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These little chocolate eggs can be so hard to find and most of the time I’m wondering where to buy Kinder Surprise Eggs because my kids just them.
Yummy Kinder Surprise eggs, who doesn’t love them? A milk chocolate egg with a surprise toy inside.
The toys inside Kinder Surprise eggs are a delight.

Box of 24 Please note: Until now, we have been wrapping all boxes of Kinder Eggs in Bubble Wrap to further protect them during shipping.
Our chocolate Kinder Surprise Eggs make perfect gifts, for yourself or for others, on any occasion.
We have special packaging for Kinder Surprise and NHL Eggs.
ONE pack of Kinder Joy for GIRLS – Surprise Chocolate Eggs (3-eggs pack), Disney FROZEN, Surprise Chocolate Eggs (3-eggs pack).
ONE pack of Kinder Joy for GIRLS – Surprise Chocolate Eggs (3-eggs pack) , Kinder Joy for GIRLS, Surprise Chocolate Eggs (3-eggs pack) Hong Kong version.
One Pack of Ferrero Kinder Schoko Bons Original German Chocolate 300g/10.58oz. Ferrero Kinder Schoko Bons is one of the famous chocolate in Europe.
ONE pack of Disney FROZEN – Surprise Chocolate Eggs (3-eggs pack) and.
Big Ferrero Kinder Chocolate Maxi Surprise Egg with Christmas theme.
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children chocolate is a delicious combination of milk chocolate and creamy milk filling.
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not very good value went to my corner shop afterwards and they offered me a much better price.
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We have Kinder Surprise eggs in México, children love them! I’ve never heard of anyone choking on the little toys.
He is always asking me to watch the “eggs videos.” What a bummer to find out that they are banned in the U.S. I was hoping to surprise my kiddos with some surprise eggs of their own.
Which is similar but not quite the Kinder Surprise! My daughter LOVES these videos and she’s only two!! Her uncle visited Europe recently and brought her ONE egg and she was thrilled! She wants more now, and you can buy them on eBay and Amazon I just don’t know how they are legal to sell them this way.
I grew up with these and other chocolate surprise eggs given at Easter time in Italy.
I am an expat mom living in France and I can tell you that my 4 year old son loves Kinder Surprise eggs.
I always fear they will be confiscated at customs, and I will feel ashamed and scorned like a drug smuggler!! The kids just finished their stash of a dozen eggs last week, and that was the first question they asked me every night when I would talk to them while I was away – ‘did you get our kinder eggs yet!?’.
Growing up my nonna brought us Kinder Surprise eggs every Easter from Italy.
You have just described my two year old to a T…..I was just online looking where I can find the “Kinder Egg Surprise” eggs.
Stumbled upon this blog while searching for where I can purchase these chocolate surprise eggs.
Actually the ban on Kinder Surprise eggs is not just a few years old.
These eggs had the most delicious milky chocolate shell, and when you cracked it open, there was a little surprise inside.
These Kinder surprise eggs are super cool.
And not all the eggs are the true Kinder Surprise eggs.
Crossing the border with a Kinder Surprise Egg could cost you $300 — these chocolate treats boasting tiny plastic toys are illegal contraband in the United States of America, and pocketing a prohibited egg in your purse may result in confiscation.
That’s right people, by cracking open your kitchen supplies, blowing up a balloon, and getting creative, adults and three-year-olds alike can now enjoy chocolate eggs with safer (larger) toy surprises, healthier (higher quality) chocolate, more colorful wrapping, and fewer bans by the border police.
The Kinder Maxi likely contains the biggest aspiration hazard of them all — a lot of chocolate, followed by a major sugar high, all topped with a massive surprise toy.
Only the most delicious chocolate ever! When my husband was stationed in Germany we first discovered these…the toys inside are amazing, and everyone I knew whether child or adult was completely obsessed with them! the toys are not like the pieces of junk you would get in ,say, a nestle egg or worse, a cracker jack box, noooo these are (usually) in pieces that you put together yourself, some are quite elaborate with moving parts! I had one that made into a mini pinball machine, a little acrobat that did tricks…puzzles….well the list is very long! Many of the toys turn out a lot bigger than the egg they came in.
“Unwrap a Smile” extends across Canada digitally via a “Smile Booth” application on Facebook, which enables users to create a virtual photo strip that can be shared using #kindersmiles.
Kinder Canada is celebrating it 40th anniversary with “Unwrap a Smile,” a campaign encouraging consumers to share their smiles through photo and video experiences across the country.
As their photos are taken, a Kinder Surprise egg drops into the hands of consumers and the moment of surprise is captured in a customizable photo strip, which can be shared online with the #kindersmiles tag.
Developed in partnership with Hill + Knowlton and Black Chalk Marketing, campaign elements include experiential, PR, social, out-of-home, and digital executions.
“It’s really a moment that’s shared between a child and a parent because it’s something that you do together,” said Shoshana Price, group brand manager at Kinder Canada.
Touché is responsible for the media buy and co-ordinating the digital billboards, while Black Chalk Marketing is handling experiential activation at the Eaton Centre and CNE.
Kinder worked with Hill + Knowlton on creative, public and media relations, social influencer components, and digital channels.
Fast forward 75 years, we are still not free to bring them here, BUT we can buy a slightly modified version of the chocolaty goodness in eggform! Starting this Easter, available at every major retailer, including Target, we get to buy Surprise eggs where the chocolate halves are separated by a small yellow plastic ring.
One of the first things I do when I’m visiting Germany is go to the local Tengelmann to buy one! I dug around online to read more and discovered these eggs are made by Candy Treasure, a NJ company with no direct or licensed relation to Ferrero (maker of the Kinder eggs).
He added that the eggs used the colours deemed most appropriate by parents, with its research showing 57% of parents felt pink was best to identify Disney Princess, Barbie and Fashion Dolls and 39% choosing blue as best to identify Marvel heroes, Hot Wheels and Sprinty – twice the number that picked the second-highest colour, red.
The first batch, which rolls out in September and will replace standard Kinder Surprise eggs for seven weeks, will come with Ferrero’s Sprinty cars in the blue eggs and the company’s Fashion Dolls toys in the pink egg.
“We don’t advocate or promote Kinder Surprise Pink & Blue as a gender-specific product but believe that parents should choose the toy that they feel is most appropriate for their child,” said Ferrero UK customer development director Levi Boorer.
Brand owner Ferrero said the eggs would help parents choose the most relevant product for their child, citing research that showed two-thirds of parents with children aged four to 10 felt having separate ranges was a good idea [YouGov].
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Just tonight she brought us a whole set and each egg has a piece of a nativity set and the box is the cardboard stable with all the animals included.
I’ve tried ordering them online (last Easter) and it never went through.
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CatsRule said: [Q]I’m fortunate enough to have a friend that flies in and out from Italy and brings them with her.
I know eBay has lots of them and I could order online, but I’d prefer B&M to be sure I have them before the holidays.
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The toy parts are tiny, and ostensibly the ban on these eggs is because they provide a choking hazard to children under 3 years of age.
Excuse me? Haven’t they heard about Cracker Jack and McDonald’s Happpy Meals? Kids have come to expect toys and food together and they know the difference.
I learned about these treats, with their unusual and intricate toy surprises inside, about two years ago from a friend at work who had moved to England when she got married.
Another friend at work enjoyed them last spring on a trip to Mexico, though he left all the toys with his hosts.
But the toys inside these candy eggs are inside another plastic egg like the ones that are so common in the US at Easter.
However I wouldn’t give a Kinder Egg to a 2-year-old for the same reason I wouldn’t give them a Cadbury Creme Egg: few toddlers are dextrous enough to take a foil wrapper off a candy egg.
I’m sure this was passed with important safety issues in mind, particularly with the increase in mass production of canned foods and the problems with meat plants earlier in the century.
I did not, however, come across any evidence that any American children have choked on these toys or, for that matter, that any children anywhere in the world had, either.
The reason? The element that makes them unusual, the toy inside, violates a 1938 law preventing inedible materials from being embedded in foods.
From what I’ve read, though, many people from around the world have fond memories of these candies from their childhoods, and many still have the toys.
Some of the sets I’ve found include Lord of the Rings characters, cute Hippos in Star Wars costumes and Asterix figures.
Okay, I’ll admit: I am a big kid at heart and I’d like to find and assemble some of these toys myself.
Kinder eggs have actually been illegal to import into the United States since 1997.
I want to be able to find these myself but the US government has tried to protect us, so I’ll have to either order them online or wait until I go abroad.
There is also a unboxing of three Kinder Surprise Christmas tree eggs.
These are Kinder eggs in the shape of Santa Claus on a sled.
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