how to buy sheets for a pillow top mattress

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Deep-pocket sheets are meant for pillow-top mattresses and are available in three depths: 7 inches to 14 inches (standard), 15 inches (deep) and 16 inches to 22 inches (extra deep).
Specially made sheets for pillow-top mattresses are available; however, it is important to know the depth of your mattress before purchasing sheets.
Sheets with elastic on all four sides fit pillow-top mattresses better.
If you are unable to find fitted sheets with the appropriate depth, consider using straps with sheets for regular mattresses.
You can also use flat sheets that are one size larger than your pillow-top mattress and tuck the sides under the mattress.
Mattresses come in all thicknesses and the thickest of the bunch–the pillow top mattress–averages a depth of 20 inches, leaving you scratching your head each night when your sheets roll up at the corners.
I have a queen size pillowtop mattress.
i have a queen size pillowtop mattress.
i can't find sheets that fit properly.
i can't find sheets that fit properly.
Thank you.        visit us now at the  Venus Rising Limited Store   HOW TO PROPERLY MEASURE YOUR BED MATTRESS POCKET DEPTH: I Want my New Egyptian Cotton Sheets Set to Fit Properly: How Do I Correctly & Accurately Measure Bed Mattress Pocket Depth/Height for Cal King, King or Queen Bed Mattress Sizes? It’s important to know your Bed Mattress Depth in order to ensure proper fit of your new Egyptian Cotton Sheets, Duvet Comforter Cover Set or new Bedding investment.
Know your Mattress Pocket Depth before purchasing New Bed Linens and, whenever possible, consider purchasing a Luxury Mattress less than 17" in total Pocket Depth.  Please help us help you, by taking a moment to click the ‘Yes’ button at the bottom of this article if this Guide has answered your question.
Most consumers are not aware that the finest Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets and Fine Linens are not cut to the same Mattress Dimensions of their purchase. Striving to meet consumers’ desire for what they believe to be ‘bigger and better,’ the major Mattress manufacturers including Sealy, Simmons and Serta have created deeper and deeper Luxury Bed Mattresses. These types of Mattresses are called Deep Pocket or Ultra-Deep Pocket, many of which additionally include built-in Pillowtop Toppers.
Thank you.        visit us now at the  Venus Rising Limited Store   Most U.S. Bed Mattresses for Cal King, King, or Queen Mattress Sizes range between 10" to 17" in Pocket Depth.
The finest Bed Linens, which include Luxury Italian Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets, individual Bed Sheets and even Luxury Blankets, such as 100% Pure Cashmere, are typically designed to fit up to 17-inch Deep Mattresses. This 17"-inch height standard is true for Bed Sizes including California King (aka Cal King or Western King), traditional King Size (aka Eastern King) and Queen Size Mattresses.
Thank you.        visit us now at the  Venus Rising Limited Store   Be aware that Specialty Sizes of Bed Mattresses, including what is known as the Olympic Queen Simmons Mattress and the Dual King Sizes are not standard, and that the Mattress manufacturer should be contacted regarding where to find appropriate Bedding to fit these sizes. The same is true for other major manufacturers and models such as Serta, Sealy, Sleep Number, Duxiana and others.
In the rare instances where 18" to 20" Italian Sheets are available, keep in mind that you’ll pay in the range of $200-$300 additional, typically, for the extra 1-3" of Pocket Depth. Use the Guide below to Learn About Measuring Mattress Depth, and ask yourself whether that extra inch or two is really worth it.
I just got a queen size pillow top mattress.
Look for a queen size with deep sides, they are made for extra thick mattresses.
What size fitted sheet does it take.
If none of that works, you could buy a king flat sheet and tuck the edges in all around to approximate a fitted sheet.
I have a queen pillow top as well and I use queen extra-deep sheets.
The queen size doesnt fit to well.
We have a pillowtop waterbed replacement mattress (California queen – it is longer than a standard queen, and it is deep to fill the waterbed frame) and even the cheapo queen sheets from Target fit it.
I’ve had pillow tops for lie 10 and 15 years with no signs of wear at all.In a firm matress they make all the difference in confort to me.
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It goes without saying that the base linens (sheets and pillow covers) will be laundered after each set of guests.  However, there is an argument that all bedding should be fresh, which can create issues if you use heavy comforters that are not designed for frequent washing.  The best choice is to use good quality duvets with removable covers that are laundered along with the sheets.
The beds in your vacation rental are not the place for the sheets and pillow covers you have worn out at home.  Look at them as you would if you were entering a boutique hotel room.  Do they look like they are good quality, well ironed and welcoming?  The bedroom is one of the first places your guests will check out, so make sure the quality is high.
Just because you enjoy a light covering on your own bed, does not mean your guests will as well.  Some like a warm room and thin bed covers; others would prefer cooler temperatures and snuggle down under a thick quilt.  Making up a bed with sheets, a cellular blanket, and a duvet or comforter on top give them a choice as to what they will use.
Tip:  Avoid the cheap offers of ‘high thread count’ sheets often seen in sidewalk sales and home shows.  Similarly priced lower thread count option are often much better quality.  Make sure you feel them before buying.
One study found that kids with asthma who were allergic to dust mites were able to cut their medicine in half when they used mattress and pillow covers.
You can find dust mite covers for mattresses, pillows, and box springs at mattress and allergy supply stores and in a variety of materials.
Each year, dust mites cause about 200,000 people with asthma to go to the emergency room.
Dust mites are everywhere — anywhere there are people or animals, warm temperatures, and high humidity.
In fact, within 10 years, dead dust mites and their waste can double the weight of your mattress.
Dust mites settle down in carpet, draperies, stuffed animals, and upholstered furniture.
I will say that if I had a new baby sleeping in a crib it would be my number one shopping priority to buy a 100% natural crib mattress (probably made of organic cotton and wool) with zero added flame retardants and a wool puddle pad for protection.
Should you sidestep flame retardant regulations and get an untreated mattress? First, keep in mind that by sticking to natural materials like cotton and wool (rather than foam), your mattress is already less flammable.
After following the flame retardant controversy for several years, it is my opinion that the evidence for the harm caused by flame retardant chemical treatments is far more substantial and definitive than the evidence that flame retardant chemical treatments actually prevent fire injuries or save lives.
In fact your mattress and its sheets and pillows provide the ideal habitat for dust mites to thrive: lots of crevices and folds to hide in, nice and warm and a constant supply of dead skin to feed on.
This baking soda and essential oil clean works really well if you want to freshen up your entire pillow top mattress pad and get rid of those pesky mites.
If the label on your pillow top mattress pad indicates that it is not washable, or you have a stain that is proving just too stubborn to remove at home, then it is time to seek expert help.
There are several ways to clean a pillow top mattress pad and the one you choose will depend on the severity of any stain, and the results you wish to achieve.
The result should be a clean, fresh smelling mattress free of dust mites and dead skin.
The first thing to emphasize is that if you want to keep your pillow top mattress pad clean, then you should be using a mattress cover.
Every week, or more if you choose, simply remove the mattress cover, wash it in hot water in the washing machine, dry it and replace on the bed.
A good quality pillow top mattress can provide wonderful cushioning and comfort for a great night’s sleep, especially if you suffer from any kind of back or muscle pain.
Above: A generously sized Flat Sheet big enough to be tucked in all around the mattress is available in five sizes at prices ranging from $140 to $220 from Rough Linen.
Above: Bed linens made of linen; a  Pure Belgian Linen Sheet ($154 for queen size) and a lightweight Summer Cover ($220 for a queen size) are available from Rough Linen.
On her bed Tricia has a White Goose Down Pillow; available in standard, queen, and king sizes at prices ranging from $104.99 to $172.49 at Warm Things.
Above: A set of standard size Garment-Dyed Linen Pillowcases is $65 and a Garment-Dyed Linen Flat Sheet is available in 18 colors; from $55 to $109 depending on size at Restoration Hardware.
(After all, this category of textiles is called bed linens for a reason.) "What I about linen is you can stand at the end of the bed and with both hands go ‘flick," and it looks beautiful, wrinkles and all," Tricia said.
"The silly thing is there isn’t a standard for the sizes of duvet infills, so you can’t just buy ‘queen’ or ‘king’ and be done with it; you have to measure your duvet cover," said Tricia.
"Virtually any bed looks beautiful if it has a woman lying naked in it, on her side, seen from behind, with a sheet carelessly draped across her bottom," Tricia said.
For tips on bed-making (and a philosophical discussion about what the state of your bed says about you), I turned to Tricia Rose, a bedding expert who owns Rough Linen and has given a lot of thought to the topic.
Instead, stuff a comforter inside a duvet cover (preferably a linen one) and let the cover do the job of a sheet.
Fitted sheets never fit properly and they never look good." Instead, she suggests, use a big flat sheet—if necessary, buy one that’s a size larger than your mattress—and tuck it tightly around the mattress.
What is cassette construction?  Top quality Featherand Down Mattress Toppers are ‘cassette’ constructed.This ‘baffling’ or ‘cassette’ process refers to sewing construction of the topper in a grid pattern, which stops the feather and down from shifting and prevents empty patches and clustering.
Unlike a retail pillow-top mattress, our ‘Five-star hotel’ Mattress Toppers are filled with feather and down and are fitted with corners straps, allowing the topper to be removed and aired.
What things do I look out for when buying Mattress Toppers?  The best mattress toppers are ‘cassette constructed’ and encased in a high thread count, 100% cotton casing providing year round luxury and durability.
Our toppers, measure  between 6cms and 10cms in depth and our hotel Mattress Toppers are also designed with ‘baffling’, ensuring the feather and down contents do not bunch.
Can I use an electric blanket with a mattress topper?  It is recommended to place electric blanket under the topper so that the warmth is radiated up from below the topper, which should increase the toppers loft and warmth.
For those who have experienced mattress toppers in ‘6 Star’ Asian hotels, the double layered  ‘Presidential’ Mattress Topper is the top of our range and has the bottom layer filled with feathers and the top layer filled with down.
"The Cloud" Gen II was then also developed with a lower percentage of Down and a greater overall mass of fill, (10% Down & 90% small soft Feather) so that the lesser quantity of the very expensive Down kept the price of this still high quality style to a minimum and making it a more affordable option to more Hotel groups and consumers who were still wanting a genuine feather down bed topper.
"The Cloud" Gen II which is Australia’s most affordable genuine Hotel bed topper, has been cleverly designed with the same quality materials, only different weight and percentage specifications to ensure it also offers an extremely high degree of mattress comfort at a very affordable price.
The higher Down component of "the Cloud" Platinum, is from where the superior luxurious feel and softness comes, because the small Feather and Down traps plenty of air quickly to perform efficiently as a lighter weight, world class bed topper which has no equal in this part of the world.
The result is that "The Cloud" Platinum and "The Cloud" Gen II both offer an exceptional experience of mattress comfort, superior to any other feather bed topper available in Australasia.
"The Cloud" is the genuine Feather Bed Topper as seen in the world’s best Hotels and they are fully reversible and do not require any type of fastening to the mattress.
Down traps more air than Feather and also at a faster rate, so "The Cloud" Platinum has the perfect combination of both small Feather/Down in both the mix and mass to support the weight of a body with a cloud like experience.
The wall height of the internal baffles on both "The Cloud" Platinum and the Gen II is 6 cm, however due to the quantity and density of the Down and Soft Feather inside, the total height of "The Cloud" feather bed topper can be much higher when fully aired.
For years I’ve bought my sheets at places such as Ross (which seems to be a bit cheaper than T.J. Maxx.) Yes, it takes more time because you don’t know what they’ll have size, color and price-wise, but since I don’t think anyone’s ever had an urgent need to buy sheets (get me a cotton percale queen size set in sage stat!) I’ve been able to wait.
I’ve bought sheets that don’t last for more than a year or two — and for our bed, we have two sets of flannel for winter and two sets of regular for summer, so it’s not like the same sheet set is getting 365 days of use.
I have used Wamsutta Elite Sateen 100% Pima Cotton 250 thread count sheets for eleven years.
Whoa – I’ve found good Egyptian cotton sheets at Target in the past.
Now, if you happen to want microfiber sheets, these might very well be a bargain for you (although a lot of people claim they have poor seam quality, and more ethically sold microfiber sheets aren’t terribly expensive either), but if you actually think you’re getting a great deal on cotton, think again.
Surprisingly the two best sheet sets (crisp, comfortable, not too wrinkly) are cotton percale sheets from the Company Store, and Martha stewart sheets from looong ago that are actually part cotton, part polyester.