how to buy eyeglasses online

I’ve now worn my current pair of Zenni glasses every day for 2 years and they’re rock solid, don’t have a scratch on them, etc, and my optician hassles me all the time about not treating my glasses well – when I had $600 glasses from her, they were always getting scratched, yet the $35 glasses from Zenni last 2 years with no scratches at all, with the same wearer? Yeah.
I was told the price for my frames would be a little more expensive because of my strong prescription.(an index of 1.6) So instead of getting taken to the blody cleaners by a high street optician I decided to search for glasses online.
I’ve now bought 3 pair of glasses online from Zenni Optical.
Sure, there were a few cheap, outdated frames that I could get for around $200, but the quality of these frames were not even close to being as good as the quality of the frameless memory titanium, anti-reflective coated glasses that I had purchased online about 3 years earlier for under $40.
I mean, sure, I’d pay $100 for a pair of glasses that were identical to ones I could buy online for $40, but I’m not paying $600 for $40 glasses.
They don’t have the same markup that prescription frames do but most places are able to prescription lenses in these glasses just the same.
An alternative is to consider frames from a new segment of online shop, such as Zenni Optical (, Warby Parker (, and Classic Specs ( They offer a complete pair of single-vision glasses for less than $100.
If you don’t feel comfortable ordering lenses online or if you have a complex prescription or one that involves multi-focal lenses, you can still save by purchasing the frames online and having the prescription filled at a local discount store.
If you bought your glasses online and the frames need adjusting, a local shop may be willing to do it for you, but there may be a charge, especially if you purchased the lenses online as well.
Knowing something about the types of frames, lenses, and coatings available can help you understand your options and sense whether a store or website is trying to sell you more than you need.
Since 2006, has been providing Americans with the best quality and variety of designer glasses at the most affordable prices in the United States.
We are so sure you will your eyeglasses as much as we do that we offer you a Money Back Guarantee and we even give you time to try them! You’ve got 365 days to decide how you feel about your new prescription glasses, and if you’re not happy we will take them back for a hassle-free return.
We manufacture all of our prescription glasses in our own factories, keeping us in control of the process every step of the way, and allowing us to ensure only the top quality materials, machines, and coatings are used to make your eyeglasses. carries the best quality and biggest selection of designer glasses at up to 50% of traditional optical store prices.
Your prescription glasses are made in our own high-end facility and are shipped to you hassle-free with a money back guarantee.
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How can you offer such discounted eyeglasses? Founded by eye-doctors, 39 Dollar offers customers an inexpensive solution for acquiring high-quality, complete prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses through its e-commerce website.
What kind of lenses can I get in my eyeglasses? Though we offer cheap prices on our prescription glasses, our lenses are top quality, thin or ultra-light Polycarbonate lens.
Completely doctor owned, its creators realized from their private practice and retail offices that they could bypass high-priced retail enterprises to offer the same high-quality, finished prescription eyewear at a much more affordable price.
Before your order is shipped to you, a certified technician inspects each pair of eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses to ensure correct frame alignment and prescription accuracy.
Near-sighted blogger Matt Haughey stopped paying $500 for new eyeglasses and started shopping online for specs at much lower prices—around $50 or so.
Over at the 43 Folders weblog, he explains what measurements you need, how to choose from the wide variety of glasses sold online, and what to expect from the whole experience.
After all, had I spent the amount my wife and I sunk into the expensive retail pairs we bought last year at Zenni Optical, I could have easily bought a pair to keep at the office, at home, in the night stand, and added a pair of prescription sunglasses for both of us—and still had enough to splurge on a complete Rock Band set.
Less than a year later, I scratched the Hell out of one of the lenses by hastily cleaning it on my shirt, and I shivered at the thought of ordering another $300+ pair of glasses just to get back to scratch-free vision.
Our coverage of blogger Matt Haughey scoring a pair of perfectly fine glasses for $50 when he had previously been playing $500 or more for custom glasses really stuck in my mind.
We evaluated three websites that offer glasses at extremely affordable prices:,, and The eyewear from these sites cost our testers, on average, $68 per pair of single vision frames and $143 per pair of progressives.
But are eyeglasses sold online up to par with those sold at a storefront optician? And how do these online sites compare in quality of merchandise, range of selection, price, shopping guidance, and shipping and return policies? Experts at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute (GHRI) set out to answer these questions.

And now with eyeglasses, while some sites (, have actually been online selling glasses for 10-plus years, some startup companies (such as have moved into the space with fresh ideas on making shopping for glasses online more consumer-friendly.
While buying a pair of eyeglasses is a very personal purchase — a person might try on a dozen frames before settling on one they like — some eyeglasses sites are able to give customers a similar shopping experience virtually.
— Sites that are doing this and doing it right are persuading people to shop for eyeglasses online with a combination of fashionable lenses, top-notch customer service and super-low prices.
While FramesDirect sells all the brand name frames you find in most local optical stores and national chains, there’s a whole lot more selection.

You’ll find that the quality of eyeglasses purchased online is just as good as a pair from your ophthalmologist’s office, and if they’re not to your liking, most stores will let you return your glasses or get a replacement pair with no questions asked.
From amazingly reduced prices to an immense selection you’d never find at a store in-person, ordering glasses online is a smart decision that you’re sure to fall in love with.
Get the measurements of your current frames: If you don’t like your current frames, get the measurements of your favorite pair of frames or head down to your local eyeglasses shop, and find a pair you love and jot down the measurements.
Skeptics may think that because of the drastically reduced prices online compared to the prices typically found at a brick-and-mortar eyeglasses store, that this must mean it’s too good to be true, but that’s definitely not the case.

Nikki Iravani joined the “Real Money” team to show Ajayi that new glasses don’t have to leave you looking for more cash.
While her kids said they’d like to see her in some specs — “Something with a little flair at the end,” according to Reni — Ajayi said she wasn’t looking forward to paying steep prices.
“Real Money” found deals on frames and eye drops as well as a $100 rebate for contact lenses.

Frames run 25 percent off retail, lenses start as low as $13 a month and, if you’re unsure which glasses to choose from, take advantage of the Try-at-Home packs, where you select four frames on the website that Target ships to your door for free.
If you’ve ever fallen for frames that you both love and can afford, but then found yourself priced out once you added the cost of lenses into the mix, head to, where single-vision lenses come free with your frames.
At America’s Best stores, score two pairs for $69.95. You get to choose your duo from hundreds of glasses normally priced at $59.95 each, prescription lenses included, and a free eye exam (regularly $45) at any of their locations across the country.
Contacts can be pricey, but when you order from a site like this, you’ll score online rebates, discounted prices and free shipping, all making those little lenses affordable.
You’ll find the brand’s very stylish glasses priced at less than $100 (including prescription lenses and free shipping).