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We will hold your order for about 7 business days to give you time to locate a dealer and arrange a transfer.
Once you have selected an FFL for your transfer, please indicate the dealers name (name on the FFL) on your order so we know where to ship your firearm.
Any returns to AFTER accepting transfer from your dealer will be subject to a 10% restock fee, no exceptions.
It is best to locate a FFL dealer to transfer your gun before you place your order.

The facts and myths about buying a gun online and is it safe and legal plus a quick reference to our websites that will navigate you through the process.
presents: How to purchase a firearm online, an easy step by step process in using the internet to purchase a gun.
After you’ve found a local gun store willing to do the transfer, the next part is the fun part – finding and buying your gun online! Here at, we have a huge variety of guns available for sale, from sellers all over the U.S. I can’t tell you what kind of gun you need… Wait a minute… Yes, I can! You need them all.
Once a new firearm is transferred to you it is considered used, even if unfired.  We cannot provide a full refund for new firearms once they have been transferred into your possession.  Also, we do not reimburse FFL transfer fees on returned items.  We do understand that some manufacturer defects may not be identifiable upon initial inspection.  However, upon discovering a defect after the transfer, the firearm must be returned directly to the manufacturer for replacement or repair (in accordance with manufacturer’s warranty policy).  By sending a defective firearm directly to the manufacturer, you can avoid the unnecessary transfer fees of returning the firearm to us through your local FFL dealer.
Federal barred Haughton from buying or possessing a firearm after his wife obtained a domestic violence restraining order against him, he was able to avoid an instant background check by purchasing a gun through a private, unlicensed seller on While licensed gun dealers are required by federal to conduct background checks, private sellers are not.
So Gibbon hooked up with his academy buddy Brian Mancini, and two years later the pair launched a website they thought was destined to fill a natural void in the online marketplace: Armslist, a website devoted specifically to the private sales of guns and related gear.
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who initiated the undercover investigation of online gun sales, has been calling for mandatory, universal background checks for all gun purchases for years, especially for those brokered online.
Here’s why: Guns bought legally from licensed firearms dealers can be resold through online ads with big markups to people who can’t pass background checks.
Investigators discovered that 54 percent of the sellers they contacted through the site were openly willing to sell firearms to people who admitted they couldn’t pass a background check (which is a felony, incidentally).
Feinblatt says states that have closed what’s called the private sale loophole, and required background checks for private gun sales have decreased certain types of gun violence.
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SIEGEL: The Times describes how people with felony records and restraining orders have been able to buy and sell guns and ammunition online, at the website and elsewhere.
If you’re selling across state lines, if you’re posting an ad in Colorado and I’m, you know, trying to buy it from, you know, Missouri or something like that, technically that guy is supposed to – in order to get the gun, to be sent to an FFL, a federally licensed firearms dealer.
SIEGEL: Yeah, there’s a big difference here between private parties selling guns within state and across state lines – big deal.
SIEGEL: But I mean, I’m not an IT guy but, you know, it took me about a handful of clicks to connect from private party, ask for Casey, and find the Carolina Gunrunners.
We found other people who clearly shouldn’t have guns and they were either buying or selling guns on ArmsList.
While in the checkout cart, please select the condition of your gun(s) and notify us of any modifications to, or accessories included with, your gun(s).
Once received, your gun(s) will be thoroughly inspected to insure as represented in your sell/trade offer.
If sell/trade is accepted, you will be responsible for shipping your gun(s) to us.
Complete the website checkout process to initiate the sell/trade process. offers a wide variety of information including pistol photos, information about all Sig Sauer’s lines of guns and accessories, and continual updates on our inventory so you can keep an eye on the availability of your favorite model.
Pyramyd has a huge selection of air gun accessories for all kinds of pellet guns; from basic Crosman and Haendler & Natermann to hybrid combinations of plastic, steel, copper or lead.
You can search, research, order and track your air gun order – all in one spot! If you are new to air guns and need assistance our staff will answer any and all of your questions, either via e-mail or a phone call on our toll free number 888-262-4867.
Pyramyd Air is an authorized airgun repair station for Air Arms, Air Venturi, Beeman, Benjamin, Crosman, Eun Jin, Evanix, Mendoza, Sam Yang, and some vintage Benjamin and Sheridan airguns.
Your one-stop shop for everything air gun related New to the world of air guns and unsure how to get started? Or, maybe you’re looking to upgrade your current airsoft gun and just need some guided expertise to give you the winning edge.
“Want to work on the cutting edge of online anonymity and security? Want to contribute to an ever growing community? Do you want to be a part of this Revolution?” Silk Road asks web-savvy surfers to answer those questions and apply for the positions of database expert and customer support team member.
The collection of contraband available for sale has only gone up in numbers, and now Silk Road, which uses a crypto-currency called Bitcoin in order to exchange drugs for money, is even hiring.
"Last time you wrote an article about Silk Road, we got a lot of attention, new members, and even some heat from the feds," an administrator from the site tells Gawker.
Coyote Arms sells firearms only in accordance with Federal, State, and Local firearm laws.
Federal firearms laws prevents Coyote Arms from shipping firearms directly to individuals without a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL), however we can ship them to a FFL Dealer.
Please check your local laws for restrictions before ordering blackpowder firearms.
Once we have received a copy of your dealer’s signed FFL and a completed Coyote Arms FFL Transfer Form we will ship the firearm to the FFL dealer.
Please check your local laws for restrictions before ordering firearms.
In order to purchase your firearm and have us ship it, you must complete the following steps listed below before we can process your order and ensure a trouble free transaction.
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The link sharing site Reddit has completed 159 firearms transactions in the last six months, and private sales of guns through online outlets seem to have a growing clientele as lawmakers discuss gun control measures.
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Once upon a time ordering a 12 gauge shot gun from your favorite Xmas catalog was as easy and painless as ordering a pair of roller skates.
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