jack reacher novels in order

The Jack Reacher book series by Lee Child (a pen name for the British author Jim Grant) follows an ex-military policeman who likes to travel alone, but whom trouble finds no matter in which far away corner of the country he happens to be at the time.
So here is the list of Jack Reacher novels in order of publication, with the chronological order of the books listed in brackets next to each book.
You do get to learn more about Jack Reacher in every subsequent novels – about his past, his brother, his demons and why he quit the Army Military Police Force to go around the country investigating situations that can get dangerous to people who can’t protect themselves.
Each book involving Jack has a beginning and an end, meaning that reading the Jack Reacher novels in order is not really a must.
Guy Walks Into A Bar is set shortly before the happenings in Gone Tomorrow, which makes the novella book #12.5 in chronological order, while James Penney’s New Identity features Jack still in the Army as a captain.
Diane Capri has also written a series called The Hunt for Jack where Reacher is mentioned quite a lot, although he never actually appears in the books as a character.
I was quite surprised a while back to learn that Jack Reacher appeared in writings of other authors, including Stephen King in his book Under the Dome.

A list of the Lee Child Reacher Novels in order, and then a link to a site where it is extremely easy to look up any series an author has written, and the order of publication.
If you’re a fan of book series of any kind, there’s a very good chance that you think it’s a pain to figure out which order they were released in, particularly if they’re not covered in helpful labels like #1, #4, etc.
If you’re a Lee Child fan, there’s a very good chance that it is because of his character Jack Reacher, who reminds me in a lot of ways of Jack Bauer from 24, but he’s way taller.
When i heard it was Cruise i said no way “I SHOULD PLAY REACHER!!!!!” I’m 6’3″ and 255.

Jack Reacher is a fictional character and the protagonist of a series of books by British author Jim Grant, who writes under the pen name of Lee Child.[1] A former Major in the United States Army Military Police Corps, Reacher quit at age 36, and roams the United States taking odd jobs and investigating suspicious and frequently dangerous situations.
Jack Reacher is a former major in the United States Army Military Police Corps.
(978-0-593-06574-7) 3 September 2013 3rd Former military cop Jack Reacher makes it all the way from snowbound South Dakota to his destination in northeastern Virginia, near Washington, D.C.: the headquarters of his old unit, the 110th MP.
Jack Reacher is hired by the underhanded director of a private military firm to rescue his wife and stepchild, who appear to have been kidnapped.
Reacher is mentioned several times in the Stephen King novel Under the Dome, where he is described by the character Colonel Cox as "the toughest goddam Army cop that ever served, in my humble opinion.".[33] Lee Child’s endorsement of Dome appears on the cover of at least one edition of the book.
(978-0-515-14350-8) April 2000 3rd Two women are found dead in their own homes—in baths filled with Army-issue camouflage paint, their bodies completely unmarked—Jack Reacher knew them—and he knows that they both left the Army under dubious circumstances, both victims of sexual harassment.
61 Hours page 229 – "…"Reacher had been an army liaison officer serving with the Marine Corps at the time of the barracks bombing.
Jack Reacher First appearance Killing Floor (March 1997) Created by Lee Child Portrayed by Tom Cruise Information Nickname(s) Reacher Aliases Reacher always uses an alias when checking into a hotel.

Each book in the series is a self-contained story, and the plot of each book relies very little on the prior books in the series.

Especially in the latter books – Lee Child has really got into the Jack Reacher character, and does some amazing things with him where you’d only truly appreciate if you read the order of Jack Reacher novels from the very beginning.
You’ve heard the phrase “printing money” and that’s pretty much what Lee Child does when he writes a new Jack Reacher book to add to our Order of Jack Reacher Books.
It’s the series that spawned a million copycats; Lee Childs books starring Jack Reacher is one of the best-selling book series out there.
The Affair in particular is where Lee Child really has a lot of fun with Jack Reacher – but you’d only appreciate it more if you read all the previous books.
Lee Child has been publishing a new addition to the Jack Reacher series annually ever since the series started with Killing Floor in 1997.
One of the later books written includes a short story in the back of the book about Jack Reacher growing up as a teenager.
casting Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher is ridiculous and gives new life to the old “casting couch” method in Hollywood.
Jack Reacher Synopsis: The Affair is the sixteenth book in Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series.
So what’s the big appeal? Well other than the fact that Jack Reacher is freaking awesome? I think it’s the whole “superhero” concept.
Written by Lee Child, the former Military Police Major Jack Reacher travels all over the United States, via bus or hitchhiking.

Ive been a Michael Connelly fan for about ten years…just read FACEOFF (head to head short story thrillers) looking for new authors to get interested in and came away starting with Lee Child’s Jack Reacher… I’m thrilled with the Reacher series … in about a month I’m through to the seventh book.
Although, the first novel the Killing Floor was widely acclaimed it did fall party to some critics who stated that the character of Jack Reacher was an unconvincing protagonist.Child attempted to address some of those concerns, in the second novel, lathough he largely paid no heed to the voices of the critics.
The New York Times called the action “Smart and Breathless.” Newsweek also called the action in he Killing floor “Subtle and nuanced with seductive writing and irresistible plot twists.” This book was followed by a succession of other novels featuring Reacher.
Child is the author of 17 novels featuring the character of Reacher and goes on to detail his exploits in several books that detail the title character,drifter and assumed possible low life Reacher.
Jack Reacher is the lead character and the protagonist in the series of books by British author Jim Grant who writes under the pseudonym of Lee Child.
This is one great read, and the Jack Reacher story The Killing Floor is a real page turner as literary critics and readers both agree.
Read both of these novels as an introduction to the Jack Reacher character, and you may find that you wish to read more.
The Jack Reacher books are well written, gripping, and allow individuals to identify with the title character.

However if you want to read them in the order that they were published, it comes after Persuader and before One Shot." 1.  The Enemy (Jack Reacher, No.
5.  Running Blind (Jack Reacher, No.
11.  Bad Luck and Trouble (Jack Reacher, No.
6.  Echo Burning (Jack Reacher, No.
2.  Killing Floor (Jack Reacher, No.
9.  One Shot (Jack Reacher, No.
8.  Persuader (Jack Reacher, No.
12.  Nothing to Lose (Jack Reacher, No.
13.  Gone Tomorrow (Jack Reacher, No.
7.  Without Fail (Jack Reacher, No.
The list author says:   "This is Jack Reacher #9.  It came out after The Enemy, a prequel set back when Reacher was in the army.

That said I suspect that once I’ve read them all, I’ll probably go back and re-read them all over again in a chronological order starting with the novella “Second Son”.
I am considering finishing out the series in chrono order, however, I’m afraid my OCD won’t allow me to go outside the “date published” route.
Thanks for publishing this list! I started reading them in order of publishing date – given that I’m up to ‘Tripwire’, I think I’ll stick to this order.
I recently finished reading; “61 Hours”, “Worth Dying For”, “A Wanted Man”, & “Never Go Back”.

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As Lee Child writes new installments in his Jack Reacher series, he thinks back to something his father said: When it came to books and films, "he would say he wanted the same but different," Child tells NPR’s Linda Wertheimer.
Personal is his 19th novel starring Jack Reacher, the retired U.S. military policeman who puts his folding toothbrush in his shirt pocket and boards a bus to wherever that bus is going.
Lee Child is the author of 19 Jack Reacher novels — and is currently working on the 20th.
Lee Child is the author of 19 Jack Reacher novels — and is currently working on the 20th.

In addition to being an avid reader and movie watcher she is a freelance writer, graphic designer and a “green” seamstress.

Diva F Join Date Aug 2012 Location Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Australia Fav Author Child, Coben, Cornwall, Crais, Evanovich, Grafton to name a few.
I also would have no way of knowing whether his remarks were accurate or not but he seemed to have put some thought into it and compared dates and events with subsequent books.
Was on another forum – not connected to Lee – and a member there was going on about the mistakes in Lee’s books, not about firearms but about date sequences.
It’s a story, it’s fiction, the author should be allowed some poetic licence.
It’s a story, it’s fiction, the author should be allowed some poetic licence.

Includes three short books in Diane Capri’s beloved Hunt for Jack Reacher spin-off series from Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels, featuring FBI Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar collected in one volume.
FBI Special Agents Kim Otto and Carlos Gaspar have received a special off-the-books assignment: build a secret file on Jack Reacher.

A Reacher novel like Worth Dying For (which takes place in rural Nebraska) sounds closer to McQuarrie’s proposed vision for the movie sequel than Never Go Back does, though the latter has the advantage of having been published by Child after the first movie was released (i.e. from a studio perspective, it’s a more bankable story to adapt).
I initially thought Tom Cruise was going to be terrible as Jack Reacher, but I tried to keep and open mind, went to the movie because I really like the character and ended up thinking Cruise did a decent job.
Just over a year ago, Tom Cruise was headlining the film Jack Reacher: Oscar-winning writer/director Christopher McQuarrie’s hard-boiled crime mystery/thriller, based on author Lee Child’s Reacher novel One Shot.
However, unless the Jack Reacher sequel has progressed much further than is being reported, Cruise won’t be returning to the eponymous character’s dangerous world in the immediate future.

Combining an intricate puzzle of a plot and an exciting chase for truth and justice, Lee Child puts Reacher through his paces–and makes him question who he is, what he’s done, and the very future of his untethered life on the open road.
Former military cop Jack Reacher makes it all the way from snowbound South Dakota to his destination in northeastern Virginia, near Washington, D.C.: the headquarters of his old unit, the 110th MP.
Reacher fights, aiming to find Turner and clear his name, barely a step ahead of the army, and the FBI, and the D.C. Metro police, and four unidentified thugs.

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The Affair would be the next book to read, as it covers the end of Reacher’s military career, and leads into Killing Floor.
In chronological order, The Enemy would be the first book to read, as it takes place while Reacher is still in the Military.

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Written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie; based on the novel “One Shot” by Lee Child; director of photography, Caleb Deschanel; edited by Kevin Stitt; music by Joe Kraemer; production design by James Bissell; costumes by Susan Matheson; produced by Tom Cruise, Don Granger, Paula Wagner and Gary Levinsohn; released by Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions.
Written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie and adapted from “One Shot,” the ninth in Lee Child’s series of macho best sellers, “Jack Reacher” brings its hero to Pittsburgh, where a sniper has just shot down five innocent people, including a nanny accompanying a small child, in broad daylight.
But the man’s lawyer, Helen Rodin (Rosamund Pike), hires Reacher anyway, possibly because she thinks he might keep her client off death row, and possibly because she, like every other woman in (and presumably beyond) the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is made weak in the knees by Reacher’s off-the-charts sexual magnetism.

Cruise, who would reprise his role as a former military police officer, and the companies are looking for writers to tackle the script. Christopher McQuarrie wrote and directed the first one but now is focused on Mission: Impossible 5.
The book sees Reacher on a cross-country run after facing trumped-up charges, a woman claiming he fathered her child and a female commanding officer.

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For months, fans of the books — 17 so far — have been anticipating the film "Jack Reacher," which opens this weekend, with comments such as: "hope it flops." They are not looking forward to seeing Tom Cruise, not known for his bulk, portray the hero of Child’s novels.

I have all the Jack Reacher books, him! I have read them in order.
If you all like the Jack Reacher books, you might also like the Joe Pickett series by C.
If you all like the Jack Reacher books, you might also like the Joe Pickett series by C.

Renault used to sell a hatchback called Le Car, and Grant once heard an American mispronounce it “Lee Car.” Around the Grant household, calling anything “lee” became a gag — his daughter, Ruth, was “lee child.” But the name turned out to be perfect for Grant’s self-invention.
As Child puts it, “If you stick to that mental image, everybody says, ‘That’s a well-researched book.’ If you actually supply the reality, people say, ‘The guy’s never been there.’” It’s as if Child is feeding back to us the images America once beamed to England.
And how the newly minted Child became — as the mystery writer Michael Connelly calls him — “distinctly American.” It’s an odd thing when a British writer, powered by British rage, creates the ultimate Tom Cruise vehicle.
“At a very simple point, the Reacher stories are revenge stories,” says Child.
In Child’s latest book, A Wanted Man, Reacher worries that the Patriot Act will lead to all sorts of “national security bullshit.” Child has invented a kind of progressive vigilantism.
New management, led by Charles Allen — “an ugly, twisted little man,” Child says — came in to break Granada’s union.
“Somebody does a very bad thing, and Reacher takes revenge.” When Reacher gives the bully his comeuppance — in the way Jim Grant longed to do — Child’s prose seems to slow down, so that we leisurely savor the act of the enemy’s kneecap exploding or his nose caving in.
“I find it very refreshing,” the writer Vince Flynn says, “that Lee isn’t one of these authors that try to get into the psychological guilt a man has over killing a scumbag.” After offing five men in Killing Floor, Reacher is asked how he feels.
“I’d have these horrendous meetings and want to break the guy’s leg,” Child says.
(This makes Tom Cruise a very odd choice for the part.) “The greatest paradigm in history is David versus Goliath,” Child says.
“A lot of literary writers, I’ve heard, celebrate writing a sentence,” Child says.
“I had that blaze of annoyance, like, I’m not going to take this shit anymore,” Child says.
Grant also calculated, with eerie precision, that 63 percent of New York Times best-selling authors had last names that began with “C.” “Think about the people from my generation who have done well: Harlan Coben, Robert Crais, Michael Connelly,” he says.
“He knew they were heading full speed toward a brick wall,” says Child’s younger brother, Andrew Grant, who’s also a thriller writer.
In Gone Tomorrow, Child says, “I had him shooting from over there.” He points to 58th and Madison.
“You’ve got a fairly low-pitched monotone,” Child says.
“I’m never late,” Child says.
“We just made fools of ourselves and wasted a lot of time,” a cop says to Reacher in 61 Hours.
When Reacher goes to Nebraska, as he did in Worth Dying For, Child borrows images from movies and TV shows — it’s a “Nebraska” of our collective imagination.
“The guy is just obliterated,” Child says.
“You look back at an early book,” Child continues, “and it’s like looking at those photographs you have in your drawer from the 1970s, with the horrible clothes and the terrible hair.
When Lee Child declares “It’s like he’s a real person,” it isn’t an empty boast.
The Reacher books are an answer to the “techno-thriller,” that ’90s object of fascination in which the main characters were an intel agent and a computer.

The list author says:   "Jack is enjoying life in the Florida Keys, digging pools and working as a bouncer to earn some cash.
The list author says:   "Jack Reacher’s first book.
The list author says:   "Jack is still feeling the after effects of the cliffhanger from his previous adventure.
The list author says:   "Jack is hitch-hiking when he gets up with a lady in distress.
The list author says:   "A book set in Reacher’s past during his army days.
The list author says:   "Jack’s old team need help.
The list author says:   "Two female army high-flyers found dead in baths of paint.
The list author says:   "Reacher intervenes when he sees a kidnap take place.
The list author says:   "Jack is between Hope and Despair – literally.
The list author says:   "Soon to be made into a film! A sniper is caught, he’s banged to rights with so much evidence against him.
The list author says:   "A count down has begun in the freezing wastes of South Dakota.
The list author says:   "A woman charged with protecting the vice-President.

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