how to buy golf clubs

In general, a slower swing speed player should use a more flexible shaft (L, A, R) to maximize distance and players with higher swing speeds should choose woods with stiffer shafts (S, X) to increase accuracy.
Additionally, graphite-shafted iron sets will help reduce the amount of vibration transmitted to your arms on off-center shots.
The heads of older golf woods or golf irons were denser and smaller than modern heads, giving each golf club a smaller "sweet spot," the part of the face that should contact the golf ball for the best possible shot.
It helps the golfer hold onto the golf club, but, equally important, the grip also determines the golfer’s ability to feel how the head impacts the ball.
Shaft importance cannot be underestimated; it pulls the club head, giving the head the energy to hit the golf balls down range.
With the center of gravity in the center of the golf club head, players have greater trajectory control.
Golf club heads: The head has a face, which hits the ball.
Steel shafts are preferred for golf wedges; they are more durable in shots from rough ground, and the added weight provides greater control.
Golf club shafts: The shaft is a steel tube or graphite cylinder with a standard length of 35 inches to 44 inches.
Some manufacturers now offer semi-custom golf clubs, with several shaft options available for each head.
More than any other piece of golf equipment, golf clubs affect the size of your golf handicap — and the size of your wallet — so you want to make sure you find golf clubs that are right for your golf game.
Golf irons: Once the golf wood places the ball on the fairway, golf irons make the mid- to short-range shots that get the golf ball on the green (at least, that’s the plan).
Golf woods: Golf woods are the long-range golf clubs, designed to launch the golf ball from the tee down the fairway.
Golf bags: A golf bag isn’t a piece of equipment that will change your golf game, but they make hiking around the golf course possible by holding your golf clubs, golf balls and golf tees.
The face’s "loft" is the angle back from vertical, defined by the golf club shaft.
The 1 woods, often called golf drivers, give the longest shots; higher numbers, sometimes called fairway woods, are better for mid-range shots that get the ball close to the green.
Graphite weighs less than steel and has more "flex," meaning the shaft can whip through, imparting more power to golf balls and adding an advantage of several yards over steel.
A cast-iron golf club head usually features perimeter weighting — putting a hollow in the back of the head and the weight around the rim.
These give the golfer increased control over the point of landing and reduce the distance a golf ball rolls after landing.
Golf putters: When the golf ball is on the green, you don’t want any flight at all, so the loft of golf putters is less than 10 degrees.
Golf club shafts used to be made from hickory but are now made from steel or carbon fiber (called graphite).
At the minimum, a good golf bag should have comfortable straps and enough pockets to hold golf tees, golf balls and a few other pieces of golf equipment.
To determine correct golf club shaft length, stand up straight with your arms at your sides.
Golf club grips: The grip is the soft material at the top of the shaft.
The increasing loft of high-numbered golf irons decreases distance by increasing the height of the flight arc — like a pop-fly in baseball — and increasing backspin.
Golf balls: Golf balls won’t affect your golf game quite like a set of golf clubs, but golf balls do make a difference.
This golf clubs buying guide will help you understand the characteristics and varieties of modern golf clubs, which will help you know how to buy golf clubs that best meet your needs.
Beyond that, you may want to look for a golf bag that has separate slots for each of your clubs, wheels and a variety of pockets to keep all your golf gear neatly organized.
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For every model, we describe the materials used, the loft and lie angles, the volume of the clubs and provide technical descriptions of the performance characteristics of the golf clubs.
Golf pros look for clubs that fit a specific need for their swing type, desired trajectory, and spin rate.
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If you have a smooth, consistent swing, you might consider going with a longer shaft because the change in arc will add to the clubhead speed at impact and add distance to your shots.
If, however, you struggle to maintain a consistent swing, using a longer shaft likely will only add to your troubles, making it more difficult to square your clubhead at impact.
This is the first vital step and will help you with a number of steps here after, including deciding how many clubs you should have in your bag, type of shaft and the best type of irons.
Have a golf pro analyze your swing to help determine what shaft length you require.
"Flex" refers to the ability of a golf-club shaft to bend as forces are applied to it during the swing.
The length of the shaft will effect the distance of your shot, accuracy and even your swing plane.
Good sources for used golf clubs include various online websites that aggregate thousands of sellers, pro shops, and local publications.
It will also offer some tips for negotiating online purchases and ways to confidently purchase a set of golf clubs while staying within a defined budget.
It’s surprising how often people make a determination of need, in this case for a new set of golf clubs, without really stopping to think about the true motivation for the purchase.
This is good news for savvy golfers looking to find alternatives to pro shop prices, as there is a glut of clubs on the market from earlier production lines.
Beginners do not need to have 14 clubs in their bag to be able to play competitive golf and continue challenging themselves.
The old saying that buying used means buying someone else’s problems can be as true with golf clubs as with a car.
As most people quickly discover, it’s pretty easy to spend into the thousands for new, top quality golf clubs.
This guide will present the best ways to get outfitted with a great set of golf clubs at affordable prices.
It’s always a good idea to look into a club fitting with a pro before buying clubs.
Buying a full set of new golf clubs can be very expensive.
Naturally, for those who want to play the game and do not currently have clubs, there is need, But for those who have a serviceable set now, upgrading or simply updating the set should be the result of some honest reflection.
Before buying used clubs, take some time to read product reviews available on lots of different sports and manufacturer websites.
The source with the largest number of top quality golf clubs will be eBay.
Good reasons to look for a new set of clubs include a change, hopefully an improvement, in the recent level of play.
The good ones enable direct contact with the seller to get details of the clubs and to see some closeup photos.
From that page, you hover over Golf and then select Clubs.
While many players can afford to run out and buy the latest and greatest clubs, bags, and even carts as they roll off the production lines, most golfing enthusiasts are enjoying their favorite pastime on a budget.
Another good way to protect against overspending is to sell any existing clubs before buying another set.
For most golfers, even 11 degrees of loft isn¹t enough, so why not buy a 3-, 5-, 7-wood combination instead of the traditional driver, 3-, 5-wood configuration and put three clubs in the bag that will actually help you? Most golfers could drop five strokes with just that simple change.
A lot of technology has gone into golf equipment, and considering it actually is rocket science (or at least derived from it), you may need some help to get the most out of your next purchase, whether it’s a driver, hybrid, putter or even a sleeve of balls.
The mid-handicap golfer plays "bogey golf," meaning his or her score averages out to 1 over par on each hole, or somewhere in the 11-20 handicap range.
Various shafts and club head compositions and designs make it possible to select the right combination to suit every individual’s golf game.
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What is one to do? What decisions need to be made when buying a set of golf clubs? This article aims to help you know what you need to know, so you can make the right call and save you a little dough in the process.
First, you need to know what makes up a set of clubs? Well there are four main parts to a set of clubs: Woods, Irons, Wedges, and a Putter.
For example, in my bag I carry a Driver, a 4 wood, 3 thru 9 irons, pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge and a putter.
You walk in to a golf store and there are hundreds of woods, irons, wedges and putters to choose from along with clothing, balls and all kinds of accessories.
This will usually include a Driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, 3 thru 9 irons, a pitching wedge and a putter.
Now that you have decided on purchasing new clubs, the next option is buying a complete set or putting one together.
A complete set is a great way to save some money in the beginning, since you’re going to be spending enough cash replacing a lot of those lost golf balls.
We exchange your golf clubs or equipment within seven days if you change your mind.
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An important purchase, a set of golf irons with a steel or graphite shaft is probably the biggest single investment you will make regarding your golf equipment, as golf irons are used for a variety of shots on the golf course.
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Finally the newest golf club to be having an impact on the world of golf is the hybrid golf club, a combination of a wood and a wedge this versatile golf club can be used for a number of different shots.
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At american golf, we cater for all types of golfers; right handed, left handed, ladies, seniors and juniors.
This allows golf manufacturers to create a very forgiving golf club that is easy to hit high from any lie but with the control normally associated with an iron rather than a fairway wood.
A new sector to the golf equipment market, the golf hybrid or rescue clubs must not be ignored.
Golf wedges are getting softer using the latest mixtures of carbon and steel materials to enhance feel and control of the golf club.
The perfect golf club for when your golf ball lies off the green, golf chippers provide maximum accuracy as you use a putting-style stroke from a lofted golf club.
Very good examples can be found from Wilson Golf package sets, Ben Sayers package sets and Nike Golf package sets.
Any questions or advice required? Contact us now at american golf, we’re experts and we’re here to help.
We stock both left and right handed golf clubs, golf clubs for women and senior golfers.
Should you need more information on a golf driver, we have many golf driver reviews on our site from our customers, so you can read how a specific driver performs on the course, and details on its quality, accuracy, forgiveness and workability.
It’s very important to get the right type of golf equipment for junior golfers.
With this type of golf club you get a head that is a cross between a wood and an iron and the shaft is typically the length of an iron.
Some golf sets may even include a hybrid golf club or two and a golf trolley.
Great budget fairway woods can be had from Ben Sayers, Benross, Fazer and Nicklaus Golf.
Great value alternatives can be found from Fazer Golf, Wilson and Nicklaus Golf.
In the driving seat Everyone wants to hit a long, straight drive and therefore golf drivers are an important piece of golf equipment.
Increasingly, golf manufacturers are focusing on increasing the golf driver head’s Moment of Inertia which reduces twisting and increases accuracy.
Each golf set typically includes a golf driver, fairway woods, golf irons, a golf putter and a golf bag.
We also have cheap golf clubs that are perfect for golfers on a budget.
Womens golf drivers feature the same technology as their male equivalents, but with a lighter and female specific shaft.
Everyone knows that the short game is a vital part of golf and an investment in some decent golf wedges will help you to reduce your scores.
The latest technology drivers are designed to make it even easier to hit the golf ball hard and straight.
To nail an accurate tee shot on a tight golf course or hit that Par 5 in two you’re going to need a fairway wood.
We have sent you an email with instruction on how to change your password.
But with all of the information offered online, no risk guarantees, free shipping, golf forums, feedback from others, and helpful customer service, buying equipment online can actually be easier than buying it locally.
Thanks to the Internet, more and more golfers are buying equipment online.
What’s more, local retailers don’t always offer the widest assortment of equipment, however.
Buying golf equipment used to be pretty straightforward, but the Internet has changed everything.
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Firstly I must applaud the service you provided, as I placed my order late afternoon on the Wednesday and when I arrived home from work on Friday, they were there waiting for me.I was expecting to be playing the last round with my old clubs on Sunday….. turned out to be the first round with my new ones.
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Ask yourself this question: Do I need a different type club because of changes in my game? For example, if your handicap index has shot up because you don’t play as frequently, you might want to replace those muscleback blades with cavitybacks, or those long irons with hybrids.
The most important thing when replacing an old set of golf clubs with a new set is to be honest about the state of your game, and your dedication to the game.
(General rule of thumb: Take advantage of game-improvement technology – the more, the better.) Realistically matching your level of expertise and dedication with the playability of new clubs can only help.
The good news is that the "value" or "budget" category of golf equipment continues to offer more and better choices every year.
Stick within your budget and find a set of clubs that you’re confident matches your abilities and goals.
Once you’ve identified the current state of your game and your future goals, it’s time to consider how much you’re willing to spend.

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