how to buy dogecoin

Click the link below to download MultiDoge, a local Dogecoin wallet.
Go to the Play Store and search "Dogecoin Wallet" on the Play Store, or click the "Get it on Google Play" button.
GETTING STARTED Getting Started with Dogecoin is as Easy as 1, 2, 3! Choose a type of wallet to begin.
Mining is a method which people use special computer to solve complex math problems that then issue a certain number of Dogecoins for those individuals that performed those calculations.  While this is not technically buying Dogecoins it’s clearly an option for getting more Dogecoins.
Oh eBay, how we you but hate you.  To some, using eBay as a platform for buying digital goods is all good, but to others it’s simply not a website that they want to do business with.  If you’re OK with eBay, you have a bustling marketplace to purchase your Dogecoins.
This guide will walk you through the steps on getting your hands on your first batch of the hottest cryptocurrency in 2014.  As other methods open up for purchase, we’ll update this list to make sure it has the latest info and exchange resources.
Accepting PayPal, we provide a way to obtain Dogecoin without the hassle of an exchange.
It’s Getting Dogecoin, made easy.
Litecoin confirmations are faster than Bitcoin.) As soon as it does, you can head to BTC-E, click the Trade button at the top of the window, then click the “LTC/BTC” button beneath the “latest news” widget at the top.
Backed by Silicon Valley heavyweights, Coinbase combines the two things you need to get some Bitcoin under your belt: A wallet (to receive, send, and/or store your Bitcoin), and an exchange (to buy the Bitcoin with US dollars).
Now, once your Bitcoin arrives in your wallet (which can take a three or four days), you can start looking to invest in Litecoin.
Note: In addition to the exchanges listed above, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin can all be purchased on eBay.
Under the graph, you’ll see a widget where you can enter the amount of Litecoin you want to buy with your Bitcoin.
Note: Even if you want to get into Bitcoin alternatives (altcoins), you essentially need to set up a Bitcoin wallet and purchase some Bitcoin, which you will then use to purchase altcoins, like those listed below.
Based on the Bitcoin protocol, but with a different encryption protocol that allows for faster confirmations, Litecoin is the second most popular cryptocurrency.
For right now, anyway, there are only three four exchanges that deal in Dogecoin – and all of them require you to purchase your Dogecoin with Bitcoin.
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In the “Balances” page look for the Bitcoin row (or Litecoin if that’s your currency), click the button that says “BTC actions” and choose “Deposit / Autosell BTC”.
Depending on which currency you have secured go to the Bitcoin to Dogecoin (DOGE/BTC) exchange or Litecoin to Dogecoin exchange (DOGE/LTC).
How to Buy Bitcoins with Paypal – A practical guide to buying Bitcoin with Paypal or a credit card.
Bter – Another reputable altcoin exchange with allows you to buy Dogecoin with Bitcoins.
Note that there aren’t any reputable USD/DOGE exchanges, which is why I would advise against buying Dogecoin directly with fiat (USD, EUR etc.). Also, there are very little reputable exchanges that allow you to buy Dogeicoin (DOGE) with Bitcoins or Litecoins.
Buy Bitcoin with Paypal – Worldwide, High commissions (can reach up to 10%), fast delivery.
Buy Bitcoin with cash – Worldwide, find someone located physically near your location and set up a deal for buying Bitcoins.
Bitcoin Trader Review – is a 20% monthly ROI possible ? – A practical guide to buying Bitcoin with Paypal or a credit card.
This tutorial will explain how to buy Dogecoin using Paypal a credit card, cash and other different methods.
Buy Litecoin with Paypal or Credit card – Worldwide, High commissions (can reach up to 10%), fast delivery.
Buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card- Worldwide, High commissions (can reach up to 10%), fast delivery.
Let’s have a little walkthrough about how this work >> Go to VirWoX and register your account >> add funds to your account via paypal / credit card / paysafecard >> buy linden$ (SLL) >> buy bitcoins with your linden$ >> Transfer Bitcoins to Vircurex Exchange >> Buy Dogecoin.
Step 9 : You can anytime transfer your Dogecoin to your wallet, just click on account (click here), then click on withdrawal button right next to Dogecoin, then it will ask you to type in how much coins you would like to withdrawal, and the address of where you want to send this money and funds should be transferred in about 30 minutes.
The personal information required may throw red flags if you haven’t signed up for an online stock exchange before, but the process of verification for vault of satoshi is no different than any other website providing crypto to fiat currency conversion.
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The dogecoin development team is integrating auxiliary proof-of-work, allowing litecoin miners to mine DOGE.
Online travel agency is now accepting litecoin and dogecoin for flight bookings.
Crypto travel agency BTCTrip has announced it is now accepting dogecoin and litecoin payments.
The pinkcoin and Sync development teams have joined forces and a new dogecoin app launches in beta next week.
Dogecoin advocate Erik Barnum is traveling down the Ohio River supported by community donations.
Following months of debate, Dogecoin is now officially being merge mined with litecoin.
Born from a meme involving Shiba Inu dogs, the digital currency has benefited from its vibrant and accessible community.
UK digital currency brokerage Bittylicious is now allowing altcoin buyers to pay with credit cards.
Digital currency services provider Moopay has purchased MintPal in an acquisition that will take place gradually through August.
Right now (December 2013), as far as I know there are no direct USD or EUR to DOGE exchanges, so you're going to have to get Bitcoins or Litecoins to buy Dogecoins from cryptocurrency exchanges.
Get Dogecoins! A Dogecoin marketplace.
Orange are current bid prices and blue are Buy Now prices.
Based on Scrypt algorithm, 60 seconds confirmation, 100,000,000,000+ total coins.
OK, so maybe not everyone is talking about bitcoin, but having had its breakout year in 2013 (rising 6,000% in value) bitcoin, and by extension the dozens of other cryptocurrencies which have sprung up in the last 12 months, are now the topic of conversation around dinner tables, in pubs and at the water cooler.
The straightforward way of getting on the bitcoin ladder is by using one of a growing number of UK-based services which allow you to pay using a bank transfer, Barclay’s PingIt service or Natwest’s Instant payment service.
Don’t worry that a single bitcoin currently costs over £500, you don’t have to buy a whole one, you can buy fractions of a bitcoin through online exchanges to match the amount of real money you want to invest.
The choice is yours, but once you do decide, to get your wallet’s address (so you can send and receive bitcoin) open your wallet and get the address (by clicking the ‘Receive Bitcoin’ button).
When you sign up for one of these services, you automatically get a bitcoin wallet, and that is where you money will be kept, but you don’t want to keep it here, as a lot of services charge you a tax of 1% just to keep it there.
I’ve heard lots of people say they were going to buy bitcoin, while the more knowledgeable were already planning on getting into litecoin, dogecoin, vertcoin, sexcoin or whatever the cryptocurrency-of-the-week was – but most people never took the plunge and actually bought some.
If you are looking to get into cryptocurrencies to make a quick profit, then bitcoin probably isn’t the one to start with, but in order to explore the nether regions of cryptocurrency land, then the first step has to be to buy some bitcoin.
Once you have your wallet’s address, go to the wallet which your bitcoin is key is stored in, paste the new address into the ‘Send to’ field and press Send.
Bitcoin can be used to pay for an increasing amount of online services from pizza to flights on Virgin Galactic space flights.
If you don’t have any Bitcoin on Cryptsy and want to buy Dogecoin ASAP, then look for the options below – Cryptsy can be notoriously slow with their processing of new deposits although they’ve been a bit better of late.
Cryptsy: If you’re already a member of Cryptsy, then you might have realized that Dogecoin was added to Cryptsy yesterday night.
The market depth is very low compared to Cryptsy but you might just get lucky and get your Dogecoin for cheap here, being a less liquid market.
It’s based in Florida in the US and has the largest list of altcoins, so if you’re indulging in buying and selling Dogecoin, you might as well have a go at Junkcoin here.
If you’ve been living under a rock, Dogecoin took the cryptocurrency scene by storm and this is probably the first instance of a coin going viral.
*Offer Ended* Also, if you leave your Dogecoin address here in the comments section, I’ll pass on some Dogelove to you (100 DOGE) ONLY until Christmas – so you have about 36 hours to go.
I am really surprised Vircurex also added Dogecoin, considering they trade very limited altcoin pairs and are usually very selective.
Vircurex is a pretty robust trading platform (and is especially useful when Cryptsy is down, which happens more often than you would imagine!) and it’s a marvel to see the site trading DOGE.
I know I am late but still hopping for your kind giving as it (if you ..)will be my first doge as I am trying to get some but unable to.thank you ,Happy New Year too all and a good new ear for doge.
For others, this fun little cryptocurrency actually changed their perspective on cryptocurrencies! For Verge, this seems like the future, with an article titled: Bitcoin is so 2013: Dogecoin is the new cryptocurrency on the block.
Also, Coinmarketcap has added Dogecoin and currently it ranks at the 11th spot based on the total market cap of cryptos, with a total market-cap of just over $9 million.

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