how to make bracelets out of string

I measured out 12 inches, held the string at the 12 inch mark and then moved the ruler down to measure another 12 inches starting where I held the string.
Then hold the string at the new 12 inch mark and move the ruler down to measure out 8 inches.

You don’t need to drop hundreds of dollars on the latest bracelets to get that trendy layered look — you just need some string, some time, and a few great bracelet ideas to make your own homemade wristwear.
Macramé isn’t just for ugly plant hangers anymore — it’s a great way to make cool bracelets out of hemp and other types of string or cord.
Friendship bracelets are back and bigger than ever, and here are a whole stack of cool bracelets to make with string, thread, cord, or rope.
Experiment with different types of string and cord for making bracelets.
Have you tried making string bracelets using these tutorials, or is there one you plan to try? Let me know about it here.
Embroidery thread friendship bracelets are a classic way to make bracelets from string, using various braiding and knotting techniques.
If you’re new to friendship bracelet-making, click on the video links to learn the basics, including the right-hand double knot and left-hand double knot.
For a BUTTON CLOSURE bracelet, fold the strands in half, form a knot about 1/2 inch from the top (creating a loop), & start your bracelet.
For a TRADITIONAL bracelet, just create a knot 2-3 inches from the top & start your bracelet.
Picture tutorial of an open ended beaded wrap bracelet (link: ).
DIY :Pretty and easy!! This could work for a swimming/beach bracelet for my medical alert.
Remember ShrinkyDink mini tags on name tag- spindle, shuttle, knitting needles.
How to make a macrame beaded bracelet, with half hitch knot.
How to Make 2-colored friendship bracelets Give your Best Friend a from the heart this year for her birthday or for Christmas by making her a friendship bracelet! Start by taking eight piece of string or yarn.
How to Make friendship bracelets: Flip flop candy stripe This video describes the method of creating a "Flip Flop Candy Stripe" friendship bracelet using 4-8 strands of string and a clipboard.
How to Knit a bracelet with an "A" letter Already a bona fide friendship bracelet weaver? Then get ready to knock your friends' socks off with this personalized bracelet emblazoned with the letter "A." This step-by-step video will turn your mind to a whole new world of friendship bracelet possibilities, and you may find yourself stringing together batches of these for friends, family, and coworkers.
How to Make a candy stripe friendship bracelet Learning how to make a piece of jewelry can be a daunting task, but this straight forward tutorial gives you all the skills needed to perfect the craft of making friendship bracelet.
How to Make a beaded bracelet on a cardboard box loom You can make beautiful beaded bracelets without much monetary investment at all; in fact, all you need are pretty beads, string, and a cardboard box.
Not everybody wants to show off their friendship to everyone, but if you do, this video tutorial will show you how to make a friendship bracelet, specifically the alternating chevron friendship bracelet.
How to Make a zig-zag Chinese staircase bracelet In this video we learn to make a zigzag Chinese staircase friendship bracelet.
How to Make a friendship bracelet with vertical hearts In this video we learn how to make a friendship bracelet with vertical hearts.
How to Make a circle friendship bracelet A little girl from Live Embroidery explains, in this video, how to make a circle woven friendship bracelet.
Please know that this bracelet tutorial is recommended for those already familiar with making friendship bracelets.
Spike Bracelet: This fierce metallic bracelet may seem scary on it’s own, but we say embrace the spikes! Wear it with leather leggings if you want to totally rock out, or pair it with a graphic anchor Tee like this DIY-er did for a cool style contrast.
Studded Leather Wrap Bracelet: This designer-inspired piece took practically no time to make and for a fraction of the cost of the real deal.
Neon Wrap Bracelet: This bright bracelet is made exactly how it sounds by wrapping neon thread tightly around rope.
Beaded Leather Bracelet: Loop a piece of leather and thread the beads of your choice through each side.
Gold Tube Bracelets: These colorful tube bracelets have dual material personalities: totally adjustable with colorful cord or sturdy and with hearty leather wrap.
Name and Bow Wire Bracelet: Can you believe the trick to making this personalized name bracelet is starting with a pen and notebook? Draw a path without retracing any one point and then follow those lines with your materials.
Plumbing Supplies Bracelet: Who knew the plumbing supplies could be so chic? Fasten these clunky compression nuts to a skinny leather belt and wrap around your forearm.
A step by step guide can be found here.
A DIY guide can be found here.
The DIY guide can be found here.
Tutorial can be found here.
The tutorial can be found here.
Instructions can be found here.
Via learning this tutorial, you will find another way making marvelous string bracelet.
These instructions will lead you how to make cool hemp bracelets step-by-step.
YTG Different types of string bracelets.
Take another shorter piece or string and thread it through your bead and then wrap the string around the group of strands.
Once your bracelet has the pattern going, you can either keep the color pattern going or just make it random.
Grab both ends of the strand and pull through bead and the group of strands will come through with it.
There you have it! This bracelet does take some time to finish but not as much time as other friendship bracelets I’ve tried.
Great tutorial! I am trying to knock off the Madewell friendship bracelet in 2 colors.
Don’t get me wrong, I will still use the original technique to create more intricate designs but, this new tutorial is so quick you will end up wanting to make one in every color combination possible (like we did!) This tutorial is very similar to the other one so I will just share with you the differences.
We were super excited to share the Fishtail Friendship bracelet tutorial with you and we are even more excited to share that we’ve found an easier way to do it.
Funny thing, a couple of weeks ago I stumbled across another tutorial and I remembered how to knot a friendship bracelet like we did back in the ’90 in highschool – I love them and I’ve already made a bunch.
I’ve used this tutorial to make friendship bracelets which I made in exchange for a donation to the St Margaret of Scotland hospice, who provide exceptional end of life care to individuals and their families going through a very hard time.
I love you blog! I want to make these friendship bracelets with the large gold links as half the bracelet.
Great tutorial, I love the idea of rhinestones on friendship bracelets.
Repeat this until orange has tied all the way across your strings (including the red string) This should make the order of strings: Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Orange.
Step 3:Now you take the orange and make a forward knot on the yellow, green,blue,purple,red,orange,yellow,green,blue, and the purple.
Lay your strings out in this order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.
Kallum.Alternative 3:You need any amount of strings (6 looks best) that are all different colors.
Then I’m going to cut off the excess, leaving one piece of string in the middle that you don’t want to knot or cut.
But for this project, we’re going to use six pieces of string in two different colors, making sure that they’re all the correct size.
With the pink wires, I’m going to tie a knot at the bottom and pull it right down to the edge.
I’m going to show you how to make a bracelet out of string.
Next, you’re going to take some sticky tape, and take the end of your string down to a table or surface.
Supplies 1 Tape  1 Scissors  1 Super glue  3 Feet Base yarn  4 Feet Yarn or…  2 Feet Two colored yarns.
You'll need: Tape, scissors, super glue, yarn(s), ruler and a flat surface.
Tape down your bracelet with the cord in the middle and the color string on each side.
Next, take the right outside string and weave over the right cord and under the left.
Then, take the left outside string and weave over the left cord and under the right.
My daughter (9 yrs) loves making “bracelets” out of little pieces of string that she has a bag full of.
After about 5 or 6 repeats you can start to see the pattern! Make it as small or as long as you want! Great for keychains or bracelets, headbands or maybe even belts! To end just tie the left and right strands together in a simple knot, and  the remaining middle strand into a loop, or connect them to the other loop to create a bracelet or headband.
Make an arrow like section with your D strings – second strings from the middle.
Finish off your first leaf by making the last arrow with your spare strings.
Again take your next middle strings that you haven’t used yet – B strings – and make the arrow like section.
Take your next middle strings and make another arrow like section.
Take your third strings from each side and make the arrow section.
We are starting the new leaf with the second strings from the middle.
And finish off your second leaf with the spare strings.
You can either start by making a loop or just make a big knot and order your strings in a mirrored order.
You circled the 2nd string (hemp) with your first string (red), now pull the first (red) string up to the top of the bracelet by the big knot and set it down.
Pull the knot up and set your thread down, this time between the 3rd (pink) and 4th (white) pieces of string.
Make sure this knot is in the middle of your hemp so you have equal lengths of string on each side to work with.
Continue always catching the center string on the right side of your knot, and gently bring the knot in.
Take the hemp string on your right (A) and place it across the front of your center strings (C) to form a “P”.
Keep the two short and colorful pieces of string in the middle, and pull the hemp string out to the left and right.
Once you have knotted all the way down your friendship bracelet, you can tie the hemp in place by forming a basic overhand knot.
You will repeat what you just did to the hemp string to all the other strings across your bracelet.
Take the string on your left (B) and pull it underneath the center strings (C).
The DNA Knot is very similar to the square knot, the difference is it twists because you always knot the same side of your string instead of alternating sides.
Form the loop by pulling the thread (red) around and back out the top of the last thread (white), pull it up to the top of the big knot and lay it down.
The first string that you were working with (red) will always form a knot around the one that is newly adjacent to it.
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With the buckle arced inward like in part 2 of the diagram, thread the cords through the lower slit of the buckle.
 • When measuring, make sure to measure from the middle point of the male part of the buckle, to the end part of the female part of the buckle.
Pull the loose ends of the cord through the loop created on the other side and pull it all the way until the knot forms and locks onto the buckle.
• For the example in this diagram, my wrist measured in at 6.5”, so I’m measuring the cord to be 7.5” long.
Position your bracelet like shown in part one of the diagram.
Pull tight and create the knot like shown in part 6 of the diagram.
Part 3 of the diagram is an example of how the buckle should look from a top view.
Continue the left cord over the bracelet cords.
Take the right cord and continue threading it over the bracelet cords.
If your bracelet starts to twist as you tie knots, apply tape down the length of the bracelet to keep it flat.
This process should give you enough thread to tie all the knots for a bracelet long enough to go around his wrist.
If you’re making the bracelet for a child, measure from his finger to shoulder.
Colorful friendship bracelets are made by tying patterns of knots in colorful thread.
The order you separate them into will be the order the stripes form in your bracelet.
To make sure your bracelet is long enough, measure from the tip of your fingers to your shoulder, and then double it.
Using your first string, tie a knot around each of the remaining 5 strings in order.
These are all done by finger weaving loops.  Depending on which loops you use you get a different pattern.  The first bracelet it a flat 7 strand braid (which I will demonstrate), the second bracelet is a 4 sided cubed braid (which is shown in the video).  Both are cute and your children will love to make these.
Then grab that last loop with your pinky (letting go with the pointer finger) and pulling it through the rest of the strands and tighten.  Now you have 4 loops on your opposite hand.
One of my most favorite crafts to do when I was in elementary school was to make friendship bracelets.  If you were my friend, acquaintance and sometimes even my enemy you received a friendship bracelet made by me.  I sold them at a stand in my neighborhood and got busted for making them in class.  One of the easiest and quickest bracelets to make is the finger weaving kind.
2.  Pin the knot to a pant leg or pillow.  Separate the stranded loops and put them on your fingers (4 strands on one hand and 3 on the other).
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Place that floppy loop around the thumb on your left hand and pull the loose string back through the first knot with your right hand.
To finish the knotted portion of the bracelet, create one last loop, but this time you will pull the piece of yarn all the way through and secure the knots.
I’ve used this particular knot for garlands, I’ve used them for hanging balloons and now I’m using knots for these Knotted Yarn Bracelets.
To loosen, just pull on the piece of yarn (the one with the knot at the end) the other direction.
Don’t cut it too short as this is yarn and it is somewhat slippery and a nice tug can pull it out of the knot.

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