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You can also go through your email contacts and send a quick email telling people that you’ve signed up for Instagram, explaining what kind of photos you’re going to post, and asking people to follow you if they’re interested.
If you post boring photos, silly text screenshots, or what you ate for lunch today, the chances are that many people don’t want to see that on their Instagram feed.
But if you leave a nice and thoughtful comment about one of their photos – and if your Instagram feed looks great – many of them will be happy to follow you back.
There’s no point in building a following on Instagram unless you keep your followers engaged, and the most important thing you can do is post high-quality photos on a regular basis.
Spending time to improve your photos will definitely pay off when you try to gain more followers on Instagram.
On the other hand, if you post multiple photos at once, there’s a good chance that you’ll annoy some of your followers who will unfollow you because they don’t want to see so many photos from you.
Go to IconoSquare, log in with your Instagram account, search for a hashtag that relates to the focus of your Instagram account, and leave comments whenever you have something to say about the photos that appear in that hashtag.

Other services will sell you “real” users, which are real people who agree to follow you on Instagram and may or may not actively take part in the community.
You might be tempted to think that rapidly filling your Instagram page with a bunch of photos will attract more followers, but quite the opposite is true.
Your chances of attracting attention from other Instagram users increase even further if you are actively and meaningfully engaged in their photos.
If this option does not appeal to you, though, there are things you can do to improve your own profile and attract others’ attention in a way that will quickly encourage other users to become your followers.
One of the quickest ways to attract the attention of other Instagram users is to begin following them first.
If you need Instagram followers in a hurry in order to market your business or get attention, the quickest way to get them is by buying them.
Others in your location might be browsing for photos of nearby places, and as a result, your photo is more likely to be seen by those people if you use a Geotag.
By becoming actively involved in a micro community, you can quickly introduce yourself to other Instagram users.
If you routinely include personal themes in your photos, you are more likely to attract a higher number of followers.
If you post while the largest number of people are on, you are more likely to get random viewers and potential followers than you would at other times of the day.
Buying Instagram followers and likes is a controversial practice of increasing your following by 100 to 10,000 people in a short period of time.
Before you consider buying Instagram likes or followers, you should try to garner an organic following.
Buying 5,000 or more likes will warrant the cheapest price per follower, but it will clue in your followers that you chose to buy, rather than earn, followers.
Use Instagram best practices to continue gaining popularity between purchasing likes and followers.
Read the advice starting in Step 1 to learn how to buy Instagram followers while retaining your credibility.
Use caution when buying followers, if you are guaranteeing social media results.
Tuna has amassed more than 850,000 Instagram followers since Dasher created the account in November 2011.
Really successful Instagram accounts tend to stick to a theme: a designer who posts behind-the-scenes peeks into the fashion industry; a food artist who does amazing things with rice and string beans; a world traveler with a flurry of snapshots from Paris, Portugal and Peru; a crafty celeb obsessive; and, of course, an abundance of adorable puppies and kittens.
Most accounts that see a surge in followers have been featured in one of three places: the app’s blog, its Explore page, or, if they’re very lucky, its suggested user list, which shows up under "Find People to Follow" in Instagram’s settings.
Pei Ketron, aka @pketron: A traveling freelance photographer who’s accumulated more than 800,000 followers since she created her account in October 2010, when Instagram first launched.
Dasher posts a new picture of Tuna every day, making sure to vary the photos with a mix of tried-and-true classics (Tuna sleeping, Tuna with his teeth sticking out) as well as a few more artful shots (Tuna posing in an American flag sweater, Tuna swaddled in a hipster scarf).
It’s easy for a themed Instagram account to grow repetitive, but being a travel photographer means that Ketron always has something new and different to share — and that’s what an audience wants.
And since we want you to feel happy, dear reader, we decided to figure out exactly how one goes about obtaining likes and followers on that most enigmatic of apps — Instagram.
Instagram promptly took note and featured Tuna in three separate posts on its personal page, growing his following substantially.
I’ve actually found a lot of people that I like to follow, which is cool, because after all everyone you follow is gonna be on your home page thing, so follow people you would actually follow normally because it’s not cool to just follow someone to unfollow them, because yeah we want followers but Instagram isn’t just about how many followers you can get, it’s about connecting people who like the same thing that normally wouldn’t have found each other and this app does a pretty good job of doing this.
Increasing your followers will instantly give you more exposure on instagram and attract more people there for more and more people choose to buy instagram followers.
When you buy Instagram followers from us you’ll receive high quality followers within a few minutes.
Foxfans is the best place to buy instagram followers and likes.
Foxfans is the best place to buy Instagram followers online.
Our followers will help your profile become more credible and trustworthy which will make it easier for you to gain new followers.
Having a large follower base on instagram will make you look more credible, reliable and obviously more popular.
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You can’t expect people to follow you if you never post any photos, so it’s important to be really active on Instagram and to stay in tune with current trends.
You might take the coolest, funniest or most beautiful picture ever – but if you post it at a time of day when no one’s online, you limit the number of people who get see it and significantly reduce your chances of gaining new followers.
There are two schools of thought when it comes to using tags – some people believe that you should attach as many tags as possible in order to maximize the amount of people who see their photo, while others believe you should stick to just 2 or 3 relevant tags.
One of the best ways for you to gain followers is to start liking photos – as many as possible.
Captioning your photos with funny, clever or unique comments or questions can be a great way to engage with your followers and also gain new ones.
Another important way to get your pictures noticed is to use some of the most popular tags – these are the tags that are constantly trending and which will help to increase your account’s visibility.
If you are an avid user of multiple social networks, then it’s a good idea to sync your Instagram account with as many of them as possible.
She loves turning a blank page or a lackluster stub into something more helpful, and her proudest accomplishment on the site has been starting How to Fix a Running Toilet, which has helped upwards of 3 million people over the years.
Step1: Follow Instagram users you are interested in to earn some coins.
Simply like photos on Instagram from other Get Likes user to earn coins.
Simply like photos on Instagram from other More Likes user to earn coins.
– Followers BOOM is designed as a directory of interesting Instagram, it is up to individual people if they want to follow you or keep following you.
Discover and follow other interesting users and earn tokens you can use to promote your account.
– The number of users you follow or followed by must not exceed 20,000 in order to enjoy the full functionality of the app.
Promote your Instagram account through the app and be visible to thousands of Instagram users.
Simply follow other Get Followers users to earn coins.
– The number of users you follow or followed by must not exceed 5,000 in order to enjoy the full functionality of the app.
When you spend credits on your photos, your photos will be displayed to other LikeRush users until they get the desired number of likes.
– When you order likes on one of your photos it is displayed to other Like4Like users until it has received the desired number of likes.
Every time you open up Instagram, you'll see new photos and videos from your closest friends, and creative people from around the world.
More Likes for Instagram lets you get more likes on your Instagram photos and videos for free.
Get Likes for Instagram lets you get more likes on your Instagram photos and videos for free.
– this app is a directory where Instagram users are classified based on what type of media they post.
– This app is a directory where Instagram users are classified based on what type of media they post.
They are all real Instagram users and they will like your photo because of they loved it.
Legit Followers: It is important to get legit Instagram followers because when so many people follow your profile, it would increase your credibility.
Individuals, celebrities and Companies that wish to take advantage of this photo sharing social networking platform are buying Instagram followers to make their cuts into the market.
Instagram is a social networking platform with a great reach and when you buy Instagram followers from a reputed and trusted organization, your chance of getting noticed increases.
While buying the Instagram followers, it is crucial to make sure that the photo shows either your product with the brand name or the logo.
Buying Instagram followers will increase your chances of being featured on popular page.
Create Brand Awareness: When you purchase Instagram followers, you attract more followers towards your posts.
You can use some popular hashtags with the pictures in order to increase the reach and when people will note that you have so many followers, they will automatically follow your post and that would be genuine.
When your profile get more followers than other, it will have an impact on the people who notice your photos, and they will tend to trust you.
At IGbay, we understand how important it is for you to get your order delivered without waiting several hours or days, that’s why we offer 10 minutes delivery time ! If you want to increase your followers and increase your social proof today, you can buy guaranteed Instagram services from the most trusted supplier on the web.
Instagram followers are social proof evidence that you and your business are Winners! You want your business to be seen as convincing, dependable, highly visible, and reliable, don’t you? Having big numbers of people following your profile makes visitors respect your business.
Great post! I’m still having trouble gaining followers on a lot of social media sites — Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest — so any info is definitely helpful!! My instagram is .
I’ve linked my Instagram with my blog’s Facebook page, and that’s been great.
You don’t want to use too many hashtags because you might seem desperate and you risk losing followers because your post will take up too much room on their newsfeed.
Good content equals more likes, comments and Instagram followers.
Once you get your Instagram going, try to have more followers than people you are following.
The point of liking and commenting on photos is not only to engage with followers but also to make people aware of your existence.
Likes: People are happy when someone likes their photo so it’s a great way to show support.
But what’s the point if no one is watching? Here is the official guide to getting more Instagram followers! (and also some ideas on how to not be an Instagram brat).
Make your Instagram unique and be selective about what food photos you post.
Instagram just got an update and now it’s easier than ever to edit photos through the app.
The Selfie/The Photos: Not to be captain obvious over here, but the most important part of your Instagram account is the photos.
Although statistically more hashtags equals more user interaction, so feel free to use relevant and popular hashtags on your post (within reason).
Instagram is like dating, you need to find a balance between playing it cool and being actively interested.
Make sure the background is nice too! It’s not cool when you have a beautiful girl with perfect make-up… and then a bunch of dirty clothes.
One way you can achieve this goal is to use a newer method of gaining followers.
If you’re looking to use Instagram as a marketing tool, or as a platform to voice your message, you may find it takes too long to get a large number of followers the conventional way, and you may run the risk of your profile getting lost in the Instagram sea.
This is fine, but it can take a long time to build the number of followers you need to make your Instagram profile a true success.
Buy with confidence! Once all the purchased Instagram followers are delivered on your account, it will quickly improve your credibility and improve your brand image, which will encourage new visitors to follow you and share your content with their friends, and this will also help to convert them into buying customers which will increase your revenues.
Make the best of it! Having online friends on Instagram is also good for you as they will promote your photos and Instagram account and share them with their own friends, which will also share it again and again with more and more people.
Check out other people’s Instagram, comment on their photos, engage people in your industry, share other people’s photos.
All these people close to you are your best fans and are most likely to share your photos with more people as they know you personally and want to help you gain recognition on Instagram.
There are many websites like and where you can upload your photos for free and earn money from sales! After buying Instagram likes for your photos, it will make you look more credible when potential buyers and publishers check them out.
Sharing your photos with everyone you met is a great personal way to gain Instagram followers.
Buying Instagram Followers is the best thing you can do to promote yourself on this social media platform.
After purchasing Instagram followers you can also do a slideshow with iMovie or other easy video editing and post the video on your Youtube Channel.
Bright and clear images: do you have Tumblr or Pinterest accounts? What kind of images do you pin? Some pretty, bright and inspiring images right? That’s exactly the type of images you should post on your Instagram.
How can you keep more than one Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account on your phone and manage this? I don’t want my personal ones to become those of the blog.
Many of you guys already use Instagram, whether it’s for business, blog or simply your own personal accounts.
Usually people start using Instagram in order to keep up to date with their friends and family but they end up using it as a source of inspiration.
Always give credit: it’s one thing to re-post someone’s content to let your followers know about a fantastic account and another very different thing to take someone’s photo in order to make your account look better.
SoNailicious Instagram was named one of the top nail Instagram accounts to follow by both, Famous magazine and Popsugar.
Start-ups can avail this speciality of Instagram and promote their business and services by posting some killer photos of them.
Are you struggling to know how to get more followers on Instagram? Are you a start-up? Instagram is an incredible platform for sharing photos and videos online through mobile devices.
You can also add prices of your products on your photos as it’s more convenient for audience to read and they can instantly compare different products on the basis of their usage and price.
It also allows you to share your photos on various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr.
This application was launched in 2010 and within a short period of time it has become so popular that now it has 80 million users! Various social networking sites have also acquired this app because of its popularity.
It will help in promotion of your business and people often share such pictures on their social networks.
You can enhance the beauty of your photos by various digital filters integrated in Instagram.

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