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Berkshire more than doubled its position in DVA in the latest quarter, adding 3.3 million shares to its war chest, and raising its stake in the firm to 6.4% of shares.
Berkshire, in turn, owns a 2.68% stake in Liberty after nearly doubling its position to 3 million shares in the most recent quarter.
After all, the two biggest position hikes for the quarter were Wells Fargo Wells Fargo (WFC) and IBM IBM (IBM), positions that each already make up close to 20% of Berkshire Hathaway’s (BRK.A), (BRK.B) $75 billion stock portfolio.
It’s also worth noting that this quarter’s changes at Berkshire were likely heavily influenced by Todd Combs and Ted Weschler, the former hedge fund managers Buffett hired to ultimately take over the investing duties at the Omaha-based firm.
Even though Warren Buffett has owned Wal-Mart (WMT) for a while now, the mega-retailer is a position worth watching right now; that’s because Berkshire piled onto its position by around 17% in the last quarter alone.
When it comes to Wal-Mart, scale is everything — its size gives the firm major cost advantages over smaller rivals and the ability to demand pricing from suppliers that few retail names can command.
Berkshire hiked its stake in the firm by more than 10%, adding 2.65 million shares to its portfolio.
Berkshire more than doubled its position in BK in the most recent quarter, raising its stake to 5.61 million shares.
The fact that many of the assets on Liberty’s balance sheet are liquid and salable is ultimately a good thing for investors– it gives the firm the ability to raise cash quickly in a crunch, though that doesn’t guarantee that LMCA will be able to sell its holdings at attractive prices.
Even so, Berkshire’s material stake in the firm is worth paying attention to in 2012, even if its ongoing feud with Sirius XM adds headline risks.
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You can purchase shares of Walmart stock through Computershare, our stock transfer agent, or through any authorized brokerage firm.
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If you’ve got kids or grandchildren, buy them a share of stock in a company they love.
With the headline unemployment rate down to 6.3% and U.S. consumer confidence at pre-economic crisis levels, Walmart theoretically should be able to crush Wall Street expectations which are for profit of $1.15 per share on revenue of $116.3 billion — thin increases on both fronts — when it reports earnings Thursday morning.
Wall Street, to its credit, has grown tired of the excuses — and that’s what makes tomorrow’s Walmart earnings report so important for WMT stock holders.
Fortunately for Walmart, primary rival Target (TGT) can’t exactly capitalize on these blunders right now because it has plenty of problems of its own — namely, the massive data breach that hit millions of consumers.
There are 100's of companies that you can buy directly from… search for them by checking out : direct purchase or direct reinvestment I have many MANY companies in my porfolio that I did not go through a broker to get.
Unfortunately, although these plans used to be free, as they have gained in popularity, companies have started to charge unreasonably high fees and these can wipe out your earnings if you are a small investor.
Wal Mart does have a Direct Stock Purchase Plan in which you can buy stock directly through their transfer agent .
Before you "learn" to day trade you first must understand the markets, the products traded in the markets and the rules you have to follow to be in the market.
You'll have to open an account with a broker (T Rowe Price, Charles Schwabb, etc.) and then start buying what you want.
So should you buy Walmart stock? No — while I think concerns about spending and the retail sector might be overblown, and while I think Walmart is still a solid long-term stock, I wouldn’t buy it now.
Walmart has been paying a dividend since 1973, and its current payout — 47 cents, yielding 2.6% — is more than double what it was five years ago.
Meanwhile, Walmart put its expansion plans into India on hold thanks to “two compliance investigations and unease over the government’s rules for foreign investment in retail businesses,” according to The Financial Times.
Walmart has been busying introducing new technologies, including a “Scan & Go” app for the Apple (AAPL) iPhone, to help keep its store efficient.
Walmart doesn’t expect things to get better soon — it lowered its full-year forecast in August — and retailers across the spectrum have nodded to similar struggles.
For the cherry on top, Walmart sits on $9 billion in cash and short-term investments, and recorded $26 billion in operating cash flow for 2012, which all but guarantees those rewards will keep coming.
This week, low-wage workers — mostly from fast-food companies like McDonald’s (MCD), but also from the retail sector — are taking to the streets in protest of their low wages, re-igniting criticism about Walmart’s cheap pay.
Walmart stock has been notably sleepy lately, and the broader economy gives us little indication that will change anytime soon.
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Gawker obtained anonymous Walmart employee comments from the retailer’s internal website reacting to the news, and the staff is justifiably upset.
Even though 30,000 Walmart employees make minimum wage, they’re responsible for purchasing navy or white collared shirts and khaki or black pants, capris, or skirts if they don’t already own them.
Walmart is switching up their employee dress code, but that doesn’t mean they’re footing the bill for the new uniforms.
One employee writes: "With all due respect to the company, this is more of a financial burden to our family since this is our only source of income with my wife and two kids.
The government is supporting Walmart and providing nearly 100% of its profits in the form of supporting its employees for them as well as ensuring a desperate populace has taxpayer money to spend in their stores, as well as direct local subsidies from the community.
Walmart’s perfected its food stamp scheme by keeping its employees dependent on taxpayer-funded food stamps, not paying its fair share in taxes to fund SNAP, and then reaping all the profits from food stamp redemption in its stores.
The Waltons, the nation’s wealthiest family and owners of Walmart, contribute almost none of their personal wealth to the charitable foundation that bears their name and instead uses the charity’s tax structure to avoid an estimated $3 billion per year in estate taxes.
Last year alone, Walmart collected an estimated $13 billion in revenue from food stamps spent in their stores.
Even if the CEO of Walmart woke up one morning and decided that it might morally better (or just better in the long run for the health of the company) to pay workers more and give them benefits, in the sort term the quarterly profits of the company would go down, the stock prices would fall, and the CEO would get fired.
One study showed that a single Walmart can cost taxpayers anywhere from $904,542 to nearly $1.75 million per year, or about $5,815 per employee for these programs all because one of the world’s most profitable retailers is paying substandard wages and benefits.
“The number one reason companies like Walmart, Target, and Sears are in business is to make money.
Without the government subsidizing the labor force and local governments giving all kinds of financial incentives to attract stores, the Walmart model couldn’t exist.
Walmart, the nation’s most profitable corporation, may also be the greatest beneficiary of the taxpayer-funded Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly referred to as food stamps.
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Morgan Stanley analysts trimmed their earnings per share (EPS) forecast for shares of Wal-Mart Stores (NYSE:WMT) in a research note issued to investors on Friday.
Separately, analysts at Gilford Securities upgraded shares of Wal-Mart Stores from a neutral rating to a buy rating in a research note on Friday, October 10th.
Finally, analysts at Zacks reiterated a neutral rating on shares of Wal-Mart Stores in a research note on Monday, September 15th.
Analysts at MKM Partners cut their price target on shares of Wal-Mart Stores from $74.00 to $72.00 in a research note on Thursday.
Wal-Mart Stores has a 52-week low of $72.27 and a 52-week high of $81.37. The stock has a 50-day moving average of $76.50 and a 200-day moving average of $76.44. The company has a market cap of $237.9 billion and a P/E ratio of 15.43. Wal-Mart Stores also was the recipient of unusually large options trading on Wednesday.
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It operates discount stores, supermarkets, supercenters, hypermarkets, warehouse clubs, restaurants, apparel stores, drug stores, and convenience stores, as well as various retail Websites, such as and The company s stores offer meat, produce, deli, bakery, dairy, frozen foods, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, and floral and dry grocery; health and beauty aids, baby products, household chemicals, paper goods, and pet supplies; electronics, toys, cameras and supplies, photo processing services, cellular phones, cellular service plan contracts and prepaid service, movies, music, video games, and books; and pharmacy, optical services, and over-the-counter drugs.
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In its semi-annual economic outlook, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development expects the Canadian market to weaken as housing stock is exceeding demand, but the federal government may be forced to intervene again if price pressures emerge.
JPMorgan Chase and the Justice Department finalized a $13 billion settlement today, ending a long legal battle over the risky mortgage practices that became synonymous with the financial crisis.
Tesla Motors stock jumped as high as $129 a share today after dipping to $115.60 in pre-market trading as investors reacted to federal safety officials opening an official preliminary investigation into fires in Tesla cars.
have reached agreement on all issues in a $13 billion settlement of a civil inquiry into the company’s sales of low-quality mortgage-backed securities that collapsed in value in the financial crisis.
World stock markets mostly edged lower today after the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development cut its global economic growth forecasts, raising concern the recent rally may be overdone.
Venezuela’s congress has granted President Nicolas Maduro special powers to enact laws by decree, which he says he needs to go after private businesses he says are trying to sabotage the country’s economy.
Printable electronic gift cards cannot be shipped to you but can be used online, or at a physical retail location.
Printable electronic gift cards cannot be shipped to you and can be used online, or in a physical retail location.
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Some electronic gift cards listed may be store issued merchandise credits.
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