regard to this specific difference.  Coinbase does not publish its order book, but its price seems to track bitstamp pretty closely.  The nice thing about coinbase is that its hooked in with the US banking system, most US residents can trade bitcoin on coinbase, and the money gets transfered quickly between your bank account and coinbase with ACH.  Also, if you are a US resident, coinbase can do KYC and AML processes online (know your customer and anti-money laundering).  What coinbase will do is to verify you identity by askig you certain questions based on US credit databases.  For example, what was the make of your first car?  What was the address of the house you lived in five years ago at city X.
Now if you had this evil algo trading that could arb coinbase and mtgox, then the "fee" that people end up paying at coinbase will be reduced.  However, it turns out to not be that easy.  Since I'm trying to make money off the difference, I don't want to give you all the details here, but you can spend a small amount of money trying to buy coins at coinbase and sell them at mtgox and then move the cash back to coinbase, and you'll quickly run into some brick walls.
One thing that I about bitcoin is that it's a useful teaching tool for finance.  Having worked in investment banking, I've gotten frustrated when people think that we are all "useless fat cats."  The trouble is that if you have a company that manufactures cars people can see the social benefit.  So if it you find the car company is doing something bad, you can say "well at least they build cars."  With investment banking, you don't have that, so most people don't know why investment bankers are actually useful.
With bitcoin you can do small scale investment banking on your own.  So if you ask why *can't* I get as good a deal on my bitcoin at coinbase than at mtgox, I can explain why, and point out that if there were more traders, the prices would converge and the "fee" that you pay at coinbase would be reduced.
Update your bitcoin wallet .  Just like any other the Bitcoin wallet you are using can have security vulnerabilities .
If you are regularly transacting in BitCoin a connected wallet is more likely useful, but for savings you may want to consider an offline solution which is stored on a USB key (or another media) that is not connected to your computer.
The security issues of Bitcoin exchanges aside, lots of casual and professional investors have jumped on to the crypto currency bandwagon and have wallets containing BitCoins or other variations.
You can keep multiple backups at multiple secure locations and make sure you back up your entire wallet – sometimes a wallet contains multiple components and you may only back up part of your funds! Backups should be performed on a regular basis, particularly if you regularly transact in Bitcoins.
You can find some basic tips here ( ) but running security software and keeping your computer up to date will also help prevent Bitcoin theft.
Try using a phrase which is easy for you to remember but long and difficult for a computer to guess – perhaps a line from your favourite song? For larger deposits of Bitcoins consider using two factor authentication – this is where you have a second component to authenticate such as a token or USB key which provides an additional code.
Just like a real wallet you may want to keep a small amount of Bitcoins handy for day to day use, but keep your larger reserves in a more secure format.
You can encrypt your wallet using a second layer of encryption with a strong password so that even if someone does get access to your system they can’t just steal your wallet and run off with your Bitcoins.
Over the last few days I have spoken to a number of individuals who are trading (or hoarding) Bitcoins and all of these discussions reinforced my hypothesis; most people do not know how to protect their BitCoin wallets and are just waiting to be hacked .
Evaluate the type of wallet you want to use (or types).  Wallets can be online, run on a desktop computer, a mobile or even be entirely offline (where the last is the most secure).
MtGox (previously the worlds largest Bitcoin exchange) has been in bankruptcy proceedings in the Japanese courts since a major hack in which nearly 850,000 bitcoins were stolen by hackers.
I’m also very cautious of mobile device Bitcoin wallets as quite a few of the ones I’ve reviewed have had questionable security – but an in-depth review of these is another, shortly upcoming article.
So if you are a present Bitcoin holder, or thinking about joining the crypto currency movement here are a few quick tips to protect your Bitcoin wallet.
The coins apparently showed up in an old bitcoin wallet format which MtGox CEO said “it thought no longer contained any Bitcoins”.
The bankrupt Japanese Bitcoin exchange MtGox has declared in its filing that it has found over 200,000 lost bitcoins valued at over $116 million dollars.
The more secure you keep your computer on which your wallet is stored the less likely you are to experience theft.
Bitcoin by MtGox Mobile lets you buy bitcoins, sell bitcoins, trade bitcoins, send bitcoins, receive bitcoins, redeem bitcoin private keys, pay with bitcoins, redeem bitcoin vouchers, create bitcoin vouchers, view the MtGox Bitcoin order table, and more using your MtGox Bitcoin Exchange account.
In light of mtgox filing for bankruptcy protection , we have decided to stop trading of GOXBTC at 6PM (PST) today.
If mtgox issues any value for "GOXBTC", BB users will be able to get their pro-rata share at that time.
In February 2014, however, all trading was closed after technical issues resulted in an alleged loss of 850,000 bitcoins, leaving the troubled exchange insolvent and many customers out of pocket.
A Tokyo-based bitcoin security consultancy says its ongoing analysis of Mt Gox’s trading data is yielding promising results.
Gox’s bankruptcy trustee and CEO Mark Karpeles faced creditors for the first time today, but many answers remain.
The saga is ongoing, with the legal wrangling over its bankruptcy and potential revival plans often hitting the headlines, so check this page for the latest news updates on the case.
A document circulating online purporting to be from MtGox suggested that 744,000 bitcoins had been stolen using the “transaction malleability” flaw, but there has been no confirmation from the exchange – owned and operated by Tokyo-based Tibanne – over its authenticity.
The world’s largest bitcoin exchange has suspended trading as rumours suggest that 744,000 BTC – six per cent of all the coins in circulation, worth around £251m – have been stolen.
It’s often reported, with a derisive tone, that MtGox started life as a trading website for a card game called ”Magic: The Gathering” and was then bought by current chief executive Mark Karpeles and modified into a bitcoin exchange.
It called this a “bug in the bitcoin software” but bitcoin’s developer community pointed out that the issue had been known about for some time already, and that it was less a bug and more something which needed to be taken into account by developers when creating an exchange service.
The MtGox Twitter account has been emptied of all tweets and the website has been pulled down and replaced with a statement saying that it has been suspended “to protect the site and our users”.
MtGox and Bitcoin: where has £251m gone? The world’s largest bitcoin exchange has suspended trading amid rumours of the theft of 744,000 BTC – worth around £251m.
Fiat withdrawals have been suspended or at least delayed by weeks for a very long time, which instantly puts into question whether MtGox could be classified as a full exchange.
What is certain is that in February 2011 the website as we know it today sprang up, offering a way to buy and sell bitcoins, and that it soon became the largest exchange in the world as it piggybacked the enormous bitcoin bubble of recent years.
“We have lost Bitcoins due to weaknesses in the system,” Bitcoin CEO Mark Karpeles told a press conference in Japanese, according to AFP.
This is no surprise — Tokyo-based MtGox suffered a huge theft of Bitcoins sometime in recent years (no, it didn’t conduct any audits) and had major liquidity problems, meaning many of its customers are unlikely to get their money back.
Incidentally, for schadenfreude fans, the blogger who recently leaked MtGox’s hopeful turnaround plan has now leaked what purports to be a Europe-specific plan that describes the company’s plans for rolling out point-of-sale and other e-commerce systems, based around Bitcoin and Litecoin.
The $400 Mil worth of lost bitcoins from cold storage don’t count because until someone has agreed to buy them, and the exchange is taking place, they are in the eyes of the valueless.
MtGox used to handle the majority of Bitcoin trades, and many feared its sliding fortunes would have a major knock-on effect on the currency as a whole.
The pioneering yet much-reviled Bitcoin exchange MtGox has officially filed for bankruptcy protection.
The theft appears to have been largely MtGox’s fault for handling the Bitcoin protocol badly, but there also seems to be a wider weakness as other outfits have fallen victim to similar attacks.
It all get’s highly theoretical at this point, since there is a strong argument that Bitcoin are essentially valueless outside their usefulness as a method of exchange (which is negligible if you allow for confirmation times).
Bitcoin users do not have any regulatory backup if things go wrong – if their funds are stolen from their virtual wallet, there’s no bank to replace the funds, and if the exchanges fail, there’s no central bank to prop them up.
Indeed, the ecosystem now appears to be broad enough to withstand a major shock like the MtGox debacle – sure, it was trading above $1,000 late last year, but it’s now around where it was in early January, at around $550.
Hypothetical example, if I decide to use MtGox to buy Bitcoin back when the price was say $1 and I then sell that BTC at $500.
It’s certainly been a factor in Bitcoin’s recent cooling-down, which has been significant, but Bitcoin hasn’t entirely crashed as such.

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