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A note is a legally binding document, between a lender and a buyer of property, in which the buyer promises to repay borrowed money according to the terms.
Also make sure to record the real estate note assignment at the clerk's office in the county where the property is located.
The borrower’s payment amount, payment due date, interest rate and loan amortization schedule are all clearly indicated within the real estate note document.
Run a credit check on the note seller to make sure that there are no pending bankruptcies or foreclosures that could jeopardize your position in the real estate note.
Find out the current market value of the property which secures the real estate note.
Once you agree on terms, draw up a written real estate note assignment agreement signed by you and the note seller.
Be sure to have the original real estate note security instrument, with all rights, and proper title signed over to you.

Often the principal and interest payments are structured to amortize over a 30-year period like traditional loans, but require a balloon payment — meaning the borrower must remit the entire outstanding principal — after five years.
What this means is that the seller of a private mortgage note cannot expect to sell his note for the outstanding principal balance of that note.
Depending on the other factors, such as property condition, market interest rates and the borrower’s creditworthiness, the price a note buyer would be willing to pay may be adjusted up or down accordingly.
The amount they sell for is based on the principal balance, the number of payments that have been made (referred to as “seasoning”), the number of remaining payments, the home’s appraised value and the borrower’s creditworthiness.
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The concept of “time value of money” also controls how much you should be willing to pay for a private mortgage note.
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Although their higher-than-market interest rates make them attractive as buy and hold investments, private mortgage notes can be sold and thus converted into cash.
Even if the homeowner doesn’t have the money to settle the note, we buy notes and either keep them or re-write them so other investors in our network get a nice return and the homeowner gets a lower payment.
A real estate note or mortgage note is similar to a promissory note which is a written promise or obligation to pay a specific amount, with interest, within a specific time frame.
What are the costs involved in buying a Note? Let’s say I get the Note, how do I avoid the – do I just try to contact the homeowner and see if he’ll sell the property to me for $100 in return for cancelling the ? — Once you own the note, you are the “bank.” If the place is vacant and/or you can’t track the owner down, just follow the proper procedures in your state…or find the homeowner and do a deed in lieu.
What are the costs involved in buying a Note? Let’s say I get the Note, how do I avoid the foreclosure – do I just try to contact the homeowner and see if he’ll sell the property to me for $100 in return for cancelling the foreclosure? — You buy at whatever good discount you can get from the current property value – not the unpaid balance (as they could be underwater) and it still makes sense to you.
Let’s Meet in Dallas, Texas! I just accepted an invitation to speak at the upcoming Note Expo Convention and hope you’ll join me in attending this event dedicated to real estate note investing.
I numbers! They always seem so validating – especially when they are on the rise! We got our hands on the latest seller financing statistics for 2013, the top 10 producing states, and a preliminary analysis of the impact of the Dodd-Frank Act on note creation for 2014.
Some questions are about the potential money that can be made, some are about finding more notes, and some are about what it really takes to run a great note business.
One of the wonders of the note business is the ability to invest in notes with little or no cash of your own using the partial or tail-end structure.
Knowing how to find cash flow notes is the most important skill note brokers and buyers can learn.
When dealing with a mortgage note seller, what is the most important element of the negotiation process? The amount of the discount? How long it takes to fund? The reputation / credibility of your company? At the end of the day, it is none of the items listed above.
However, finding investors to buy a business note without real estate as collateral is a bit more challenging.
We are pleased to share this investor interview from the Directory of Note Buyers and introduce you to Troy Fullwood, owner of Pinnacle Investments.
Before I get into what I don’t like about the note industry let me start with… What do I like “most” about the note industry? It is a frequent question people ask with numerous answers depending on where my head is at the time the question is posed.
Note Investors fall into one of four groups, but which one is right for you? Safe to say it’s not "The Posers!" Here’s a look at each group including tips for finding and selecting the best note buyer.
If so, you can purchase a note within a self-directed IRA! That way the monthly note payments and interest earned can stay in the retirement account tax deferred or even tax-free with a self-directed Roth IRA.
It’s also a good idea to start by brokering a couple of notes to understand the underwriting and closing process used by other note buyers.
In other words, just because you’re not putting money in a FDIC insured savings does not mean you can’t minimize the risk of an alternative asset – with an even bigger yield on your investment.
Traditional thinking is to sock away your hard-earned money into a regular retirement account and hope your nest egg is big enough by the time you retire.
We also provide great resources, documents, and manuals in the bookstore based on our real life experience in the note business since 1988.
Great performing note secured by a cash-flowing 5 unit residential property.
Quorum View Condominiums is a well located 90 unit built as private condominium homes property located in Carollton, Texas, just north of Dallas, Texas.
If you are a note investor, broker, bank, or seller, NoteMarketPlace will help you buy and sell notes with ease.
ProspectNow is a great tool to find thousands of commercial and private note holders.
Want to invest in real estate notes? Have a note to sell? Connect directly with note buyers and sellers.
Private seller would like to sell performing note.
The mechanics surrounding the purchase of ANY real estate secured debt instrument (the note) are essentially the same whether you are purchasing from a private note holder or from a bank-type lender.
Once you own the actual debt instrument (the note) there are a number of options available for you to pursue in an attempt to collect or get the note instrument performing.
What better way to learn the mortgage note-buying business than from a 20-year in-the-field veteran? I’m Kent Anderson and I was introduced to the note business in July of 1988 by attending a “How To Buy Mortgages” workshop led by Michael Ira Meeker.
Get the best note-buying secrets in the industry all wrapped up in a clear-cut 3-step system to show you the best way to buy mortgage notes and cash flows… including note broker training.
My perspective on discount note-buying was unique, however: I took those profits, placed them into my self-directed retirement account and by this action set up the power of tax-deferred (even tax-free) compounding of those very good yields for years.
Fascinated, I was off and running, soaking up every seminar by every reputable instructor for years, even while operating my own successful mortgage note-buying, cash-flow business.
This course lays it all out for you: how to control your own financial future… how to maximize your retirement income with real estate IRAs… how to use my tried and true strategies to develop cash flow.
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Today large note buyers are in the market to buy notes you find.
You will find notes for yourself when you are in the active marketplace, buying and selling, and being a broker.
 When you talk to note sellers, buying for your own account, will you know how to offer a full buy or only a partial buy? Or, will you buy a whole note and sell off a partial? How well do you understand the note seller’s motives? That’s a key element in your buying negotiations.
Just suppose: What if you wanted to find the real truth, no bull, about how to buy notes for investment income.
Or, if you never again want to punch a clock, then you could find notes and broker them.
Books have been written on the countless ways (101?) to find notes.
Now for the investing part: You won’t find notes to buy with a decent yield in classified ads.
The problem breaks down to being able to find notes and then to buy them.
My philosophy is the same as Blue Bell Ice Cream’s slogan: ‘We eat all we can and we sell the rest.’” Oh, sure, you can find an investor/partner who will put up the money for you.
If you are interested in finding sellers of mortgage notes for sale, then register at LoanMLS today to see all the loans listed for sale.
If you are interested in finding mortgage notes for sale, then register at LoanMLS today to see all the loans listed for sale.
If you are thinking about investing in mortgage notes, then register at LoanMLS today to see all the loans listed for sale.
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A buyer of mortgage note should understand that all information about the loans are provided by the seller of mortgage notes and you will need to contact them with any questions you may have.
A buyer of mortgage note should realize that all information about the loans are provided by the seller of mortgage notes and you will need to contact them with any questions you may have.
LoanMLS does not provide specific advice about the mortgage notes for sale on this site.
LoanMLS does not give advice on the mortgage notes that investors are thinking about buying on this website.
A buyer of mortgage note should understand that all information about the loans are provided by the seller of mortgage notes.
LoanMLS is the country’s leading destination online to sell and buy mortgage notes.
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Real estate notes are a form of real estate investment that is created when a loan provider sells the repayment terms to another party, usually that party is an investor.
Basically, whoever is the holder of the real estate note is the party that receives repayment from the borrower on the loan, no matter who financed it originally.
Hi, this is Frank Chen with, the only site you need as a real estate investor.
Join us on the training with Terry Bontemps to learn Step – by Step how to do the same with your real estate business TODAY! Terry has bought and been involved with over $45 million dollars of (U.P.B) in 2nd Mortgage Notes from banks.
Terry Bontemps who is an expert and leading authority in the 2nd Mortgage Notes niche is going to show you step – by step exactly how he does it.
If you are interested in finding sellers of notes for sale, then register at LoanMLS today to see all the loans listed for sale.
If you are interested in finding notes for sale, then register at LoanMLS today to see all the loans listed for sale.
If you are thinking about investing in notes, then register at LoanMLS today to see all the loans listed for sale.
LoanMLS lets you search for notes and other types of loans that are for sale.
LoanMLS provides the best way for brokers, lenders, bankers, institutions, and investors to buy notes, fund notes, and sell notes.
However, in the current market, those who can get right to the source and buy good notes from banks (even if they haven’t been performing perfectly recently) can effectively use them to build up their nest eggs in the short term as well as enjoy high income returns.
Savvy real estate investors have been acquiring notes from banks as long term cash flow vehicles for years.
You can buy notes from banks which haven’t performed perfectly, get borrowers back on track, season the note with one-time payments and flip it as the property value comes back and your interest rate remains far superior to what else is on the market.
Note flippers have been around for a while, too, but most simply don’t have a great source for good notes or don’t really have enough knowledge and experience to make significant profits in the short term.
If you have the right and connections to buy notes direct from banks you can often simply flip them immediately to those with less time and expertise, who are happy to have someone feed them notes for a smaller spread, providing they don’t have to do any heavy lifting.
With over 11 years of experience in the real estate and mortgage industries Tim brings a unique perspective to his writing gained from hands on experience and knowledge of many facets of the lending business.
I heard Terry Bontemps speak about purchasing defaulted notes at a discount from banks and other financial institutions.  On one (or maybe several) calls, Terry mentioned a marketing technique of calling banks in our area and just asking them if they sell their defaulted notes.  So last week, I got up the courage to call some banks and credit unions in my area.  Still undeterred, I called a third bank and, after getting to the right person, WOW!!!!!  I think I struck pay dirt!!!!! I told the woman what my company does, borrowing (using) Terry’s experience as my company’s experience and she began to tell me what they had, what they were doing, and what they hoped to do in the near future.  She asked me to meet with her as she wanted to know more about my company and its objectives, so we set an appointment to meet.
Negotiating with banks and homeowners & learning what to say are only a few of the topics that Terry covers in his step-by-steps scripts designed for beginners and pros alike in his “Buy the Note – Become the Bank and GET RICH Defaulted Note Buying Training course.
In just 2 hours of his presentation, Terry made me want to learn more about the Defaulted Note Buying business and he motivated me to sign on for his complete real estate mentoring program.
With this training course you get Terry’s personal phone number to call him with your questions.  You get 3 FREE One-on-One Coaching Calls with Terry Included with All the Bonuses Above.  Very rarely does a real estate guru give you their cell phone number to call if you need help.
A valuation methodology for purchasing defaulted mortgage loans should take into account, on a net present value basis or capitalization rate basis, both the cash flow and liquidation value of the real estate, as well as the expense and length of time it will take to convert the loan into ownership of the real estate collateral.
Other important factors that the DIV methodology took into account included the length of time to recover the collateral out of a borrower bankruptcy proceeding, the time period to market and sell the real estate after foreclosure, assumptions regarding the availability of interim cash flow to the lender, and expenses that would be incurred by the lender in the entire process.
Assuming there is no fatal flaw in the loan documents, the rights of the lender will include the right to foreclose on the mortgage and become the owner of the real estate.
Similarly, discussions of due diligence in connection with purchasing defaulted mortgage loans all too often focus only on the attributes of the underlying real estate and not the mortgage loan itself.
Additionally, the loan seller should confirm the completeness of the due diligence file and identify any material correspondence to or from the borrower and to or from governmental entities regarding the real estate.
Ultimately, the length of time and the cost of converting the paper into owning the real estate will depend on the specific attributes of the mortgage loan.
Editor’s Note: Beginning with this inaugural e-newsletter, real estate lawyers at McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP will alternate writing a monthly column that addresses various aspects of commercial real estate distress, ranging from best loan resolution practices to loss mitigation strategies.
Gauging the risk of whether the borrower will file bankruptcy is an important part of pricing a distressed debt purchase, and knowing whether or not you will have an effective carve-out guaranty as part of your loan documents is very important.
Login to your account and from the "My Accounts" page, click on the BuyDirect® tab, select Notes, click on the security you wish to purchase, the amount of your purchase, and whether you wish to reinvest this security.
When you buy a note in TreasuryDirect, we withdraw the purchase price from the source of funds you specify, which could be one of your bank accounts or your Certificate of Indebtedness (C of I).
The system uses your preferred registration and the primary bank you identified in your account, and schedules your purchase for the next available auction date.

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