how to buy cowboy boots

After searching high and low for cowboy boots, I finally found the pair I wanted at Allen's Boots in Austin, Texas.
This is what I learned about how to shop for that perfect pair of cowboy boots.
If you’re looking to wear cowboy boots all winter long or want ones that sit comfortably over leggings or skinny jeans, then definitely opt for knee-high cowboy boots such as those in the 15-inch tall range.
Well, discovering leggings could allow you to extend the months you can wear it! If you’re looking for a new trend to jump on the proverbial bandwagon of, cowboy boots are where it’s at! Knowing how to buy your first pair of cowboy boots can be tricky since there are actually a lot of things to keep in mind.
It’s no secret I have a shoe fetish, but walking into Allens Boots on South Congress Street in Austin was like entering a cowboy graveyard – boots made for legends were piled up high on the walls.
I grabbed one last pair of boots – a red pair that kept tugging at me – and when I put them on they talked, no screamed, “I’M YOURS!” Ryan was right – the right pair will speak to you, and when they do you’ll know it.
I was headed down to Austin to meet other members of the Gadling team for our annual weekend meet-up, but I secretly had another mission in mind: buying my first pair of cowboy boots.
Now that you’ve assessed your size and narrowed down your heel height, it’s time to find a pair of boots that suits your style, or as Ryan from Allens Boots would say, find a pair of boots that talks to you.
Now with Catherine Bodry and Leigh Caldwell by my side, I gallivanted around Austin in search the perfect pair of cowboy boots.
Cowboy boots do not fit like regular shoes, so before you start looking around at shapes and colors, measure your foot.
Remember: cowboy boots are expensive so if you’re going to spend the money, be sure the fit is perfect.
Cowboy boots are meant to take you from day into night, so stick with what feels best and don’t push the heel height.
I stopped in a few stores to take some boots for a test ride and learned there’s more to buying cowboy boots than meets the eye.
Cowboy boots are generally made with a heel both for men and women.
Do your toes need a lot of breathing room? Are your feet broad, or can you handle a needle-nose toe (see our boot glossary)? Is the bridge of your foot high? Where have you had trouble with shoes in the past? Match that to the kinds of boots that you try on.
If your foot gets stuck in the boot or any part of your foot feels trapped, don’t buy the boots.
I bought a pair of cowboy style boots on line (Justin Rugged Tan Boot) and though it is the right size I can’t get my foot down into the boot through the throat.
I bought a pair of laredo and tbe boots fit length and width wise but the top part is too.tight and it hurts my foot how can i fix this or will it stretch out over time.
I wear a size 8 1/2 in most of my everyday shoes and I just bought a pair of ariata boots in a size 8 1/2.
I bought a pair of cowgirl boots size 11 which is my regular size but when I got then I think they might be to big bc I have a inch and a half room in the front.
I found a pair of Corral boots that i absolutely fell in with and no other boot seems to compare! My birthday is in a few days so im ordering a pair as a birthday present to myself and before i did that i wanted to try a pair on like them, so i did.
I bought a pair of Ariat boots that fit perfectly on the foot but are very wide at the top and there is a lot of extra space.
I recently ordered a pair of H&H wellington style boots on line ( a first for me) I have tried every technique there is to break in these boots, but the heel slip is excessive and there is way too much room at the vamp.
Will the boots stretch in the toe area as I wear them? Seems that a larger size boot might be too loose in other areas.
I have just bought a brand new pair of boots and they feel all around comfortable but, my whole foot slips back and forth about an inch.
I bought a pair of Dan Post albany in a size 10 Wide and my foot was way to small for the boot.
I’ have skinny calves too, so I have the same problem as Alice (some boots are worse than others- you can FORGET trying to wear a dress with some brands)! But even with jeans my boots’ ill fit around my calf present a problem because if I want to wear my jeans out and not tucked in then you can see the boot under the jean.
When looking for that perfect pair of cowboy boots, there are a few things any woman should consider, including the quality and type of leather used, the sole of the boot, and the style of cowboy boot.
When buying cowboy boots, it is important to consider the type and quality of leather used, the sole and heel of the boot, and the style of cowboy boot.
Buyers have a huge choice of brands when it comes to buying fashion cowboy boots, and prices do range significantly, meaning one can find a great looking pair no matter what their budget.
Some cowboy boots feature a very long, pointed toe, giving a more traditional western look to the boot, some toes can be slightly pointed with a flat squared end, and others can be rounded at the toe, like the roper cowboy boot style.
Buying cowboy boots on eBay means buyers can choose to search by brand or by price, making it easy to find the right pair of boots at the right price.
Cowboy boots range significantly in quality, and their quality has a lot to do with the type of leather used to make the boot.
Cowboy boots are a distinctive type of boot with a pointed toe, no laces, and they often feature a Cuban heel.
Once a woman is clear on what type, size, and brand of cowboy boots she wants, she can head online to eBay to find that perfect pair at just the right price.
Cowboy boots are durable and hardwearing, and a classic style of boot will not go out of fashion.
Before heading out to buy a new pair of cowboy boots, buyers should first identify whether they need their boots for practical use, while horse riding and working outdoors, or whether they simply want a stylish pair to complement their wardrobe.
A traditional pair of cowboy boots usually features a smooth sole with a pointed toe and a minimum one-inch Cuban-style heel.
When buying any type of cowboy boot, there are a few basic things one should look for, including the quality and type of leather, the sole and heel of the boot, and the style of the boot.
Buyers can choose to type "cowboy boots" into the search bar on eBay’s home page to see a long list of boots for sale, or they can choose to navigate to the appropriate section.
There is a difference between having an experienced seller tell you a pair of boots are in excellent condition and having a novice report the same thing. Sellers often list boots that have damage they are unaware of because they aren’t familiar with common problem areas in pre-owned boots which merit special attention.
The bottom line is you should get a feel for how boot brands tend to fit your particular foot. The best way to do this is visit a boot store (see tip #1!).  Based on our experience Dan Post and Lucchese boots run about average, while Justin and Nocona are a little more generous and are the most likely boots to run according to your shoe size.
Generally the more wooden pegs in the soles – and the more neatly they are installed – the better the boot. Half-soles or resoled boots are better than boots with thin soles but not as good as original soled boots in good shape.
A reputable & knowledgable boot seller will always include a photo of the soles because they tell you a lot about a pair of boots.
For instance a seller might say, "To me these boots look…" or "As far as I know…" There is no way to contest this type of statement later and can be a sign the seller is getting wiggle room for coming disputes.
Ruth La Ferla, a fashion reporter for the New York Times, reported (July 28, 2005 – "Having A Moment; Girls in Boots: Attitude On the Hoof") that sales of cowboy boots have skyrocketed.
There are excellent boot makers from Mexico, Spain & Italy – and we sell and own boots from there. Nevertheless, boots from the USA carry more value in general.
Many offer to refund purchase price for misrepresented boots but leave you holding the bag on shipping costs! Why? We believe a seller ought to be willing to make clear statements about the condition of the boots and/or offer photos that clearly show any issues.
Six things to look for in a good boot seller: clear photos and lots of them, knowledge of boots, clear statements about return policy, delighted feedback, responsiveness to questions and shipping/handling fees-n-policies.
Whether you love cowboy boots because they evoke a certain nostalgic aura of a time gone by or because they express a set of values and a philosophy of life you identify with… or because some pop star has started wearing them lately… eBay is a great place to buy boots.
More and more people are catching on to what many have known for a long time; there is a unique and simple pleasure in wearing just the right pair of cowboy boots.
Cowboy boots are becoming more and more popular these days and as a result many people are buying their first pair.
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Here you’ll find our helpful fitting tips as well as general information about western boots.
Western boots support your foot differently than other types of footwear.
Welcome to our comprehensive guide on choosing the perfect western boot.
The handful of coveted bootmakers to the stars tend to not take new customers or if they do, have waiting lists that can run into the years, not months, and their boots cost a fortune.  For instance, Lee Miller of Texas Traditions in Austin is a rock star among bootmakers, who has made boots for Lyle Lovett and Slim Pickens, but rarely takes new customers at all, and if you are lucky enough to get in, you will still wait three years or more for your boots – and pay over a thousand dollars.. At this point the boots become an object to say you have, rather than something you can wear and enjoy.
While he tries to avoid true one-off custom boots, Ryan also does a lot of special orders where he has designs he does not stock but will make upon request, and one of his favorite offerings is “wedding boots.” Sold only by the matching pair, these include the bridge and groom’s initial prominently displayed on the uppers, in a wide range of styles, colors and leathers, and these take 4-5 months to make, price dependent on what you choose.
I have worn cowboy boots for over 20 years, and always take a peak in boot shops during my travels, and on this recent trip, I looked at boots all over San Antonio and Austin and was amazed to see these handmade works of arts at prices that compared favorably and even beat plenty of off-the-rack models that had nothing special about them.
Heritage Boots founder Jerry Ryan comes from Dublin, Ireland of all places, and worked for years in London’s bespoke clothing business for the likes of Sulka and Turnbull & Asser, before moving to the US to pursue his childhood dream of making cowboy boots.
I had heard great things about Heritage for years, and finally got there in the flesh a few weeks ago, and despite promising myself I would only look and not buy anything, since I already have 5 pairs of cowboy boots I don’t get the chance to wear enough, I was so blown away by their offerings that I broke my vow and bought a pair anyway.
On the other hand, bespoke boots are special and collectible, but the problem is that unlike custom clothing shops in London or Shanghai, the artists are individuals, not staffs of tailors, and make very limited production.
No longer just a plain leather pull-on boot, there are zip-ups, lace-ups, and boots that are buckled and studded—and even versions using recycled rubber for the soles.
Today’s boots can be made from leather products like alligator, lizard, ostrich and snake skin as well as man-made products and are sold by companies like Frye, GUESS and Timberland.
Boots are one of the most popular footwear styles around, both for people who love to spend their leisure time outside and for those who need sturdy shoes because they work outdoors.
Since regular boots tend to stretch over time and can slip off, roper boots with a lace-up closure are common because they provide a snug and secure fit.
Cowboy boots are tough leather boots that were originally worn by men working outside on hard jobs like driving cattle.
The first versions were pull-ons with pointed toes and were designed to provide protection from things like rocks, snakes and the occasional cactus spine, as well as enable a good grip against the stirrups while riding a horse.
Your Nashville look wouldn’t be complete without the perfect pair of boots, so the city’s best boot shop shares how to pick the perfect cowboy boots for you and tips on breaking them in.
‘Did you watch the show last night? Did you see what they were wearing? She wore those boots.’ So it’s fun," says Johanna Gooch, the manager and buyer for Betty Boots.
She shares some of her tips to finding the perfect pair of cowboy, or cowgirl, boots.
It’s the city known for boots and music, so Betty Boots was on the Nashville shopping tour.
This Western boot style often costs less than other cowboy boots because the leather used is usually cowhide or another less-exotic material, and less artistry goes into crafting boots designed more for function.
The majority of folks who wear cowboy boots today rarely mount a horse, however, which has led to the availability of many other types of Western boot soles and heels.
If you’re looking at Western boots by an unfamiliar brand, find out if the entire boot is made of real leather.
Today, Western boots can be roughly defined as a class of leather boots with a high heel and shaft and a design acceptable for riding horses.
Which Western boot style is best for you? Sierra Trading Post has a wide selection of boots at discount prices, and this buyer’s guide to Western boots is intended to help you pick the right pair.
This heel type is slightly lower than heels found on true Western riding boots, and is ready for riding or walking.
Lower heels (around one inch) are usually found in ropers and are easiest to walk or work in; higher heels (around two inches) are best for riding… or looking taller! A middle heel height is the most versatile Western boot heel for a combination of riding, walking and working that many cowboys favor.
Cowboy boots fall in the middle of the road for Western boots, in terms of overall height and heel height.
You can find very cheap cowboy boots, but they will be of cheap quality… you can pay an arm and a leg for flashy, exotic boots made of rare leathers… or you can aim for somewhere in the middle and simply buy a handcrafted, handsome pair of Western boots for a reasonable price.
These Western boot manufacturers are internationally known for producing a wide variety of handcrafted boots available at most major retailers.
Note: The “roper” boot style should not be confused with the “Roper” brand, a leading manufacturer of all types of Western boots.
Note: Some modern Western riding boots may offer a lace-up style for a better fit than pull-on boots, but these boots can increase the risk for feet getting caught in the stirrups.
You should buy only boots with authentic stacked leather heels if you want a genuine and durable pair of Western boots.
They have the lowest heel height of all Western boots, usually just over one inch (a heel this low is often referred to as a “walking heel”).
The best Western boots are made by traditional big names like Tony Lama, Justin Boots, Roper, Dan Post, Stetson and Ariat, and also by quality newer brands like Twisted X and Double H Boots.
These Western boots also have the lowest overall height, with the shaft height being several inches above the ankle.
Western boots vary widely in their appearance, and may have a pointed or rounded toe, a pull-on or lace-up design, and a height anywhere from the ankles to knees.
Western boots are almost always made of one form of leather or another, but not all boots are made from the same type of leather.
Western riding boots are designed with this type of rider safety and utility in mind.
Ropers represent a newer design of Western boots that were created (and so named) to help rodeo cowboys rope calves in competition.
Traditional cowboy boots have nearly always been made with a smooth leather sole with a stacked leather heel.
If your boots are for work, casual wear, or an important event, you’ll need to decide which kind of boot you are interested in, and for what.
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If you’re going for a certain look, consult Google images to help you in your search for the perfect cowboy boot.
Buying cowboy boots is a wonderful, rewarding, yet challenging experience that you should do research on before buying on impulse.
There are many different ones, like square toe, western, and you’ll also want to consider the stack design, and whether you want a tall or short stack.
Image search to give you an idea of the kind of boot you want.
Cowboy boots are expensive, but worth the money when you buy the pair that fit the best.
I really like the black boots I received through My only complaint is that the zipper on the right foot boot does not unzip the full amount.
I looked at hundreds of pairs of boots online and narrowed it down to the Blossom brand because all of the reviews said that they run true to size, unlike some of the other brands which said the others ran small.
They have a 2 inch heel which makes the shaft come up higher on your leg and they look great!! I just returned the ‘other’ boots for another pair of these boots in Black.
With my daughter wanting a pair of knee high boots in a size ten there were about 4 to choose from, so I sent her the item numbers and she picked these.
True to size, warm lining, great looking and most of comfortable.
My boots are super comfortable, look great, give me a little bit of height and, best of all, no animal had to suffer.
Boot also runs small, so I will be returning for size and color.
Great looking boot and the price was right.
I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received walking around town, wearing my white cowboy hat, pinstripe Etro suit, and a pair of distressed-sheep-and-boa boots (pictured).
I have a dozen pairs, from Lucchese, Billy Martin, and the Bounty Hunter of Telluride, Colorado (the same place that makes my cowboy hats).