how to dye your hair blonde

Hair colour turns lighter mostly through depigmentation (bleaching) rather than through colouration.
However, if you’re toying with the idea of highlights and want to test out the look before committing at the salon, you can try on streaks with Alterna Stylist 1 Night Highlights in Shimmering Blonde ($29, Sephora), which won’t bleach hair but will layer color on top — until your next shampoo (think of it as makeup for your hair).
So make sure your at-home kit comes with a good conditioner, advises New York City celebrity colorist Marie Robinson — that will help it keep the color longer.
And if you’re attempting to further lighten already-dyed hair whose virgin state is dark and textured (like, for example, that of Indians, Latinas, or African Americans — think Beyoncé), "choose an ashy blond.
This video is for people who are trying to dye their dark brown hair blonde AT HOME.
Going to a salon will almost guarantee you get the results you want, but some people don't have the time or money to do that (like me!).
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Once you have covered all your hair with the high lift color, the dye will need to process for a good 50 minutes or so in order to lighten and tone your hair to blonde.
To dye your hair blonde without bleach you need a high lift blonde hair dye, and the usual tools required for applying dye to your hair, like a tinting bowl and brush.
High lift dyes can’t lighten darker hair to blonde, nor can any other dye.
Whilst high lift dyes are designed to lighten and tone hair simultaneously, the results you achieve may still be brassy, and it’s the lightening effect that is most important.
High lift dye is an effective way to lighten hair that is already dark blonde, or at least light brown.
If you want to avoid using bleach, you can only dye your hair blonde if it is a fairly light shade of brown.
If your hair is light brown and hasn’t been dyed before, congratulations, you can dye it blonde without using bleach.
If you have darker hair and want to dye it blonde without bleach, this simply can’t be done and you will need to use bleach unless you want to end up with red or orange hair.
Another little quirk is that hair dye brands that have a line of high lift dyes will often produce a lift booster product that is designed to be mixed with their high lift dye.
The product simply doesn’t have the ability to lighten darker hair to anywhere near a blonde shade.
For hair that is darker, you will need to use bleach in order to dye it blonde.
There are plenty of things to consider before dying your hair and when we’re talking about color as delicate as blonde, that list runs even longer! Luckily for all of you blondes-to-be, there are plenty of tips for going blonde and first hand experiences to take into account before you decide to change your #hair color so dramatically.
Okay, this might not be one of the most important, super crucial things to consider before #dying your hair but is a good way to start nevertheless! And all of you blondes out there know how annoying some people can be even for those ladies who really to hear a good blonde joke.
People with cool skin, this is YOUR safety zone… yes, only you can truly pull off bleach blonde! Cool tones can also put off the evermore illusive dirty blonde or dark blonde so stick with that too.
If you see someone who is supporting a perma-tan and bleach blonde hair the first thought that comes into mind is playboy bunny or barbie doll.
Now people try to cheat this system and use bleach but not leave it on long enough because they want their hair to be a darker blonde than bleach blonde.
They had neon green hair! The lighter your skin the lighter the shade of blonde you can go with it still looking natural.
Your hair won’t fall out.  If you can’t afford to have a professional do it, then I would opt for a semi permanent color.  You should also consider when picking it out, that it will most likely get a little darker than what it shows on the box.  If your hair is long, then I would maybe apply it halfway out, then pull thru the last ten minutes or so.  This will prevent your ends from "grabbing" the color and going too dark.  You could also apply it to a strand underneath and do a test to see how it will turn out.  Hope this helps.
Color Hair from Red to Blonde Q: Currently I have a permanent salon color on my hair that’s red, darker than strawberry but not auburn.
I want to color my hair myself, taking it from red to a golden blonde.
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You don’t keep indigo that long on the hair, after henna wash out, put indigo as instructed, just for 15-30 minutes, with my dark brown hair, 20 minutes is enough! Then you will have a perfect brown colour hair where your roots and rest of hair are not orange but medium brown! I have more than 80% grey, only 35 years old, I have tried henna and indigo after many years of chemical hair dyes (premature greying) and voila despite not being very experienced and not preparing henna right to get the perfect dye, also keeping it short-only 3 hrs on a winter day at home – I got the result! It’s just like hair dye, but better conditioned, covering greys and depending on the light of the place, giving different shades unlike the chemical hair dyes, which is great, isn’t it! 🙂 Read all and follow all instructions as told to get the right result.
This had me chuckling also!! I have been henna-ing my hair for over 4 years and I don’t think that I will be going back to chemical dyes!! I have only used pure henna from I follow the directions from their website and everything turns out good, my whites turn a dark strawberry blonde and the rest of my hair has a red tint, especially in the sunlight.
False: “If you’re committed to bringing life back to your hair, there’s hope,” says Dorram-Krause.
False: “Dyed hair requires special attention,” says Sharon Dorram-Krause.
False: “Yes, mayonnaise is rich in fatty oils that are known to condition hair, but it will also weigh it down,” explains Backe.
Every time you wash your hair, you strip away a little bit of the color, so the only way to maintain it longer is to use a color-preserving shampoo and conditioner (they do the best job at sealing the cuticle and locking in color).
Myth 1: When coloring your hair, always consider skin tone and natural hair color.
False: “ Your hair color and eyebrows should not be a perfect match.
Myth 3: Use color-enhancing shampoo, glaze or conditioner to keep hair looking lively between salon visits.
True: “Invest in your color by using an at-home color-enhancing glaze or shampoo,” says Patrick McIvor.
To lighten up your brows and fill them in for a natural look, use a brow pencil or powder one shade lighter than your hair color.
Myth 7: Dye your eyebrows to match your hair color.
True: “But it’s not just summer sun—no matter what the season, sun can fade your color,” says Dorram-Krause.
Myth 6: There’s no real benefit to using products made specifically for color-treated hair.
Products designed for color-treated hair help prevent the fading that’s often caused by UV rays and water.
Harmful UV rays any time of the year can make color fade and can also dehydrate hair.
“The right color will liven up your skin tone so you’ll need less makeup,” says Joel Warren.
Have you ever thought about slathering on mayonnaise to care for your color-treated hair? Wondered if you really have to go to the salon for root touchups? Fret no more–our experts tackle the top 10 dyed-hair myths so you can look gorgeous.
Myth 4: Mayonnaise can be used as a deep conditioner for dry, color-treated hair.
Myth 5: Rinse with chamomile tea to cut brassiness out of blonde hair and enhance shine.
On damp hair, apply a leave-in conditioner or hair serum like Umberto Beverly Hills Roman Oil Serum ($9.99; at Target) to smooth and condition hair.
True: Chamomile tea is a natural lightener that’s gentle on color-treated hair, according to Philip Pelusi.
Myth 10: It’s impossible to revive shine in overly processed, seriously dry hair.
Hey christy!! I bleached my hair about 2 weeks ago… My hair right now is kinda a coper/dark blonde then my roots are yellow/real blonde… My natural hair color is dark brown almost black.
My natural hair is very dark brown (I usually dye it black) but I recently decided to go blonde, so right now its pretty platinum all over and the dark roots that were recently bleached are more of a brassy color.
I have about a good 3-4 inches of natural dark brown roots but from my mouth to my ends (at least 12 inches!) I bleached (twice) to a nice golden blonde (about an 8G with 10N highlights from previous hair style).
I don’t like it! My natural color is medium to dark brown with a few grays and the bottom half of my hair is golden blonde.
Naturally my hair is dark golden blonde almost similar to blake lively, I’m so upset with this reddish mauve color my hair is turning and just want my natural.
hey Ive been bleaching my hair to a very light blonde for about 2 years now and my natural colour is a dark brown almost black.
it helps your hair hold the dye, instead of the color just slipping off the hair shaft) so I don’t know if I should use that and start at the ends because it will need to process longer to absorb the color, or will my roots need to process longer because the demi-permanent doesn’t lift any levels? I’m a dark ashy blonde.
A few months ago I ombré did my hair with my roots obviously being a darker brown and my ends being blonde but I am finding it to hard to maintain so wanted to go back to my natural dark brown.
I don’t feel natural I feel a fake blonde and I hate it, so does my husband and I feel very sad wondering If I can do something myself to make it at least light brown since my hair is dark brown.
My hair was bleached to blonde from dark brown about a month ago and right now I’ve got it covered with a 7n.
I want to stop lightening my hair, and go back to my natural color on the top (I’m usually an… Ashy light brown, I guess), but keep the bottom pink, and just stop lightening.
Hi Christy, My hair is a dark brown (1B) and I have bleached highlights throughout all of my hair, I let the bleach sit on for about 15- 20 minutes so they didn’t come out pure blonde.
Bummer on the keyboard, but you seem to be doing pretty well with it! I would definitely recommend the two-part dying process I describe in the blog post—first use an ammonia-free dye in a red color (I would use a medium red, not a dark red), and then dye your hair the medium brown color you want.
Hi Christy, I went back to bleached blonde, but since I’m growing out my pixie, I want to limit the damage to my hair and go back towards what I guess is dishwater blonde, or at least a medium blonde.
I am wondering can I dye my hair dark brown again and not have the bleached hair turn a weird color, such as green.
Hey Christy! Cool name btw I have dark brown as my natural hair color.
Hi there, I bleached my hair using Clairol born blonde Max strength hoping to get platinum blonde but it turned a weird yellow color.
If you have hilighted hair the cancel of it going green if you put a colour on it without a red pigment in it is pretty high! I should know as I trained as a hairdresser!! I am forever colouring my hair, highlights…brown….highlights…..brown….. but I always put something on with an auburn tone to it to be safe! Be aware as well that if hair is bleached it will take the colour quickly and throw it out again quickly too! I wash my hair every day and if I have gone dark it is usually looking quite wishy washy after a week or so.
Don’t do it!! I have had many expensive emergency trips to the salon with green/orange hair from taking a chance!! I was in the exact situation as you with highlights, I dyed it REALLY dark brown, and it still turned green.
I’ve been hairdressing for 12 years and always put a golden brown on anyone goin dark from blonde highlights and i’ve never had any problems with hair goin green.
I have done this many of times… but maybe not with the XL colour, my hair has never gone green and i always go from highlights to dark n dark to highlights again… my advice would be to buy like a dark brown in a loreal or something normal.
Also …….. best using semi permanent colours for 1st colour on blonde if goin dark, it holds the hair better as it has a lower peroxide, too high peroxide can open the cuticle too much an allow the colour to wash out when washed off.
Hi! I my hair has 4n dark brown color on it from about 6 months ago, i went and got an ombre done and in turned coppery instead of blonde at the ends! If i wait a week or so and get it re-bleached one more time, will it turn a light enough blonde to get the brassiness toned out? Or will my hair fall off? Ive been doing conditioning treatments to help strengthen my hair back up a little.
Hello! My natural hair color is a light ash brown, but I’ve been dyeing my hair darkest dark brown for about 6 months.
I got my hair done with a half head of blonde foils but freaked out that I didn’t like it when I did and tried to dye to back to my natural brown and so chose a dark brown box dye but it basically turned black with red undertones cause I dyed it red first as I red online it would turn green otherwise.
My hair is naturally brown with a little red (I guess you can call that auburn) and I want to go Taylor swifts color blonde but I’m unsure because I don’t know how well my stylist can execute it.
I’m naturally a dark blonde, but had been dying my hair dark brown and black for the past few years.
Hi, I’m currently trying to go blonde I have had 1 salon session got full head of foils my hair took well and now im going for my second colour in the morning but my hairdresser said it will be half a head of foils this time why is that if im wanting blonde all over? And my roots are way too black is it possible for a root tint along with the foils so soon? Thanks in advance.
I’m a natural mousey blonde but a month ago used a shop bought box to colour my hair medium brown.
I have natural light brown hair but have been getting really light foils all over for the past few years resulting in very light blonde hair at the tips but keeping the roots a bit more earthy.
I haven’t tried to do it from a box colour, but I did have a disastrous in salon episode which left me with orange hair…including several bleach shampoos to tone it down to a light strawberry blonde…I’m convinced I’m not supposed to be blonde! My natural colour is a dark blonde, light brown.
So basically for a while now i have been planning on bleaching my hair from light brown almost dark blonde to a buttery blonde almost and some caramel low lights and i would also like to get a base bump.
Although the color doesn’t look bad necessarily, I’m deeply missing my blonde hairs! I scheduled an appointment with my hair dresser to go back to my medium blonde natural color, but she said it may take a few visits for it to completely get back blonde in order for it to be the least damaging to my hair.
Hi! My hair is dark brown, I think I dyed it black or a dark brown about 5 months ago, 3 months after I had dyed it red and it coming out horribly, I’m trying to get my hair to a very light shade brown with white ombre ends.
I’ve processed my hair before my current hair color now which is dark brown with burgundy red highlights that I’m now letting fad for the lightening process.
Then when my hair is light enough I feel comfortable to bleach (like a light light brown) then I’ll bleach and put a medium blonde/champagne blonde in at my ends working to my root cuz I don’t want my roots light.
Hi ! I have recently had a very traumatic experience at the hair dressers, I have been a natural light blonde all my life, in the past few years having highlights to brighten it up, my roots now being an mousy darker blonde.
In order to determine which base color you need, determine what your hair color is after bleaching, and select the opposite color (for those who aren’t art majors, here is a color chart).
And as painful as it sounds, if you DO need to do more than one bleach cycle to achieve your desired color, wait at least a few days between each cycle to bleach your hair.
Depending on the level of your natural hair, you may need to do a few bleach cycles, in which case you should probably use a level 20 developer to minimize damage.
Almost always, you will need to tone your hair after bleaching it in order to rid your hair of unwanted orange and yellow tones (an almost unavoidable product of bleaching).
Over the past week or so, I’ve gotten a deluge of messages about my process of going from bright red to platinum blonde hair, and so I thought I’d type up a tutorial to help out those of you interested.
The base color that you will need will depend on what your hair color is after bleaching it.
Furthermore, going blonde involves bleaching your hair, which is a highly damaging and risky procedure – but it is the only way to go from significantly darker to lighter hair.
One box was enough for both cycles, and I have really long and thick hair; however, if your hair has been recently colored, or is a very dark color, you may need to do more than two cycles.
Toner uses a base color, such as violet or blue, to neutralize your hair color.
I highly recommend taking the utmost care of your hair prior to bleaching in order to avoid serious breakage and dryness.
The only reason I am posting this tutorial is because it has been requested so many times; however, I only do so with hesitance because you can seriously mess up your hair! Please keep in mind that bleaching your own hair may end up costing you more money than a professional dye job if you have to fix it several times.
For the best results, do NOT rush this process over night, and do plenty of research online first – and ONLY do this if your hair is in a very healthy condition.
I have naturally blonde hair, so if your hair is darker, you may need to adjust this process.
Washing out the dye in your hair will minimize undesirable orange/yellow/or green tones when you bleach it, so I highly recommend taking this step if you have any artificial coloring in your hair.
Also, please see the standard hair level chart to determine what your current level is, and what level of blonde you are trying to achieve.
One has to be very patient, even when we’d like to just flick our fingers and wish the hair would just change its color to our desired one (sadly unachievable!).
I have read a bunch of stuff from a stylist that turned an asian’s hair from orange-y to platinum blonde and now I stumble upon this, which really filled in the gaps.
You don’t have to buy L’Oreal’s Quick Blue bleach specifically, but any blue bleach will give you a better tone than a white one if you are coming from red or orange-tinted hair.