how to buy jewelry

What’s your budget? Do you want a certain type of metal or stone? Or a certain brand name? If you decide what’s important to you up-front, you’re less likely to make an impulse purchase that could lead to buyer’s remorse.
If you understand the terms that jewelers use, you’ll be better able to evaluate a piece of jewelry and decide for yourself whether it is worth the price.
The Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) is an independent, non-profit organization formed to advance ethical practices in the jewelry industry.
When you’re in the market for a piece of jewelry, compare quality, price, and service from several different retailers.
When considering a major purchase like a piece of jewelry, it’s best to make a few decisions before you begin shopping.
Look at her Over the course of a week, as you see her dressed up for different occasions — work, a dinner out, a party — take inventory of each piece of jewelry she wears, noting as best you can the nature of the jewelry.
As a result, buying the right piece of jewelry begins to feel a lot like being down to your last dart, and in the wide sprawl around the bull's-eye, around getting it right, there seems to be a thousand ways to miss the mark and get it all wrong.
For many guys, buying jewelry for a woman is intimidating and discouraging.  Like her shoes and her clothes, her jewelry speaks directly to her personal tastes, yet it uses a language and lexicon most of us find obscure and barely familiar.
How To Buy Jewelry shares our most important jewelry giving tips – from purchasing that dazzling diamond engagement ring to giving mom that perfect pearl strand.
The following guide will not only tell you how to buy jewelry, but will give you gift giving tips every shopper should know before heading to the jewelry counter or making an online purchase.
With a little preparation, education and thought, we guarantee buying jewelry will move decidedly from "a little better than a root canal" to "right up there with no calorie ice cream and winning the lottery".
Quality scissors and wire cutters are essential, but tweezers, pliers and other similar tools will help you to pick up beads, beading supplies and other jewelry findings easily.
With beaded jewelry, especially delicate necklaces and earrings, it’s important to have the right tools so you can cut excess wire, remove extra links or broken clasps and bend wire into the shapes you want.
Whether you’re a novice in jewelry making or you’ve been crafting jewelry and beading bracelets for years, you need quality jewelry supplies to create beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and more.
With the right beading supplies, jewelry-making tools and other jewelry findings, you’re sure to craft stunning pieces for your own collection and as gifts for others.
Find jewelry-making kits, especially bead kits, that offer a variety of beads and jewelry knickknacks if you can’t decide on a specific style.
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But buying jewelry – like diamonds, which we covered in our story Buying Diamonds in 5 Simple Steps – can be a complicated process for the uninformed.
But how much is that label really worth to you? According to the gemologist Stacy interviewed in the story above, when it comes to silver, for instance, just adding “Tiffany” to a silver bracelet could mean paying 80 percent more.
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We’re always taught to go for the gold and not to settle for silver, but the latter is what’s hot these days – partly because gold prices are running so high.
Whatever you end up buying, make sure you get any guarantees in writing and any certificates, if applicable, that describe the jewelry you’re buying.
(Incidentally, “finished jewelry” is a term you should remember: It means a piece that has been completely assembled, rather than, say, a ring setting that is still waiting for its center stone.) So if someone is telling you a stone is natural, you can smile and say, “Oh, it hasn’t even been heated?” Now your salesperson must either admit that it’s been heated or lie to you or simply reveal his incompetence.
Once it’s almost time to close you on a particular stone, he’ll tell you, “Let’s get out from under these halogens—they’re designed to make diamonds sparkle—and see how the diamond really looks.” Lo and behold, the diamond you like best is sparklier still.
When they do, the jeweler will simply say, “If I don’t give the best buy to my best customer once in a while, he won’t stay my best customer.” Or he’ll claim money is tight in the industry right now: “Everyone had a horrible season.” The point of all of which is that jewelry is never an investment.
Diamond Jewelry Does the thought of purchasing diamond jewelry overwhelm you? Whether you're looking for a diamond engagement ring, trying to find the perfect diamond necklace or simply searching for an elegant pair of diamond stud earrings, Zales Diamond Jewelry Guide was created to help.
Whether you're looking for bridal jewelry like a diamond engagement ring, a set of wedding bands, or a piece of fine jewelry such as one of Zales' three stone rings, our Buyer's Guide will give you the information you need to confidently navigate the world of jewelry.
Don't worry, Zales Gemstone Jewelry Buyer's Guide will direct you in how to approach details like rarity, color and stone treatments to make your search for that special piece of gemstone jewelry easy and fun.
Welcome to Zales Jewelry Buyer's Guide, where you'll find helpful articles and resources to assist you in your search for the ideal piece of jewelry.
Useful as a starting point for some or as a refresher for the more experienced, Zales Diamond Jewelry Buyers Guide will give you the confidence to make a wise decision.
Zales Watch Buyers Guide offers an excellent education for the first time buyer and a great refresher for those more experienced in buying this favored jewelry item.
Since selecting the perfect piece of jewelry requires considering style, personal taste and budget, many feel overwhelmed when selecting a ring, necklace or other item.
No matter your stone, metal or appearance preferences, our Basic Jewelry Care Guide will give you tips on how to keep jewelry clean and looking good for years to come.
Gemstone treatments or enhancements refer to the way some gemstones are treated to improve their appearance or durability, or even change their color.
Some natural gemstones can be enhanced, which means sometimes they are treated in some way (such as heat) to improve their color.
The effects of some treatments may lessen or change over time and some treated gemstones may require special care.
These stones, which can also be referred to as laboratory-grown, manufacturer-created, or synthetic, have essentially the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as natural gemstones.
Although they are similar in many ways to natural gemstones, a professional gemologist will be able to recognize their difference with proper testing.
Imitation stones look like natural gemstones in appearance only.
The purity of the metal is one of the elements that determines the price.  Gold purity is indicated with a stamp of 10K, 14K, 18K, or 24K.  And different countries have their own standards.  For example, for a piece to be considered gold in the US, it must be at least 10K.  In Britain and Canada: 9K; In Italy and France: 18K.  Anything over 18K is really too soft for everyday wear.  That’s why jewelry stores in the US sell mostly 14K.
Sterling silver has been a savvy alternative for white gold during the difficult economy, and while it used to be more popular with just the younger, edgier consumer, these days it has much more mass appeal.  So much so that retailers are now offering fine gemstones with silver–something you used to see only with gold, says Lau.
“Gold plated” and “gold overlay” mean the same thing and guarantee a thicker layer of finish than “vermeil” which is a flash finish that is thinner and less consistent, but more affordable.  Lau recommends buying vermeil finished pieces for fashionable pieces you want for a season or two.
If you’re buying jewelry worn near your face – such as earrings and necklaces – select the right metal and colors for your skin tone, eye and hair color.
If you have a large and/or wide face shape, you don’t necessarily have to wear jewelry scaled to its face size, but rather work with the shape and length to slim and elongate your face.
What Fashion Costume Jewelry to Invest In? If you want to get the most out of your money you first need to secure jewelry in simple, versatile styles and colors that cover all-year-around occasions and major daily activities.
By selecting the right jewelry you can balance out your face shape – make it look more proportional and slim down wide parts, as well as ‘fill out’ areas that need more volume and width.
Learn more about selecting the best fashion jewelry styles for your face shape.
Scale Baby, Scale! The dimension of any fashion costume jewelry (or any ornament worn on your body) should be in balance and in harmony with your body size and proportions.
Note: If the fashion costume jewelry guidelines contradict with the fashion advice for your body shape, try to look at your body figure as a whole.
On this page you’ll find shopping tips on fashion costume jewelry – what jewelry to invest in and what styles to look for that complement your personal style.
Chances are, if your local store has a fancy (green, blue, pink, red, purple, brown or yellow*) colored diamond in stock, it has been treated.
The same goes for "clarity enhancements", it makes the diamond lose virtually all it's value.
Yes, there are blood diamonds out there, but when looking to buy a diamond, ask if the store adheres to the "Kimberley Process" ( ).
G-J are considered near colorless, and if you're looking for a "white" diamond, these are the main ones you should consider.
Only a trained diamond grader (which takes a long time to become good at it) can notice and pinpoint the differences between a VS2 grade and a SI1.
Buying that special someone jewelry this holiday season? Here are a few money saving, and helpful hints to make sure you're getting the most for your money.
Treating a diamond makes it virtually worthless (yes I know some people think diamonds are anyway).
A treated diamond is like dyeing a glass of milk brown and calling it chocolate milk.
The price difference between an E SI1 diamond and a H SI1 diamond is around $900, and in a mounting, you won't notice a difference.
The next few pictures help to demonstrate clarity, and how clarity characteristics affect viewing a diamond.
Sell certified diamonds and sell non certified diamonds to give you a debt free way of raising finance to pay bills, upgrade your diamond jewelry or afford a luxury or two.
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In The Sims, some head and body skins were made so it would appear that a Sim was wearing jewelry, but it was not separate from the Sim’s head or body.
Bon Voyage added the SparkleMaster Jewelry Rack to allow Sims to buy jewelry on community lots.
While The Sims 2 did not include jewelry prior to Bon Voyage, it did make glasses separate from Sims’ heads.
Jewelry, as a distinct type of item, was added in The Sims 2: Bon Voyage.
Accessories made in this way are associated with various outfits by internal flags; the player cannot change this in-game, but these flags can be edited in SimPE.
Placed in a vacation destination, it will offer a selection of local jewelry in addition to the selection that is available on all community lots.
Once a piece of jewelry has been bought, found, or assigned in CAS, it can be put on or taken off with the Change Appearance option.
The Sims 2 also allowed creators to use custom "bins" for accessories.
Later expansion packs recognized this by using "Head Accessories" in Change Appearance, though they still used "Glasses" in CAS.
If a customer was hesitant about purchasing a piece of jewelry, we would 1) perform gold and diamond tests in front of them and 2) advise them of our policy regarding returns.
The code usually tells the pawn shop employee how much money the shop has in the piece, be it jewelry or whatever.
Most jewelry stores will readily give you 30% off regular price if you ask: called the "discretionary discount"… But you’re still getting raped.
I work in the jewelry industry and the markup at jewelry stores (even on a "good deal") is INSANE.
However, this is a good opportunity for small jewelry business when you don’t have enough money to invest in your own shop, and in the same time give your possible clients an opportunity to try your pieces.
I think you will agree with me that our main task is to create an atmosphere of Beauty, Comfort and Care in order to inspire our clients to invest money in our jewelry.
You can buy Coral in a great variety of colours that range from Dark Red, Pink, White, Spotted Pink, Orange, Blue, Violet, Black and Golden Brown.
If you wish to buy the coral jewelry from overseas, it is important to make sure that you find out if you should take a CITES permit.
You can buy a lot of jewelry designs of Coral, such as beautiful earrings, pendants, brooches, rings, tie bars, cuff links, belt buckles, pillboxes and inlaid jewelry boxes.
In Italy, Torre del Greco, near Naples is the place where the best quality of coral jewelry is made.
The best quality coral can be found in the southern Ireland, Madeira, Bay of Biscay, Canaries, Mauritius, Cape de Verde Islands, Japan, Hawaii, Australia, Mediterranean, Red Sea, Malay Archipelago and in the Japanese waters.
Make sure that the coral producer obtains the CITES permit for you before your order your coral jewelry.
The only company in the world that creates jewelry from Hawaiian Gold Coral is Maui Divers.
Before you enter the market to buy your choice of coral jewelry designs, we have some important tips from the coral jewelry buying guide.
Italy is the place that is considered the center of coral jewelry making.
With distinct look and features from Gold, Platinum or Silver jewelry, coral jewelry has become popular quite fast.
The precious Red Coral is revered high since the early civilizations for its beautiful color, texture and luster.
Pink Coral is delicate found in utmost quantity in the entire length of Hawaiian chain.
The coral that is suitable for jewelry is not generally formed in reefs.
On the off side of Maui in Hawaii, this exquisite variety of coral is found with resin or lacquered texture.
A true coral changes its color as per the physical health of the wearer.
If the color of milk will change to the one with red tinge, the coral is real.
Coral seems to be an excellent choice for jewelry.
The appearance of other variety of coral, Conchiolin Coral, can range from semi translucent to opaque.
Dyeing the calcareous coral deepens and at times changes the color and saturation with epoxy.
Each coral color has its own unique quality.
Coral jewelry is exciting to wear.
To conclude, be very alert when you go off to buy the coral jewelry you like.
It is difficult to find all the ideal conditions for the making of coral, such as right depth, intensity and temperature at one place.
When you are buying it at home, always enquire from the retailer whether the coral is imported with required CITES permit.
The physical look of the carbonate type of Coral is that it flaunts a distinct pattern of parallel stripes with a little different colour and transparence.
Place the real coral in a glass of cow’s milk.
Both the varieties of coral have glass like waxy to vitreous polish luster.
When polished, the black coral shines with beautiful luster.
The best coral should have a deep natural color.
In the whole cycle of making of coral, a marine gelatinous animal collects calcium carbonate around its body.
The dying will then hide cracks at the surface and make it fill with cavities in the low quality of Coral.
The Glass simulants of the coral lacks the ideal structure of coral.
There are all the chances for you to be mistaken with Plastic, man made Coral, Howlite, Shell, Ivory, Onyx/Calcite and Fossil Ivory as Coral.
Must buyers of coral end up in getting some other materials that are used to imitate the natural coral.
The most worthful coral is the noble red, also called corallicum rubrum.
The plastics simulants of Coral also do not have coral the structure and can possibly show molding lines.
Black coral is exotic and dramatic to look and rare to find.
The appearance of Calcareou Coral can range from semi translucent to opaque.
There are many common enhancements that are done on coral that spoil their natural qualities.
As a buyer, you should first obtain the scientific (Latin) name present in the Control List of the coral.
This makes for a sort of axial skeleton upon which the boneless coral polyps grow.
This is the reason there are less places in the world that provide best quality of coral.
There are some facts and qualities about the real coral that you should keep in mind.
For Conchiolin Coral, the materials like plastic, Chalcedony and Jet are used for imitation.
But, have you ever thought that where from coral comes actually? Coral is a sea product that grows in branches, which look much like dwarf underwater trees.
The value of pink coral depends on its rarity.
The imitation coral cannot change the milk’s whiteness.
Hawaiian Gold Coral is rare by far.
Blue Coral is thought to be in the initial stage of disintegration.
While the Conchiolin coral has hardness of 3 and good toughness.
A fully-grown coral remains covered with lime, barnacles, and salt.
The Calcareous coral has hardness of -3 1/2 to 4 and fair toughness.
You can do some tests to identify the real coral.
It is a quite common practice that cheats the coral customers.
The perfect coral does not have any dents or holes or perforations.
Smyth Jewelers is the East coast’s largest jewelry store, including the largest selection of bridal sets, engagement rings and loose diamonds on the East coast.
I got some great feedback from my stamped & beaded bracelet, and as promised, I’m going to give you all some jewelry stamping tips, in case you’re considering trying stamping (or considering hurling your stamps at something breakable out of frustration, LOL).
Thank you Adrianne for the tutorial on metal stamping! Im beginning to do bracelets and the personal touch of a stamped charm so I bought a stamp kit.
Thanks for this great tutorial! I just got started and blogged about some metal stamping project ideas and linked back here for the tut.
But for a beginner (which is who this tutorial is aimed at) who may not even know if they enjoy stamping, it's not absolutely essential to purchase before getting started, and skipping them in your first round of supplies keeps the cost down enough to make it affordable to find out if they want to keep going with it.
Was that painful? I’m sorry! But a lot of hobbies are like this (hello, scrapbooking??) – the difference in metal stamping and most other hobbies is that you buy your tools up front, and blanks are relatively inexpensive to keep using them.
I went to my hobby lobby and was looking at the stamping and thought it may be too difficult……but w/your fantastic tutorial, i’m ready to start my new projects w/confidence.
Such a great Stamping tutorial!! Using the masking tape to line up the letters is priceless.
But – assuming I haven’t scared you off with the both the financial and time investment – let me show you how to get started! I’ve got a new video I added on 4/7/14 when I brushed this post up a little, and then there is a full photo tutorial to follow.
This is the best tutorial for metal stamping I’ve ever seen.

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