how to buy instagram followers legit

Before you consider buying Instagram likes or followers, you should try to garner an organic following.
Buying 5,000 or more likes will warrant the cheapest price per follower, but it will clue in your followers that you chose to buy, rather than earn, followers.
Use Instagram best practices to continue gaining popularity between purchasing likes and followers.
Read the advice starting in Step 1 to learn how to buy Instagram followers while retaining your credibility.
Use caution when buying followers, if you are guaranteeing social media results.

While this site offers smaller bundles of likes, these work out to be more expensive than Buy Instagram Followers, costing 10-15 cents a like depending on the package you buy.
“Likes for likes, returning all comments and follows!” So go the rallying cries of Instagram users seeking Insta-fame – the status of Instagram popularity where follower numbers reach into the thousands and every photo uploaded renders hundreds of heart-shaped likes.
Buy Instagram Followers, which is apparently “owned and operated by a team of four social media marketing experts,” according to their website, did not respond to interview requests via email.
Popular Instagram user Brian DiFeo (@bridif) shot the Volva Ocean Race in Miama, while back in April Danielle and Difeo joined four other prominent New York-based Instagrammers to photograph at Madison Square Garden during a hockey playoff.
Buy Instagram Likes also offers followers for purchase, where $20 will get you 100 followers and $80 will snag you 500.
Buy Instagram Followers is the aptly named website claiming to offer genuine followers for sale, as well as the opportunity to purchase “likes” on your photos.
You can now buy Instagram followers, likes and comments.
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Hey guys, I just bought instagram likes for some of my pix from this site and it went so well, I'm totally stoked about it! The best thing about is that they over delivered by a little bit, and I increased my followers too.
I've got real followers interacting on my page and liking random pix that I didn't even order for.
I became a big fan of your work since reading this article, finally someone really meant to help out people who want to know marketing and not just after a quick buck! Practiced what you thought and did it on my instagram, got to say, I had gain 300 followers in few weeks, I haven’t been ‘liking’ thousands though.
Neil, Do you use any bots to automate the picture liking? Also, would this high activity annoy your followers? I’m fairly new to Instagram and have seen similar problems with highly active Facebook users.
Your post interests me to try Instagram and get some good followers and likes.
Great post Neil, I was curious to see as to what works and doesn’t when dealing with Instagram, i especially enjoyed the bit about commenting vs.
Neil, I wonder, does what you use for running this blog allow one to easily incorporate as part of the post a survey question(s)? I mean, it could be interesting, for ex., to post in the post itself a question whether readers use Instagram and if so whether they use it for pleasure or business or both and also how often and for how long.
Because I was liking hundreds of photos a day from random accounts that I didn’t follow, 43.26% of all my likes and 31% of all comments on my photos came from people who weren’t my followers.
If you happen to post a status update on Facebook asking people to follow you on Instagram, that number can increase to just under 5%.
In short you want a company that will not just provide you with Instagram followers and likes but will also make you more secure when you use their services on your business.
The first thing that you must remember is that you should choose the best Instagram followers package that will suit your needs as well as packages that will suit your budget.
When you buy Instagram followers and likes will have real people that will instantly follow your posts and get your business moving in no time.
Instagram is possibly one of the most in demand ways to reach out to people and lately Instagram has been invaded by businesses because of the amazing way this social networking site is able to reach out to customers.
Technically you must get legit and live Instagram followers from a legit site and the only way you can find out more about a site is when you read a review about it online.
Packages are usually classified according to the number of followers and likes you would like to have, the price of the package and other features like automatic access, account management features and so on.
As a business owner you may have wondered how you too could use Instagram for your business and all these begins with buying Instagram followers.
It offers real time Instagram followers at a price lower than others.
I want to buy instagram followers that are REAL and ACTIVE.
I would recommend you to buy Instagram followers from freelancers on SEOClerks because there freelancers provide legit followers with guarantee.
If you need real Instagram followers, then I would suggest this source.
Is there any site that provides this service? I've had a run in with fake followers that are ghost accounts which I don't want a repeat of. is the website for purchasing top-quality Instagram followers.
Not only do their followers and likes stick for life they also have the cheapest prices I have seen.
I bought 1500 Instagram followers and 500 likes – JUSTK.
So I bought followers and likes on Instagram.
After I bought the followers I wanted more, more! I thought that if one of my pics got on the popular page, I would get more fans.
After paying 15 dollars (it said ‘best option’, for 25 dollars I could have bought 2500 followers, was that no good?) and within the next 24 hours, I got all these 1500 followers.
Wow, he had 36,000 followers! Then I looked at his picutres and they had 15 likes, so I decided to not follow him….also his photos sucked.
Are there any REAL services to get more followers that you know of? Let me know! There was an article about Instagram scams from the Android app Instlike, check it out on Mashable.
of the number of likes on your pics divided by the number of followers you have.
@Ben, Thats cool, dont rely on buying followers but besides it also helps boost your counts before the real one starts following you thinking you must be a celeb.
Keep in mind: I bought 1500 followers, if would loose those my rate would be almost 2 percent.
While it’s no secret that these “fake following” tactics are easily available (you can buy hundreds of inactive, active, and “real” active Instagram followers all for under $100, or 1,000 Instagram ‘likes’ for $25 ), it’s still been a relatively hush-hush topic among bloggers.
I don’t think that buying Instagram likes and followers is a kind of cheap idea.Each and every social marketing based company prefer cheap Instagram followers and like to grab the web traffic in there site to promote and its showing good results in business too.
I take a lot of pride in my IG feed and I’ve never understood why anyone would do this? What fun is having fake followers?! I love engaging with people on Instagram and have met many interesting people on the platform.
I don’t have many followers on Instagram and have recently noticed a lot of spam on my account and quite a few are obviously fake.
Not long ago, I investigated how some brands were using fake followers on Twitter to “boost” their social media clout (or at least to untrained eye, seem like it).
Instagram’s Popular page is an element of it’s “discovery” aspect — it’s reserved for photos that have had a significant amount of recognition from the community, usually deciphered by the number of ‘likes’ the photo has received by fellow users.
We provide you the best real followers for instagram and all other social media sites available on here in very cheap rates.
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Sites that offer Twitter followers without needing the password will just have a large network of twitter accounts and they follow your account from these.
Companies that need the password probably have a network of accounts that all follow each other and you are just getting included in this – they need your password so that your account can follow others.
Any site that 1) requests a password and 2) charges you to get followers isn't legit on the face of it.
Does no good to get 10,000 twitter followers if there all from Russia and do not speak your primary language and for one to say the above quote would mean they deliver a service that gets a bunch of twitter followers with mainly fake accounts.
When you buy an Instagram shoutout from a particular page, that instagram page will post your instagram photo and caption of your choosing.
(Fitness related pics MUST be submitted when buying shoutouts in the fitness category.) Or you your purchase will be refunded.
Captions can be self-promoting and contain any URLs to websites or links to any other instagram accounts.
Instagram pages reserve the right to approve or deny your submission prior to transaction completion.
Content submissions MUST be related to the topic of the shouting page.
Sick of packing your Instagram posts with hundreds of hashtags in hopes that you’ll get a couple new followers? Stop wasting your time.
Buying fake followers makes your account look more legit and makes you appear more popular.
"If you need Instagram followers as I do, get them from They have the best service, real active followers who will like and comment on your pictures.
The best way to boost your business exposure almost instantly with Instagram is to get more and more followers and likes – something that our service will help you do without any efforts from your side.
As everyone may notice today, social media is getting more and more popular in the business field as well providing numerous wonderful opportunities to boost business exposure, improve brand awareness and promote products and services to a wide international customer audience.
"I’ve tried buying Instagram followers from other websites and most of them are fake followers.
Also, having a large number of followers makes the rest of the Instagram world view you as a popular page, therefore making you worth following.
Almost no time at all! Some websites make you go through a long, tedious registration and order process but at 123 Followers we’ve made our order process as quick and simple as possible.
Not a chance! Our followers are one hundred percent real and active, which means they don’t violate Instagram’s policies like some of our competitors.
But if you have hundreds or thousands of followers, users will definitely get the message that you have content worth viewing, and they’ll follow accordingly.
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Buying followers is good when you start a profile from scratch, instagram and twitter can be frustrating when you first start off so having a nice boost of 1000 or so followers will make other people more likely to follow you in the future.
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Anyway, if anyone is interesting in buying followers, I'd recommend checking out reviews and going with a company that offers a decent service – is the top review website for Twitter Followers.
I use and its very cheap than using Twitter advertising since am getting real and active followers on there too.
But the giveaway in this second case was the Twitter Counter chart that reported that for last three months (as far back as it goes) they got 10 followers every day.
Really sad how so many of the comments here are from people who sell Twitter followers.
I've spent a lot of time and put hard work into networking my Twitter and they claim that only 3% of my followers are real.
You can check anyone out on Twitter Counter, here is the profile for my friend Graham Inman ( ) who has just over 15k followers (today).
You might want to check with other websites instead of just Status People because it's hard to believe I've acquired 30 thousand fake followers without purchasing a single one.
Even Twitter know about this and now offer to sell followers (no matter the names they calls it, SELL is SELL) based on user's privacy they promised not to tamper with.
Twitter followers can help you to get popular, we at promise to provide our customers with the quality services and quality followers.
Most of them are free like but for some of them you need to pay like those websites who sell twitter followers.
Have you ever heard of buying followers on Facebook or Twitter? Well this service is also available for Instagram as well but this time this service is a little bit better since it is far from mainstream accounts that you see on Facebook pages and Twitter.
Check out one site after another or about 4 companies to be able to get the best deals in buying Instagram likes or followers.
When you buy followers on Instagram you are buying unique and legit accounts from actual Instagram users.

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Have you ever heard of buying followers on Facebook or Twitter? Well this service is also available for Instagram as well but this time this service is a little bit better since it is far from mainstream accounts that you see on Facebook pages and Twitter.
Warning! Do not ever buy from an online jewel from a store that has no security lock symbol on the webpage.

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