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“Gold will wear out faster and the claws holding the diamond need checking over the years to make sure they don’t loosen.” But if your girl isn’t into the platinum look, Coxon suggests adding platinum claws to a gold ring to maximize the strength of its setting.
When looking to balance your budget around the four C’s, Watkins suggests purchasing a colorless to near colorless diamond (F-G grading) with eye clean (no marks visible to the eye) clarity (VS/SI grading), and a VG (very good) cut grade for maximized brilliance.
“If you have a smaller stone set in a halo setting (set of smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone), the size and brilliance increase disproportionality to the dollars spent,” says Watkins.
“Through our virtual gemologist experience, experts will work with you to compare multiple diamonds so you can purchase the diamond you want,” says Watkins.
“Clarity grades are based on extremely fine distinctions in the size and number of inclusions, or flaws, present in a diamond,” says Russell Shor, GIA’s senior industry analyst.
“A very high quality diamond, in terms of color and clarity, of the same carat weight can cost four times as much as a diamond with lower color and clarity of the same weight,” notes Shor.

If she doesn't wear rings, estimate in the following manner: The average ring size in the US is 6 (based on the 'average' US female being 5'4" tall and weighing 140 lbs.) If she's more slender, or fine boned, her ring size is probably in the 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 range.
If you choose the diamond first and have the setting made later, you can include her in selecting the style and final details of the ring (always a good idea) and avoid the awkwardness of choosing a ring that's more to your taste than hers.
Many sources, and yes the Diamond Trading Company, the world's leading diamond sales and marketing company, is one of them, concur that the tradition began in 1477 when Archduke Maximillian of Austria bought his future wife Mary of Burgundy enough carats for Snoop Dogg to remark, " bling bling my nizzle !" Since that momentous event, the tradition has spread throughout the Judeo-Christian ethos and men have spent an inordinate amount of effort, time and money in an attempt to find the perfect ring for their soon-to-be spouses.
This guide will help you choose an engagement ring setting she’ll , and decide on the right combination of diamond size and quality, so you’re sure to choose the perfect ring.
For the best value, find the engagement ring setting she’ll love then devote the remainder of your budget to a beautiful, certified diamond.
And even if you are a private person, ring shopping is the time to open your inner circle and invite in someone with experience.
You might even want to take that friend with you on your first ring shopping trip to help offer support and back up your opinions.
I don’t think many people — men and women — quite understand the roller coaster of emotions a person goes through while shopping for and picking out an engagement ring.
Put it this way: If you buy a ring without considering the 4Cs, it’s like buying an expensive car because of the price, and then finding out it has a crappy engine, a rust-filled body, and won’t last you a week.
I’m talking about any hint you can get — from whether she likes the vintage style of her friend’s engagement ring to what she may or may not have so subtly pinned to her inspiration board.
Despite the joy that came with popping the question (I proposed to my wife 8 years ago), I wish I had had someone to tell me the real life secrets that nobody talks about surrounding the ring.
What this means is you happen to like the stone on one ring, and the setting on another, and now you can make your perfect engagement ring.
Believe it or not, when you go to buy an engagement ring, you are in the driver seat, and not the smiling person across the counter.
Yes, it’s easier to buy a ring as you see it, but you can buy the setting and diamond separately, and then have the jeweler make your own custom ring.
If your girlfriend is a Leonardo DiCaprio fan — and she is — she probably saw Blood Diamond, the 2006 film about the diamond trade in the Sierra Leone civil war, and is hip to the fact that a large number of diamonds — something like 25 percent — are mined in war zones and sold to finance war crimes.
That’s why we cobbled together a "diamond engagement ring" how-to guide, with only the information that you need to know.
Brilliant diamond bands and metal wedding bands in exquisite designs for him and her.
Zales, the diamond Store, has been America’s jeweler since 1924.
Knowing what to look for when buying a diamond will help you make the right choice for the one you love.
As well, pay your attention that in person you pay the price and get a ring at once, but online retailers offer you to wait some days or weeks from the date of the order.
Bands covered in multiple diamonds or those that feature other decorative elements along the side can be difficult, if not impossible, to resize, and the cost of doing so will be higher than with a simple, solid band and a traditional solitaire setting.
Convention holds that an engagement ring may cost one or two months of a man’s salary, but many men may opt to set a smaller budget or a bigger one if the relatives may be interested in the better quality of a ring.
Factor into that the price of an antique ring may be times higher as the price of the diamond is added to the oldness and fame of the ring.
For someone on a tight budget, the prospect of choosing a ring she loves for a price you can afford can be more than a little daunting.
If you’re planning to surprise your sweetheart with an engagement ring today, you’re in good company — Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days to get engaged.
If you haven’t purchased the ring yet, here are some tips for last-minute buyers or those of you just starting to think about getting engaged.
"An economic downturn is a fabulous time to unload diamond inventory that in good times is hard to sell." Shoppers should be careful to make any purchase contingent on an independent appraisal, and to ask questions about a stone’s quality, she says.
There are plenty of good-quality older diamonds on the market, which may be more attractively priced — especially if the setting is less trendy or the diamond is an older cut like the "old mine," a precursor to the brilliant round cut, Rapaport says.
"As popular as they are, princess-cut diamonds look smaller for their weight than a round diamond," Matlins says.
So if you bought an engagement ring with a gold band and a diamond that was cut perfectly and had impeccable clarity, the insurance company will pay you the current going price for a ring like that.
“The millions of brides and brides-to-be are subjected to at least two important pressures that work against the diamond engagement ring.
United States contract and states that an engagement ring is a “conditional gift,” meaning the ring becomes the irrevocable property of your girlfriend on the condition that she actually marries you.
Because of this huge investment of money and emotion, it might be a good idea to insure your girlfriend’s engagement ring in case it’s ever lost, stolen, or damaged.
This could mean you’ll get more money than what you originally paid on the ring due to the appreciation of gold and diamond prices.
A lot of women have been dreaming of a diamond ring, and their heart will sink when you open the jewelry box to reveal a ruby.
For most people, buying a diamond with no obvious flaws (that doesn’t require a microscope to see) would be good enough.
They offer a lot of other resources and a great search engine to find wholesale diamond sellers with reviews.
If your diamond doesn’t have the GIA number inscribed, you might want to make an appointment at the nearest GIA and get it inscribed.
Even if you decide to buy online, go look at the type of diamond you want to buy in a store to make sure it lives up to your expectations.
Heirloom: Before going ring shopping, check with your own and your girlfriend’s family to see if they have an heirloom diamond that they would like to give her.
Also, avoid "internal" certifications — the diamond that is certified by an "in-house expert" doesn’t mean much of anything.
Tip: If you want a 1 carat diamond, consider 0.98 carat.
Some people prefer to buy the diamond and the settings separately to save money or to get a custom look.
A certificate guarantees the 4Cs of the diamond along with some other characteristics like dimensions and polish.
You can get a stunning stone for a fraction of the price of a diamond.
After you buy the diamond, take it to an independent appraiser and do another appraisal to make sure the diamond you bought matches the GIA certificate.
Carat: Carat is the standard unit of measurement of the weight of a diamond (1 carat = 1/5 gram).
After you have the diamond you like and the store you would like to buy from, email the store and ask for the GIA certificate.
If you lose the diamond in the future and someone tries to sell it, this number ties this diamond to you and you can get it back easier than otherwise.
Based on ABC’s "The Lookout’s" findings, Antoinette Matlins says her final tip to consumers is to remember to ask explicitly: "Has the diamond been treated or enhanced in any way?" If the seller says, "yes," then the buyer must find out whether the enhancement is permanent or not.
According to Matlins, these treatments may not be problematic if consumers take proper precautions and often provide value for people who want to get "more bang for their buck." The only issue is when sellers don’t disclose the treatment to consumers, making it difficult to evaluate the value of the deal and potential damage to the stone during high heat repairs.
Even if the seller’s response is "no," it is important for consumers still to get the seller’s response in writing on their sales receipt to the effect of, "this diamond has not been treated or enhanced in any way." Today, with new technologies, there are many things that can be done to change the appearance of the diamond from what nature created to something that actually would be considered an improvement on nature.
Mavian says one of the biggest trends she has seen lately is the "placeholder" ring, "a family heirloom or special ring that holds the place of the engagement ring, so the couple can pick it out together.
The average engagement ring costs around $5,000, according to, although plenty of stores offer engagement rings in the $1,000 to $3,000 range, featuring diamonds, emeralds, rubies and other stones.
If you feel like you need to speed up the buying process because you have your proposal pegged to a certain date, like Christmas or a long-planned vacation, there’s still no need to hurry, says Erin Mavian, a co-founder of Blueprint Proposals, a New York City-based boutique concierge company that specializes in helping create unique wedding proposals.
She says her fiancé bought a $6,000 engagement ring, but then found that they had virtually nothing left over for wedding bands.
In fact, if you’re so inclined, you could read entire books about how to make the right purchase, such as "Engagement & Wedding Rings: The Definitive Buying Guide for People in Love," by Antoinette L.
For instance, Kelly Rouba, a freelance writer in Trenton, N.J., says her fiancé bought her an engagement ring while on a cruise.
’Tis the Season for Buying an Engagement Ring Explore your many options before making this important purchase.
"The vendors are aggressive, to put it mildly, but being able to actually go through the shopping experience, knowing full well you’re just there for the education, made me a much better negotiator when I found someone I trusted," says Fischgrund, who brought a friend of his fiancee’s along for support.
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But that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to only purchasing diamonds for an engagement – from promise rings and birthday gifts to anniversary bands and fashion pieces, diamonds have the power to enhance any look and make you feel loved.
Ever since the first diamond engagement ring was given to a 15th century bride, diamond has been the stone of choice for professing your love.
A special diamond purchase requires extra special care – let us help you keep that diamond looking perfect for years to come.
That could be one reason the national average spent on an engagement ring, as well as diamond carat size, or weight, have been rising.
The average spent on an engagement ring grew 3% to $5,598 last year from a year earlier, according to TheKnot.
"You want to be really careful how big of a hole you dig yourself in the beginning of your relationship trying to pay off a $1,000 or $2,000 or more ring with huge interest charges every month, just because you didn’t have the forethought or wherewithal to save for it over time," Branham said.
First off, don’t feel compelled to heed to the expectation that a ring cost three months’ salary, the benchmark established by the De Beers diamond cartel.
Last year, 64% of brides were involved in picking out their ring, while nearly a third helped decide the budget, according to a survey by The Knot.
Here are five tips to help you size up how much to spend on an engagement ring.

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