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For members of the Thieves Guild, the fence in Whiterun, Mallus Maccius, is located outside of the city entirely, at Honningbrew Meadery following the Thieves’ Guild quest Dampened Spirits, requiring fast-travel and extra transitions any time the Dragonborn wishes to move stolen goods.
Siding with the Stormcloaks during the Civil War requires the Dragonborn to perform certain tasks, as well as purchase Breezehome, in order to reinstate themselves as Thane of Whiterun.
In the Hearthfire add-on, a courier will deliver a message called Breezehome Furnishings, which allows the Dragonborn to buy an extra room for adopted children.
It can be purchased from Proventus Avenicci after the Jarl of Whiterun, Balgruuf the Greater, allows the purchasing of property, or from Brill if the Dragonborn has completed the Battle for Whiterun for the Stormcloaks.
Located in Whiterun, Breezehome sits adjacent to Warmaiden’s and Whiterun’s Gate, and is usually the first house that can be bought for 5000 .

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You must complete the quest Bleak Falls Burrow and kill the dragon located at the Western Watch Tower outside of Whiterun.
The steward should of given you the key when you spent the 5000 gold, so once you have this key you can go to your brand new home (located next to the blacksmith shop by the front gate of Whiterun).
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The total cost of the house (including all upgrades) is 6,800 gold, or 6,550 gold if you have Hearthfire installed and choose to forego the alchemy laboratory in favor of a children’s bedroom.
Once purchased, Proventus will provide a book, Whiterun Home Decorating Guide, which details the various house upgrades available from him.
The option to replace the alchemy laboratory with a child’s bedroom may not disappear after being purchased, and the change will not take place.
Breezehome is the cheapest house available for purchase in Skyrim, but it is also the only house in Skyrim that does not have an arcane enchanter.
* This is removed from the house of you install the Children’s Bedroom and returned empty if you revert the room to an Alchemy Lab.
If he is on the Great Porch or his bedroom, the option to decorate your house will not be available.
The option to purchase a child’s bedroom as well as the bedroom may not be available while Avenicci is on the balcony.
After initially purchasing the alchemy lab, it will not disappear from the list of available decor; it will remain constantly available for purchase and will not appear in Breezehome.
The Dragonborn can purchase Breezehome from Jarl of Whiterun’s Steward, Proventus Avenicci (or Brill), for 5,000 gold once they have earned the title Thane of Whiterun.
After you complete the Bleak Falls Barrow quest, Jarl Bulgruuf the Greater will announce that he has made you a Thane, and has granted you the opportunity to purchase a home in Whiterun.
In for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, Breezehome is one of the first houses you’ll have the opportunity to buy, and it is also the cheapest at a mere 5,000 gold.
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Where do I find this Steward? I can’t seem to find him anywhere in Dragonreach.
Talk to the bald steward in Dragonreach.
– Original version of the "Hobbit Hole" mod – This original version of this mod had many dirty edits that caused problems with breezehome and other cells.
I have placed an attempted fix in version 1.7.8 but if you reinstall/uninstall those mods after setting the "master bed" you will have issues… not my fault.
It adds 13 new upgrades to breeze home with 3 optional dawnguard DLC updgrades a Hearthfires Garden upgrade with 50 soil planters and a mini quest to find all 9 shrines to the divines.
– Craftable Panties Bras and Stockings for CBBEv3M – Adds a funky floating chest to Breezehome and causes some clipping issues as well as a weird dude sleeping in your bed…. that last problem might have been completely unrelated.
This mod is for those of you that want a better breezehome but still want to have an immersive game experience where you want to earn all of the various upgrades to your house.
There is an older version of RLO in my optional downloads that you can install using the "ELFX" option which will work well.
The Bedroom adds chests and tables near the loft’s bed, and a partition wall to separate the bedroom area from the rest of the loft.  Don’t forget to utilize the weapon racks (one near the entrance, one up in the loft area in the ‘landing’ between the bedrooms, and the one above the master bed.
Without any of the additions, Breezehome features a single chest for the player to store items in and a double-bed to sleep on in the house’s loft area.
The Loft adds chairs and tables to furnish the house’s loft area.
Whiterun is the first city where the player can purchase a house when following the main quest.
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So I've completed 'Battle for Whiterun' recently but I find myself in very great need of a house (to store loot and have my husband make me sandwiches) I wanted to buy Breezehome beacause it was cheapest but I don't know if I can do that any more.
A new fellow I believe is named "Brill" will be wandering around Dragonsreach, if he is not in the main chamber, head up the stairs to the right of the Yarl, if he is not there he might be in the sleeping quarters, or on the balcony area accessible from the area i mentioned earlier.
Becoming Thane is easy enough, do some simple quests for the of Whiterun and his steward will offer a deed to the house for 5000 gold.
The house takes about a total of 6800 gold to be fully furnished, but the money is well worth the extra storage space and an alchemy table of your very own to experiment with various potions in your own house.
The cheapest house in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is Breezehome, a house you can buy in Whiterun after becoming Thane of Whiterun.
The location of the house Breezehome is right near the front entrance of Whiterun, right across the street from the Drunken Hunter and just past the blacksmith on the right.
On a side note, if you intend to join the Stormcloaks early in the game, buy the house first in Whiterun before invading.
If your like me and having trouble hauling all your gear around Skyrim, you might need to look at getting a house for both storage and for resting without paying at an inn.
Personally I didn’t want to risk that or change anything I have in my Breeze Home, so I just built the necessary things in my Lakeview Manor plot of land in Falkreath.
He must be positioned near the Jarl for home purchases, not sure about eating at the dining table in the same main room though.
dovakin hidehout has all you will ever need as far as a place to sleep, mannequins, chests, dispay cases, book shelves, weapon racks, smithing station, a smelter, a bar, a merchant with 5000 gold daily to buy all your junk, alchemy and enchanting tables, plus door to all the homes including arch mage’s quarters, ragon flaggon and jorvaskr and finally it has an amulet that you wear that returns you there instantly.
-Console command "Addtopic 000a7b19" (I’d Like to buy a house in whiterun) and selecting Proventus Avenicci.
Breezehome is overrated anyway! I know it’s close and convenient, but there’s no Arcane Enchanter there! Also, the campfire in the middle of the living room casts weird shadows for me (not running on high graphics here).
I know that there has got to be a "start quest" command with an appropriate HEX value to go with it, or someone who could show me how to get the "Addtopic" command to work right.
do bleak falls barrow and return to farengar and then to the jarl and he will grant you permission to buy the house.
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– AutoAccess scripts: In addition to the autostorage capability the various crafting tables are tied to their respective chests and will automatically put all items stored in those chests into your inventory every time you want to craft.
– After each upgrade to the Home you will find a note from "Garath" an old handy man character who runs the crew that upgrades your home.
The Bulk of the rest of your upgrades you will buy from your old handiman named Garath(some of you might already be familiar with him 😉 who spends his time in the bannared mare in whiterun.
It adds 14 new upgrades to breeze home including vampire/dawnguard specific updgrades, 3 new fully Voiced NPCs, and a mini quest to find all 9 shrines to the divines.
Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within V: Skyrim.
– You can’t place any of garath’s daggers or any of the weapons found in the house on or in any weapon racks or cases due to a "Donothavokonload" script.
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Breeze Home delivers up-to-date property information, property valuation, mortgage calculator and stress test straight to your iPhone/Android phone, making buying a home a breeze.
Breeze Home delivers up-to-date property information, valuations, a mortgage calculator and a stress test straight to your iPhone/Android phone, making buying a home a breeze.
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