how to wear a sarong

Do a second knot to secure, then fluff out the ends of the material.This style is best used as a cover up for swimwear.
Gather the two ends of the sarong and tie a knot on the side.
Gather the material in front of your body and make a simple knot.
Then pinch the corners until you have enough material to form a knot.
There are a number of ways to tie and wear a sarong, from simple tie skirts to colorful halter dresses.

Create a bandeau style top by folding the sarong into a 5" to 7" wide strip and wrap around the chest and tie in front or back.
Sarongs are rectangular shaped, so you have the option of wearing your sarong in a variety of ways.
(2) Grab two corners of the sarong and create a "tie" by pulling the ends vertically, then knot the tie and pull the ends horizontally (knot again to secure).
Plus we also have a booklet on how to tie your sarongs, some pictures of how to tie sarongs and sarong ties as well.
(2) You may wear the sarong over a simple plain tank dress to create a beautiful "chic" look.
Hang your sarong on the wall (looks great framed) or drape over an end-table for a great decorator look or use as tablecloths for that special occasion.
To help you get a better understanding of how to wear your sarong, we’ve included some ideas on how to tie your sarong in this section.
Check out our pictures and links below to get more info on sarong ties and uses.
Fold the sarong into a thin 3" wide strip and wrap around a hat or head-wear and tie.
Adjusting the length is as simple as folding the sarong in half for desired length, then tie.
Enjoy the summer in carefree style when you wear a lightweight sarong as a halter dress with a knot.
For a strapless dress with a knot in front, simply begin with the sarong in front of the body and wrap from front to back.
To tie a sarong as a toga dress, take a full length sarong and horizontally wrap it around the body towards the front.
To tie a sarong as a bandeau dress, take a full length sarong and wrap it around the body from back to front.
To tie a sarong as a halter dress with a knot, take the sarong and hold it behind the body crosswise, or horizontally, so that it is perpendicular to the body.
To tie a sarong as a draped dress, take a full length sarong and hold it in front of the body lengthwise.
To tie a sarong as a maxi skirt, take the garment and hold it crosswise behind the body so that the length of fabric is perpendicular to the body.
Make a bold style statement when you wear a sarong as a one shoulder dress.
Statuesque style and old world glamour come together in a fashionable blend when you wear a sarong as a toga dress.
Take your summer style from drab to fab when you wear a mini sarong as a halter top.
To tie a sarong as a shoulder shrug, take a half sarong or mini sarong and drape the garment at the neck from back to front.
Comfort and style blend together perfectly when you wear your favorite sarong as a long maxi skirt.
To tie a sarong as a mini skirt, take a half sarong or full length sarong folded lengthwise and hold it behind the body horizontally.
Wrap the sarong underneath one armpit and tie the corners atop the opposite shoulder so that it is open to one side of the body.
To tie a sarong as a one shoulder dress, take the sarong and hold it behind the body horizontally, or crosswise, so that it is perpendicular to the body.
Show off your flair for fashion when you wear your favorite sarong as a halter dress with a twist.
For a romantic ensemble that is comfortable and stylish, wear a sarong as a cascade bandeau dress.
Kick your summer style up a notch when you wear a sarong as draped shorts.
Sassy style comes standard when you wear a sarong as a triangle skirt.
From a skirt to a dress and every style in between, a sarong tie can help you achieve the look you .
To tie a sarong as a halter dress with a twist, take the sarong and hold it behind the body crosswise so that it is perpendicular to the body.
For a look that is anything but ordinary, wear your favorite sarong as a side slit dress.
The tropical breeze of your favorite beach resort will be no match for the secure style you get from a sarong tied as a headwrap.
Show off some skin and your stunning sense of style when you wear a sarong as a backless top.
Take the remaining portion of the sarong and tie a final knot at the nape of the neck to create the halter silhouette.
The sarong tying device will hold the garment securely in place without the need for knots of any kind.
To tie a sarong as a swimsuit cover up, take a half sarong or full length sarong and hold it crosswise behind the body.
Whether you want a cute cover up for the pool or want to make a stylish statement when you go out, a sarong worn as a mini skirt is the perfect ensemble.
Add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe when you wear a sarong as a long wrap skirt.
To tie as a sarong as a harem jumpsuit, hold the sarong lengthwise along the front of the body.
Your feminine physique will be on display in the most flattering way when you wear a sarong as a strapless tube dress.
Elegance and sophistication come together effortlessly when you wear a sarong as a shoulder wrap.
To tie a sarong using a sarong tie, simply take the corners of the garment and position them through the holes of the sarong tying device.
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The sarong or pareo, born in the tropical countries, has come to us not so long ago, but now it’s difficult to imagine our summer without it…Among the advantages of the pareo, of course, its versatility is that turns it from a simple scarf into a real beach wear, depending on how you tie a sarong dress.
Lyloh Sarongs come in 3 sizes to suit all shapes! Video Guide on How to Wear & Style Your Lyloh Sarong into 8 Different Outfits.
Lyloh Sarongs come in 3 sizes to suit all shapes! Video Guide on How to Wear & Style Your Lyloh Sarong into 8 Different Outfits.
Subtle variations in fabric make each sarong unique, but it's how you choose to wear it that truly sets it apart.
The larger the sarong, the more options you’ll have for tying it, and if you can’t find a sarong you like at a swim store, oversized sheer scarves from places like Forever21 and Mango make great stand-ins.
Holding two corners on the long side of the sarong, wrap the sarong behind your back horizontally.
Holding the edges of the sarong below the waist, gather a couple inches of the sarong and wrap it behind you.
Holding that corner with one hand, pull the other corner in front of your shoulder and tie the two corners into a knot at your shoulder.
First, hold two corners on the long side of the sarong and tie them behind your neck loosely.
Don’t have a sarong or looking to purchase a new one? No problem! Here’s a list of great places to buy sarongs online.
Learn how to look sexy at the beach with these Howcast videos, which show you how to look hot in a bikini (especially when you emerge from the ocean); how to tie a sarong into a one-strap dress; how to bubble tie a sarong; and how to tie a sarong into a simple wrap skirt.
If you’re wearing a bathing suit with shoulder straps, knot the corner to a strap instead of pinning it to the sarong, and slide the knot over your shoulder toward your back.
First, wrap the sarong or scarf around your body as you did in the first style, but this time twist the front ends together and continue twisting the ends before tying it behind your neck.
Thanks for sharing 5 Popular Ways To Wear A Sarong Pareo Wrap Scarf, very informative.
What is the best way to cover up at the beach? You could use a sarong pareo wrap scarf or shawl.
You can wear a pareo or sarong not only as a wrap around skirt but in many ways.
This lens features the 5 most popular ways to wear a sarong pareo.
How To Tie A Pareo Sarong Scarf Into A Halter Neck Dress.
Even when wearing your pareo as a shawl, you can create many styles and looks by the way you throw it over your shoulders, either full draped, front draped, tie it like a regular scarf, fully cover, half cover, front to back, back to front.
Wrap the other side of your sarong around you, meeting the other in the back.
Fold your sarong in half horizontally and wrap it around your waist.
You can wear the sarong either tied in the middle, or off to whichever side you prefer.
Wrap your sarong around you in the front (overlapping), bringing one end to your back.
After you have finished tying the sarong, fluff out the fringe, so that it lies nicely.
Now, you can tell the difference between the shorter and the longer sarong because obviously, there’s more material but usually the shorter sarongs have a printed section which enables it to look more like a skirt.
Get an even more fantastic look for the beach with the different ways on how to wear the stylish sarong.
Now, let’s just do a double knot on the side, and that’s how you wear a shorter sarong.
So when you’re picking a sarong, make sure it’s vibrant and it stands out so that you’ll look fantastic on the beach.
And always make sure that you have the side section, so it would really elongate your leg as well, it’s really flattering for beach wear.
If there are longer ones, you tie them on the same way the short does, you can take into halter neck as a dress or you can just simply tie it just above the bust just to give you a bit of discreet coverage.
Hi, today I’m going to talk to you about how to wear a sarong.
My bet is that she is wearing two of the same sarong, one wrapped as a top ties at shoulder and the other as a skirt to achieve the fullness at the bottom.
We love these creative ideas on how to wear a sarong.
Love this Fall look y using your sarong or pareo as a skirt.
This beautiful fine cotton tye-dye mirror-work sarong in Mocha is perfect for the pool.
Tribal beach coverup made from one scarf by Theodora & Callum.
– Still looking for ways to keep cool & stylish? Create a Sarong Style Maxi dress in less than 2 minutes & be on your way! Distributed by Tubemogul.
This site shows you 40 different ways to tie a scarf! just click on the pic you like and it gives directions.
Why waste your time — and money — on skirts or pants or shorts or bottoms, period, when you can locate your own favorite fabric, chop a large enough square off it from its roll, tie it around your waist thus concealing your legs and ba da bing, ba da boom, behold: you’re covered.
Here we are, meandering through life, holding up skirts at department stores, tilting our heads in an attempt to convince ourselves that the size will totally work, fighting with our mothers over ass-coverage in relation to jeans and with ourselves over whether that second spoonful of Rocky Road is really — and I mean really — worth it, when we could be squashing all these qualms with a sarong and a simple tie at the waist.
And when you got sick of wearing your sarong as a sarong and that became your normal (thus making room for new quandaries to occupy your mind space), you could consider this: why don’t you stop wearing belts or shorts or head pieces all together and consider the multifarious uses of one of the best gifts ever bequeathed to us by the Arabian Peninsula and Southeast Asia.
Finally, luck be a tube top tonight, am I right? Who needs a blouse when you’ve got fabric? (Actually, there is some value in making like Rosie and tying said fabric around a top to create dimension.) Fake a ruche, tie a knot, let that shit cascade like it is a matrimonial center piece and when you’re done with that, turn the crazy O-N, on.
For a traditional sarong that does not feature ties, users can simply tuck in the ends or secure the skirt with a clip or safety pin.
To create a halter dress from a sarong, users should wrap the sarong around the body, starting in the back.
For an even easier look, users can simply create a bandeau dress with the sarong by wrapping it completely around the body.
Users can quickly wrap the sarong around one side of the body, and then tie small knots at one shoulder and at the waist for a flattering, one-shoulder look.
There are numerous different ways to wear a sarong, it is simply a matter of knowing how to wrap, tie, and secure it.
For a glamorous sarong dress, women may want to consider creating a one-shoulder look.
For very hot weather, or simply a flirtier look, users can consider a sarong mini skirt.
Finally, users can take each end of the sarong and tie them behind the neck, creating a secure halter look.
Users can simply wrap the sarong around the body, just under the bust.
In order to create this style, users should start by folding the sarong in half, lengthwise.
Cocktail Dress: 1950's, metallic floral sequined silk satin, one-shoulder asymmetric sweetheart bodice, sarong-wrap design pencil skirt.
Sarong Wrap Pants : Sexy Swimsuit Coverups : Clothing Optional Nudists Clothing : Womens and Girls Plus Size Beachwear Maternity Swimwear.
A sarong or sarung (/səˈrɒŋ/; Malay and Indonesian: [ˈsaroŋ], Malaysian: [ˈsarʊŋ], Arabic: صارون; meaning "sheath" in Indonesian and Malay) is a large tube or length of fabric, often wrapped around the waist and worn by men and women throughout much of South Asia,[1] Southeast Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, the Horn of Africa, and on many Pacific islands.
Although nomadic and urban Somali men have worn them for centuries in the form of a plain white skirt, the colorful macawiis (ma’awiis) sarong, which is the most popular form of the garment in the region, is a relatively recent arrival to Somalia courtesy of trade with the Southeast Asian islands and the Indian subcontinent.
However, there is a trend toward adopting sarong as a fashionable garment or as a formal garment worn with national pride, only on special occasions.[3] Political and social leaders of Sri Lanka who want to portray their humility and closeness to "common man" and their nationalism, choose a variation of the sarong nicknamed the "national" as their public attire.
Malay men wear sarongs in public only when attending Friday prayers at the mosque, but sarongs remain very common casual wear at home for men and women of all ethnicities and religions in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and much of the Indian subcontinent.[2] (In South Asia, sarongs are typically known as mundu or lungi).
Sarongs are widespread in the Northeast part of India – in the state of Manipur, where they are called phanek, in the South Indian states of Kerala, where they are called mundu (if fully white or fully black) and lungi or kaili if coloured, and Tamil Nadu, where they are called sarem or veshti or lungi and are usually worn at home.
Curious Designs – How To Tie A Sarong A sarong is a traditional form of dress used by men, women and children in most parts of South East Asia and is commonly considered their most important article of clothing.
(as shown in photo) – Makes a great sarong dress! Step 1: Drape sarong over your shoulders like a cape.
Flaunt your personality by wearing your favorite sarong as a bandeau scarf top, you can pair it with a high waist skirt or any pants or jeans along with sneakers or wedges, depending on your style.
Welcome to 1 World Sarongs – "The Sarong Source Blog", the place to get news about the world’s most versatile piece of cloth from the sarong experts! 1 World Sarongs is the premiere website for buying sarongs.
Seeing our customers wearing our sarongs with a smile on their face keeps us motivated to continue working hard to bring you a greater collection of beautiful sarongs that are well priced and of great quality.
Would you wear your sarong as a scarf and if so, what’s your favorite style? We’d love to hear from you.
Easy, flattering and fashionable – how would you wear a sarong for this season? During Summer we talked about different hairstyles with scarves to play around with.
Our Wrap! Pose! Win! Photo Contest winner for the month of May has been announced! We received such lovely submissions and sometimes we just want to pick all of you and give out free sarongs to everyone because receiving your photos in our sarongs truly makes us happy.
Thanks to the versatility of a sarong, it has the same function as a scarf where you can wear it as a sash, bandeau top or vest.
Sarong wraps are all about convenience and fashion depending on your personal style.
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Make a splash next time you hit the beach elegantly wrapped in a colorful sarong.
It’s the ultimate cover-up and can double as a towel or beach blanket.
Copyright 2014 Blue Hand Batik.
Maybe your just want to accent your beachwear or summer outfit with a no hassle solution, then the skirt sarong – short or long – is just what you need: a splash of color, with a definite touch of carefree styling.
It is ideal for getaways to put on while you nip to the resort bar! A flattering choice, a sarong will not only bring sunshine into a wardrobe, it will also help feel confident and pretty at the beach or pool.
Wear your sarong as a shoulder dress 5.
Wear your sarong as a short skirt 2.
If you have to travel light, but want different looks, then check out this video I found on YouTube on different ways to wear a sarong or wrap.
Since I was clueless as to how to tie one, the boutique owner taught me a simple wrap by gathering the top corners of the sarong, with the opening in front, and making a simple loop knot at chest level.
It shows you the flirty halter dress, casual slouch dress, halter top, strapless dress, drape cardigan (I thought this was cool, never seen it before!) and the one shoulder dress, very glamorous.
If you`re still on the lookout for more ideas, here are 3 short videos showing you how you can easily wear a sarong and add a few accessories to look gorgeous.
At ViX, it’s all about the detail and this season, we are using our ViX sarongs as a scarf and adding in a bit of jewelry for an instant statement piece.
While meant for the beach, sarongs easily lend themselves as scarves or shawls because of their vibrant prints and fringe detailing.
Sam Saboura, style host of the Style Network’s Extreme Makeover, offers four ways to tie this versatile cover-up.
Fold the sarong into a triangle and wrap it around your midsection, high on the back and lower in front.
Wear the sarong as a midcalf skirt, tying it on a diagonal that slants down to one side of your hips.