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What are Invicta watches like? What kind of watches do they offer? How high quality is the build of their timepieces? A company can’t be a great company unless it sells a great product, and the same applies to the watch industry.
Invicta Watches Review: A Popular, High Quality Company Today, the Invicta watch company is one of the fastest growing in the watch industry.
Other companies sell watches as good as Invicta’s (though perhaps without Invicta’s unique design innovation), but the price is far above what Invicta offers.
Hopefully, this Invicta watches review has helped you make the choice between Invicta and other watch brands and given you the information that you need to buy your watch.
Some of their watches do have similar features to watches from other luxury brands – in some cases, outclassing the watches that they’re supposed to be copying – but Invicta watches always have their own style to them that other brand’s don’t have (not to mention a lot cheaper price).
If you do your own internet research, you’ll hear very mixed reviews on whether Invicta watches have a good build quality or not.

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Amazon is great as usual, with the watch being cheaper than 'ShopNBC', where Invicta has an exclusive relationship regarding not only Invicta's selling, at times the cheapest, but also, having new Invicta fashions shown first.
In five minutes learn how to take them off instead of complaining that you had to take it to a jeweler because 'Invicta', put too many links on the watch! The watch is very comfortable and some people do notice the sweep hand and come closer to say that it looks expensive.

I own a couple of $1000+ watches (they appreciated to that value in the 30-40 years I've owned them) that I won't wear for fear of loss, and the Invicta case and band are every bit as nice, and what can I say-the movement is a Seiko, the Honda of the watch world.
Obviously, if you're buying a watch only for accuracy, you want a quartz movement, but if you like mechanical things that are a throw-back to a simpler time at a steal of a price, consider a practical Invicta model.

I immediately, within 20 minutes of receiving the watch, emailed Invicta’s customer service center describing the problem and requesting that my $25 be refunded to me (I did not receive adequate service from them, only a damaged watch in return) and/or a new replacement bezel be sent to me, as I had no intention of sending my watch back in and risking further damage or another 2-1/2 month wait.
look this is to baptiste who ever you might be when you read crap on here and you want to respond you type fast and miss a couple of words big deal? i suppose you think you are perfect and you know everything right? wrong nobody is perfect on earth! i am not an invicta shill! i own a few invictas i have sturhling original and lucien picard i am just a watch fan who knows a good bit of information on what i buy.
I sent my Invicta Dune diver back to Invicta in October of last year to have them replace the lume dot on the bezel, which had fallen out, after only wearing the watch about three times.
I have a defective Invicta $70 watch from World of Watches that leaked the first time it saw water.
After owning the watch a month I sent it to invicta at my expense.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice watch, but it will never stand up to the quality of the Bulova that I’m going to purchase next month.

And why did we have to waste time and money sending them to the Invicta Watch Group in Hollywood, Florida? And, when I asked why I hadn’t received any emails prior to the contact that took like forever, the female said that they had sent numerous invoices.
Then after posting on Facebook, I hear from Invicta and all they want to do is sell me what I need not counting my time or my cell phone minutes or the fact that I had to buy a work watch from another company.
Why do I get advertisement emails from them and FedEx called me to let me know that I needed to be home to sign for their package, yet they wrote in the package that they tried on several occasions to try and contact me for the repair money, remember that these watches are under warranty and the watch was being returned unrepaired due to them not being able to contact us.
So if you want a nice watch that has quality workmanship with poor customer service and no one has parts for, buy Invicta – I will never again.
I bought a couple watches from Invicta via HSN and my Pro Diver, while beautiful would fog up in the shower! Not something you would expect from a "Pro Diver" watch.
I have a few Invicta branded watches that I have noticed have defective watch bands.
Between the lack of quality for an expensive Swiss watch and the totally rude and incompetent customer service, or non-service, I implore my fellow frustrated consumers to help get them to either change their ways or lose money by contacting the Better Business Bureau, everyone within your Social Media reach, your State Attorney General and if serious enough, a lawyer.
The warranty on the watches which range from 1-5 years is rather worthless as the S/H for a repair is cost restrictive as compared to the net value of the watch.
In 2010, I purchased an Invicta watch Model 6490 for $134.00. Within 3 months, the crown fell off and was lost.
This is a piece of crap and my recommendation to all is…. Do Not Buy an Invicta Watch from Amazon or anyone else!!!!!!! Truly the worst service experience ever.
I have replace 2 other Invicta watch bands over 5 time each.
I was advised I could not; company policy and they could only ship it back to me if I paid $28.00. As far as I am concerned Invicta is ROBBING me of my watch.
My wife purchased a Jason Taylor Zeus Invicta for Father’s Day and a month later the watch quit working.
I think some issues for customers are legit but I willing to bet some people aren’t totally being honest with how their watch broke and probably abuse their watches a bit more than they care to say.
I’m demanding Invicta replace my watch or repair it FREE.
For the record these watches are worn very infrequently and don’t undergo the heavy wear and tear, that it’s what makes me find the watch bands they supply to be less than acceptable given the price point.
Now I just want a refund at this point, a 20-day old watch gone for 6 months??? Really they also told me they will not replace until back to service 3 times.
Now I have to pay $28.00 to have my broken watch shipped back to me, when it only cost me $5.95 to ship it to Invicta including tracking and insurance.
I will never recommend anybody to deal with such a irresponsible company or buy an Invicta watch.
I purchased an Invicta Women’s 15500 Ocean Reef Chronograph White Oyster Watch on November 27, 2013.
I purchased a watch from Invicta and I noticed 4 initials engraved on the watch case back.
Bought an Invicta Reserve watch from an individual.
My husband bought an Invicta watch through a Groupon deal.

Many folks draw the line between $200-$300 for their upper limits on Invicta purchases as their are other well known high quality watches available above that level.
I have purchase Invicta watches above that limit but the below $300 price range seems to be the sweet spot for Invicta in terms of quality, price, and looks.
On the other hand, many folks dislike Invicta for the very reasons stated above and would not take one if it was given for free!! It tends to foster a very black/white response with few shades of gray for many.
If I could suggest using the search function on the WUS forum menu and typing in "Invicta" ; I think you could get a good feeling for the brand and a consensus of sorts.
Currently, I own a 9937 (maybe Invicta’s most remarkable watch) and an Executive with the Unitas movement, which works and looks great after 2 years.

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