how to buy quaaludes

diazepam(valium) and considering that methaqualone and benzos have pretty similar effects(both act on GABA-a; produce CNS depression inducing intoxication, euphoria, feeling drunk, lowered inhibitions, sedation) buyers of these fakes often think they are getting "ludes".
It’s not actually a barbiturate, it’s a sedative/hypnotic which has similar effects to barbiturates – it’s big claim to fame when it was first marketed was being "non-addictive" (it’s amazing how many drugs marketed on this basis turn out to be just as addictive than the drugs they’re replacing).
Im here in South Africa where you can apparently still get real Mandrax, never tried it as apparently the local product can only be smoked, and I dont really smoke drugs but hell the constant mentions of the legendary "Quaaludes " makes it difficult to resist.
if you ever are lucky enough to find a reliable source or hook up, have fun but be safe, ludes aren’t "safe" like benzos.
After the legal manufacture of the drug ended in the United States in 1982, underground laboratories in Mexico continued illegal manufacture of methaqualone all through the 1980s, continuing the use of the "714" stamp, until their popularity waned in the early 1990s.
the real ludes my dealer has comes from these countries, other "quaaludes" in the U.S. are usually fake containing diazepam.
How does it feel like a mix between a benzodiazepine and a barbiturate if it’s just a barbiturate? Unless you are talking about the fake quaaludes that were around more recently after real ones were taken off the market, that were mostly just benzos and/or antihistamines, basically just stuff to sedate you.
Quaalude Bottle relives the carefree days of the seventies glam era with empty bottles, coffee mugs, and t-shirts with the iconic drug emblazoned on the front.
Q" refuses to let go of the glory days and is selling a cornucopia of gear devoted to the iconic (and super illegal) drug, the Quaalude.
The only syrup being taken away, and the only true “Lean,” or “Sizzurp,” is the one manufactured by Actavis, known as "Prometh," a variety of promethazine codeine syrup that is purple, usually with an orange label.
After the 3 hours has elapsed allow the solution to cool to about 80C and pour it into 150 ml of dH2O the dark purple resin created in the previous step will settle to the bottom and stick all over the sides of the flask.
Now take the water solution and pour it into the rb flask you did the reaction in and swirl around until you dissolve the part you couldn’t pour out of the rb flask.
Filter the boiling hot solution into a suitable flask and rinse the filter paper through the funnel with the other flask of hot water.
Instead, after the 3 hour reaction, leave the dark purple solution in the reaction vessel (for this you should probably use a 250ml flask of some sort) and add twice the volume of acetone.
Drying will form sticky goo with a few crystals in it, return the stir stick to the flask and swirl to get the crystals into the solution.
The magnesium sulfate should dissolve and the solution should remain purple, if you get brown precipitate and the water starts to clear, go find another source for magnesium sulfate.
Allow the water to cool and chill to recover the crystalline methaqualone.HCl. This will be pure white fluffy crystals with the only contaminant left being the filter fibers that you scrap off when you gather the crop.
After the addition of all the toluene, let the solution set with continued stirring for 4-5 hours until the ice has melted and the water bath returned to room temperature.
Pour 60cc of water, 120 grams of powered iron and the 150 or so ml of nitrotoluene made previously into the flask and start stirring.
You poured the purple viscous liquid into the 150ml of water and took the ph to 9 stirring all the time to make sure it mixed well, but a big glob of the sticky purple stuff has adhered to the stir stick and you can’t get it loose.
You will see bubbles being formed and rising to the top of the hot solution, this is water being evolved from the reaction, not the o-toluidine boiling.
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The following list are all the citations in Microgram or Microgram Bulletin of Quaalude Lemmon 714 mimic tablets containing diazepam or (less commonly) a mixture of diazepam and another controlled substance.* Not included are approximately another dozen citations of “Quaaludes containing diazepam” that did not contain logo information or photos.
[“Counterfeits” contained methaqualone, “mimics” contained one or more of a variety of controlled substances (not including methaqualone), and “fakes” contained no controlled substances.] The licit and illicit Quaaludes submitted to forensic laboratories between about 1975 and 1980 were primarily Rorer 714s, but the William H.
This reflected the enormous extent of Quaalude abuse, which rivaled marijuana abuse in 1980 and 1981, and in fact the Lemmon 714 tablet is by far the most illicitly replicated pharmaceutical product in the history of the Drug Enforcement Administration, with at one time over 250 different exemplars in the Reference Collection at the DEA Special Testing and Research Laboratory.
As stocks of methaqualone dried up worldwide, clandestine manufacturers quickly settled on diazepam as the controlled substance of choice for Lemmon 714 mimics, and virtually all such tablets submitted to forensic laboratories since 1990 were determined to contain only diazepam.
The reason even looked this up is because I thought because of my Age I'd never see one but I just watched The wolf of wallstreet and he was getting ludes until 1995 at least.. so they must be around somewhere.. I know the move is a movie but it was a true story and they went into great great detail about Quaaludes.
They're what was available during a very special time, but it's never going to be the 70's again, even if you manage to get your hands on some methaqualone.
So Cobin, a North Miami native, started a business,, selling Quaalude merchandise such as hats, mouse pads, and coffee mugs that people could use to advertise their party credentials.
It was synthesized in India, popularized in Britain, and named after a shortened version of "quiet interlude." In Miami, Cobin says, it was ridiculously easy to get the drug.
End the Federal Reserve/audit the gold reserves at Fort Knox, abolish the IRS, end all wars and occupancies, stop the building of an empire that will inevitably fail, and cut all unconstitutional federal programs.
AFAIK barbiturates were replaced by benzodiazepines not only because they’re safer, but also because they involve less euphoria – so that means barbs (and quaaludes which are "barbiturate-like") are probably a lot more fun than the benzos.
Idk about "legal" but xanax or valium are pretty damn close, im pretty sure thats why they stopped making Quaaludes in the first place because xanax, valium, etc.
Is this what drug-war success looks like? That rarity of rarities where authorities actually stopped a drug on the time-honored path from miracle medicine to street scourge, and sidetracked it into some relatively harmless retro arena where it is bothersome only as a cultural cliché? The folks at Frontline think so, and argue that if the same tactics used against Quaalude had been used against methamphetamine, a global speed epidemic might have been averted.
The substances listed as medicinal drugs in Polyanthea Medicinal run the gamut from dog feces to powdered pearls, and from ordinary table salt to mysterious stones "found on the beach of Casomdama in the Kingdom of Angola," which, "after being put in wounds caused by any venomous beast, will draw out the venom." The unusual range of Semedo’s pharmacy led one nineteenth century Portuguese medical student to remark in his doctoral thesis that he believed the book would "nauseate" any modern reader.
The fruits of this alliance are very much still with us — whenever you see an advertisement for Lipitor or Adderall in a magazine or on a billboard, or your physician offers you a free sample of a drug given to him by a pharmaceutical sales rep, you’re unwittingly taking part in a tradition that dates back to the first era of entrepreneurial drug merchants in the second half of the seventeenth century.
Following the public praise of opium preparations by the leading physician of the late seventeenth century, Thomas Sydenham, opium and laudanum became the celebrated "wonder drug" of eighteenth century medicine.
This sort of thing might not quite have the same form or content as the 1950s advertisement for methamphetamine that begins this post, but it was the beginning of a long tradition that wed drug marketing with global capitalism and print culture.
In his book Polyanthea Medicinal (Lisbon, 1697), a Portuguese doctor and seller of remedios secretos ("secret remedies") named João Curvo Semedo listed hundreds of early modern drug recipes.
Early advertising, such as this ad from the late 1880s, marketed the drink as a health tonic that relieved exhaustion and nervous strain – as it surely did. Interestingly, the note at left shows how it was also marketed as a "temperance drink." Cocaine had not yet gained infamy as an illicit drug at this point.
If the Oscar for Best Actor was determined by the most talked about performance from each year then I think the case for handing the statue to Leonardo DiCaprio for his work in The Wolf of Wall Street would be a pretty easy one to make as it is a performance that continues to draw attention.
Recently the folks over at the Conan O’Brien Show sent over some clips featuring Wolf director Martin Scorsese discussing the scene and how he hired an on-set expert, though he could have just "put a few words in" himself based on his own 1970s experience.
Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor told of these intimate stories about her upbringing in her memoir, titled ‘My Beloved World’, which is due to be released in January.
Sotomayor says she was working as a prosecutor when she gave Nelson a lift to what he told her only after the fact was a drug den in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx and waited for him in her car while he shot up heroin inside.
Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor revealed the fact that her ex-husband brought a bag of Quaaludes to his new wife on their wedding night.
But where Thomas has become a strong opponent of affirmative action and says he felt stigmatized by the racial preference that also helped him get into Yale, Sotomayor says she took the opportunity to join the elite and ran with it.
One potentially political stance that Sotomayor takes in the book is one of support for affirmative action as she credits it to the reason why she was admitted to Princeton University and Yale School.
Much of the book is spent discussing Sotomayor’s underprivileged upbringing in the South Bronx, where her family was so poor that they never had a bank account.
Given her position as one of the three-serving female judges on the country’s highest bench, Sotomayor wrote only about her life leading up to her judicial career, purposefully avoiding any potential conflicts of interest.
In her book, Sotomayor relates several instances where she blacked out and was found unconscious, including by a roommate at Princeton, a client in Venice, Italy, and a friend’s barking dog.
Sotomayor went on to describe how her personal health battle with diabetes caused her to fear dying at a young age and, in turn, stopped her from having children.
DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort character (the movie is based on Belfort’s memoir of the same name) seems to thrive on ‘ludes — a tranquilizer that you’d be hard-pressed to find in the U.S. today.
But the drugs act as a fuse for all of the Wall Street selling that Belfort oversees at his firm in the late 1980s and early ’90s.
DiCaprio revels in his role as Belfort — a cult-like figure who inspires his sales team to unload crappy penny stocks to unwitting buyers.
It is the kind of movie that will inspire (mostly) men of a certain age (I am guessing 15 to 55) to memorize scenes and forever trade their favorite lines over and over.
Leonardo DiCaprio compares "The Wolf of Wall Street" to a "modern-day Caligula" in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.
People who remember Quaaludes (a/k/a Sopor, Parest, and Mandrax) seem to think that they were the best drug ever, and yet the only place where illicit methaqualone is readily available today is South Africa.
But, well what I know from some Older Friends…QUAALUDES MADE WOMAN all HORNY and Relaxed and WANTING SEX…Plus it was AMAZING SEX….. People would take RORERS or LEMON 714’s with Beer and even eat 2 or more.
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Identifiers CAS number76-41-5 ATC codeN02A PubChemCID 5284604 DrugBankDB01192 ChemSpider4447650 UNII9VXA968E0C KEGGD08323 ChEMBLCHEMBL963 Synonyms14-Hydroxydihydromorphinone Chemical data FormulaC17H19NO4 Mol.
Identifiers CAS number1622-61-3 ATC codeN03AE01 PubChemCID 2802 DrugBankDB01068 ChemSpider2700 UNII5PE9FDE8GB KEGGD00280 ChEBICHEBI:3756 ChEMBLCHEMBL452 Chemical data FormulaC15H10ClN3O3 Mol.
Identifiers CAS number82626-48-0 ATC codeN05CF02 PubChemCID 5732 DrugBankDB00425 ChemSpider5530 UNII7K383OQI23 KEGGD08690 ChEBICHEBI:10125 ChEMBLCHEMBL911 Chemical data FormulaC19H21N3O Mol.
Here he is detailing on Conan how he used his own personal experiences to help ensure the scenes from The Wolf of Wall Street were true to life.
I’m not sure what response this will get- but i wasn’t much of a fan of Wolf of Wall Street.
3 hours of Scorsese off his face on quaaludes on an airplane? i’d of much rather watched that.
It’s also funny how they hired a quaaludes expert to be on the set and coach the cast how to act when using the drug.
<quoted text>thank you…my point exactly…anyone can google numbnuts…but for your info they were called "horse tranquilizers" at one time…whether its true or not i wouldnt know nor do i care…never did a lude dude…smoked my share tho…and yours too, beeeeeeeeyatch.
thank you…my point exactly…anyone can google numbnuts…but for your info they were called "horse tranquilizers" at one time…whether its true or not i wouldnt know nor do i care…never did a lude dude…smoked my share tho…and yours too, beeeeeeeeyatch.