how to buy jade

Roxanne takes a second black velvet lined box out, one containing several pieces of translucent jade of different shapes, colors and sizes.
She takes one jade bangle, a light piece clearly designed for a woman quite slim of wrist, and dangles it from a string.
Roxanne brings out a velvet lined box of nine jade bracelets and announces that we’ll be starting with a test.
‘On real jade, the light will heighten the difference between the shades of green.

Ying Yu Jade owner Kathleen is a woman who wears a jade bangle bracelet all the time, and knows the importance of having a high quality, good fitting jade bangle, and sells only the kind of jade that she would wear herself.
We want customers to feel confident when they purchase from Ying Yu Jade because we know it can be a challenging time especially when you purchase your first jade bangle bracelet.
When you buy a jade bangle bracelet, you want to purchase a jade bangle that fits well, is good quality and from a trustworthy jade seller.
Many jade sellers don’t use an automated shopping cart system because it is extremely time consuming to put items for sale in a shopping cart system when each jade piece is a one-of-a-kind item, but Ying Yu Jade believes this is a professional method for selling jade to give customers confidence that they are getting what they order, and will receive a proper receipt with the ability to view their account and status.
People who wear a jade bangle bracelet every day often prefer to wear their bangle on their non-dominant wrist because it’s more comfortable and usually non-dominant hands are used less so your bangle will get less chance of being damaged.
So you need to purchase a jade bangle bracelet or any kind of jade items, from a reliable seller.
The price range can vary from $75 for a Chinese jade bangle, to thousands of dollars for Burmese jadeite.
You can find detailed instructions on how to measure for your jade bangle bracelet size by clicking this link.
The price of jade continues to rise, so your jade bangle bracelet is not only a beautiful piece of jewelry but also an investment.
For example, Ying Yu Jade not only offers much jade information, but also a daily jade blog that informs readers about jade, a travelog of our China jade buying trips, detailed policies and information you need for the actual purchase and shipping of the jade you buy.
First, you should determine how to find your jade bangle bracelet size.
Ying Yu Jade often works with a jade carver, and purchases the rough for the carver to make bangles and pendants, so we can get a better value both in quality and price.
Your right and left hand/wrist are probably different sizes, so you should measure for the wrist on which you will wear your jade bangle.
You want your jade bangle to fit as tight as possible so it doesn’t clunk around and get damaged as you wear it.
At the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, 5-9 March 2013, local industry experts briefed traders on the progress of the ongoing work to develop the standards, expected to be unveiled later this year.
Major chain shops include Chow Seng Seng, Chow Tai Fok, Luk Fok, Tse Sui Lun, King Fook are trustable and offer good quality jewels.
when i toured china the last 2 years, i bought jade and pearls at shops that the tour guides took ue to.
You will have immense trouble spotting fakes from real, and for pearls good quality strings from lower quality if you do not or have not bought these things on a regular basis.
Go to reputable shops, the places tours will take you on are always expensive vis-a-vis the quality is low relative to price.But I believe it to be real in those places.
Of coz, there're shops which offer good stuffs in low price.
But if you're shopping for real jewels of good quality, you have to be careful.
And yes, don't forget to bargin! It's always a good idea to start bargaining at 50-70% off in most shops.
what kind of pearl and jade do you want to buy? if you dont' have much experience buying these stuffs, that's ok just to get some "accessory" type of souvenirs for fun.
also 2 pieces of genuine jade of the same size, one might be worth $100 while the other $100,000, real value.
Taking a trip to China and want to find a reputable place to buy jade.
I’m taking a trip to China soon and wanted to find a reputable place to buy jade.
If you are about to go shopping for jade or have an old piece of jade, it’s good to be able to determine if you’ve found the real thing, or a good fake.
If you have a piece of real jade, clink it against the stone in question.
Even if you have real jade in your hands, it can still be treated by dyeing, bleaching, use of stabilizing polymers, or creating jade doublets and triplets.
Real jade has a very high density, which means it will feel somewhat heavier than it looks.
Gently place the jade item completely into the water bucket and write down its weight in water.
This is most helpful when you can compare it to real jade of a similar shape and size.
Once you’ve calculated the density of the jade item, see if the number suggests authentic jade.
Jade is a beautiful stone that can be green, orange, or white, and is graded high, medium and low in terms of quality.
Only jadeite jade and nephrite jade are considered authentic jade.
Compare to the specifications of real jade.
If it scratches glass or steel, it could still be many of the alternatives to jade as well, including the various forms of green quartz and prehnite.
Jade, or ‘greenstone’ as it is known in some parts of the world, is a precious stone that was used in the ancient China for ornamental and ceremonial purposes.
Jade is commonly recognized as a green stone with a pearly feel and high resistance level, or "hardness," as it is technically called.
Auction sites such as eBay are great places to get in touch with sellers, and forums and online message boards are abundant with facts and useful information about jade.
Purchasing jade on an online marketplace like eBay is ideal if you do not have the opportunity to travel to the local markets in Asia, or if you do not want to use a middle-hand broker, such as an auction house.
This guide will provide the buyer with some useful, and hopefully interesting, background information on jade, and offer a few tips and recommendations on how to locate and purchase jade in the open market.
The other main variant of jade, jadeite was differentiated as a separate material from nephrite in the 19th century.
Before searching for jade in the open market, it is helpful to first determine whether to look for the jadeite or nephrite variant of the mineral.
If you want to purchase a very particular type of jade, and can’t find it, you can post a listing under the Want It Now page so that potential sellers of the item in question can find you.
As mentioned above, there are two main forms of jade, called jadeite and nephrite, distinguishable by their somewhat different characteristics.
The earliest uses of jade have been traced to prehistoric China, where one of its two main variants, nephrite, was extracted as early as 6000 BC.
In addition to the ornamental value that jade adds to a room, it is believed that the native energy in the stone is emitted and picked up by the person close by.
Traditionally, the green glow of jade is believed to emit a calming energy that works to heal ailments, specifically those related to the kidneys, liver, and reproductive system.
Jade has always been held in high regard among Asian communities for its alleged healing potential and power to ward off bad spirits.
The glowing colors of jade work very well to accentuate any accessory or item on which it is placed, and its mineral characteristics make it suitable for carving and re-shaping into any desired size or appearance.
When sellers put up a listing of a jade item on eBay, they usually include pictures as well as the description of the item.
Anyone interested in owning a piece of prehistory, as decoration or for spiritual purposes, or anyone hypnotized by the green glow of jadeite fine jewelry will find a world of items to explore in the open market.
Since its discovery, jadeite has been the most sought-after type of jade.
The more solid and evenly distributed the color of a jade stone is, the rarer and more valuable it is.
The information and buying tips provided in this guide has hopefully served as a springboard for new jade enthusiasts, and perhaps refreshed the knowledge of the already smitten.
Because of its spellbinding natural beauty, jade also played an important role in ceremonial life.
Regardless of the scientific validity of such beliefs, many people concur that the very beauty of jade is enough to elicit a sense of inner harmony.
Jade enthusiasts lucky enough to reside in Asia, or who have the opportunity to travel there, should seek out local markets.
In other testing when placed outside in sunlight directly for more than 6 months, the color faded, leaving a very unattractive piece of stone.  Some have even boiled the stones in oil (like in a french fry boiler) and they retained their dyed coloring.  Reputable dealers of jade do not sell dyed pieces; if for some reason they do, such pieces would invariably state that they are color enhanced.
It is a misrepresentation in my opinion, to not tell the public if an item has been color enhanced, and to label a stone jade when, in fact, it is not jade at all.   A natural colored piece of jade may become darker by wearing it consistently, and it may also lose some luster.
I have seen, own and viewed jade jewelry for decades but I am not a jeweler nor a rock expert.  However if you actually want to buy a piece of jade jewelry online and are willing to take a chance on buying it from overseas, be forewarned that many of the items listed as "jade" are not jade, nor are they authentically  the "color" as portrayed.  Jade from China used for jewelry is usually Jadeite, which is very hard and has a high luster.
In general, if a colored piece of jade is extremely bright and dazzling with the affordable price to match, it is not authentic (that is, it has been color enhanced.)  If it is described as pink, blue, purple, orange, it is probably not authentic either.
A beautiful stone that can be the traditional green or other bright colors, jade has historically been used in Chinese and Korean art and jewelry.
Look for real jade with bright, intense colors, a smooth finish, and a watery luster.
Examine the surface of the jade and look for imperfections, like pits or other marks.
A sign of fake jade is a scratch or indentation where the pin touched the surface.
Real jade is very solid and won’t show a scratch.
Learn how to spot real jade by following these tips.
Touch the warm pin to the surface of the jade.
Use your fingernail to scratch the surface of the jade.
Each features a carved and pierced double sided jadeite plaque measuring approximately 40.00 x 15.00 x 2.00 mm, depicting a squirrel in fruited leaves, accented by a 5.00 mm round jadeite cabochon, set in a 14k yellow gold articulated drop style mounting, completed by a screw post and back.
Roll over for video transcriptMany remarkable jade lots are a part of the June Jewelry Sale, but this pair of jadeite drop earrings prove to be a unique selection of quality.
Most popular as an everyday delight, but elevated by the discerning selection of artful cylindrical leaves which infuse the fresh green taste of an early Spring harvest in each and every cup.
If you want some relatively reasonably priced Jade a good place to go is the Jade Market in Hong Kong.
We are going to be in Asia for a cruise and wanted to buy some Jade jewlery for our Mom’s and my wife.
Shane Jewelers-one of the largest wholesalers in the West/SW of the US SWEARS buying colored stones in Bangkok is the best value.
Also, any ideas "how to buy jade"? I have been searching and not finding a real good resource.
Nowadays they can make stones to look like jade by injecting color and other substances into them.
I can honestly say that most jades that you find in Jade Markets are not the real thing.
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But then part of the problem is that some will say Burmese jade, which is where most of the world’s supply of jadeite comes from, and others – because natural (kinda) color determines value – will make a big thing out of the piece they are selling being lavender jade.
A chemical analysis can be conducted to determine if a piece of jade is jadeite or nephrite, but for most purchases that’s an expensive step that the cost of the stone doesn’t justify.
Both nephrite and jadeite are harder than steel, if you can scratch a stone with a knife it is not jade.
Most fake jade is actually serpentine, a cheap stone that often mimics the color of nephrite jade and which can be found all over the world.
Yes, Jade should not scratch when you run a piece of metal against it, but that’s worthless advice; you’ll never get away with scratch testing a piece of jade whether it’s fake or the real thing.
A reputable dealer selling real jade will refer to it as jadeite or nephrite.
When jade is mottled greens and browns it is difficult to tell if it is jadeite or nephrite.
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However, while it was once comparatively easy to pick up a cheap piece of jade jewelry for cheap in places like Hong Kong and Taiwan, times have long changed.  Buying jade for the right price, let alone a good price, is increasingly different.
Hong Kong and Taiwan remain the centre for the jade trade but the market is now flooded with imitation jade – sometimes being passed off as genuine – and lower grade jade.
We don’t purport to be jade experts and if you are making any sort of major investment in jade, you certainly need to get the piece checked out by an independent expert.  That said, there are some tips that can help you spot real jade.
If a seller is offering a stone for well below market price, claiming it’s pure, deep green jade and/or thousand of years old, just walk away.
There is a huge variety of jade, from yellowish and opaque stones to deep green, and different types have different price tags (deep green and white jade attract the highest prices and are relatively rare).
If you’re in Hong Kong, your main port of call will be the Jade Market in Tsim Sha Tsiu, where dozens of sellers are clustered.
When buying jade the stone should be smooth and cool to the touch.  Real jade is also very tough, so there should be no scratches on the surface.

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