how to buy xbox live with microsoft money

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SuperFishGuy shared a merged idea: Microsoft local currency (such as Xbox Cards) to buy Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.
The fact that you cannot use Microsoft local currency (such as Xbox gift cards) to buy Xbox Live Gold subscriptions is ridiculous.
I wasted my money on Microsoft points thinking I can purchase an Xbox live gold membership with Microsoft points.
SaSsy Kn1fe 96 shared a merged idea: Unable to purchase xbox live with my microsoft account! Very Dissappointing.
I Have Dibs shared a merged idea: Use the currency in your Microsoft Account to buy an Cbox Live Gold membership.
With this update, you would be able to buy Xbox Live Gold with the funds in your Microsoft account.
If I have money in my Microsoft account, I should be able to buy anything with it and that includes Gold and Xbox Music memberships.
I just buy 15$ and 20$ Xbox gift card = 35$ from Amazon to buy a gold subscription from the console itself because there's an offer on dashboard "35$ for 1 year subscription", but I was not able to do that and I contact you about that issue via chat support, you said you can't buy a subscription with gift cards, only with Paypal, Visa, Mastercard.
Please make local currency able to buy Xbox Live Gold membership, please.
Suggest Xbox Live Gold membership features or changes and ways to manage your account.
The currency in your Microsoft account can’t be used to buy an Xbox Live Gold membership at this time.
How can i possibly get my money back in exchange for xbox live gold? I would really appreciate any help I can get, and I’d really like my $70 back because right now it’s useless.
For christmas, i got a $15 Microsoft card, and put it in my account to use towards the $59.99 xbox gold subscription.
I did watch netflix quite often, however, which was one of the reasons why i would want to buy xbox live gold again.
I don’t play xbox much ever and when my xbox live gold ran out a few months ago, i was in no hurry to renew.
Also, i find it to be completely ridiculous that i can’t use this money to buy xbox gold, because $59.99 is $59.99 either way, it shouldn’t matter how it gets on my xbox, i should be able to use it and since i can’t, it’s extremely frustrating.
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I currently still have $10.01 in my account, which is enough to buy xbox live gold, but it doesn't show up as a payment option, and i really want the free game with gold for this month.
My mom doesn't want me using her card on the xbox, so i am forced to use any money i get to buy codes for xbox live or microsoft money.
If you still have Microsoft Points cards or codes, you may redeem them on your console or, and we’ll add to your Microsoft account an amount of currency equal to or greater than the Xbox stores’ value of your Microsoft Points card or code (Xbox stores include the Xbox Store, Xbox Video Store, and Xbox Music Store).
The currency in your Microsoft account can be used to buy a variety of content from your Xbox One or Xbox 360, the Windows Store on a Windows 8.1 tablet or PC, and the Windows Phone Store on a Windows Phone 8 and on Availability of content for purchase varies by device and region.
When your account transitioned, we added to your account an amount of currency equal to or greater than the Xbox stores’ value of your Microsoft Points, inclusive of the value of your Xbox Live Rewards, and your Microsoft Points were retired.
Any Microsoft Points you had remaining in your Microsoft account have been retired, and we’ve added to your Microsoft account an amount in your local currency equal to or greater than the Xbox stores’ value of your Microsoft Points.
For regions with VAT we will add currency equal to or greater than the Xbox stores’ value (including VAT) of your Microsoft Points back into your Microsoft account at the time of transition; therefore you will only pay VAT once.
To make this a seamless and positive experience for our customers, we have considered many factors to help ensure that the amount added to your Microsoft account is of equal or greater Xbox stores’ value than your Microsoft Points.
This change allows you to use a single Microsoft account to purchase a variety of content from your Xbox One or Xbox 360, the Windows Store on a Windows 8.1 tablet or PC, and the Windows Phone Store on a Windows Phone 8.
There are a lot of good reasons for doing this, but the most important one has to do with the broader Windows ecosystem, where Microsoft wants Xbox to become the central entertainment brand across platforms.
Like casino tokens, they served to hide the true costs of purchases, and while points may be responsible for the occasional impulse purchase, I think Microsoft was wise to recognize that they weren’t part of any sustainable long-term strategy.
Microsoft wants the Xbox One to dominate living room entertainment — mainstream devices shouldn’t come with their own currency.
So now, you can use a single Microsoft account to purchase content on your Windows Phone and your Xbox, and even your Surface if you’re one of the few people that actually bought one.
The Xbox One, while troubled now in its prenatal period, still has the potential to build a real entertainment hub for both the living room and the Windows platform.
If you need help changing the payment method linked to your Xbox Live Membership, see Change an Xbox Live payment option.
To see how to remove a payment option from your account, see Remove a payment option from your Xbox Live or Zune account.
If you have a problem when you try to add or change a payment option, see Xbox Live credit card error codes.
One payment option must be linked to your Xbox Live Membership.
You can have one or more payment options associated with your Xbox Live account.
Rating is available when the video has been rented.
Ratings have been disabled for this video.
Remember when Microsoft said that you could soon buy Xbox Live content using real money? Well, check your Xbox 360: following an update to one of our consoles, we’re now seeing content available in local currency.
Update: Microsoft says that real money purchases are still limited to beta program participants, and you’ll have to wait until the fall to see the currency change — false alarm, folks.
If you haven’t already, when you connect to Xbox Live today, you’ll get the console update that finally does away with Microsoft points.
For starters, any points balance turned into real moolah is valid until June 1, 2015.
When the Xbox One was revealed, Microsoft also announced the removal of the confusing MS Points system in lieu of real currency, which will be available to everyone this fall.
And if you break the rules, you could be banned from the beta program, and therefore banned from Xbox Live until the new version is released to the public this fall.
The beta program for the new Xbox Live 2013 is here, as revealed by Major Nelson, and signing up is simple.
Public registration has already started, and if it’s available in your region, you should see a Xbox Beta Program tile on the home hub of your Xbox 360 dashboard.
Have you updated to Xbox Live 2013? Do you think the scrapping of MS Points is as great as I do? Let us know in the comments section.
The full card value will be applied to your Microsoft account and may be used for eligible purchases (exclusions apply) made directly at Xbox Games, Xbox Music, Xbox Video, and Windows Phone stores and other select Microsoft online marketplaces in the U.S. Balance restrictions may apply.
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Get an Xbox gift card for games and entertainment on Xbox One, Xbox 360, other select Microsoft online stores, and Windows Phone 8.
  Xbox Music brings you all the music you love, every way you want it.
  Xbox is the new way to get great entertainment on Windows 8.
Microsoft’s decision to ditch Microsoft Points in favor of real-world currency in Xbox Live might prove to be a costly proposition for consumers.
Microsoft has been quietly beta testing its transition from Microsoft Points to real-world currency in its upcoming fall dashboard update.
The move follows Microsoft’s decision last year to ditch Points in Windows 8 in favor of credit cards and debit cards.
Eurogamer, which previously reported on the issue, says that games that cost 1,600 Microsoft points used to set U.K. customers back 13.60 pounds ($20.25). Now, the titles cost 14.99 pounds.
According to reports out of the U.K., where the feature is currently in beta testing, it costs more to buy content in real-world money than it did with Microsoft Points.
The prices consumers were previously paying for Xbox Live content are going up now that Microsoft is transitioning away from its Microsoft Points.

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