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You will need to check your carpet installer’s references, make a few phone calls, verify your state contractor requirements,  Verify the surety bond, state license, liability insurance and even verify the Workers’ Compensation Insurance policy.
I have retired after 30-years in the Carpet business and I no longer sell or install Carpet or Flooring. I now enjoy helping homeowners by providing FREE Carpet buying information and unbiased advice.
There can be plenty of unforeseen and unexpected  installation costs you may encounter including: Removal of the old carpet & padding; Dump fees: Floor repair or preparation costs: Transition metals or custom thresholds: Door trimming: Tack-less removal and replacement: Custom stair work and upholstery.
Homeowners need to know what pitfalls to watch out for and how to avoid common carpet buying mistakes, sneaky sales gimmicks and common sales gimmicks.
The retail Carpet marketplace has changed so dramatically over the past 25 years that few homeowners today have a clue about how to select the proper grade of carpet for their home. Get it wrong and you stand to lose thousands.
As I understand it, if you buy new carpet or flooring from a reputable dealer and they send out a installation crew to install your new flooring, and the dealer pays them in full, as hired employees, for their installation services, then you may not be held responsible for any injuries acquired during the installation of your new flooring.
Most homeowners experience some degree of sticker shock when they discover the true "final cost" of buying new carpet, padding and installation.
You Need To Learn How to Protect Yourself! It’s very easy for unsuspecting homeowners to become a victim of a Carpet Scam.
My research reveals that about 74% of all homeowners end up choosing the wrong grade of carpet or padding to meet their needs and goals.
Plus, watch Amy Matthews answer the biggest carpet questions.
Carpets aren’t equal so use our one-stop guide for selection and care.
DIY Network’s Amy Matthews answers all the right carpet-buying questions.
Carpet fibers are made from either natural materials, like wool, or synthetic materials, like nylon, olefin, acrylic and polyester.
One example of an effective carpet treatment is heat setting, which is a manufacturing process that reinforces the twists of the yarn plies to add durability.
Different kinds of carpet require different padding and carpet will not wear properly with the wrong kind of padding.
Installing the proper backing cushions the foot, insulates from cold and noise, and increases the life of the carpet.
When foot testing a carpet in the showroom, test it with a padding sample underneath.
Carpet is available with stain-resistant fibers and finishes, which is ideal for homes with children and pets.
The pattern looks as if it’s been cut into the carpet and usually features several tones from the same color family.
Treatments are supplemental to the natural resistance of your carpet fibers.
Turner, Bambi, and Melanie Radzicki McManus.  "10 Tips for Choosing Carpet"  22 September 2010. < ;  18 October 2014.
Carpeting provides a safe, comfortable spot for kids to play and may even reduce the risk of injury during a fall [source: Carpet and Rug Institute].
Sure, carpet requires a bit of extra maintenance compared to vinyl or tile, but there’s simply no substitute in terms of sound absorption, warmth and overall comfort.
After four weeks have passed, no one has been out to examine the carpet, so the store manager is again called and he explains they are waiting on a factory representative to travel into the area to make the inspection.
Carpet benefits, carpet myths, how to budget for carpeting, carpet cushion selection, where to buy carpet, questions to ask when buying carpeting, carpet warranty issues, and carpet color selection are each discussed in detail.
The Buying Carpeting section of the Carpet Buyers Handbook addresses a number of consumer questions, when shopping for carpet.
After much deliberation as to specific color or a specific shade, the consumer plunks down a 50% down payment and waits for the happy day to arrive when the carpet is to be delivered.
Buying carpet is the third most expensive consumer purchase.
Indoor air quality, allergens, and carpet cleaning suggestions will be discussed and hopefully this handbook will become a useful reference guide in spot removal (carpet stain removal) and regular carpet care.
In two weeks the factory representative shows up with the store manager to inspect the carpet.
The traffic lanes have begun to change in texture and the new owner is certain the carpet is beginning to “wear” so the retailer is called to inspect the carpet.
in the purchase of a home or new automobile, the primary decision in the purchase of new carpet typically rests with color and whether it will match the sofa or wallpaper.
Buying carpet is the third most expensive purchase the average homeowner will make.
The salesperson is now selling TV’s again, but the store manager assures that someone will be out to inspect the carpet.
In 60 days, a formal letter appears in the mailbox that states the carpet “wear” is within warranty guidelines, therefore the claim must be denied.
Purchasing carpet ranks behind the purchase of a home and a new car as the most common and most expensive single purchases in dollar terms.
The traffic lanes are beginning to look like a wet poodle and you are certain the carpet will not last 10 years as indicated in the carpet warranty.
When the happy day arrives, the carpet installers show up three hours late and take two days longer to install the carpet than promised.
Often the happy new homeowner has upgraded from the builder basic carpet, but the scenario is repeated time and again.
One month following the carpet installation, the visible seams that were supposed to disappear are still noticeable and the coffee stain beside the sofa has permanently stained the.
Meanwhile, the carpet is beginning to show soiling in front of the easy chair and stains are more difficult to remove than promised.
The representative removes a few tufts of carpet and tells you he will file a report and you should get an answer within 60 days.
For questions related to Carpet R-value, acoustics, and safety issue visit our carpet benefits tab.
For carpet myths, such as Kawasaki Syndrome, carpet allergies, and carpet chemical emissions visit our Carpet Myths section.
In new homes, where builder grade carpet has been used, this scenario occurs quite frequently.
A popular homeowner question is “How much will it cost to have my carpets cleaned?” If it’s been several years since your last professional carpet cleaning then your carpets are likely quite dirty, even though it may not appear dirty it may require some special “carpet cleaning” attention.
Carpet Cleaners that advertise super cheap prices are notorious for luring you in with an amazing low price special and once they arrive, they surprise you with an estimate so high it will knock you off your feet! You don’t need this type of aggravation! But be prepared to pay a reasonable and fair price to have your carpets properly cleaned.
If your carpets are in serious need of a thorough deep-cleaning, don’t go searching for a Carpet Cleaner Coupon that says “Two Rooms Cleaned for $29.99!” You won’t be happy with the results from a light surface cleaning.
If you haven’t your carpet cleaned in years, no matter who you call it’s going to take some extra time and effort to do the job properly.
Be sure you take my free Carpet Foot Traffic Test to see what grade or quality of carpet you need to meet your needs and goals.
So to do the seam in just three pieces you would need to order an extra 6 feet of carpet.
Back in the 90’s Home Depot paid local installers a little better for carpet installation than the locally owned carpet stores, but they were so unorganized at the store level, that every morning a dozen or so carpet installers would stand around for hours waiting to load up the carpet and pad for the day’s job.
Homeowners, if you are in the market for new carpet you should first take my free Carpet Foot Traffic Test and then you can cross reference your unique Level of Foot Traffic with the Number of Years you want your New Carpet to Last.
Sure you can have your carpets cleaned, but you won’t be happy with the way your carpet looks when it’s done.
Some carpet stains need special treatment and require extra time, treatment and effort.
Offered only by professional carpet cleaning businesses, it’s a special price you can get for purchasing your future carpet cleanings in advance for a discounted price.
Unless your bedrooms are all less than 12 feet in width, you will need some extra carpet to do the seams properly.
Carpet scams are common! That’s why I’ve created my own special hand-picked list of locally owned and reputable Carpet Dealers that I personally recommend to my readers.
The fact is, locally owned and family-run carpet dealers have a much easier time finding and keeping qualified flooring installers.
This means if you have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months like the carpet manufacturers suggest, then the cost to have your carpet cleaned should be on the low end of the pricing scale.
I’m always looking for honest, reputable, top quality carpet and rug cleaning companies to list on my website and recommend to my readers.
So instead of clipping out a carpet cleaning coupon and rolling the dice hoping you get good service, visit Alan’s Best Carpet Cleaner Directory and see who I recommend near you.
Don’t expect to get a free replacement or a huge discount on new carpet, but there is a small chance for a little something in your favor if the dealer you purchased from is reputable and locally-owned.
Need some new tack-less strips? Need carpet on stairs? Need metal transitions or thresholds? Need the old carpet and pad removed and hauled away? Have a Mobile Home? It’s all extra.
There are plenty of “poor quality” carpet cleaning companies that you need to avoid.
What is $37 carpet installation really worth? Do you want to spend thousands on new carpet and then pay almost nothing for one of the most important aspects of the job? It doesn’t make much sense to me and I have been in the carpet business over 30 years.
Karastan does make a good carpet, but some carpets are only designed to last 7 to 10 years.
Family-run flooring dealers are often willing to (throw you a bone) give you a discount on your new carpet to make sure you are a satisfied repeat customer.
The price you’ll pay for carpet cleaning depends on the age and condition of your carpet and the amount of time and effort and cleaning products it will take to do the job right.
If you order just 2 extra feet of carpet, the seam would end up being pieced together in 8 pieces.
Any carpet you buy must be installed properly or it will wear out prematurely and improper installation can easily void the carpet warranty too.
The fact is, all carpet cleaners must charge a reasonable price for their services or they won’t be able to stay in business.
A good carpet salesperson will make sure you choose a carpet that is capable of tolerating your level of foot traffic you have in your home.
Heavy foot traffic, active kids and pets, and improper maintenance also help break down the carpet fiber prematurely.
Maybe it’s blamed on a bad installation job or maybe they blame you for not maintaining the carpet according to the manufacturer’s warranty requirements.
If your warranty has expired or is null and void due to your negligence, then you should contact a reputable carpet cleaning expert and have them take a look.
Please be aware… not all locally owned flooring dealers are honest and reputable and carpet scams are common.
Home Depot finally decided to contract out all of their carpet installations to independent flooring installation companies.
You upload photos of your beautiful new carpet on your social media page and are looking forward to inviting your family over for the holidays! You recommend the carpet retailer to your friends and co-workers and post a positive review of your experience for the carpet retailer online.
You will discover what “Grade of Carpet” you need to buy and how much you might need to spend to get the new carpet and padding that will be the best choice for your home.
A new round of 2014 TV ads from Home Depot now offers whole house carpet installation for just $37.00. Big box stores want to entice you to buy new carpet from them and it would seem that they are willing to give you a fantastic deal on installation if you do.
Don’t expect miracle results from low-cost or discount carpet cleaning services.
It’s real important to make sure your new carpet is installed correctly according to the manufacturers guidelines.
The amount of extra carpet needed also depends on how many pieces of carpet are calculated to do the seams.
The dirtier your carpet is… the more it’s going to cost to have it cleaned.
When a homeowner would call, the staff would often say something like, “Bob is in charge of handling all that and this is his day off!” Then and now, I seriously question Home Depot’s ability to properly run a carpet business.
Most locally owned carpet dealers have long term relationships with experienced and well-trained installers that have been working with them for decades.
Big box retailers used to hire sub-contracted carpet installers, but they had a real hard time finding and keeping qualified installers.
Please remember: It’ is NOT a scam for a professional carpet cleaner to charge you more to clean a very dirty carpet.
Maybe it’s because there is no warranty coverage for “matting or crushing” of the carpet pile.
Steam cleaning will not solve the problem, but is required periodically to keep your carpet warranty in force.
To help you understand how much new carpet and padding will cost you, I’ve created a helpful New Carpet and Pad Pricing Chart.
It all boils down to the manufacturers specifications of the carpet in question, including: Fiber type, tuft-twist, pile height, pile density, fiber face-weight, and much more… How well the carpet is constructed makes a big difference in the life-span and overall durability of the carpet.
The typical cost to clean your carpet will range from 15 cents to 45 cents per square foot.
Since 2008 I have been compiling a short list of locally owned carpet dealers that meet my requirements.
Don’t be a victim of a carpet scam! Make sure you buy from a reputable Carpet Dealer.
The carpet inspector comes to your home and says it’s an installation issue NOT a carpet defect.
Homeowners posted a ton of complaints on the internet claiming poor carpet installation and poor customer service.
A few weeks later they call you to say your warranty claim for the carpet has been denied for one reason or another.
Don’t take chances when it comes to buying new carpet or flooring for your home! See who I recommend near you.
Below I show two examples, one room has the seam made using three pieces of carpet and the other only uses two pieces of carpet to make the seam.
Perhaps they might offer four carpet cleanings for the price of three or three carpet cleanings for the price of two.
Visit your local carpet store, carpet warehouses, carpet and rug outlets and some of the larger stores that carry flooring, like Home Depot, to compare carpet offerings.
Generally, outlets and warehouses offer discounted quality carpet any time of year.
Be sure to open the curtains or drapes to see how the carpet looks in natural sunlight.
Buying carpet for your home or office can be fun, but it can also be a little overwhelming with so many colors, fibers, patterns and styles to choose from.
There is no special time of year that carpet goes on sale.
Once you’re satisfied that you have found the perfect carpet, ask a salesperson to order it.
If you have any questions about what it does or does not cover, talk to the carpet seller.
Carpet can be a big purchase, and it’s not something you will replace every year.
Be sure you receive and understand your carpet warranty.
This is something to think about with any carpet, especially carpets that are going to be used in a dining room or play room area where there will be a steady stream of food or possibilities for spills.
Wool carpets are very expensive, but greatly out perform any other man made carpet.
There are carpets that can be installed wall to wall, and carpets that can be cut to size with bound edges and carpet squares.
Carpets with a 5 rating are considered the best for heavy traffic areas.
Dark carpets on the other hand tend to absorb light, giving a room what many know as the "cozy feeling".
Buying new carpet can be quite confusing and it takes time and energy to choose the right carpet that is able meet all your needs and goals.
When it comes to buying new carpet and flooring, don’t pay a monthly fee just to read reviews from people who you don’t know.
To make sure you make wise and informed choices, I put together a simple Carpet Buying Checklist.
I had been shopping for carpet for months and with all the confusion provided by the sales people I was unable to determine who really had the best deal for me.
Many homeowners unknowingly make simple but Costly Mistakes when buying new carpet.
It’s hard to find an honest and reputable carpet dealer these days! That’s why I have compiled a special list of hand-picked carpet retailers who I believe are reputable, are locally owned,  give free estimates, offer fair prices, have knowledgeable staff, provide honest measuring and hire qualified installers.
How else will you be able to tell if you are getting a reasonable price and be confident that your home has been accurately measured? And if you don’t want to go through the trouble of getting a bunch of estimates from local retailers, I have made it simple for you; Visit my Preferred Carpet Dealer Directory and buy from one of my recommended dealers.
Where you buy carpet is a major factor because not all carpet retailers have your best  interests in mind,  and some carpet retailers should be avoided at all costs! Never be pressured by any salesperson into buying right now! Take your time, take some samples home for a few days and make wise and informed choices! Buying new carpet wisely starts with knowing how to select the right grade of carpet for your home! The last thing you want to do is buy the wrong grade of carpet and have it wear out in a hurry.
If you try to make a warranty claim… they will simply deny your warranty claim say you purchased a product that was unable, or incapable of tolerating your personal level of foot traffic you have in your home. Now you need to buy new carpet or live with the carpet you are unhappy with until you can afford to buy new carpet sometime in the future.
Before you buy new carpet, you need to determine how much YOU need to spend to get the grade of carpet you need to tolerate your level of foot traffic in your home for the length of time you require! Take my Free Carpet Foot Traffic Test.
You cannot go back and blame the salesperson for advising you wrongly! To avoid this common consumer mistake, take the time to learn as much about buying carpet as you can – long before you make any final choices! My website has dozens of useful pages and information to help you make wise and informed carpet choices.
The real problem is not clearly visible… While a simple low-cost, cheaply-made carpet might be obvious to most folks (worth less than $15 per yard), it can be very hard for most homeowners to tell the difference between a medium grade carpet (worth about $20-25 per yard) from a higher grade carpet (worth $30-40 per yard) just by looking at the Carpet sample or by feeling the surface fibers with your hand.
Must Read Take my Free Carpet Foot Traffic Test to see what grade of Carpet you might need for your home.
Especially those shop-at-home retailers! No reputable carpet dealer will offer to sell you three rooms of carpet for the price of just one room, unless there is some serious and "fine print" you need to read that detail the offer’s limitations.
Unscrupulous Carpet retailers will tell you great things about their carpet, products and services; and offer unbelievable discounts! But in reality, they are hoping to sell you low- quality carpet or material at highly-inflated prices.
Carpet Manufacturer’s really don’t care if you choose the wrong grade of carpet! They really only care about making money! You must first realize that you are solely and ultimately responsible for the carpet quality or grade you select.
Choosing the wrong grade carpet can cost you dearly! You might hope to buy carpet that will last for 15 years.
Once this happens, there is virtually nothing anyone can do to fix the problem. There is no warranty remedy to help you if you choose the wrong grade of carpet.
Most carpet salespeople are not well trained about the products they sell, have little or no "hands on" experience and even worse, they often don’t really care if you choose wisely.
What will you do when it wears out in just 5 years? Take a little time to learn Your Carpet ABC’s before you begin shopping for new Carpet! Choosing the right grade of Carpet is not as easy as most folks think.
Here is a one piece of information you will need! You must have your carpet cleaned by a certified technician every 18 to 24 months to keep your carpet warranties in effect.
What to know: Saxony is not quite as textured as frieze but it still effectively conceals marks, making the carpet a popular choice for children’s rooms and family rooms.
Cleaning methods for carpet vary by fiber, but a weekly once-over using a vacuum with good suction and a rotating head keeps many carpets looking their best.
For instance, "hard" carpet, including those made from most plant fibers, can be damaged by ultra-cushiony padding (the space it creates invites shoe heels to puncture the carpet).
(For delicate carpets, such as hand-woven or hand-tufted, use a vacuum without a rotating head.) A professional can steam-clean synthetic and wool carpet, if needed.
How a carpet’s pile is cut and shaped contributes to its look and feel — short or shaggy, soft or nubby — and to how well the product wears.
What to know: The twisted strands of a frieze carpet obscure footprints and vacuum marks well, and the tousled look complements an informal room.
What to know: Plush carpet is comfortable underfoot, making it a cozy covering for a bedroom floor.
Ribbed cut can be a cut-and-loop pile or a cut-pile carpet that is trimmed in areas to create carved designs; it may also have color variations throughout.
Sisal-like carpets are meant to imitate the look of sisal or other plant fibers and are made from wool or a synthetic.
What to know: Polyester carpet is soft, stain-resistant, and affordable.
Identifying styles of pile — the yarn that makes up a carpet — becomes easy when you see samples up close.
Saxony carpet yarns have a soft twist or curl; the pile is often cut at an angle.
What to know: Cotton carpet, like cotton clothing, wears well and has a natural feel.
For large rooms, ask your retailer if the carpet you’re buying will "seam well." No seam is invisible, but some carpets disguise them better than others.
What to know: Linen carpet is lustrous and can help absorb humidity.
It’s not as resilient as other carpet fibers, and may mat down in a short period.
What to know: Paper carpet is, in fact, quite strong.
Shag has pile so long it doesn’t stand upright, giving a carpet a "shaggy" look.
The pressure a carpet withstands results in crushed pile and ground-in dirt.
What to know: The carpet has a matte finish, giving it an understated appeal.
Most of the styles and fibers listed here are used for both woven and tufted carpet.
You can Replace the Carpet if you want so,If you go to market you will find lots of varieties of carpets made out of silk, wool,nylon, polyester,fur and viscose.
Whether it’s made of polyester or nylon, the denser the pile, the better the carpet. Carpet pile weight can vary from 20 to 100 ounces per square foot.
If you plane is to buy hand made hand knotted carpet i can suggest you to reach "MIRAS CARPET INDUSTRIES" Suryodai Complex Kodihalli Old Air port Road Bangalore .
It’s not realistic to expect a low quality carpet to last 20 years in a high traffic situation, but on the other hand, you don’t need to buy the most expensive carpet if you plan on moving soon.
It is very difficult for most homeowners to make wise carpet choices unless they first learn how to gain unfettered access to complete, honest and accurate carpet buying information.
It’s for this basic reason that many salespeople are afraid to recommend a suitable (and more expensive) carpet if they think it might exceed your budget and scare you off, even if your needs, goals and lifestyle demand that you spend more than you had initially planned.
I truly hate seeing homeowners overcharged, scammed and ripped-off and I think it’s about time the truth be told about the large number of unsavory businesses that sell carpet.
First, I’d like to tell you a few of the little-known facts about buying carpet that you may not be aware of and what you need to learn before you head out to shop for new carpet.
In my Carpet Buying Guide you will discover everything you need to know to make wise and informed choices.
It’s your job to do your carpet homework and determine what quality of carpet and padding you need.
On the other hand, if you lead them to believe that you have an unlimited budget they may try to sell you a more expensive carpet than you actually need in order to make a higher commission.
Don’t think for one minute that any carpet salesperson is going to take the time to fully educate you how to make wise and informed carpet choices.
Unbiased advice is what I provide on my carpet information websites so every homeowner has free access to all my carpet buying articles, useful forms and charts.
The first step most internet-savvy homeowners take is to go online and search for current carpet buying information.
To be completely happy with your carpet purchase you must make sure your carpet selection is based on a realistic assessment of your needs, goals, lifestyle and budget.
I’ve already helped millions of homeowners make wise and informed carpet choices and I can help you make sense of it all too.
You must choose the correct depending on the carpet you select, where it will be installed (the application) and your needs, goals and budget.
My unique carpet industry knowledge and experience allows me to help homeowners buy new carpet wisely and significantly reduce the number of homeowners who get ripped off by unscrupulous carpet retailers.
Once you know what grade of carpet you need to buy, you then have to ask all the right questions to find that carpet when you begin shopping.
I also want you to fully understand how important it is to choose the Right Carpet & Pad that is capable of meeting your needs, goals, lifestyle and budget.
You can take notes or just bookmark this page, but you will need to read this page and then visit my website and read more before you will be ready to start shopping for carpet.
It’s almost impossible for the average consumer to be able to tell the difference until it’s too late, but with over 30 years in the carpet business I can easily tell the good guys from the bad guys.
They may ask you what style of carpet you are looking for; if you know how much carpet you need; or how much you money you plan to spend on your project.
Most of these folks have either spent way too much time doing online research or have visited too many carpet dealers and end up with a mind-paralyzing condition I like to call “Carpet Information Overload”.
I will gladly inform you about everything you need to know about buying new carpet for FREE.
But before we get started let me make one thing perfectly clear, I don’t sell or install carpet anymore, and I won’t make a dime from your carpet purchase no matter who you choose to buy from.
If you have a typical 2 or 3 bedroom home you might need to spend $3,000 to $6,000 to replace the carpet in your home.
Most carpet salespeople are paid solely on commission and need to make a sale if they are going to earn a paycheck.
While I don’t put much value in carpet warranties, you can’t expect to win any carpet warranty claim if your carpet was not installed properly in the first place.
You don’t need to purchase my eBook to learn how to buy new carpet wisely.
You need to know how to select the right carpet padding.
There are dozens of common carpet scams and rip-offs out there that you need to recognize and avoid.
To combat this, you have to take the time to learn “what makes one carpet better than another” in order to know how to find that one perfect carpet that will be “just right for you”.
Most homeowners experience sticker shock when they discover how much a good quality carpet costs these days.
The next thing you need to know is that there is a huge shortage of qualified carpet installers in many areas.
There are dozens of smart ways I can help you spend a lot less and still enjoy a great, long-lasting, easy to clean carpet.
So, this means it’s critical that you make sure to get qualified carpet installation.
If you don’t know what type or style of carpet you want, the salesperson may try to suggest a carpet style with a high profit margin.
It’s also very important that you know what to do to ensure your new carpet is installed correctly and how to properly maintain your new carpet so it lasts as long as possible.
Websites that are in business to sell carpet are self-serving and any carpet product information they offer should be disregarded unless it can be verified by an unbiased source.
Select the wrong grade or quality and you may find your new carpet is hard to clean, stains easily, mats down, fades out or wears out in a hurry.
It not easy to be realistic about your level of foot traffic, which is why I created a free Carpet Foot-Traffic Test to make it easier for you.
But before we get into all that, you should first take my free Carpet Foot Traffic Test to find out what grade (or quality) of carpet will work best for you in your home.
After exchanging a few pleasantries the salesperson will likely ask you a few probing questions to try to determine if you are knowledgeable about buying carpet.
There are thousands of different carpet grades, colors and styles to choose from.
Once you know where you stand with your budget, take your time and have some fun shopping for the perfect carpet.
You do not want to fall victim to unscrupulous carpet retailers who use sneaky sales tactics to con you into paying more and to receive less.
For you to be satisfied with your carpet choices, there are many very important steps that must be done exactly right from start to finish.
She doesn’t realize that, while the salesman appeared helpful and gave her a “better deal on plush carpet than the other store,” that the carpet was actually poor quality and will break down in less than 5 years.
And sadly, many of the carpet shoppers who feel they’ve gotten a good deal after the final bill, feel much differently 4 years down the road.
My dad always reminds me that “the good ole’ days are over.” As annoying as this can get, there’s definitely some truth to it and maybe even more so in the carpet industry.
Now it’s more likely you’ll find a salesman who had a week of carpet training, which is less than the time he’s devoted to learning how to sell.
Knowing the fundamentals of carpet helps you to differentiate between a good deal and low priced, low quality carpet.
Price tag slashing secrets from carpet insiders, uncovering devastating scams, answers to critical questions, supplements to our other articles, and even design tips are all part of the blog.
With this said, there is always risk in buying anything–carpet included–and it is impossible for us to determine how much risk or scams you’ve avoided by educating yourself on the fundamentals of carpet.
Knowing these fundamentals avoids 90% of carpet disappointments and scams.* Check out the ‘Buying Basics’.
Carpet Captain fuses years of industry knowledge with cutting edge research to help you achieve these goals.
Your friend may have had a frieze carpet that only lasted 5 years, and now they have a Berber carpet that looks great after a decade.
It’s safe to say that having this knowledge is a big step on the way to making a good carpet purchase.

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