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So as long as this trend continues — and since we’re at the early stages of understanding what the Star Wars franchise can do, I think it will — Disney stock remains one to buy to hold for the long term.
Disney’s newest franchises include Guardians of the Galaxy, a space adventure starring lesser-known Marvel characters.
Taking a look at history, Disney’s market cap was about $60 billion in January 2010, in the days following the close of the Marvel deal.
Looking at results for the full nine-month period ended in June, Disney’s 10-Q report from earlier this month cites a "full period of Lucasfilm" as a catalyst.
Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein — also known as the voice of Ahsoka Tano in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars — said her company set a new sales record during Comic-Con.
The animated series Star Wars: Rebels screens in October on Disney XD.
It’s important to remember that we’re also still seeing what Star Wars can do to aid in sales across Disney’s various divisions.
Mix in rides, toys, and related merchandise and the adventures of Anna and Elsa may end up as the most profitable organic franchise in Disney history.
Investors tend to sell the stock when Disney makes an acquisition, and Cramer says Iger has played his cards close to the vest about any upcoming acquisitions.
Iger now has a new franchise on his hands with the sixth-highest grossing movie of all-time, so Cramer expects to hear about a Frozen 2 for release in 2017, which would give a road map for Disney’s future.
Cramer notes Disney reported a strong quarter two quarters ago, but the stock immediately dropped four points into the $60 range and then bounced back after the conference call.
Jim Cramer’s protégé, David Peltier, uncovers low dollar stocks with extraordinary upside potential that are flying under Wall Street’s radar.
Finally, Cramer says this is Disney’s time and the company is outperforming CBS  (CBS), Time Warner  (TWX) and Viacom  (VIAB).
NEW YORK (TheStreet) — TheStreet’s Jim Cramer says he believes in Disney  (DIS) CEO Bob Iger because he decided to create brands.
Jim Cramer’s protégé, David Peltier, identifies the best of breed dividend stocks that will pay a reliable AND significant income stream.
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You may purchase additional shares online by logging into your account from this site and selecting "Plan Options" next to the Disney Investment Plan.
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If you’ve got kids or grandchildren, buy them a share of stock in a company they love.
Sure, they produce a stinker now and then, but based on box office receipts, parents associate Disney films with “quality family entertainment.” This also goes back to the Pixar, Marvel and LucasFilm acquisitions.
And for Disney stock, the films and ancillary market revenue from these acquisitions will literally pay off for decades.
Still, the overall quality of Disney’s products extends all the way to Disney stock.
And while Disney (DIS) isn’t quite as essential as, say, energy, it has ingrained itself into the global culture in a way that few other companies have.
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To view Disney’s company filings in interactive format, click on the "Interactive Data" link, where available, on the Disney filing section of the SEC website.
Year-end statements are mailed by The Walt Disney Company on or before January 31, 2014.
A: The French company Euro Disney S.C.A., parent company of Euro Disney Associés S.C.A., operator of Disneyland Resort Paris has its own investor relations department and a dedicated Shareholders Club.
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A: Paper certificates of Disney stock might be vanishing just as The Country Bear Jamboree did in Disneyland, but investors can still buy a single share.
USA TODAY's Matt Krantz suggests buying a single share of Disney stock for your children, to get them interested in investing.
Q: How do I buy one share of Disney stock? A: Buying one share of Disney is a way to encourage investing.
Once you have selected the stock you want, you will have to enter the Social Security Number of the person you are buying the gift for.
Decide whether you want to the stock to be shipped to you or directly to the beneficiary of the gift.
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Want to buy stock in Disney? That's great! Investing is an important part of building your net worth.
Don't feel pressured to make a stock trade until you're ready.
With higher prices and a great brand, Disney Parks should continue to generate higher operating income over the course of the year.
In the quarter, Disney earned $1.11 on revenue of $11.65 billion while analysts were looking for $0.96 on $11.25 billion (all financial and operating data available here).
Disney has minimized the risk of film-making by building exceptionally popular films that are guaranteed to draw substantial audiences and also provide substantial revenue from merchandise, toys, and park attractions.
This division is not Disney’s largest as it has $1.8 billion in revenue (up 35% year over year).
2015 is poised to be an even better year thanks to an incredible film slate and the company’s strategy of developing large franchises that can provide stable results.
Thus far in 2014, Disney is the leading studio at the box office with $530 million in gross revenue.
With a multi-year franchise strategy in place, Disney should deliver growth for several years, which will power shares higher.
The film studio builds characters and franchises that Disney uses to sell merchandise, make its parks more enticing, and create programming for TV.
After the bell on Tuesday, the Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) reported yet another stellar quarter, and shares were trading marginally higher.
Disney should earn at least $4.10 this year, and a 20x multiple makes sense given its growth.
Gold Plaque below is created using the Disney Font.
gift that also pays a regular yearly dividend.
From the kitchen section, surrounded by Mickey Mouse spatulas and Minnie Mouse oven mitts, I took out my phone, remotely logged into one of my personal brokerage accounts, and purchased a small memento in the form of 100 shares of The Walt Disney Company at $33.04 per share.
This makes me happy, even though I don’t consider Walt Disney stock particularly compelling on a valuation basis (though, to be fair, the stock does seem reasonably priced) at current market levels, and we’re talking about a relatively tiny amount of money.
The difference between what I could have earned by allocating the money to my main portfolios or businesses and what I do earn by owning Walt Disney stock at these levels is worth it to me because of the memories attached to the event.
The company’s success in appealing to the public, starting with the creation of Mickey Mouse and continuing with blockbuster movies and theme parks, has made it one of the largest corporations in the world.
But you also can buy Disney stock directly from the company, avoiding most transaction costs you would have with a broker transaction.
Among the possible realizations investors could make in the coming months are Disney’s strong historical performance during economic downturns, the beginning of a capitalist internet, strong results out of its film studio, greater upside potential from ABC, and Disney’s newest acquisitions.
In 2009, total revenue amounted to $36.3 billion, a drop of 1.9%. In a world partially driven by something as fickle as consumers’ discretionary spending, the fact that Disney’s revenue only dropped 1.9% during the trough of 2009 should provide some indication of how consumers view Disney’s product.
That gives investors three months to evaluate Disney’s growth potential before any new company specific financial information becomes public (the next earnings announcement is slated for the week of August 4).
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Third, Disney’s film studio, fresh off its 35% surge in revenue following the spectacular success of Frozen, appears set to continue on the strength of Frozen with a life outside of being just a top hit.
NEW YORK (AP) — Disney’s paper stock certificates are heading off to Never Never Land.
NEW YORK (AP) — Disney’s paper stock certificates are heading off to Never Never Land.
"We thought Disney would be one of the last ones to make that shift," said Roman, who owns, a website that sells stock certificates.
When the Pixar animation studio was bought by Disney in 2006, collectors rushed to buy Pixar’s printed stock certificate, Kerstein said.
Disney said that instead of the stock certificate, they are offering shareholders "certificates of acquisition," if they ask for them.
Companies have been eliminating paper stock certificates to cut costs.
The stock certificates, with images of Mickey Mouse, Dumbo and Tinker Bell on them, have long been collector’s items and a fixture in many children’s bedrooms.
said Tuesday that it will stop issuing the paper stock certificates to shareholders on Oct.
After Disney stock vanishes next week, Kerstein expects them to become collectibles.