how to make a fairy house

You might even want to build the fairy house in a container garden.
Find leaves, mosses, branches, pebbles, acorns, dried grasses, and other natural items to decorate the house.
If you want to keep your fairy house indoors, it might be nice to make a base to set the house on.
Sketch your fairy house onto a piece of paper.

I plan on using mostly natural materials like Tracy Kane suggests, but I may add some more delicate things that have sparkle for an indoor Fairy house.
If you would like more books, plants, and fairy garden or house accessories, I made a store filled with a wide range of selections.
Other than the base materials needing to be stronger and more tolerable of weather conditions, the creation of the indoor and outdoor Fairy Houses are similar.
I think we ought to hark back to the place where the imagination rules and nature provides all the things we need to create a cute little fairy house.
I’ve been gathering materials for a fairy house or garden for a year now.
I’m not saying this would be a bad thing for putting together your house, and I will use one for details, adding moss, etc, on the indoor version of a Fairy House.
It isn’t a glue that stands up to actual manipulation and play that little people use when the fairy house is intended for them.
You can follow along, or use the ideas to make your own Fairy House creation.
It might be possible to craft each and every detail of the furnishing yourself, from found materials, but when I see all these darling little accessories that are available that I can’t resist a couple, can you? Maybe the little bicycle is from a visiting elf, who needs something to catch up with all those flitting fairy friends.
The reason I think an indoor fairy house is easier to construct is due to the fact that weathering can be very hard on the details.
If you are making a fairy house "just to look at", this is a time saving, and efficient way to assemble your fairy house.
Three easy steps to making a fun and easy little fairy house.
But just in case she feels that an outdoor environment for a Fairy house is a good fit for her, I will be prepared that we can go in that direction.

Hello magical woodland nymphs! I'm on spring break this week, so I scrounged around for some crafty things in my house and found materials for this tutorial! I might say it is more of a "watch me make this" video, but I do show what I did.

Every product in the Fairy Store is handmade in our workshop in Oregon, created with materials from nature, and designed to provide a real home to real Fairies.

The book, Fairy Houses, includes six pages of instructions and the video, Kristen’s Fairy House, comes with a leaflet on building fairy houses.
Look for building areas in woods, beaches, meadows, and especially your own backyard! Use only natural materials to build your house – nothing artificial.

Take a Barbie house or pony castle and apply small stones to it and let moss and vines grow on it so it looks kind of like this.
These fairy houses and scenes remind me so much of my Grammy (dad's mom) who had an affinity for all things elf and fairy! Not to mention she had a green thumb.
Pepoli Castle, Erice, Sicily – Pepoli Castle, with foundations dating from Saracen times, was at first a feudal stronghold.
Wrap pipe cleaner around middle and thread through bead.
Built by the Normans in the 11th century, it has had numerous additions, including three magnificent watch-towers that were built during the 15th century.
2 pipe cleaner, fake flower and embroidery thread.
Fredericksburg palace is a castle located in Denmark.
Fredericksburg palace is a castle located in Denmark.
Three houses and the church are shingled with pinecone scales, while the rear house has a pine-needle roof.
Thread pipe cleaner through base of flower and knot.
Still owned by the Pepoli family, the castle has the most breathtaking views from its towers.

If you’re building a house (or houses) with children, give them a couple of different materials to work with, and let those determine the designs: you don’t want to break their hearts if they design a manor house that’s resplendent with acorns and glass pebbles, but all you have to work with are willow twigs and some dry leaves.
Will your fairy house be covered in bark and twigs? Or will it be a stone structure with a little chimney on top? Will there be an elaborate patio and lovely little window-boxes filled with miniature flowers? Or will it be a simple cottage with dried straw thatching? Let your imagination guide you.

Fairy Door carved staircase into tree! My Mom had a fairy garden every spring, each time it would rain the faireis would leave something new in the garden! The girls could not wait to see what treasure was left behind.
How To Make A Fairy Garden – 2012 This is a really good idea for creative play for a child, and it kind of makes me want to be 7 years old again.
Creative crafts lovers might be able to build their own castles; otherwise, check fairy garden specialty websites for intricate accessories such as this.
There is a Tinkerbell-themed garden area that makes an appearance during the Flower Show, and it features tons and tons of fairy houses.

Andrew has created and curated robotics exhibits for the Children’s Museum of Somerset County, NJ and taught robotics classes for the Kaleidoscope Learning Center in Blairstown, NJ and for a public primary school.
She wanted windows and a door and a whole yard decorated with little shrubberies and flowers and other things she thought a fairy would like.
She was so excited about the idea, that after she went to bed, I made a little paper flower daisy chain and forged a note from a fairy named Daisy.

A sign invites everyone to become an architect in this grove, asking only that guests follow the fairies’ rules to use natural building items and to care for the island to keep them coming back.
Mara Gorman is an award-winning freelance writer, author of The Family Traveler’s Handbook and blogger at The Mother of all Trips.
Carpeted with pine needles, this permanent installation of woodland abodes stretches far into the woods and includes everything from the most basic of bark huts to elaborate multi-room condos with shell bathtubs and twig brooms.
Mara is an award-winning freelance writer, author of The Family Traveler’s Handbook and blogger at The Mother of all Trips.
The fairy house village on Mackworth Island in Falmouth, Maine, fits the bill on all counts.
Mackworth is connected to the mainland by a causeway that crosses the mouth of the Presumpscot River just north of Portland, but its lack of roads or human homes makes it feel far away from civilization.
The fairy house village is about halfway along the main path, tucked away from the water on the woods side.
There’s no place to buy food on Mackworth Island, but visitors can bring a picnic and enjoy it on one of the beaches that lie along the path. – Children will only be limited by their own imagination when building fairy houses and trolls' caves.
Children will only be limited by their own imagination when building fairy houses and trolls’ caves.

Stay tuned, in my next post I will share how to put together the surrounding fairy garden, decorate the inside of the fairy house and handcraft miniature items.
 A great place to start when crafting your very own miniature garden is with the house. I was inspired by the sea.
Get Crafty: A Coastal Fairy House Inspired by the coastal pine forest, sand and sea, a fairy house is crafted for the tiniest of folk.

Want to see more? Browse Etsy for awesome items.

Spend an afternoon letting your kids play with “magically grown” life-sized fairies and see professional fairy houses at your local Renaissance fair.
Line your plastic tray with moss, other greenery or a layer of dirt, so your fairy house will blend in with the rest of the yard.
Throughout the creation process, ask your kids lots of questions, like, “What would a fairy use this for?” It’s a sneaky way to encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as creativity and imagination.
In this article I’ll show you how to create a world of wonder and build elf or fairy houses together.
Once you start building your elf and fairy houses together, you’ll probably find that the time passes quickly because you’re having so much fun.
Some kids take to decorating like a fairy takes to dust, while others may need some creative questioning to help them think small.

The Buffalo Museum of Science will exhibit a select number of Artist Fairy Houses, including 3 PRIZE WINNERS at the museum for the month of July.
A special exhibit of artist- created houses will be showcased in the Artpark Gallery during the festival on June 8 through June 27th.

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Why celebrate fairy houses? As Tracy Kane, author and illustrator of the Fairy House book series, and inspiration behind the annual Fairy House Tour, writes: "the simple challenge of creating a fairy house gives children a unique activity that encourages them to go outside and connect with the natural world, nurturing care and respect for the environment." At The Nature Museum, we celebrate our annual Fairy House Festival as an opportunity for people of all ages to interact directly with the Vermont landscape, expressing their creativity while fostering a deeper relationship with the natural world.

Monhegan is most famously known for its Cathedral Forest (and the 50-year controversy on whether to ban fairy houses–still ongoing among island officials) but islands like Squirrel Island (Boothbay Harbor) and Bear Island (Buckminster Fuller’s island, where he built the famous geodome) in the Penobscot Bay, as well as several of the less-inhabited Cranberry Isles (e.g. Baker) have fairy houses.
A fairy house traditionally included a tiny altar with a small offering, such as a coin, to pay the fairies to help the farmers…” For the budding architect to the dreamy romantic, building a fairy house can be a wonderful activity for any number of children.
According to The Compleat Wetlander, fairy houses are, “a 100+ year tradition in Maine, especially along the coast and on the islands, when many island communities had working farms.

Now it’s time to have fun in your fairy gardens! Fill your magical miniature fairy gardens with miniature fairy garden furniture, miniatures and garden accessories to create a unique fairy garden that everyone will .
You may find it useful to segment an area for your fairy gardens with garden borders, miniature fencing or even river rock.
Fairy Garden Plants – Any type of plant, tree and flower can easily be incorporated into your fairy gardens.
Fairy Garden Location – Location is everything in the market even in the miniature world! In planning your fairy garden select a location to take advantage of the natural elements of your garden.
Use flower pots, raised terracotta saucers, bowls, garden carts, and virtually any discarded material to create a magical one of kind fairy garden.
Fairy Houses – When creating your fairy garden you’ll need some type of fairy house that encourages fairies to make their homes in your garden and provide an outlet to hide from humans.
You can also create your fairy gardens in flower pots and raised containers to provide miniature portable fairy gardens that provide great protection.
A fairy garden can be any size or shape ranging from sprawling gardens to a tiny flower pot.
Follow Enchanted Garden’s board Miniature Fairy Garden Accessories on Pinterest.
Take advantage of your natural landscape and create your fairy garden in the shade of a tree or nestle against hills, rock outcroppings, stumps etc.
Unleash your imagination and fill your miniature fairy gardens full of magical tiny miniatures, the possibilities are limitless.
During construction you can add rolling hills or even miniature ponds to your fairy garden projects.
Fairy Garden Construction – Let your imagination run free when you are creating your miniature fairy garden.

The fairy houses and gardens are normally made by the Orchard Valley Garden Club, however, after several requests from visitors last year, the club decided to open an opportunity up to the public.
For the third year, the fairy godmothers of the Orchard Valley Garden Club in Southington will host the fairy festival at the Apple Harvest Festival.
An example of a fairy house constructed by one of the Orchard Valley Garden Club members.
She said the club would like those who enter their fairy house competition to primarily use natural materials to build their fairy house.
Those that want to build a fairy house for the competition should contact Muzyczka at to get directions and instructions on how to make a fairy house as well as size limitations for the house.
“Last year we had seashore houses made with seashells, a fairy village with a church, curiosity shop, famers market and snail mail station,” said Muzyczka.
Muzyczka said she built a house for Lorelai, a water fairy, complete with a bridge and a river made out glass pebbles.
“We’ve had homes for different kinds of fairies like a plum house for a plum fairy, a rose house for a rose fair, an Iceland kind of home for a snow fairy, feather fairies.

Wee Folk Outfitters  Hand crafted wooden fairy doors (and windows).
Fuzzy Connection Hand crafted wooden fairy doors.  Hand crafted polymer clay fairy doors.
Clayworks by Kim Detmers  Hand crafted polymer clay fairy doors.
Fairy Door & Window CompanyHand crafted wooden fairy doors.
Once Upon A Time Design  Hand painted wooden fairy doors.
Shell Fairie House © Tatiana Katara.
Fairie House © Tatiana Katara.
Fairie House © Tatiana Katara.
Fairie House © Tatiana Katara.
According to The Compleat Wetlander, fairy houses are, “a 100+ year tradition in Maine, especially along the coast and on the islands, when many island communities had working farms.
A Fairy House on a tree mounted base, a bird barn, with a connecting bridge.
Red ShoesHand painted wooden fairy doors.
Fairy House by Sally J.
Fairy House by Sally J.
Fairy House by Sally J.
Fairy House by Sally J.

Display you fairy house in your fairy garden or tuck it into groupings of plants to invite playful fairies to the yard.
If it’s your first time making a fairy house, using a birdhouse as the base is the easiest way to go.
Don’t worry the fairies won’t mind and no one while be able to tell once the fairy house is completed.

     Hanging above the house is a comfy milkweed pod hammock.  A twig trellis adorns one wall of the cottage.  The stone patio has a lovely fire pit and patio furniture holding two cups of honeyed milk (a fairy favorite.)  Speaking of honey…please notice the small bee skep complete with two bees.  I made the bees by painting stripes on the heads of yellow pins! The wings are hole punched from wax paper.
     This one was tricky for several reasons.  I wanted to try putting some things inside the house and that is tough when you can’t fit your hand in there.  I need one of those "grabby" tools they used to sell when terrariums were popular.  I did get a few pieces of furniture inside, but I couldn’t get fancy.  Another challenging aspect was all the little bumps I had to maneuver around when cutting out the door and windows with the moto tool.    I tried to make a door that would open and close, but between the bumps and the curvature of the gourd…no way Jose.  Actually, this one is better without a door since the additional light is helpful for seeing inside.
   If you lift the roof, not only will you find a message, you will see a tiny table with two chairs.  On the table is a plate of fairy food and a glass of spring water.  There are also tiny acorns, flowers, a mini seashell and a miniature mushroom picture on the wall.
     Clover Hill has many special touches to intrigue fairy lovers.  You may notice there is no ordinary door.  This is because our fairy’s roommate is a pygmy jerboa who burrows underground!  Instead of a traditional door you will find a door in a small hill and a corresponding hatch inside the house.  You will be able to view the inside of the house through the two skylights.
   Made from a dried gourd, cut in half, #8 Ruby Road is "playable" fairy house.
    This house is chock full of handmade miniatures!  It is made from half of a gourd nestled in a tin pie plate and features two-story accommodations.
   I made this tri-level fairy house for my good friend’s  birthday.
    My twentieth fairy house is the home of a tiny gardener.
   Here is my bird lover’s fairy house! It’s the perfect "nest & breakfast" for traveling birds.
   I molded the front door, back shutters, mushrooms, mouse, and bucket out of polymer clay.  Notice the nifty fairy-sized geode I found when the lake water was very low.
This is the first of my fairy houses.  It is made primarily from found materials.  I made the lantern, ladder, bench and umbrella myself.
   This house was created inside a basket using a decorative gourd that I dried from last fall.  It is very lightweight and easy to move which makes it less fragile.
Upon close inspection you may find tiny clay mice, a bird nest, mushrooms, miniature jars of joy and peace, and other sparkling treasures.
     The interior has a walnut shell bed, a seashell sink with a tiny soap and hand towel.  Bits of broken jewelry (some of hers!) are hanging from the branches and from the hanger beneath the cottage.
This is the first of my gourd houses.  Last fall I dried my decorative gourds for some future purpose.  They are hanging on a string in my laundry room clothesline style.
There is a tiny book left open on the bed.  A smooth stone table holds fairy-sized dice as well as paper and pencil.
   Home for the holidays…three homes that is! This beautifully textured driftwood is the setting for two houses that you can see as well as a tiny red door to an underground dwelling.
    The furniture is pretty simple, but I made the mug and plate from polymer clay.  You can see a couple of the "stained glass" holes in the wall behind the table.
There are six tiny birdhouses, a birdbath and several locations for nuts, berries  and seeds.  One of the birdhouses, I made from a miniature gourd.
This rustic cottage is embellished with tiny stones, beads and moss.  The path is real crushed eggshells and the front steps are cinnamon sticks.   Several tiny red toadstools and miniature pumpkins are tucked here and there.
   After all this time, I realized I have not saved a fairy house for myself!   If I had, it would have been this one or the #12 Birdsong.
   This piece features three mini fairy houses nestled within a paper mache box.

Although I love to read and have made a successful living writing, for something that ultimately is as visual as a fairy garden, I am more attracted to the photos of potential materials, and sequential photos of various gardens being built with the text supporting the photos, rather than photos supporting the text as in this book.
A fun craft and lore book whose main focus is a step-by-step guide to how to build a fairy house, what tools and materials to use, and many ideas on different details you can add to your fairy house.
A fun craft and lore book whose main focus is a step-by-step guide to how to build a fairy house, what tools and materials to use, and many ideas on different details you can add to your fairy house.
This book will be heavily illustrated with hands on photos of fairy house building, and photos of steps for some of the specific details.
This book will be heavily illustrated with hands on photos of fairy house building, and photos of steps for some of the specific details.
Liza Gardner Walsh is the author of four books, Fairy House Handbook, Fairy Garden Handbook, Haunted Fort, and The Maine Coon Cat.
The biggest rule in fairy house building: "fairy houses must be made from materials found in nature".
When my granddaughter told me that she and her best friend were building fairy houses, I immediately looked for a book that would be suitable.
This book will help me make my fairy garden full of fairy houses that are really cool.

You can use smaller sticks on the inside of the house to help prop up the pieces of bark and keep them in place.
Another way for kids to get into the spirit of the tooth fairy is to help them build a fairy house in the yard.
Building a fairy house is the perfect spring activity for you and your child, and encourages young imaginations to connect with nature.
You may even find other materials to use depending on where you live—for example, if you live by the ocean, seashells will make a great addition to a fairy house.
You don’t need a large wooded area to build your fairy house.
If your child has already lost a baby tooth, he probably left it under the pillow for the tooth fairy in the hopes of a special treat in return.
Now that you know how to make a fairy house, where will you place your first one? Tell us in the comments below.
Place large pieces of bark against the sticks on the sides and back to form three walls.

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