how to buy honeyside

Alternatively, if you give Riften to the Empire during Season Unending or conquer it during Reunification of Skyrim, Honeyside can be purchased from Hemming Black-Briar without having to complete or begin the quests for the Jarl.
Honeyside must be purchased from her steward Anuriel in order to complete the quest and receive the title of Thane of Riften.
This house, the second-least expensive home that can be obtained, becomes available for purchase during a quest for the Jarl of Riften.

After you buy Honeyside, then make sure that you DO NOT open either door and enter the house until you buy all the upgrades, as on PS3, and possibly Xbox, it renders the weapon racks and displays unusable if you take the default piece off of them, and may work for the mannequins as well, but I hadn’t bought that one at that point, and reloaded an auto save from just before I went in and got the upgrades.
Hopefully that helps 🙂 I also heard you must talk to the Jarl again before upgrading your house to become Thane because of a possible bug.
The quest for Wujeeta is the key to it all, but bear in mind that if she’s killed intentionally during the quest, then according wiki, you can forget owning the house or becoming Thane.
I’m not sure how reliable that information is, but just to be safe, talk to the Jarl again before upgrading your house.
Just go do 4 assistance quests for the citizens (Giving a beggar a gold piece, and dropping an item and letting whoever picks it up keep it counts as well), and you will get a journal entry to go see the Jarl.
I think you have to join the Thieves Guild, then do certain quests until Maven Black-Briar or the Jarl approves you (Thane Status).
The Steward is usually close to the Jarl's throne or find the Jarl.
Now you go talk to the Jarl, complete her little quest, talk to her again and complete the next quest.
I have heard from guards in whiterun that you can by a house from the jarl of that city or from someone in the jarls dwelling.
After this talk to the Jarl again and she'll mention how awesome you are.
 360   The Dragonborn cannot become a Thane of Riften once Maven Black-Briar is Jarl.
 360  If the children’s bedroom is purchased from the Riften Steward after previously purchasing the enchanting room, the objects from the enchanting room may still be in the children’s bedroom, the different objects become merged.
 PC   360   PS3  The Dragonborn will be able to buy Honeyside, but not be named Thane.
 PS3   When in Iona’s room, Whirlwind Sprint towards the wall above the table will teleport the Dragonborn to the front door inside the house.
 360   One of the weapon racks in the basement of the house may not store a weapon allowing storage of only three weapons on the rack.
 360   If the Dragonborn tries to place a woodcutter’s axe on the third slot from the left of the weapon rack, it will be dropped instead, though it will stay suspended in the air.
 PS3   360   Discovering Cragslane cavern and clearing it before starting the ‘skooma trade’ quests may lead to inability to complete the second quest that requires that this dungeon be cleared.
 360   The mannequins in the enchanting room may occasionally move position and appear in the middle of the basement or elsewhere in the house.
 360   After purchasing, the miscellaneous quest to let the Jarl know the house was bought will not be open.
 360    PS3   The Weapon Plaques on the walls display all weapons diagonally.
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In for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, Honeyside is the house you’ll be able to purchase in Riften once you gain enough favor with the Jarl there, and costs 8,000 gold.
I have a couple questions, I received the quest to purchase Honesyside from Riften’s Steward but when I talk her there is no response that I click on that lets me purchase the house, any help you can give would be appreciated.
Once you complete those, you’ll become a Thane, and you’ll be able to purchase Honeyside from the Jarl’s adviser Anuriel for 8,000 gold.
After getting some information from Wujeeta, head to the keep inside the city and talk to the Jarl (named Laila Law-Giver) about the Skooma incident.
He finds the community here wonderful and says, “The incredible human interaction makes it feel like a real group on editors collaborating on a how-to manual, instead of usernames talking on an online forum.” To new editors, he advises that they join in, make small edits, and be open to learning from other editors.
Talk to her to complete the quest, and she’ll then ask you to help a couple more of Riften citizens.
She’ll make you a Thane (a local hero) for assisting the people of Riften, but before she can do that, she’ll tell you that a Thane should be a resident of Riften.
Upon purchase, your main character will use this house to serve as its residence inside the city to become a Thane.
WARNING: Do not buy any upgrades to the house until after you have spoken to the Jarl again and been made a Thane or you will never be able to become a Thane of Riften due to a glitch – at least not until Bethesda correct this issue with a patch.
This house in Riften is worth buying because it has an Alchemy area, an Enchanting area, and two mannequins which allow you to use the duplicating items mannequin glitch to get infinite gold for yourself.
This guide will show you how to own the available house in Riften as well as acquire the title Thane of Riften and be assigned the that comes with the position.
 I think the object is simply not in my version of the mod, but no matter how many times I reinstall this thing, the floor and ceiling are missing.
I think 0.6 is gone!  I stupidly deleted it, thinking a complete reinstall of 0.5 from curse would fix my problem, which it didn’t.
 Any help would be greatly appreciated – is anyone else missing these very important archetectural structures??  Is there a way to bring them back?  The walls are there, just no floor or ceiling.
This version of Dovahkiin Hideout has a game breaking bug in .5. If you like the idea of a compact Dovahkiin Hideout mod – check out instead Dovahkiin Warehouse.
 My Nexus one had no floor or ceiling in the smithing room.
 After completely deleting that one, installing 0.5 from curse, I still had no floor or ceiling.
Don’t get this version; 0.5 if you have do NOT have all the homes in the game.
More info:  When I prid the code for the room, 5600ddd6, in my case, the prid comes up with (5600ddd6[d].
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