how to buy bitcoins in pakistan

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The exchange rate for the Bitcoin was last updated on October 18, 2014 from The exchange rate for the Pakistan Rupee was last updated on October 17, 2014 from The International Monetary Fund.
This Bitcoin and Pakistan Rupee convertor is up to date with exchange rates from October 19, 2014. is a bitcoin wallet site that allows you to buy bitcoins using a credit or debit card.
Electrum is a deterministic wallet where all bitcoin private keys are derived from a single seed.
Today it has opened up to the general public and people around the world can now go there and buy bitcoins using their Visa or Mastercard.
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On Bitcoin Nordic you can purchase bitcoins using international bank transfers from any country and CashU prepaid cards sold in North Africa and the Middle East.
In addition, UKash vouchers sold in any country including Central and South America can be exchanged to CashU and then used to purchase bitcoins on Bitcoin Nordic.
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While national currencies are backed by governments and fluctuate based on money supply other economic factors, Bitcoin’s value is largely driven by speculators rather than people actually using the currency.
Considering Bitcoin’s extreme volatility since its inception, the asset gives the user absolutely no stability, or no store of value, a key component of any functioning currency.
Instead of serving as a currency for honest exchange, Bitcoin has found itself to be a favored medium for money laundering and black market purchases of items such as drugs and child pornography.
Perhaps one Internet commenter best sums up the enthusiasm among Bitcoin supporters, saying, "The idea of a mathematically derived self-regulating currency completely divorced from any physical representation or central management is REALLY COOL.
Bitcoin’s rise from near zero has been dramatic, and it’s easy to see how increased speculation sent the price of the asset flying, but like most bubbles there is little underpinning the actual value of Bitcoin.
However, only the last of these holds any water as there is no need for Bitcoins to replace dollars in transactions, even if they can, and Bitcoin has demonstrated itself to be a poor store of value due to its volatility.
I mean it’s just a REALLY COOL experiment in economics and technology." Sure, Bitcoin may be interesting and cool in some sense of the word, but the quote underscores the idea that Bitcoin’s appeal isn’t underpinned by any practical application it serves, but mostly by a sense of fantasy or experimentation in a small percentage of the population.
As a currency, Bitcoin has little value if not converted into dollars, and the value of a single Bitcoin as represented by goods is essentially meaningless.
The technology used to encrypt Bitcoin would be better applied to the current monetary system, rather than through the invention of an entirely new currency.
Regulations on Bitcoin are still in development, and the currency has been deemed illegal in a handful of countries and restricted in many others.
ISLAMABAD: All decimal coins of paisa 1,2,5,10,25 and 50 had ceased as legal tender from Oct 1, 2014, a spokesman of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) said on Thursday.
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Inflation is going on and soon coins of rupee 1 and 5 will be ceased as legal tender.
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This entire notion echoes that of Bitcoin Foundation director Jon Matonis who last week stated that due to a substantial part of the world’s population being without banking facilities, especially in regions outside of the Western world, Bitcoin could indeed become a commodity which is easy to access and transfer cross-border, thus being a modern alternative to gold, a traditional commodity which is the darling of those whose trust in the geopolitical stability of their home nations is scant, as well as providing a means of removing the restrictions on doing business abroad due to lack of merchant services availability.
Another reason cited for Brazil’s somewhat stagnant bitcoin market is the relative lack of high-profile merchants who are accepting bitcoin, although just last week, homebuilding firm Tecnisabecame the country’s largest business to accept bitcoin through a partnership with BitInvest, with revenues of R$1.8bn in 2013 (roughly $720,000).
“Bitcoin can provide a way for consumers to invest money in new ways because it releases some of the controls applied on fiat currencies and precious metals by putting something very convertible and mobile in your hand, that can be traded for other assets or arbitraged,” Olaio explained.
“There has been a lack of innovation and everyday use cases for bitcoin to make an impact on local lives,” Olaio said.
The idea that the events have hindered bitcoin adoption in Latin America’s largest market lingers, and is just one theory as to why Brazil, despite being the regional leader in bitcoin users by some metrics, hasn’t been as visible or as vocal as Argentina.
BitInvest CEO Flavio Pripas, whose company operates a bitcoin exchange and newly launched merchant processing service, believes that the country’s business environment has impeded the ability to startups to capitalize on interest in digital currency.
Olaio believes arbitrage, the act of buying bitcoin at a lower price on one exchange then selling it at more favorable prices, has so far been the main driver of the domestic market.
An IT consultant from Belo Horizonte, Marciano founded and later sold the country’s largest bitcoin exchange Mercado Bitcoin following an alleged security breach, and launched Bitcoin Rain, an investment scheme suspended by the government and later likened to the infamous US ponzi scheme, Bitcoin Savings & Trust.
Rafael Olaio, co-founder of Brazil-based Ripple gateway provider Rippex, told CoinDesk he believes adoption figures are high due to this international hype surrounding bitcoin as an investment opportunity and technology, but that to date, entrepreneurs have done little to translate this initial interest into a dedicated user base.
“The bitcoin gateway business requires a good amount of capital for development of the technology itself and for sales,” Batista said.
“We plan to create a platform where people feel safe with the world of bitcoin and hopefully substitute it for trading locally as easily as Pakistani rupees, while giving everyone an opportunity to invest in this commodity,” stated co-founder Zain Tariq said.
Bitcoin uses the proof of work concept in order to make sure that the network isn’t easily manipulated by making mining, the process of inserting blocks into the blockchain, require great power.
Apple Pay is the next big thing that’s “freaking out” financial services companies right now, but, in the long term, bitcoin will prove to be the real innovation, Marc Andreessen has said.
In the less developed world, however, things are somewhat different – Bitcoin proponency has been predominantly among users and miners, as it is seen as the savior of populations which are encumbered with poor economical situations and ill-organized despotic governments.
With the Netscape anniversary in mind, Andreessen told Chang that he anticipates more change in the payments space in the next five years than there has been in the previous 20, and that there would be two major drivers of that change: Apple Pay and bitcoin.
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It’s legally allowed because it’s based on the Internet, not money.  But we know if companies like Atlas and other exchangers of bitcoins will come to work with private banks and the number of Bitcoin users increase, then Banks will take action to have some rules for it.
RM: We would to connect with companies who are interested in sponsoring our programs for women empowerment, and provision of online training and contents.  Beside that we would to have female ideas and thoughts to share with our Afghan students by writing blogs or films that get uploaded to WomensAnnex to connect with each other.
For the first time in Afghanistan companies like bitLanders and Film Annex are leading the way with their provision of online income by introducing Buzz Scores for their users and reward them with bitcoins.
I think Bitcoin can be an online Hawala system for Afghan Women to do business unlike Hawala, which is a male dominated industry and barely have any women who participate in it.
Afghans normally use this system and trust it more then the banking system.  And I think Bitcoin is so similar to the concept of Hawala with a little difference, it’s also an online currency.
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