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The Real Housewives of Atlanta have a lot of att-i-tude, but do they have a lot of money? Despite the cars, houses, and the seemingly endless name dropping of labels – not all the housewives are on easy street.
I have watched this show from Day 1 when it was NeNe,Lisa, Deshawn, Sherae, and Kim, and if I’m not mistaken there was another girl on there but I can’t remember who she was because she left the show early.
But I have loved all of the girls over the years and I think that Porshia is a good addition to this season I think she is as cute as a button but I’m not quite sure about Kenya, I think she is a little beside herself.
She has made numerous television appearances including The Ellen Degeneres show and Jimmie Kimmel Live.

In 2002, the late great Whitney Houston released the album “Just Whitney.” The singer’s fifth studio album featured the single “Tell Me No,” in which Kandi wrote alongside Babyface, Annie Roboff and Holly Lamar.
Kandi Burruss may be currently known for her role on the hit reality show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” but before the show, she wrote hit songs for many big-name artists in the music industry.

In 2002, the late great Whitney Houston released the album “Just Whitney.” The singer’s fifth studio album featured the single “Tell Me No,” in which Kandi wrote alongside Babyface, Annie Roboff and Holly Lamar.
Kandi Burruss may be currently known for her role on the hit reality show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” but before the show, she wrote hit songs for many big-name artists in the music industry.

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Kandi Burruss has brought up her net worth even more by founding her own record label and being the CEO of Kandi Koated Entertainment.
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From there, she has gone on to be an incredibly successful songwriter for groups and single artists such as TLC, Destiny’s Child, Usher, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, and many others.
She may not make as much as co-star NeNe Leakes does for each season of "RHOA," but she’s got the TV star trumped in total celebrity net worth.

And even if the show doesn’t exactly depict the financial capability and stability of a real housewife it garners a lot of attention because of the lavish lifestyle it does show and one of the most successful financial entrepreneurs in that show is the young talented Kandi Burruss.
Kandi Burruss has been part of the music industry from the 1990’s and has garnered fame as one of the talented lot, she partnered with friend Tameka “tiny” Cottle to score “No Scrubs” for tlc which went on to become a tremendous hit for which she even won a Grammy.
Kandi Burruss has been part of the Real housewife series for about 5 years and is one of the highest paid celebrities so far, she has been paid an approx.

Kandi Burruss net worth: Kandi Burruss is a singer, songwriter, record producer and television personality who has a net worth of $35 million.
Kandi Burruss is better known by her stage names Kandi or Kandi Girl and is an American singer-songwriter, actress, record producer, and television personality.
The title of her debut album "Hey Kandi" included singles "Don’t Think I’m Not," and "Cheatin on me." The album was co-produced with Kevin "She’kspere" Briggs and ranked 32 on the U.S. Billboard Top R&B and Hip Hop albums chart.
Kandi Burruss earned her net worth mainly as a former member of the band Xscape and through songwriting and record producing.
Kandi Burruss released her first solo album in the year 2000.
Kandi Burruss was engaged to Ashley (A.J.) Jewell and shared custody of his twin daughters until he met with a tragic and untimely death, outside a strip club called the Body Tap Club.
She released her second album, "Kandi Koated" (which was originally titled "B.L.O.G.") in 2010.
Kandi has also appeared in the television sitcom Are We There Yet, VH1’s Single Ladies, and also had a Bravo spinoff show called The Kandi Factory.

In the above video clip, there’s a sneak peek at Mama Joyce and Todd Tucker’s confrontation from tomorrow night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta.
Real Housewives of Atlanta couple Todd Tucker and Kandi Burruss have tied the knot.
Mama Joyce believes Todd to be an opportunist, says she has no respect for him, and even accused him of cheating on Kandi with Kandi’s best friend and assistant Carmon.
Throughout the past season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, we have seen nothing but Mama Joyce trying to stir up trouble between the now newlyweds.
In addition, Mama Joyce has insulted Kandi’s engagement ring, has turned family members against the couple, and started a physical fight at one of Kandi’s wedding dress fittings.
Mama Joyce is causing quite a stir on the Real Housewives of Atlanta this season.
The news of their dating came out on the show’s reunion episode and Burruss was criticized for being a “sugar mama.” Whatever the case, the two seem to be a great couple and we wish them a lifetime of happiness.
Burruss, and Tucker, who is a producer, met while Burruss was filming the fourth season of Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2011.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Kandi Burruss, according to E!, decided to marry Todd Tucker without a prenup.
E! reported Mama Joyce and Burruss allegedly had words on the bride’s wedding day when she learned Burruss had decided against the prenup agreement.
While thousands of Burruss’ fans flooded social media with support of her for Tucker, others were alarmed as they watched him abandon her on a joint theater project A Mother’s (based on the turmoil occurring in her personal life with Mama Joyce) and jump aboard what he felt was a “better” project.
Mama Joyce, who raised Burruss on her own, saw the opportunist in Tucker and reportedly went into protection mode of her daughter.
It wasn’t until Burruss purchased a mansion in Atlanta, Georgia that Mama Joyce began raising an eyebrow at Tucker.
Millions of women, from the financially challenged to the wealthy, all gasp clutching their hearts at even the possibility that Burruss did not have new husband Tucker sign a prenup agreement.
Whether Burruss decided against the prenup agreement to prove to the world that she trusts Tucker completely, it is really none of the world’s business.
It was decided by Tucker, before the couple married, that Mama Joyce could not move into the guest house situated behind the mansion.
However, being a reality star who agreed to let the world into her life, viewers cannot help but view Tucker as a very smooth, savvy man if he, indeed, got away with not signing a prenup agreement.
Sherri Shepherd, who was also a guest at the couples’ elaborate wedding, attempted to bring resolve between Mama Joyce and Tucker for her friend.
Though Kandi Burrus allegedly decided against a prenup, millionaire Real Housewives of Atlanta cast mates NeNe Leakes (married 15 years to her husband, then divorced and remarried him) and attorney Phaedra Parks reportedly did not decide against prenup agreements in their marriages.
Burruss, known for being a generous, kind woman to those she loves, would give Tucker the world, whether he signed the agreement or not.
Mama Joyce did not hide from the world that she felt from her gut that Tucker was an opportunist.
Tucker was a line producer for the Bravo TV hit reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta when cast mate and close friend, Phaedra Parks introduced the couple.

Kandi Burruss also appeared in one episode of a popular TV show called “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”, where she helped an ordinary housewife to win a million dollars sum.
Ten years later, after a big break, Kandi Burruss released her second music album called “Kandi Koated”.
This is the show which brings 450 thousand dollars for every episode in which she appears and increases Kandi Burruss net worth.
In addition, Kandi Burruss is thinking of appearing on the screen more often and has a role in the TV show called “Are We There Yet” as well as “Single Ladies”.
Currently, Kandi Burruss is known as a TV star, who appears on a TV show called “Real Housewives of Atlanta”.
Talking about her as a songwriter, Kandi Burruss has written a lot of popular songs, such as “The Writings on the Wall” performed by Destiny’s Child and “No Scrubs” for TLC.
It has been estimated that the current Kandi Burruss net worth reaches 35 million dollars.
Kandi Burruss is known to the public as a singer, song writer, record producer and also a television star.
Kandi Burruss has written songs for many popular acts, including Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Usher, Whitney Houston and many more.
Thus, song writing added a lot of success to her and also increased Kandi Burruss net worth a lot.

I love kandi And Todd is handsome.
As in not attracted to women (unless she has $$) He seems like a gold digging down low… lemme… sigh no kandi noooooo girl plz get a pre nup.
I’m so happy for Kandi! I hope they can make it work with all these crazy cameras.
It seems that he is good for Kandi, he doesn’t have that street edge or image to him which is a plus in my book.
Best Wishes to Kandi and Frankie Beverly…oops I mean Todd.
I wish Kandi and Todd the best.
The ring is nice and thank you Kandi for the new hairstyle and the nice dress.
Congratulations, Kandi!! I am so happy for the both of them.
Wish them years of joy, love, commitment, peace and adventurous sex through the good or bad phases in life and marriage.
I have to side wiht Wendy Williams once Kandi gets married get off the show.
Oh and who cares what his net worth, as long as it works for kandi and she’s happy….
CONGRATS KANDI and please no tardy for the party weddings LOL.

On a recent episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, the subject of pre-nups came up after Porsha revealed that she and her husband Kordell never signed one and Kandi made it clear that she would definitely require a pre-nup to be signed before she was to get married.
I know that some people feel if you are truly in love and are planning to be dedicated to your marriage that a pre-nup somehow means the person requesting the pre-nup is expecting the marriage to fail.

4:38 THE VIEW: NeNe Leakes Throws "MAJOR SHADE" At Kenya Moore(Feb.
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Her second album, “Kandi Koated” was released in 2010 and the single “I Need” reached number 89 on the Billboard Hot R&B chart.
Kandi Burruss became a household name when she joined the cast of the reality show, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” in 2009.
The successful female quartet had six songs appear on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, including “Just Kickin’ It”, which reached number one on the R&B charts.
One of their most popular songs, “Bills, Bills, Bills”, earned her the ASCAP’s Songwriter of the Year award in 2000, making her the first ever African-American woman to win the award.
Kandi also discovered the R&B group, Jagged Edge, who went on to be nominated for several awards, including a Grammy Award in 2002.

But a new report claims that Kandi is worth purportedly a staggering thirty-five million dollars, and that NeNe Leakes’ net worth purportedly stands at ten million dollars.
LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – How rich is Kandi Burruss, what is Kandi Burruss’ net worth, and does Todd Tucker sign Kandi Burruss’ prenuptial agreement? This Sunday, Kandi’s Wedding addresses all three issues.
The listing states that Kandi Burruss’ net worth stands at staggering thirty-five million dollars.
The same website claims that NeNe Leakes’ net worth is ten million dollars and that her annual salary is more than one million per season.
But is Kandi net worth more than three times that of NeNe Leakes? On Sunday’s telecast, Todd shouts at Kandi “I don’t want your money”.

Joined by sisters LaTocha and Tamika Scott, Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottie, and Tamera Coggins (who departed the group before their first album was released), Xscape had 6 Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 over a span over a few years.
Burruss is a former member of the group Xscape, but is most known for her current role on Real Housewives of Atlanta.
In the 90’s Burruss career was marked by the success of the R&B quartet Xscape.
Kandi Burruss is a singer/songwriter, actress, record producer, and television personality with an estimated net worth of $35 million.
On a personal side, Burruss has a daughter with former boyfriend Russell ‘Block’ Spencer of Block Entertainment.
On January 15, 2013, Kandi announced via Twitter that she was engaged to Todd Tucker, a former line producer on Real Housewives of Atlanta.
Kandi Burruss was born in College Park, Georgia on May 17, 1976.
In 2009, she announced the release of her second album ‘B.L.O.G.’, which featured the single ‘Fly Above’ released in October of 2009.
Burress spent the next several years writing songs and trying to further her solo career, but didn’t have the type of success she had at the outset of her career.

 The tempestuous relationship came to a sudden halt when one evening when her beau was out at the local strip club, he got into a squabble with the manager that ended up in a beat down of A.J.  Although the manager has been charged with manslaughter, some of the medical evidence has revealed that A.J.  Suffered from another malady that may have been the actually result of his death.
Kandi Burruss’ Wealth How rich is Kandi Burruss? $38,978,388 How much does Kandi Burruss earn? $1,301,563 How does Kandi Burruss make money? Personality How old is Kandi Burruss 38 Does Kandi Burruss have kids? 1 children Twitter Followers 663,000 Facebook Fans 74,000 Financial Advice This wealth is on autopilot and should never run out.
 As the impetus behind the 1990s R&B band Xscape, Burruss keeps writing songs that tickle the fancy of the masses.
 Burruss has been able to get over that lost love with a new love interest named Todd.
Burruss began an ill-fated relationship with Ashley A.J.  Jewell right before the Housewives of Atlanta began its run.
Even though Kandi Burruss appears in a reality show about housewives in Atlanta nowadays, her talent as successful songwriter has always led her way.

Her debut album Hey Kandi, reached the 32nd spot on the U.S. Billboard Top R&B and Hip Hop albums charts, has singles titled “Don’t Think I’m Not” and also “Cheatin’ on Me.” The aforementioned album was co-produced with Kevin “She’kspere” Briggs.
Burruss is also an executive producer and she did a few rewrites for Kim Zolciak for her song “Tardy for the Party.” It was in 2000 when Burruss first tasted the fruits of her labor when it comes to the music industry.
Her second album Kandi Koated (originally titled “B.L.O.G.”) was released back in 2010 under the Asylum Records.
One of her most notable achievement when it comes to this craft is through the songs “No Scrubs” for TLC, “Bug a Boo”, “Writings on the Wall”, and also “Bills, Bills, Bills” for the group Destiny’s Child.

She remarried her husband Greg Leakes, she became a “Glam-ma” and she earned a record breaking $1 million for season 6 of Bravo’s hit reality series Real Housewives.
But someone within the team at Bravo leaked each of the women season 6 salary agreements to RadarOnline who reported earlier this year that NeNe Leakes will earn $1 million this season.

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Not so apparently, as yesterday she filed the lawsuit in Atlanta that states (in so many words) that she wrote the song for Kim, and then Kim marketed and sold it all over the place without Kandi’s consent (or the consent of her writing partner who’s also suing Kim).
It’s been a blessed while since we’ve heard that wretched tune Kim Zolciak crooned on The Real Housewives of Atlanta   — "Don’t Be Tardy for the Party." Get ready though, because we’re about to hear a whole lot more about it as Kandi Burruss  just this week filed a lawsuit against Kim Zolciak regarding its use.
Coming after me now and this song is 4 years old? I have in fact overpaid Kandi and have documents to prove it and my legal team will handle this accordingly.
Still as god-awful as that song is and as comfortable as she already is financially, I’d think Kandi might rather forfeit the cash than remind everyone again that she wrote it.
We knew Kandi was pissed about it a few seasons back, but I thought she’d just moved on to being mad that Kim stole her baby name.

Talking about her personal life, Kandi has a daughter Riley Burruss together with her ex-boyfriend Russle “Bock” Spencer – the creator of indie record label “Block Entertainment”.
Moreover, Kandi Burruss net worth rose again when she became a founder of her own record label “Kandi Koated Entertainment”.
“Hey Kandi” hit number 32 on the US Billboard Top R&B and Hip Hop chart and increased Kandi Burruss net worth.
She already has roles in TV shows “Are We There Yet” and “Single Ladies”, so Kandi Burruss is going to increase her net worth even more.
Later Kandi decided tocontinue building her net worth, so she formed the duo “Peach Candy” with American rapper Rasheeda.
As an actress Kandi is mostly known because of her appearance in the American reality television series titled “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” (RHOA) in which she has starred since season two.
Kandi Burruss is a popular American songwriter, TV producer, singer, actor and record producer whose total amount of net worth is estimated at $35 million.
Her next album was released 10 years after Kandi’s debut, and called “Kandi Koated”, but wasn’t as successful as the first one.
Kandi took her first steps in a career as musician in year 2000, when her debut album “Hey Kandi” was released.
Her most popular songs have become “The Writings on the Wall” performed by an American R&B girl group “Destiny’s Child” and a song called “No Scrubs” performed by R&B band “TLC”.
Most of Kandi’s net worth has mostly been earned as a former member of the successful female American R&B band “Xscape”.
J.” Jewell and they even became engaged, but Jewell died from a serious head injury on October 22, 2009 So then on April 4, 2014 Kandi married Todd Tucker – an American production manager and line producer.
Burruss has also appeared on the popular TV show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” – there she helped one female contestant to win one million dollars.

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Kandi’s song writing accomplishments continued to increase by penning for popular artists such as Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, Alicia Keys, Da Brat, NSYNC, Solo, Usher, N-Toon, Fantasia, Whitney Houston and Joe.
Kandi released her first album, titled “Hey Kandi”, in 2000 and the second one, titled Kandi Koated, in 2010.
After that, she scored other hits such as Destiny’s Child’s “The Writing’s on the Wall”, “Bug a Boo” and “Bills, Bills, Bills”.
In the year 1999, Burruss alongside bandmate Tameka Cottle scored the TLC hit “No Scrubs”.

Please, angrianna (RHOM) worth $10 million–that’s a joke right, because a few seasons ago, she got scraped up off the floor of an art gallery (that she & her son were sleeping/ living ) in and helped by Leah Black—angriana, said her husband cheated and abandoned her and her son ? And magically-she was married for 3 seasons pretending to be “engaged”—yea, right.
Tamar is a gold digger she will sleep with anyone if she thinks they have money, you, take the women out of the trash, (Tamar) but you cant take the trash out of the women, I think people dont like Terry or Heather because they have respect for themselves, unlike Tamar and Vicki.
No way Carole is worth $50 million! did you see her apartment?? Maybe her mother in has that money, but there is no way Carole does.
A lot of these are totally off… Carole Radziwill is no way worth $50 mio or Nene Leaks $10 mio… those are just speculations… Also what are these woman really worth without their man? (Kyle Richards $30 million?! Where from?) etc.

it has been announced that kandi burruss net worth is currently 35 million dollars, which is actually a huge amount of money.. Kandi burruss net worth – get kandi burruss net worth, Kandi burruss is a singer, songwriter, record producer and television personality with the net worth of $35 million.
celebrity net worth, Kandi burruss net worth: kandi burruss is a singer, songwriter, record producer and television personality who has a net worth of $35 million.
richest net worth, Kandi burruss is a singer, songwriter, record producer and television personality with the net worth of $35 million.
richbutbroke – how rich are, Kandi burruss (aka kandi, kandi girl) is a 38 year old american personality with a net worth of $38,978,388.
Actress kandi burruss net worth – house, car in 2014, Actress kandi burruss from real housewife atlanta net worth reveal as on 2014.
Kandi burruss net worth! – how rich is kandi burruss?, And why kandi burruss net worth is so massive? kandi burruss net worth is definitely at the very top level among other celebrities, yet why?.
celebrities net worth 2014, Kandi burruss net worth.
Kandi burruss net worth! – learn how wealthy is kandi, About kandi burruss .
kandi burruss has earned her net worth mainly as.
kandi burruss has earned her net worth mainly as.

As a lead artist, Kandi has sung few singles, such as ‘Cheatin on me’, ‘Don’t Think I’m Not’, ‘Leave U’, ‘Fly Above’ and ‘Me & U’.
Kandi Buruss is an American singer, record producer, songwriter and television personality, holding a net worth of $35 million.
Along with her husband Todd Tucker, Kandi Burruss bought a beautiful house in Southwest Atlanta.
Kandi Burruss released two studio albums- ‘Hey Kandi’ (2000) and ‘Kandi Koated’ (2010).

She SHOULD be ashamed of herself! It’s hard to take back stupid, and it’s even harder to guise a major manipulator! Leave Kandi be, and stand in support of her, instead of bashing the man that she’s in love with and finally happy! You should be happy FOR her! I concur..you look like you’re only interest is YOU, Kandi is a big girl, and has made it to the top because of her talent, not because of YOU! A mother who throws up “what all I’ve done for you” just shows (by saying that) that you only did so all this time was a plot to someday use this as leverage.
Mama Joyce just trust, as a mother, you’ve raised your daughter, Kandi, to make the right decisions as far as relationships are concerned.
Mama Joyce I forgive you….let’s see you turn over a new leaf for 2014 and give Todd and Kandi all the support the need.
I’m sure there is a whole lot we don’t know about Todd (plus he is short and a little man so I’m sure there s that napoleon complex somewhere and if not, great!) I believe your mother does have your best interest at heart and for the people who do think it is about money, Kandi’s mother has been there for her all the long not just these past years on RHOA.
Momma Joyce needs to stop being so disrespectful to Todd’s mother and Kandi needs to tell mother Joyce to stay out there business.
Just a few weeks ago, the character known as Mama Joyce made heads turn and tongues wag when she went nuclear during her daughter Kandi Burruss’s ill-fated wedding gown fitting.
Mamma Joyce needs to leave Kandi alone and do her best to love Todd – that’s it.
Sometime we as mother may go a little far when it comes to protecting our daughters because they are blinded by the feelings they are experiencing with their love interest, All any mother wants is for their child to be happy and safe and when we feel that safety is threatened, we go into “mama bear mode,” whether it’s physical threat or emotional.
If Mama Joyce doesn’t stop he will leave – Kandi ain’t all THAT! No woman is for a man to put up with that kind of BS.
Joyce told Kandi at Kim’s wedding if she tried that shit Kim pulled on her own mother she would have turned that wedding out.
I believe that Mama Joyce acts the way she does because she wants Kandi to herself.
“Cynthia knows that Kandi don’t take care of me,” Mama Joyce clarifies.
Wasn’t this part of an episode that the house Crazy Mama Joyce was living in was Kandi’s and she was afraid she would lose it if Todd did not sign a prenup? Kandi’s tears do not sway me.
Sorry but Mama Joyce is just plain crazy and I doubt very much she is living without help from Kandi.
Well kandi the only thing I can say is love your mother no matter what, she will alway be there, what guarantee do u have that Todd will be there forever.
If Kandi doesn’t realize this soon and deal with it.’ she will never have peace with any man .NO matter how rich or poor he is’ any man is a threat to Mama Joyce.

Among her successes were the hits “No Scrubs” for TLC, “Bug a Boo,” “Bills, Bills, Bills,” and “The Writings on the Wall” for Destiny’s Child.
Kandi Burruss earned her net worth mainly as a former member of the band Xscape and through songwriting and record producing.
Kandi Burruss is a singer, songwriter, record producer and television personality who has a net worth of $35 million.

A fashion designer, she launched She By Sheree (clothing line) and made a guest appearance on the TV series The Game, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, The Bonnie Hunt Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and the 2009 Soul Train Awards.
You may think the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" (RHOA) are housewives given the name of the show, but they all have other gigs going on that generate income.
This former member of the group Xscape from Atlanta also runs a clothing boutique TAGS, designs intimate products for her Bedroom Kandi line.

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