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Try using 2 lipliner colors to add depth to your lips by lining with the darker color then softening it into the lightest color and center of your lips.
So here’s 6 lip color combo’s you might want to add to your lippie routine, including the highly sought after nude-rose lip color worn by the infamous, Kylie Jenner.
It’s ok if everyone doesn’t like you! You don’t need to be liked by everyone because some people are so awful, you don’t want to be liked by their awful brain and what they think is likable, anyway.
You don’t need to be shy, speak up and say the things that you want to say, someone wants to hear them. You’d could make someone’s day, and your words have value and fun and don’t live a life with words that you want to say but you keep that trapped inside.

I like helping all the kids open their gogurts and poke straws in juice boxes, they are hilarious and make me laugh, but mostly I being there for my Blakey, who has me kiss both his hands and cheeks before I leave.
No matter how much being a mom feels like "frazzle hood", I would trade any of these frazzled moments…All the noisiness, the "mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" I hear, it is the sounds from  the most priceless, precious people that I  love more than anything.
Time will go to fast, and Blakey will be a teenager and not want me to come have lunch with him, so each day I treasure easch hug, kiss blown through the air, and each "mommy I love you so much".
And I thought about how I miss living in the middle of the treasures, that only a city can give you, like the art museums, poetry jams where Jordan would steal the show at intermission with his break dancing, and having him along to look for treasures in the piles of vintage goods in the parking lot of Jet Rag…and him admiring all my art friends and them swelling up his inner artist, by encouraging him and praising all his creativity.
They tried hats on him and took this picture with his artwork dangling from his hand, everyone fell in love with him and it was rad to look over and know that all these "artists" were encouraging the artist within him as I painted up some faces.

5 things I’d tell my teenage self….

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I'm pretty sure everyone has a plastic bag, full of plastic bags in their kitchen.

ABOUT Make-up artist for film and television who created a YouTube channel to produce videos that showcase herself being transformed in characters and celebrities such as Snow White, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Willie Robertson, and Edward Scissorhands by means of make-up.

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Check out the video above to see Kristen’s hilarious reaction — plus, find out how Kandee went from being a TV and film makeup artist to an Internet sensation with over 2.1 million subscribers on her channel.
First up is Kandee Johsnon, a colorful and energetic mother of four who became a huge YouTube hit by sharing her personal beauty, fashion and style tips.
These days YouTube isn’t just somewhere people go to watch funny videos of kids singing "Let It Go" or baby animals doing bizarre tricks — it’s a full on business.

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kandeejohnson Today was my beautiful mama’s birthday…not only has she raised me to share kindness, love, grace and understanding, but she has taught me and encouraged me to be creative, unique and to not afraid to be different.
kandeejohnson Arrrrrrr Matey! Here be the transformation of me self to Cap’n Jack Sparrow! If you’ve never seen this video just type this into youtube for a swashbuckling good time: KANDEE JACK SPARROW (PS.
kandeejohnson When filming a Snapchats go wrong! 2 things you need to know: I was not driving, I was parked in the Coffee Bean parking lot.

When I'm upset I watch you videos and they just make me feel so much better.
I suffer from chronic illness and know how important it is to look in the mirror and feel that you look good and healthy.
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I seriously cried watching it and anyone who is or ever was battling illness knows how just special it was.

Kandee Johnson has a passion for fashion and is the epitome of what it takes to hold the "Guru" title when it comes to all things in the beauty industry! She puts so much creativity and adventure into educating women/men with her unique tips, tricks and secrets.
We are proud and honored to call Kandee a close friend of ours and wanted to celebrate our friendship with an exclusive handbag specially made for her mutiple roles as a mother, business woman, makeup artist, blogger and jet setter.

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Dressed more like a tomboy some days and wore baby doll dresses other days.
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Arrrrrrr Matey! Here be the transformation of me self to Cap’n Jack Sparrow! If you’ve never seen this video just type this into youtube for a swashbuckling good time: KANDEE JACK SPARROW (PS.
model_academy1 : @kandeejohnson I was so bored till I watched your videos, you make everyone smile 24/7 you’ve taught people stuff,I watch you everyday your gorgeous, and your being yourself.
vi94310 : Let me tell you that you are such a beautiful person, you look like an angel on earth, you do a really good job with your make up and personal videos.
evbella123 : Thank you for helping me realise my dreams can come true and for making people feel beautiful.

Creator, Filmer, editor and talent for youtube channel: Kandee Johnson, which has over 1.4 million subscribers and has been featured in magazine from Elle to Glamour and was chosen by Simon Cowell to help him as a host and judge for his Talent competition on youtube.

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With the help of YouTube star Glozell and makeup guru Kandee Johnson, we searched all around Bonnaroo to find the craziest outfits we could– and get tips to spruce up your own attire at any music festival.

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