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Those are the kinds of situations that investors who buy coin silver and small gold coins for survival purposes want to protect against.
If you are considering buying silver and gold for survival purposes and would like to discuss the matter or if you would like to know more about silver coins and silver bullion coins, call us at 800-528-1380.
Anyone using gold or silver coins to buy goods or services would not be asked, “What’s the mint mark on your coin?” Nor will they be asked, “When was it minted?” The question would be, “What’s the gold content?” Hand someone a St.
During the ’70s, popular silver and gold investments included any form of silver bullion, from 1-oz silver rounds and pre-1965 U.S. 90% silver coins to 100-oz silver bars and 1-oz Krugerrand gold coins.
When the Federal Reserve brought inflation under control in the 1980s, much of the silver bullion and the gold coins purchased in the 1970s were sold and the proceeds put back in paper investments.
If conditions were to deteriorate to the point that silver and gold re-emerged as the preferred forms of money, you would want lots of small silver coins.
If you were buying canned food, you would need silver coins because gold coins, even 1/10-ounce ones, would have great value.
If you ever need to use your silver and gold to buy goods and services, you will want silver coins and small gold coins.
Investors buy silver coins, silver bullion coins, and coin silver for one of three purposes: as an investment, as an inflation hedge, or for survival purposes.
Second, the coins should have their gold or silver contents stamped on them; except for the modern bullion coins, most do not.
If the time ever comes that silver coins and gold coins were again used as money, coins would be worth only their metal content.
When buying for survival purposes, many investors have a tough time choosing between one-ounce silver rounds and junk silver coins.
The best forms of silver for survival purposes are pre-1965 U.S. 90% silver coins and 1-oz silver rounds.
Smaller sized silver bullion bars, such as the ten-ounce bar and the one-ounce bar, tend to carry higher per-ounce premiums than the larger 100-ounce and 1,000-ounce silver bars, although owning the smaller bars is of course a way to “divide up” your holdings when you want to sell or trade only a part of your silver.
As a time-tested store of wealth, silver bullion has long been used to protect investors against inflation, geopolitical uncertainty and other catastrophic events within the financial system.
When buying silver bullion, investors can purchase silver bullion bars in many different sizes.
As with all types of investments, choosing where to buy silver bullion and locating a reputable dealer when deciding to purchase silver bars is an extremely important decision.
As the largest silver bullion bar commonly available, the 1,000-ounce silver bullion bar is an attractive option for investors looking for the lowest possible price-per-ounce for pure silver bullion.
Established dealers offer silver bullion bars that are refined and produced by recognized manufacturers and refiners, offering some protection against counterfeiting.
Other silver “rounds” are not issued by government mints, and as such, are not technically “coins.” Most silver bullion coins are one troy ounce of .999 fine silver bullion, ensuring quality and consistency.
By purchasing silver bullion coins, investors can own pure silver bullion that is easy to hold, divide and trade.
All silver bullion coins are issued by government mints, meaning they are legal tender in the country in which they are produced, and thus, the coins’ metal content and purity are guaranteed.
Silver investors should expect to pay an assay fee when buying or selling silver bullion through a dealer to ensure the purity and authenticity of the asset.
Silver bullion is also available in 100-ounce bars, ten-ounce bars and one-ounce bars.
Silver bullion bars are not the only way to invest in pure silver bullion.
British sovereigns (containing 0.2354 troy ounce fine gold), French 20 francs (0.1867 oz.), Swiss 20 francs (0.1867 oz.), German 20 marks (0.2304 oz.), Netherlands 10 guilders (0.1947 oz.), the whole series of Mexican peso coins, and a number of other gold coins offer lower cost per ounce and good liquidity.
Under 26 CFR 1.6045-1 and Rev.Proc. 92-103, dealers need only report customer sales of 25 or more (but not fewer) Krugerrands, Maple Leaves, or Mexican Onzas, five bag lots ($5,000 face value} of US 90% silver coin, kilo gold bars, 100 oz.
We recommend these foreign coins because they cost less per ounce and give you more gold for your money than the American Eagle gold coin series (which is minted in the United States today).
silver, 99.9% pure (or .999 fine).” We sometimes recommend silver rounds instead of 90% silver coin because premiums (not our commission—the premium is the percentage over the spot price that you pay for a coin) on both coins fluctuate for a variety of reasons.
Throughout history gold coins have generally been alloyed with copper or silver, hardening them to withstand circulation.
Not recommended are gold coins so infrequently seen in this country that you will suffer a big discount when you sell them, such as Iranian pahlavis (0.2354 oz.) or Saudi guineas (0.2354 oz.). If you can’t sell them, they’re not a bargain.
It’s becoming a concerning trend, precious metal dealers are being scammed and scamming customers alike into buying silver plated coins that are made from various scrap metals.
You say junk silver "has the lowest additional spot price of virtually any physical silver." Do you mean it has the lowest premium over spot pricing? I've been investigating online dealers' prices and have found the premium on 1 oz silver coins to be 18%, but on junk it's around 30%.
Bottom line: Want a ton of silver for super low spot? Buying bulk means more cut off the spot fee, and bars can be purchased in quantities that are significantly less inexpensive than rounds or coins.
This allows for a simpler rate of exchange in an emergency situation as silver coins have a very high reputation when accompanied with the appropriate documentation (and you can even verify the integrity of a coin on the US government website), but it also means you’ll be paying a lot more over spot price for these government-guaranteed coins.
What you have here are coins that are worth the exact same as silver, rounds, and bars when it comes to silver content (assuming they’re the same weight, obviously) but with an additional value that is determined by whether or not someone wants a special edition coin.
Not backed by the government as coins, the goal here is to amass a supply of silver bars that can be traded at market price without much of a loss from pricey spot fees.
These fake coins have been discovered by many private investors as being mixed into all types of silver offered for purchase, I have observed them mixed in with real silver rounds and bars which have identical mint markings.
It is becoming a concerning trend, precious metal dealers scammed and customers alike to buy silver coins are made of scamming various scrap metals being plated.
Whether it’s your failing belief in the paper currency that is being printed up at warp speed, or your desire to invest in something that has seen a several hundred percent increase in just over the past 8 years, it’s first essential to understand how to buy silver the right way — without getting scammed by precious metals dealers.
The first notable aspect about coins is that fact that silver coins are minted specifically by the federal government, which actually offers an official guarantee of both weight and silver purity for each coin from the mint.
Highly polished and attractive looking, proof coins are generally not for the precious metals investor who just wants to hold on to raw silver by weight for financial security or emergency use.
Despite the lack of government backing, bars are my favorite choice of silver investment as you can amass a large storage of silver for less than any other form outside of some junk silver and store it for long-term profit generation.
0.999 (silver content) which is referred to as "Pure Silver" and which is used to make the US Silver Eagle coins and Pure Silver coins of other countries,as well as the Rounds, and Bars offered by the several silver mints.
In case you’re very new to this, which is fine and this guide will benefit you immensely, silver coins and bars alike (as well as scrap and everything between) are priced based on weight.
When getting into silver investment, you will likely hear the most about silver coins over bars and rounds (which actually are not coins).
While I wouldn’t spend 100% of your investment funds on junk silver, it’s great to purchase at least some to get a large amount of silver by volume for less.
For these reasons, I recommend the first thing you purchase as a physical silver investment junk silver, due to the fact that it has the cheapest silver by volume price and can be traded in almost any scenario.
If you have decent investment funds, purchase coins to compliment your overall bounty of silver to enhance your portfolio and have a highly trade-accessible coin.
The trade off here is that they are less expensive than silver coins so you can get larger quantities for less (often way less over spot, in fact), but they’re not considered legal tender.
Anthony Gucciardi in his article present great idea of using silver coins instead of paper money.
You should do this test for ALL silver you purchase even those coins assumed to have been made by the government.
You want a piece of silver that holds its value based on weight and metal content, not the potential interest of a coin collector in the wildly changing financial world of coin collecting.
Though silver rounds look like coins, the major difference is that they are created by private mints and not backed by the same government guarantee that coins enjoy.
In fact, it’s perfect for those with lower funds as the premium (spot addition) is the lowest in physical silver and you can stand to amass a large amount of silver for a relatively inexpensive price.
Junk silver is simply the name given to coins that were minted before 1964, as these coins were actually made with 90% silver.
In a financial meltdown, the value of raw silver by weight in rounds verses government-backed coins is the same.
These are special edition versions of silver coins, examples being the Special American Eagle MS 70 Coin and others.
You will immediately be losing out on the fair metal price by volume due to the higher spot, but this can also be made up for as silver prices increase.
That said, you can acquire more silver by weight than with coins due to the reduced price.
Partly because it’s so frequently overlooked by amateur investors and partly because it’s somewhat simple to trade, junk silver is an excellent choice for those with low and high investment funds alike.
A large silver bar carries a lot of financial power, and can be easily sold to precious metal dealers like APMEX for a reasonable price.
Whether the economy plummets or you simply want to unload your silver for cash, you will need silver that is quite simply priced based on the weight of the precious metal.
I keep reading that investing in precious metals such as silver and gold is a good place to start for someone that has small capital and funds.
Coins cost a lot more than rounds and bars of the same weight because they have a collectible value on top of the value of the silver contained in the coin.
There are three different primary types of silver bullion: bars, rounds, and coins.
Though the amount of actual silver is often times equal to that found in other forms of bullion, the price of coins will be higher due to the raised collector and secondary market demand.
Bars and rounds are minted and produced by private companies, and are most often sold to silver investors.
Coins are naturally rare and have added value because they are scarce, whereas bars and rounds are simply pure bullion that are produced in virtually limitless quantities.
Being that silver spot prices are such an important facet to the buying and selling of precious metals, JM Bullion uses the most accurate prices available.
On top of the various forms that pure silver is available in, there are a wide range of companies and government mints which fabricate, refine and produce precious metals in these forms.
Mike Maloney, author of the # 1 best selling precious metals book Guide To Investing In Gold And Silver, says that investors must take into account the value, not merely the price, of any investment decision.  For example,’s value differentiators are the Education, Vault Storage Options, and Exit Strategy that we provide our clients.
Silver coins can be bought in numerous ways, including but not limited to buying online  such as at our website,  Some investors buy silver coins locally at coin shops, while even in some countries investors can buy silver coins directly from banks.
The most popular silver bullion coins are the American Silver Eagle Coins followed by the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins.  When purchased in bulk, these silver bullion coins come in stackable-sealed government mint cases.
 With silver bullion coins, there are only two layers of cost: precious silver metal content and dealer premium.
Choosing the best silver coin for your investing objectives will depend upon multiple factors like the importance of your silver investment's privacy, premiums both on the buy and the sell side of the market, and your geographic delivery or storage location.
Always make certain the silver coin dealer you buy from publishes, and offers a competitive buy back price for the silver coins they sell to you.
Do you personally think 2011 will be the year that the economy ‘really’ start to fall apart? And by really, I mean to the point that the government can’t stop it or do you think it can be stretched out for years to come? I ask because I got into buying gold and silver coins quite late and don’t yet have enough and fear the prices will start getting so out of hand that I won’t be able to catch up.
No, you cannot go to the supermarket with a gold or silver coin and buy groceries, but coins are the most liquid way to own bullion.
I prefer gold eagle coins and silver eagle coins the best when buying bullion.
I bought some MS61 $20 Liberty coins back in 2004 for $686 each and now I want to at least recuperate the money I invested, so do you recommend selling part of the coins to get the money I invested back and keeping the rest in gold, or turning the rest in silver, and if silver which coins, or turning some into silver and keeping some of the gold.
Don’t get me wrong, gold and silver bars are valuable, but they are not as easy to sell or trade as coins.
A coin is a universally recognized unit of weight, and many consider gold and silver coins to be money.
When the time is required that you need SILVER or GOLD, only round coins are value.
I am not sure if my last comment went through yesterday as it still isn’t posted, but I also wanted to follow up with the news on Gold ATM’s in Florida? What do you think about them? The article said that it will “permit customers to purchase gold coins and bars” and “the Gold ATM machine is equipped to be recalculated via the internet, to sell gold bullion based on real time market prices”.
A knowlegeable friend guided me in buying junk silver & gold coins in 2003.
If you are purchasing both Gold and silver coins, my choice is American Gold and Silver Eagles, what would your advise be as to what % should be Gold and what % should be silver.
on a side note: after silver and gold collapesed in late 2008 and i started buying silver at around $8.00 an ounce, i read an article stating that the profits attained from the selling of 40% silver kennedy half-dollars was not taxable and not required to be reported on a tax return.
Finally, when buying silver or gold coins, you should always take physical delivery.
When I started buying gold and silver about 2 1/2 years ago I spent time researching and trying to learn the best way to begin investing in precious metals.
(If the mint shuts down, or there is some severe shortage in bullion, or there is systemic financial failure, then all bets are off and the sky is the limit on bullion commissions.) The spot value is the raw market price of refined gold or silver.
For times when the government is not there to back its gold and silver coins.
These features make gold coins and silver coins easy to cash in and trade.
There are numismatic gold coins and silver coins.
Is jewelry the same as owning gold or silver coins? No, because there is no uniformity in jewelry.
The only advantage to buying gold or silver in bars is you pay smaller premiums (or commissions) per ounce.
Also there is also a lot of silver and gold coins sold on ebay.
So, where do you buy gold or silver coins? You can buy online or you can buy in your own hometown.
As to gold and silver coins themselves: try to have more silver than gold.
also read, at this time there is 4 times as much above ground gold in the world as there is silver, yet gold is 50 times more valuable per ounce than silver.
Hi Greg, I’m a beginner from the UK looking to invest in some precious metal, either gold or silver.
Do you think right now is it still a good time to buy gold and silver (before 2011)? I think waiting until the new 2011 silver eagles comes out is better…at the beginning of the year.
I think silver greatly under value due to the price of gold and the history of precious metals.
When you are buying physical gold or silver, you can buy numismatic or just plain bullion.
Just wanted to give a “heads up” to those who are wondering which gold and silver coin-selling sites are trustworthy, honest, and will stand behind the product they sell.
gold & silver bars from private mints still have as much gold and silver in them as those by the government mint, ounce-for-ounce.
Hi! Good article! One thing you should change, though – it’s in this sentence: “Junk” silver is any U.S. dime, quarter or half-dollar minted before 1964.” That’s a misleading statement as many people will think 1964-dated coins are NOT silver, as it implies only 1963 and earlier-dated coins are silver.
Good luck and good fortune with your gold or silver coin purchase.
The Silver VP was first released in 2008 while the gold VP was released in 1989 and is reportedly (from several sources) the most widely held gold 1ozt coin in the world (although, certainly not in the US).
First of all, gold and silver are sold by the “Troy” ounce.
When you compare the price of silver futures to buying some unit of silver in the real world, you find a significant disconnect.
A collapse of the paper market, though, may be the only hope for an orderly return to normal silver prices—those that are based on supply and demand and the monetary significance of silver.
It is the disconnect in price between futures and physical silver that is perhaps the most significant reason that you should at least buy a small number of silver coins.
"Silver Coin Investor is cutting edge and has it all…the value I receive from your website and The Lewis and Mariani Silver Letters is far, far greater than the small subscription cost.
Given the well-documented lack of silver supply in relation to silver futures and growing public awareness, there is danger of implosion if short-covering begins.
"I’ve been reading on silver on many sites, I find your information more practical and straightforward and full of content, thanks".
"Well it helps confirm my conviction that silver is far better metal to invest in than gold or any of the other metals because of its monetary, medical, and industrial uses.
I began this quest committed to investing in silver coins only, for their safety, liquidity (both ways), and storage advantage.
When growing interest in silver investing forces shorts to buy back positions, the change in silver priceswill be chaotic.
This type of activity could shut down the paper market for silver, causing a panic throughout the system.
"I find any information I can learn about investing in silver interesting.
"I appreciate your sharing your vast knowledge with those of us who are learning about the potential for silver investing".
Find a local coin dealer, and convert some dollars into silver rounds or 90% junk silver.
His commentary on the justification for silver investment is down to earth, easy to read, and yet challenges the newcomer to learn.
The short concentration in silver futures contracts is unprecedented.
But silver coins are becoming harder to find.
We may have reached the point where some silver coins, eagles mostly, are becoming scarce.
"This course and website is slowly restoring my confidence as an investor in silver.
Silver traders illegally buy rights to own silver (5000 ounces per contract) without actual metal backing.
I am finding that I don’t need any other source for silver research and knowledge.
Silver has the largest short concentration of any other commodity.
Butler may be more responsible than anyone else for why we are discussing investing in silver to begin with.
(Recent developments at the CFTC threaten to impact current silver prices even further).
Your course has helped to reinforce my decision to purchase more silver".
To learn more on how to purchase physical gold and silver for private protection, please call American Bullion today at 1-800-326-9598 to speak with a precious metals specialist.
Popular Coins: IRA Approved Coins, American Eagle 1oz Gold Coin, American Eagle Silver Coin, American Eagle Platinum Coin, American Eagle Gold Proof Coin, American Eagle Silver Proof Coin, American Eagle Platinum Proof Coin, Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin, Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coin, American Buffalo Gold Coin, Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin, Suisse Pamp Gold Bar, Johnson Matthey Silver Bar, Saint Gaudens Double Eagle Gold Coin, UBS Gold Bars.
American Bullion has also shown thousands of clients how to buy physical gold and silver for private custody.
Risk Disclosure: Purchasing precious metals in bullion, bars, coins, proof coins, numismatic coins involve a degree of risk that should be carefully evaluated prior to investing any funds in a Gold IRA.
First, why do you want to own precious metals? If you want a hedge against inflation, especially in larger amounts, then you may want to hold an exchange-traded fund (ETF) or other commingled ownership vehicle that holds physical gold in its name in London or Zurich.
To learn to invest in gold and silver, avoid pitfalls and save money by buying the form that is appropriate rather than one a salesman wants to sell you, read our precious metals investor’s guide, How to Buy Gold and Silver Today.
In the past few years some Americans have turned to buying gold and silver for the first time, some concerned about the erosion of their purchasing power as the dollar is devalued, and some concerned about the collapse of the US financial system in the face of sharply rising government debt.
If you are going to the trouble of buying (and paying a premium for) portable physical gold or silver, don’t store it with the dealer.
Each $100 bag contains about 71.5 ounces of silver, costs not too much more than a 1-ounce gold bullion coin, and satisfies the need of safe-haven investors for something of value that they could use to barter with if necessary.
Perhaps you have noticed that whenever there is a severe crisis, especially in Europe or Asia, the price of gold rises on so-called safe-haven buying because people want to make sure that they have something that has universal value, that they can carry with them, and that will be accepted in exchange for necessities like food or safe passage in case the crisis turns to disaster.
If you are thinking about buying physical gold or silver now, several factors should be considered in deciding which form to buy and where to store it.
Bars of silver take up much more space for a given value of material than gold.
Americans are buying physical gold and silver, some for the first time.
Owning precious metals, both silver and gold, was the way affluent people throughout history kept and preserved at least part of their wealth.
Now let’s look at one of the main pitfalls in holding physical gold — becoming a general creditor of the guy you bought your gold from, something you want to avoid.
For more information on where to store physical gold, see our precious metals investor’s guide.
A stack of ten 1-ounce gold coins is worth about $16,000 and takes up less space than ten silver dollars.
Roosevelt called in all privately held gold and gold coins in 1933 to give the government more flexibility in confronting the depression and the ability to finance the first of the large-scale government-administered entitlement programs, Social Security.
If you want the gold held in your own name, there are non-bank depositories that will hold your gold for you in these cities (see the TradersGame Investor’s Guide for more info).
If you are mainly concerned about the risk of government confiscation and you think gold held outside the US will be exempt (as it was in 1933), then you will want to store most of your gold outside the country.
Ready to buy some gold and silver bullion coins and bars on Ebay? Not sure where to start? One easy starting point is the Ebay store at the top of this page.
With low overhead, Ebay sellers can afford to specialize in small gold and silver coins that may not make economic sense for larger dealers.
Follow the tips in this article and you will be off to a super start protecting your hard earned investment dollars and making wise investments in gold and silver on Ebay.
eBay’s brand new Bullion Center is absolutely awesome and is just one more reason to buy gold, silver, and copper bullion on eBay.
It’s time to make some great investments in gold and silver coins, bars, and bullion.
So what am I supposed to do if I want to make a small purchase and not have to buy several ounces of $1,400 gold at a time? Ebay is a great solution.
Then, it’s time to consider buying gold and silver investments on Ebay.
If you are a small time gold investor (or maybe a large time gold investor who wants to pick up a few smaller fractional coins), Ebay is the leader.
If it’s your first time buying gold or silver bullion, I highly recommend starting out with a well known gold shop.
What I find amazing is that there are people on Ebay who sell gold coins for far more than they’re worth.
One of My Favorite Ebay Sellers I have reviewed quite a few Ebay sellers on Gold Why over the years.
Accredited as “Good Delivery” by the Swiss National Bank and the London Bullion Market Association, PAMP (Produits Artistiques de Métaux Précieux) 24-Karat gold bars contain a purity of 99.99% and have been traded on world investment markets since 1979.
The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is the official bullion gold coin of Canada, and is produced by the Royal Canadian Mint.
The American Eagle Platinum coin is popular with investors that want to own precious metals other than gold or silver.
The American Eagle platinum is unique in that it is the only platinum bullion coin whose weight, content, and purity is backed by the United States Government.
The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf has a certified silver purity of .9999 by The Royal Canadian Mint, making these coins the highest purity silver coin struck by a government mint.
The current stock market transaction that has almost erased the need for manual and physical exchange of share ownership, silver investments still rely heavily on bullion, coins, and medallions as a medium of exchange.
Unlike other investments that have used papers and electronic substitutes in place of money, silver is still a physical investment that needs to be bought, stored and exchanged as is.
Despite its promising advantage as a formidable security vehicle against economic cycles and inflation that deeply affect stocks and bonds silver does have its own fair share of drawbacks that few investors really know about.
But as modern societies progressed and with paperless currencies that continue to create a big impact on how we spend and save our money; silver has yet to advance and follow this new format in the digital and information age.
So, those who think that putting their money on silver for a quick profit, will find themselves disappointed with the short term returns of this metal.
If you are using your silver to hedge against inflation and diversify your investment portfolio, you’ll want to consider a silver type that is stable for long term usage and does not depreciate.
To invest in silver, you’ll first need to find out how silver has performed in the past and whether it is profitable to make an investment at this point in time.
There are many different investment types, such as physical silver bars and coins, as well as paper silver investments, where you don’t actually hold the silver but you own it regardless.
You’ll then need to find the current spot price of silver so you have a frame of reference for what price you should pay for bullion or stocks.
For a long term option, silver bullion bars and coins as well as certificates may be an ideal option.
Once you’ve found the type of silver you want to invest in, you’ll need to shop around for the best deals.
You’ll want to buy a type of silver that is relatively cheap, easy to sell, and sold by a reputable online dealer.
Welcome to – a collection of resources and articles aimed at educating new and experienced investors in the world of precious metals: specifically silver.
Above are links to the individual pages of our Guide, which covers every aspect of investing in physical and paper silver.
By reading these guides, you will learn about dollar cost averaging, physical vs paper silver investments, buying online as well as locally, and more.
Above we have linked to pages detailing silver rounds, which are essentially the same as silver bars, but shaped in disc-form, as well as silver coins, which are produced by Government mints and typically carry a face value.
If you are ready to buy silver bullion, visit who offers physical silver products at some of the lowest prices online.
Besides silver bars, investors have many other choices when buying physical silver.
Precious metals began the day trading near even, but after the release of some economic data during the mid-morning hours, spot values received a noticeable boost.
Investments in silver have consistently outperformed gold and other precious metals and silver coin investments are seen as a safe haven among investors who are disappointed by the performance of stocks and bonds or who are wary of the inherent risk that the stock market holds.
Most physical silver purchases today occur online, which opens the investor up to a larger selection of silver coins than other methods, and is also a private, cheap, and convenient way to buy physical silver.
Founded in 2012, was built to be a go-to resource for silver coin investors, as well as a complimentary resource to the broad precious metals market.
Our BuySilverCoins.Com guides will show you what you need to know to buy physical silver, what to look out for when making a purchase online or in person, and how to avoid getting scammed.
Whether you choose to use a depository service or protect your silver by investing in a home safe, BuySilverCoins.Com will guide you through the steps needed to store and protect investments in silver.
Many investors buy physical silver because it is tangible: they can hold silver coins in their hands anytime that they want.
Other investors choose to physically own silver that they keep on hand, such as silver coins and bars, silver rounds, and other forms of silver.
Welcome to, your go-to resource for all things silver with a focus on silver coins.
Although silver coins and bullion is seen as a long-term investment, if you need to liquidate your silver at any point, it is also very easy to unload.
There are a number of reasons that buying physical silver and silver coins appeals to the modern investor.
There are other places where you can purchase physical silver, including locally at pawn and coin shops.
Our goal is to provide resources that will show you the many ways that can own silver, how to buy physical silver, and how to store and protect your silver.
Our BuySilverCoins.Com guides will show you the different ways that you can own silver and details the pros and cons of each so that you can make an informed decision about which is right for you.
Junk silver refers to 90%, 40%, and 35% silver coins produced by the US Mint as currency dozens of years ago.
See a list of the most popular silver coins below, or browse the rest of our site for more information.
American the Beautiful coins are commemorative 5 oz silver coins produced by the US Mint.
We will also guide you through the process of reporting silver investments on your personal taxes and give you tips on selling silver bullion.
Austrian Silver Philharmonics are one of the most popular coins in Europe.
Most investors choose to invest in silver on paper because there is less hassle involved and they don’t have to physically hold onto the silver or store it.
BuySilverCoins.Com will guide you through the tax and reporting of your silver investment for both buyers and sellers of silver.
We are a full service precious metals firm providing a two-way buy/sell market in gold, silver, platinum and palladium products for your bullion and rare coin needs.
You can visit any local coin shop or coin expo to find silver bullion and coins, but the downside is that you will only be able to purchase the coins that they have on hand, which may not be the coin you are looking for.
When buying rare silver coins, collectors need to be astute to ensure they are getting the most for their money and not being taken for a ride by a rare coin dealer.
On occasion, you will find bullion or coins at a Bank or Brokerage Firm, but they hardly ever offer rare silver coins.
As a full service dealer, ITM Trading makes it possible for you to buy silver coins, no matter how rare.
Buying silver coins is just as an effective a means of protecting the value of your assets as investing in other precious metals.
They are silver bullion coins and rare silver coins.
At ITM Trading, we will help novices and experienced collectors alike become experts on how to buy silver coins.

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