how to buy japanese psn games

djWheat takes a look at how you can add Yen to your Japanese Playstation Network account using Network Cards.
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They don’t crosscheck your address when you register the card or when you preorder (when you preorder they don’t take funds out of your wallet until the game is released), but they do when you try to add funds from a credit card to your wallet.
For example, they ‘accept’ my non-Japanese debit card into my Japanese account just fine, making me believe they now accept them, but then there’ll be error when I try to purchase something.
Some are the ones that we really want to play like Outrun, but because of Microsoft buying the exclusive rights to sell the game on XBOX Live, Playstation users cannot buy or have access to these as they will not show up on the United States Playstation Network Store.
TwistedJunk: Having a Playstation 3 is a great thing, but sometimes as gamers we get short changed as there are games on the Playstation store in Europe and Japan that are simply inaccessible to Playstation 3 users in the United States.
People Keep Talking about Terms of Service, but a lot of people break this all the time =/ Your Buying a game with your own money on a account you made even though nothing on it is real and all your doing is game sharing which most people do.
So you have a code, but how to enter it? First you’ll want to login to your Japanese account and get into the PSN store.
There’s an entry for Ryuu Ga Gotoku: Ishin that doesn’t seem to do anything, strangely, but all other titles have something, including preview videos for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.
Next you will be prompted for an address, the first field is post code, just use what I’ve entered, for the next two fields, start typing in kana and select any autocomplete result.
To buy Japanese games from the PSN store, you’re going to need prepaid PSN cards.
PayPal, which I use to accept payments, will allow you to pay in your local currency (pounds, euros, etc.) Although my prices are shown in US dollars, when you make a payment with PayPal using a non-USD credit card, PayPal will show you the amount of money in your currency that will be billed to your card.
Unfortunately, the Japanese store does not accept US or European credit cards, and only residents of Japan are allowed to apply for Japanese credit cards.
I went with this site to buy an Japan card because the other site I intended to use was out of stock.
Since everything on the PSN Store is an electronic download, you can "import" games and media from Japan without having to wait weeks for shipments to arrive by post.
Orders my Japan iTunes gift card and got it in like 3 minutes.
If DestinyMS succeeds we can expect other maple story mesos selling on servers making the switch to version 0.75 in weeks to come.The infamous MapleStory private sever, DestinyMS, announced yesterday that maplestory mesos they will be upgrading to MapleGlobal version 0.75 on Saturday September 12.DestinyMS is known for their bouts with Nexon America (specifically General Counsel Lloyd Korn).Their administrator,maple story Shadow, has refused to abide by every Cease and Desist/DMCA letter and shut down his server permanently arguing the Dutch allows private server activity and welcomes a lawsuit.
Step 8: Scroll through the licensing agreement (or just hit "Right" on the D-pad) and select "Agree," (the right-most button).
Step 4: To actually download the demo, simply click on the icon of the demo you want and then, in the new window that pops up, click the default option, ダウンロード (download) to begin your download.
Step 3: For a list of all the PS3 games available for purchase on the PSN, select the second option on the list, ゲームコンテンツ (game content).
Step 3: To find a demo to download, click the fifth option on the list, 体験版 (demos).
Step 8: Now select the top option ダウンロード (download) to download your new game.
Step 13: Check the checkbox if you want info and newsletters about the Japanese PSN sent to the email address you registered in step 9.
Step 5: Select the "Continue" button.
Step 7: Select the bottom option in the next window to pay.
Select the "Next" button (the right-most button along the bottom) to continue.
When you have a username you like, press the "Next" button (the bottom right-most button).
Step 4: Then click the third option from the top, ダウンロード専用ゲーム (downloadable games), on the menu that pops up.
When you are sure it is, scroll to the bottom to leave the scroll box and click "Submit" (the bottom right-most button).
No, you can’t use your credit card, unless you live in Japan but you can buy Japanese PSN cards for the same purpose.
make psn id for japan account and buy psn japanese card.
You can’t use an American credit card on the Playstation Store in Europe or Japan as you do not have a legitimate address in these regions, so what you want to do is you buy a PSN Card for that region.
Having a Playstation 3 is a great thing, but sometimes as gamers we get short changed as there are games on the Playstation store in Europe and Japan that are simply inaccessible to Playstation 3 users in the United States.
In this tutorial we are going to point you to the right direction as to how to go about buying a game on the PSN in Europe without the need of a credit card, and an address in Europe or Japan.
You can also do this if you are in Japan or Europe and would like to play games that come out here in America by simply buying an American Game card.
Has this always worked? I mean how long have you been living in Japan and using a Canadian PSN id? I know you can’t buy stuff from foreign PSN accounts with an U.S. credit card so I assume it would be the same overseas, meaning you can’t buy stuff from the Canada PSN with a Japanese credit card.
So if you have a Canadian credit card on a Canadian PSN account it should work unless they’re now blocking it so you can only access your local PSN network.
When done you will log straight into the HK PSN Store and its has about Everything the Japanese store does, this works for all regions as well, if you do want a Japanese account use Youtube to walk you through the menus.
You gotta create a second and third account for those regions and switch accounts to access their stores.  Additionally, you may need to find domestic PSN cards for those regions, its kinda a hassle.
The process seems to be the same for all regions that I've tried, so if he makes a U.S. account, he'll know what to do to make a Japanese account anyways.
You don't need a Japanese credit card to charge your Japanese PSN account.
Not at all… Create a new account and when it asks for your region select Hong Kong (its in English) then continue to finish it out with the setup.
it's not a big place but they've filled all nooks and crannies with games, consoles and other video game memorabilia.
This place is awesome as a video game mini museum and ode to all classic and legendary games.
Recently, when I visit, he started to brag about how awesome the store is, saying things like "being the biggest video game shop in the east coast." , "owns the most Japanese PS2 game in the east coast", "I knows the guy who created this and this." I am happy if any of these is true, but the worse part is he gets competitive with visitors on their collection.
Video Games New York was my favorite place to be in the city until this new staff.
Video Games New York is, essentially, a video game museum where all the exhibits are available for purchase.
For example, I've brought some PS2, Nintendo DS and PS3 games used for good prices (15-30) but when I wanted to buy a rare game like the very first ever Silent Hill, it was 150 bucks.
It's a very tiny, cramped, small place but when inside, feels like you're in a video game universe.
This place is like the museum of all things video games.
It's amazing all the games, systems and accessories they managed to fit in this small place.
Video Games New York is one of the coolest video game shops I have ever been in.
But thank the Lord that there is a place in new york where I can get a 1 UP: Video Games New York.
VGNY is a small place stacked high in video games.
This place is a GEM! No joke! You'll find all retro consoles , all the way to retro Japanese games.
An independent retail store specializing in all generations console video games from everywhere in the world.
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Play-Asia is generally my go-to source for import games, and they do have a decent selection of Japanese PS1 games still available, though most are Ultimate Hits or Legendary Hits versions.
This method isn’t 100% reliable, but it’s easy to use and works on most of the original PlayStation consoles.
All PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 consoles can play PS1 games, so you can generally play import PS1 games.
Of course, the Final Fantasy series is a favorite on the original PlayStation, but let’s focus on games that are only available in Japan.
As a result, importing for the original PlayStation is pretty tricky business, at least if you want to play the imports on an original US console.
You can always try an eBay search for a Japanese PlayStation, which will most likely be the cheapest route, but you never know if you’ll get one in good condition or even if there will be one in stock.
Just keep in mind that you have to have the original Beatmania first before you can play any of the Append versions, because they actually operate as a swap disc, which also means that only some of the methods listed here will work.
Lately, the most consistent source to buy a Japanese original PlayStation is on Amazon.
The original PlayStation is one of the easiest mod chips to install, but you still have to be brave enough to open up your console and try to attach some wires to the motherboard.
This option is limited to PlayStation consoles that have the Parallel I/O port, because the cheat device has to be separate from the disc tray.
Also, for the best experience, you’ll want to pick up the special controller, the best version of which is called the “Beatmania DJ Station PRO Controller” (pictured above), and is currently only available from eBay, and there’s only one left right now.
Compared to modern consoles, the disc motor spins much slower, so there’s only a low chance of damaging it, but it is a chance you have to be willing to take in order to attempt this method.
You will have one console that plays both Japanese and American games just by putting them in, and the mod chip handles it from there.
From Pixel Junk Monsters, Flow, EveryDay Shooter, The Last Guy, and LocoRoco Cocoreccho!, to that’s more like interactive art than games, such as Tori-Emaki, Flower, and Linger in Shadows, there are simply odd and wonderful things that exist on the PS3 that don’t on the other systems.
Much like the Xbox Live Achievement system, the PS3 has a Trophies system that allows you to earn awards as you play games and compare how you’ve done against other players.
Want to play games online? That will require you to purchase an Xbox Live Gold Membership.
Want to download new games and video for your console? While it is no problem for the PS3, but you may have to purchase additional storage for some Xbox 360s and Wiis if you plan to download much of anything.
Want to get online using your WiFi network? On the Xbox 360, that will require a $100 dollar wireless upgrade kit while on the PS3 and the Wii wireless networking is built in, though the Wii requires you to buy their web browser.
While I like and own all three systems, I believe there are five things that make the PS3 the best next-generation videogame system to have, over the Xbox 360 or the Wii.
The PS3 also offers a unique and free virtual world called Home, where you can chat, hang out and play games with other PS3 owners.
5 Reasons to Buy a PlayStation 3 (Not a Wii or Xbox 360) Can’t decide which video game console to choose? We’ll help.

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