how to buy bitcoins south africa

Check out the page to find other locals who are into bitcoins.
If you want to buy bitcoins with ZAR try trading face to face with some SA locals who have bitcoins.
I have South African Rands that I would like to purchase bitcoins with.
Fast and Direct EFT transfers to our Bank Account, currency storage and quick trading.
Bitcoin Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for Bitcoin crypto-currency enthusiasts.
Check out too for some SA businesses that accept bitcoins, maybe they will trade some with you.

Bitcoin allows people and businesses to securely transact with one another directly: this means transaction that are instant, virtually free and a lot more convenient.
People around the world are increasingly using Bitcoin to pay for their meals, order goods online, make donations or send money to friends and family.
With extremely low transaction fees and no charge backs, both online and offline merchants to accept Bitcoin.
Currently there are tens of thousands of businesses all over the world that accept Bitcoin, and the number is growing rapidly.
Take advantage of real time market quotes and our news analysis tool, to optimize your trading strategy and closely follow virtual currency movements.
The easiest way to get Free Bitcoins is to visit the Bitcoin Faucet which only requires you to have a mobile phone.
You can download a Bitcoin Client for your Desktop free at, or use a online wallet like Blockchain Wallet.
No we don’t sell our domains, but we may be interested in a joint venture or profit sharing, contact us with the email address below.
On Bitcoin Nordic you can purchase bitcoins using international bank transfers from any country and CashU prepaid cards sold in North Africa and the Middle East.
In addition, UKash vouchers sold in any country including Central and South America can be exchanged to CashU and then used to purchase bitcoins on Bitcoin Nordic.
Bitcoin Brokers supplies Bitcoins to the South African market via cash or bank transfer.
Started by wall street veterans, LakeBTC is a professional bitcoin exchange dedicated to high security, high reliability, and high liquidity.
South Africa’s Bitcoin and Litecoin Exchange.
Justcoin Exchange is a secure Bitcoin exchange from Norway.
Before you even think about following any of the instructions below, make sure you understand how Bitcoin addresses and wallets work, how to perform transactions and how to store your Bitcoins securely.
Just go to the website, complete the 2-minute registration process, look for people in South Africa who wants to sell Bitcoins, make an EFT into the seller’s bank account and wait for your Bitcoins to arrive.
You have to register an account, submit your FICA documentation, transfer Rands into your account, place an order to buy Bitcoins and then wait for a seller to sell at the price you are offering to buy.
I’ve dabbled in the world of Bitcoin for a while now and I’ve personally used all of these methods to obtain Bitcoins.
If you would like to buy a small amount of Bitcoin just to play around with, I’ll even sell you some.
NB: If you’re going to buy Bitcoin on the informal market, as with any other trade on the informal market, be careful and make sure you know what you are doing.
For the average person it is definitely worth buying a small amount of Bitcoin just to play around with.
I’ve successfully used three ways to exchange South African Rands for Bitcoins.
Buying on the BitX Bitcoin exchange was a bit cheaper, but there was a lot of admin involved.
We accept local EFTs and cash payments in Rands.
We accept bank transfers and cash payments.
Your rate is secured at time of payment, so you don’t lose out on the upswing whilst your funds clear.
New to Bitcoin and need some help? We’re happy to help you get set up in a safe, secure fashion.
No need for costly international wire transfers.
Thanks to Timothy and the team over at BitX for answering the questions and providing us with some awesome stats! It defintely looks like buying Bitcoin in South Africa has become just that little bit less of a pain to come by.
While the likes of MtGOX, BitStamp and the rest of the larger Bitcoin exchanges trade the biggest transactions both in size and client base – BitX is something unique to the South African market.
They trade Bitcoin with Rands, so no more having to look at Rand to US Dollar exchange rates, waiting for days for an international bank transfer to clear and then deciding not to buy for a few more days.. it can get tedious! I’ve been a big supporter of Bitcoin for a good while now.
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We have two active exchanges in South Africa for bitcoin, nameley Bitx and Ice Cubed, both exchanges will accept a deposit from your bank account, after which you can purchase and trade bitcoins.
In South Africa, the local payment gateway provider allows users to pay in bitcoin, which it converts to ZAR, so if you have a website that is already using payfast, people can already pay you in bitcoin, the difference is that you get ZAR and not bitcoin in your bank account.
If you have an android phone or tablet, you can install the merchant application, so that you can allow your customers in your store to pay you any amount of ZAR in bitcoin using the latest exchange rate.
You can sell your goods and services for bitcoins using a variety of methods, the most common way is to simply ask to be paid in bitcoins to your bitcoin wallet address. has a good android app that will allow you to keep a wallet on your android phone, which you can use to accept bitcoin payments, and also to make bitcoin payments.
If the price of bitcoin should go up considerably, then you will make back your money, but unfortunately the bitcoin mining difficulty goes up all the time so by the time that happens, it might be too difficult for your hardware to break even.
You can also see if there are local Bitcoiners in your area at, meet bitcoin sellers face to face, or contact them through localbitcoins to arrange buying and selling of coins.
The easiest and cheapest way to get bitcoin is to sell goods and services for bitcoins.
Simply keep this site open and see the live Bitcoin price in the browser tab.
Compare Bitcoin to gold and other precious metals by checking out the converters for Bitcoin to gold, Bitcoin to silver, Bitcoin to platinum, and Bitcoin to palladium.
Exchange rate calculated using USD Bitcoin price.
Keep an eye on the Bitcoin price, even while browsing in other tabs.
Enter an amount on the right-hand input field, to see the equivalent amount in Bitcoin on the left.
Bookmark your preferred currency e.g. Bitcoin to Euro, or Bitcoin to British Pound.
On this page you can find an overview of our partner exchanges, the important bitcoin exchanges per country/region and different direct selling points. is for sale.
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Bitcoin Forum October 19, 2014, 04:46:53 AM Welcome, Guest.
News: Bitcoin Core 0.9.3 has been released.
We are in final negotiations with all the Major Banks and Role Players, working feverishly to unleash the awesome.
British bitcoin voucher service Azteco and South African startup Xoin have separately launched services designed for one potentially huge emerging market; namely, the unbanked populations of Africa.
“The local merchants on Stellenbosch campus have agreed to take part in the experimental phase and are currently selling Xoin prepaid bitcoin without earning commission.
And while the purist ideal of an internet-based monetary instrument – not backed by the many developed market and over-indebted nations of the world – is a rather sweet and novel concept, the main reason why I am convinced that it is doomed to failure is because there is no confidence or surety with Bitcoin.
Its incredible volatility makes it scare off any sensible investor who understands the simple logic that the price of a Bitcoin can go down just as easily as it goes up.
But where Bitcoin fails most is in another of its core functions – its ability to be used as a store of value.
The tulip bulb mania and IT dot com bubble are two of the more well known ones, but the history of financial markets is full of speculative bubbles where participants drove the price of assets to exorbitant levels.
There is a lot of good about the concept in terms of facilitating electronic payment but, if you think of the era that we have just come out of over the last five or six years, especially shadow banking and Silk Road being in the domain of a hidden company or a hidden site, and you look at things like the dark pools of investing, transparency is really the game in town and now you are talking about something which is not that tangible and not that easy to value and to relate a value to it.
BDTV: Timothy, in closing, give us an idea about the growth that you have seen in Bitcoin or perhaps the growth that you expect in South Africa for BitX.
I must admit that this is all very new to me and I stand slightly amazed — maybe from a naïve point of view or an uninformed point of view — but I look at it as, it’s not a currency; it is not a commodity, it is a means of payment and settlement and, as such, why we are seeing the sort of volatile behaviour in the share price is exactly because it doesn’t really have anything of substance at this stage.
TS: Certainly, it has been in the news a lot, this Silk Road thing, so hopefully a lot more people will learn about Bitcoin and see what it can do for them.
TIMOTHY Stranex is co-founder of the South African Bitcoin Exchange (BitX).
So what happens is you need to do a proof-of-work on your computer, which takes a certain amount of time, and the winner — the first guy to do that — gets rewarded with 25 Bitcoin currently and a block gets generated every 10 minutes.
BUSINESS DAY TV: Timothy Stranex is from BitX, our very own Bitcoin Exchange down in the Cape.
Last week I went along to the inaugural meeting of Johannesburg’s Bitcoin Community, which was an eye opening experience full of people who are making Bitcoins, trading Bitcoins and looking at ways to use Bitcoins to provide payment services for South Africa’s great unbanked.
Inspired by the event, I’ve put together this quick list of things you can already do with Bitcoins in South Africa if you’re interested in them.