how to make a cheer bow

Carefully place the second ribbon piece onto the wet glue.
Draw another line of glue on the second ribbon piece.
Carefully place the third ribbon piece onto the wet glue.
This will be used to secure the hair tie to the ribbon piece.
Make sure the hair tie is under the ribbon to secure it in place.

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Your ribbons will be permanently formed in a nice spiral that you can then attach together on the elastic band or clip.  Use your school or team colors and POOF!  You just made a korker or simple cheer bow.
Now that the cheer hair bows are either purchased or made, it is important to know how to care for and clean them.
This article will discuss the care and cleaning of cheer hair bows as well as some tips if you decide to make your own.
You can also steam clean cheer hair bows by holding them over a boiling pan of water with tongs.
Whether they are purchased or handmade, cheer hair bows should add sparkle and set the team apart from the rest.
A great type of fabric for cheer hair bows is grosgrain ribbon.

 Iron the fabric (with the ribbon under) being sure that the heat ‘n bond adheres to the ribbon.
 Be sure to place the ribbon right in the center and iron them together.
 Cross the ribbon making sure to line up with the center mark.
 Don’t tighten the zip tie all the way, zip it loosely so you can be sure the ribbon looks nice and is in the right place.
 The reason for using heat ‘n bond is so that there is no need to pin the ribbon together.
 Hot glue one end to the hair band area, wrap the ribbon around and hot glue the other end on top of the ribbon.
 Starting at the center point of the ribbon and the point where it crosses, begin gathering the ribbon at the center.
 Mark the center of the ribbon by folding it in half, end to end.
 Place the medium size ribbon over the large ribbon.
 Clip the end at about a 45 degree angle to create the "V" shape at the end of the ribbon.
 Zig zag stitch the small ribbon onto all ribbons.
 To keep the ribbon from burning, it’s a good idea to put a piece of fabric over the ribbon.
 The 3in ribbon is the most important size, the others can coordinate with the large ribbon.
 Be careful not to get glue all over the ribbon.
 Just pass the flame near the ribbon to slightly melt the edges.
 This process keeps the ribbon from fraying.
 The finished ribbon looks something like this.
 Once the ribbon is pulled together and gathered, use the zip tie to secure the ribbon together.
 Zig zag stitch along the inside ribbon.
 Once you like the position of the ribbon, zip the tie as tight as it will go.

Wrap the side pieces of the center ribbon to the back and trim any extra.  Leave enough to wrap around and glue around the pony tail holder.

thank you sooo much! Ive been making bows for awhile now for my sister and other cheer friends, and have been trying to figure out how people use fabric and spandex on their bows.
@Jamie Harrington, I making cheer hair bows they are sooooooooooooooooo cute on your little girl.
This bow looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing this tutorial!!!! My daughter also likes the solid colored bows made with 4 inch grosgrain ribbon.
I just want to thank you!! I challenged myself to make 35 cheer bows for my daughters cheer leading group for there annual concert, then I realized they weren’t as easy as I first though, that’s when I googled and found your page.
I’ve been wanting to find to securely attach bows to Cheer Shoes! Another project to keep me busy.
I love a good craft,*and lately I’ve been all about making bows.
Love the bows and your tut was super, I have a question though what size did you cut the mystique spandex? Thanks so very much.
Hi, my co-captains and I are making cheer bows for our team for breast cancer awareness month.
Love your bows! I also make bows for my local cheer program! One thing I do a little differently is I zip tie the hair tie to the bow, so there is no worries about it coming unglued when the girls are stretching it around their hair.
Great job on the bows! Where do you find the mystique spandex? I read through the comments about making the bow stiff.
Recently I became really intrested on bow making, but I love the way the cheerleaders bow looks and been dieing to make them seeing your instructions is really going to help by the way where do you buy your ribbon and is it hard, because seen some and their hard.
I have been making cheer bows tons this season.

Spirit Ribbons Hair Bow Tutorial – very easy DIY (helpful to have access to the "I-Top" tool from Imaginisce) Make them for squad or team before a big game or event – the girls love wearing matching ribbons, earrings, bracelets and more.
Spirit Ribbons Hair Bow Tutorial – very easy DIY (helpful to have access to the "I-Top" tool from Imaginisce) Make them for squad or team before a big game or event – the girls love wearing matching ribbons, earrings, bracelets and more.

You need to cover up that zip tie so you can either trim a small piece of your thicker ribbon to glue over the black zip tie or you can purchase a second ribbon in the same color or a contrasting color to cover up the center.
Probably a $5 investment total (assuming you already have glue, a lighter and ponytail elastics) and you can make a few of these bows per spool of ribbon.
If you do decide to get a second spool of ribbon to use for the center piece, please note the ribbon might not match exactly.
If you forget or don’t want to use the zip tie, you can also just hot glue the ponytail holder to the back of the ribbon and that works as well.
For this pink hair bow I did buy a second spool of ribbon in exactly the same color and once I glued it on the color tones were just slightly off.

Large Texas size discounted cheerleading bows made from glitz, sequins, and all the materials you can imagine.
My materials page only has a fraction of materials and prints available.  Email me if you have an idea for your bow and we’ll make the perfect bow for you.

Inkahoots also offers special direct source pricing that is very competitive for custom made hair bows in the U.S.A. Just pick your favorite style, select your ribbon patterns and order for your squads bows in your teams colors.
Inkahoots offers tons of custom hair bow designs with a wide variety of beautiful ribbons and fabric options to coordinate with your cheer leading uniform.

All prices are in USD BowsByApril is a Trademark of Four’s Customs, LLC, All Bows are Protected by Copyright.

( Tip: For measuring, lay out a 12 inch ruler and mark off the start & finish points of a 36-inch line, this way you do not need to measure every single piece individually).
Take your accent color duct tape piece and lay down right in the center of your main color piece.
Line up the third duct tape piece and place directly over your overlap.
Cut four 36 inch strips of your main (not accent) color duct tape.
Use your second half of accent tape and place on your elastic about 1 – inch up, then start wrapping around your bow starting from the back.
Cut a 6-inch piece of your accent duct tape and rip in half.

When I was looking online on how to make a cheer bow, all I wanted was some step by step instructions to make cheer bows.
I’ll be honest, I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t any great step by step guide that showed me how to make a cheer bow so I had to learn through trial and error.
I’ve provided step by step instructions, provided some easy to follow vides and shared my thoughts on why you should make your own cheerleading hair bow.
If you want to stand out from the crowd then please watch the video below because Gabby will show you how to wear your cheer bow.
Whilst your first attempt at making a cheerleading hair bow may not be perfect, it is definitely a step in the right direction.

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They used both their photographs and Photoshop to create a book that will teach young children.
The books here are made by the Digital Photography class at the middle school.

"CBX truly prides itself on being the BEST! We strive to be the best in; PRICE, STYLE, SPEED, CUSTOMER SERVICE and QUALITY.
We are a family business and have over 25 years experience in the hair accessories and spirit industry.

These are easy no sew cheer bows that any little girl will love! You will need ribbon……I like to use 1.5 inch gross grain ribbon but you can use what you like.

Place the two blue pieces together and put hot glue on the grey piece.
Sew from the edge of the blue ribbon to the edge of the grey, to the other side of the grey, and back to the edge of the blue.
Cut 4 pieces of blue ribbon 6" (change the length depending on what size bow you want.
Cut 4 pieces of blue ribbon 6" (change the length depending on what size bow you want.
Add nail polish to the ends of the grey ribbon.
Wrap the ends of the grey around the back of the bow and glue it in place.

We have ribbon by the yard and cut fabric strips for your cheer bow making needs.
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Cheer Buttons and Bows is proudly a family-owned and operated business! We have been serving the cheerleading community throughout the Midwest since 2008; cheer bows, dance hair accessories, headbands, clips, lanyards, key chains, bag tags, and pin-backed novelty buttons.
We travel from competition to competition across the Midwest, including Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota to promote our cheer bows and buttons and support the girls that make the sport as wonderful as it truly is.

Wow…so simple and so fun, right! Keep your hair out of your face with this perfect little pony o bow while you are driving to the hoop, hitting that home run, or getting ready to spike that ball.
I have a niece that sports these adorable bows during her Volleyball matches and Softball too…so let’s grab our supplies and get started.
While you are checking out our video tutorials, make sure you don’t miss ONE by subscribing to our YouTube Channel.
Like our other bows, they are addicting! Before you know it…not only will everyone on the team have a matching bow…but the whole audience will as well.
These videos are a great way to learn how to make some beeeautiful fun and frilly bows, headbands, ribbon sculptures and more.

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