korean romantic comedy movies

Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho star in this trendy high school drama about chaebols as they form friendships and fall in for the first time.
Song Hye Gyo and Rain star in this classic, popular Korean drama that set the benchmark for all romantic comedies in the Hallyu Wave.
Rain makes his comeback in this drama as a president of an entertainment company who lost his girlfriend in an accident and finds himself falling in love with his girlfriend's younger sister, an aspiring songwriter.
A sitcom starring K-pop idols, six young people live together in a mysterious owner's boarding house unaware that they're part of the owner's schemes to find his child.
Adapted from the classic manga, Itazura no Kiss, the director of Goong brings a fresh look into the ups and downs of falling in love through the course of high school and college.
This drama follows the relationships between four different couples, whose stories are centered around a news anchor, Cha Ki Young, who voluntarily becomes a single mother.
In this Korean adaptation of the original, a case of mistaken identity one fateful, intimate night conceives a whole new love story for two complete strangers.

Being from Europe we don’t watch Korean cinema or TV because Europe has so much to offer but I’m going to continue seeing Korean movies and shows that I fell in love with.
Being from Europe we don’t watch Korean cinema or TV because Europe has so much to offer but I’m going to continue seeing Korean movies and shows that I fell in love with.
Wow! Nice lens… In addition to English-language movies, I’ve got Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian, Spanish, Italian, and Tagalog movies … haven’t gotten any Korean ones or other languages (although I’ve watched some Bollywood (Hindi) movies).
My Sassy Girl is just the best Romantic Comedy Korean movie I have watched ever! Although the guy is not that cute, he sure is adorable too.
I’ve watched my first Korean movie 2 weeks ago and I loved it, so much in fact that I’ve seen 5 after that and that show called The King 2 Hearts it’s perfect.
I’ve watched my first Korean movie 2 weeks ago and I loved it, so much in fact that I’ve seen 5 after that and that show called The King 2 Hearts it’s perfect.
I love watching Korean Drama for the past 5 months and I’m done with "The Heirs", see my review – and I’ve just finished "Prime minister and I", which the leading man here starred at "My wife is a Gangster 3", then as of today I’m still watching the ongoing K-Drama "Love from the other Star" a very funny romance com.
I really like Korean movies! :)) Watching this kind of movie is very relaxing, keep up the good work.
Clocking in at almost two hours that you never want to end, My Little Bride is simply just what Korean romantic comedy needs at a time of trite formula and My Sassy Girl rip-offs.
just two days before Christmas i broke my leg, so i stayed home.Bored to death, i was searching for a hallmark christmas movie and i ended up watching Seducing mr.Perfect.Since then i ‘ve watched allmost every k comedy on youtube, but Seducing mr.
I love the passion, humor and charm that we can find in Korean movies.

1:45:15 Korean Movie English Subtitles, Heaven's Soldiers 2005 by Connie M.
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Have you tried The Classic? The thing is, some of these movies that I've listed tend to have a melodramatic theme.. A Millionaire's First Love, though it's quite old.. I'm more into rom-com so I don't have much for melodrama but I have two sort of action-drama film that I love, 71: Into the Fire and R2B: Return to Base.
Based on an internet novel, this movie is popular not only amongst K-movie fanatics, but also those who enjoy watching Romance Comedies of any origin. This movie was re-made into a Hollywood movie of the same title, so some are probably familiar of it.
Also from an internet novel by Guiyeoni, this movie is about a charming, yet quite arrogant guy who falls in love with a strong-willed girl.
I know its really hard to find the Movies you are looking for.M 4r Movies is a grate site for watching movie trailer and finding info about Movies .
Hey, Im trying to download those movies but I've watched some and I really liked The classic and 200 pounds of beauty.
This movie is also based from a popular internet novel and of course, is popular among those who love "bad boy" type of guys.
This movie is about a seminarian who, with a course of events, falls in love with a girl just before he becomes a priest.
In short, I don't know any specific website to download Korean movies from.. Sorry >.<" Do try those that I've mentioned though.
Hi! I watched all the movies in your list and I love it.

“ A love story between a 30 year old man and a high school student, and a 22 year old man and a 29 year old woman.
“ A love story between a firefighter and his girlfriend; a girl and her unemployed boyfriend; a mother and her son (motherly love); and a deaf girl working at a theme park and a guy she meets there.
“ A love story between a rich, struggling male high school student and a poor female university student.
“ A love story between an engineering student and a girl he meets on a train.
“ A love story between a city girl and a country boy (past), and the city girl’s daughter and a guy in the drama club (present).
“ A love story between a city boy and pretty country girl.
“ A love story between a rich boy and a country girl.
“ A love story between a buoyant photographer and a girl with a chronic illness and a deformed hand.
“ A love story between a country girl and a wild boy.
“ A love story between a baseball player and a girl who has loved him from afar.
“ A love story between a 30 year old virgin and a woman with a split personality.
“ A love story between a former renowned dancer and girl from China that knows nothing about dancing.
“ A love story between moderately mentally disabled man just released from prison and a woman with severe cerebral palsy.
“ A love story between a woman learning English and a man in her English class.
“ A love story between a woman looking for the perfect man and a man that has helped her numerous times.
“ A love story between a grieving woman and a special man.
“ A love story between two people that live in the same house during different time periods communicating via mailbox.
“ A love story between a woman and her new boss.
“ A love story between a Physics teacher and a young female police officer.
“ A love story between a male photographer and a female parking agent.
“ A love story between an ex-convict and a naive country boy.
“ A love story between an ex-boxer and a blind telemarketer.
“ A love story between past lovers: a veteran secret agent and a rookie.
“ A love story between a university professor and a death row prisoner.
“ A love story between a pianist with stage fright and the village fool.
“ A love story between a painter and two guys: an Interpol detective and a hitman.
“ A love story between first loves.
“ A love story between a boy and two girls.
“ A love story between two orphans.
“ Pretty good movie about a boy in love with a girl who tells him many outrageous things to cover up for her true situation.

A Korean love story about a young couple’s enduring love, which is tested when 27 year old Sun-jin is diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer’s disease.
Now and Forever tells the emotional journey of a playboy who finds true love in his relationship with a beautiful girl he met at the hospital.
Two department store window display decorators find themselves to be perfectly matched professionally but, as they gradually fall in love, it becomes increasingly more difficult for them to work well together.
A struggling for love, Baseball players discovers he has terminal illness and meets a girl who has had a crush on him since times immemorial.

Everything is this drama perfectly fits! The storyline is well written and carried out, details of acting in each scene touches the heart of viewers! And of course, all the casts in this drama is perfect in their roles! Main characters, kim so hyun & jeon ji hyun do have great chemistry and have outstanding acting skills that match well with each other.
I love this drama very much so cute this drama is my all time favourite I love both cha and him their chemistry is so beautiful and awesome I love cha swung won very very much he is a such a cute perfect person I expect lot from you cha do well god will bless you and always with you.
This drama is AMAZING! I legit sobbed when I finished it! THE BEST acting! You will immediately fall in love with this drama after the first episode.
Never get tired of this drama! Its HILARIOUS! And super cute! Definitely recommend watching this if you like romances where the girl tries to get the guy but the guy doesn’t want her.
Watch it for Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won’s sparkling chemistry and their wonderful acting! The whole body swapping drama is hillarious and romance is really touching.
[Newest]The best Korean drama… Just love it.
The 30-year-old pâtissier played by Kim Sun Ah, is different from the typical Korean drama heroine mold! The actor Hyun Bin plays the man-child boss.
Amazing drama, very cute chemistry and laugh out loud comedy.
I love this drama so much! Its one of my favorites! One thing I like about yoo rin is her attitude and her hilarious side that made me breathless laughing so hard.
An adaptation of classic manga Itazura No Kiss, Playful Kiss is a warm, bubbly drama about falling in love and growing up along the way.
[Newest]The first Korean drama I watched that got me hooked.
The first Korean drama I watched, and I got hooked.
Mutual love is a miracle, and this drama is a perfect portrait of this feeling.
The first Korean drama I ever watched.
This is my first Korean Drama that I ever watched.
My Love from the stars has touched me over and over again: so, it’s my favourite drama of all times.

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All through the time the Girl and Gyeon-woo were seeing each other she had been seeing her dead boyfriend’s mother, who wants to introduce her to a nice young man.
The movie begins with Gyeon-woo on top of a mountain, speaking wistfully about a girl he knew two years ago that had buried a time capsule with him on that mountain.
The film tells the story of a male college student, Gyeon-woo (Cha Tae-Hyun), and the Girl (Jun Ji-hyun) who is never named in the movie.
She then tells Gyeon-woo that the Girl can give advice to him about his impending trip to England, to which he replies, "I don’t have to go anymore." The pair hold hands under the table and the Girl says she thinks she met a man from the future (Gyeon-woo’s future self).
The mother, who is Gyeon-woo’s aunt, tells the Girl to go out with him, hoping that he could make life easier for her.
The first half of the film, told from Myung-woo’s point of view, details the couple’s growing attraction and love for each other, which climaxes with a trip to the countryside where Myung-woo tells Kyung-jin that if he were ever to die, he wanted to come back to earth as the wind.
During the two year span, Gyeon-woo works hard to improve himself in many ways, even writing My Sassy Girl which someone has bought the movie rights to, an event he eagerly anticipates telling the Girl about.
Gyeon-woo is caught outside the shutting doors of a train, presumably ignorant at first of the Girl’s presence on the train but after a few seconds of staring he seems to realise whom it is he sees from behind.
Time passes and one day the Girl calls Gyeon-woo to meet her for dinner.
The second – more dramatic – half of the movie begins with the Girl waiting for Gyeon-woo after class.
The mother introduces her nephew Gyeon-woo, whom she has been trying to introduce to the Girl for years.
The Girl introduces Gyeon-woo to him as "her friend." During dinner, the Girl leaves the table briefly, leaving Gyeon-woo and her date by themselves.
Jo-goo, a street magician (Lee Min-ki), notices a miserable looking girl, Yeo-ri (Son Ye-jin), in the audience during one of his performances, and she winds up being the inspiration for his “Horror magic show.” The show became a runaway success almost overnight and Jo-goo in turn, is now a successful stage magician with a model girlfriend.
This lead her to believe that the old man was Gyeon-woo from the future.The Girl then tries to call Gyeon-woo repeatedly, but she was informed that number is either changed or doesn’t exist.
In the meantime, Amy, oblivious just like everyone else of Han-na’s new identity, desperately tries to find Han-na so that she can record her own postponed album (since she cannot sing the songs herself) by spending time with Han-na’s father who is in a hospital due to mental problems, possibly Alzheimer’s.
At her house Gyeon-woo overhears an impassioned argument between the girl and her mother over her relationship with him.

100 Days with Mr.

Indeed, The Terror Live, like Cold Eyes, perhaps 2013’s most underappreciated Korean film, hints at a new orientation in Korean genre cinema, an increasing emphasis given to adult professionals devoted to doing their jobs: such attention to the character’s professionalism allows the movie to "get right" the kind of details that appear miserably or laughably fake in most other Korean genre efforts, such as an entirely credible female government agent (played with impressive level-headedness by Jeon Hye-jin, All For Love) and a brisk yet loaded exchange between Yoon and his ex-wife that never once breaks out from the mold of two journalists reporting on a potentially life-threatening situation.
Theatrical admissions for local films in the first quarter of 2013 were the highest of any three-month period in Korean film history, thanks to hits like Ryoo Seung-wan’s The Berlin File, gangster epic New World and especially the sentimental comic drama Miracle in Cell No.
With a much bigger budget under his command than for his previous works Nostalgia, Pongddol and Iodo (not to be confused with the Kim Ki-young classic) director O fashioned, in beautiful and evocative black and white, a unique film that has abundant cross-cultural emotional appeal but at the same time is anchored firmly in the local identity of the Jeju islanders (A great deal of the dialogue, while Korean, is incomprehensible for the outsider Koreans without subtitled translations).
Given the film’s premise, one of the chief pleasures of The Face Reader is an abundance of supporting players with "interesting faces," reminding us once again just how much recent Korean blockbusters owe their successes to a hardworking group of almost-anonymous actors: Jeong Gyu-su (Moss) as a sharp-tongued brothel manager, Jo Jeong-seok (Architecture 101) who does quite well with a potentially thankless role of Nae-gyung’s sidekick, Kim Eui-sung (National Security) as the shadowy conspirator Han Myeong-hoe, and so on.

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Directed by Eva Jin, One Night Surprise (a play on the term One Night Stand, obviously) is awesome not only because Chinese actress Fan Bingbing and Korean American actor Daniel Henney star in it, but also because it reworks the overused trope of the career-oriented woman who’s too busy to seek love.
My top picks for the best Asian romantic comedies of 2013 therefore consist of films with young, up-and-coming actors, actresses and directors (including Korean American heartthrob Daniel Henney!).
Directed by famous actress Zhao Wei, So Young made its U.S. debut at the New York Chinese Film Festival earlier this November.
Tracing the lives of four college girlfriends in the 1990s, the film explores the themes of youthful love and loss of innocence as the characters get sucked into the materialistic world of 21st century China.
While Asian cinema was once considered to be only Chinese kung fu movies and Japanese horror films in the Western imagination, some of the best Asian films of 2013 have been romantic comedies.
A Story of Yonosuke has also made appearances at the New York Asian Film Festival and the San Diego Asian Film Festival.
If we can get over the questionable rape aspect of the film, the storyline is actually really funny as we watch Michelle try to figure out the identity of the baby’s father and chase after true love at the same time.
How to Use Guys with Secret Tips premiered early this year at the New York Asian Film Festival.

Story: In the midst of struggling to find her one true love, Mei Li was able to meet a BTS Engineer named Loong when she had a car accident.
Story: A couple from Hong Kong set their feet in Argentina to renew their slowly dying relationship.
Story: Toru remembers his life back in the ‘60s when his friend Kizuki ended his life and eventually stayed closer with Kizuki’s girlfriend, Naoko, for comfort.
Story: Takao always skips his class and spends the time sketching shoes in a Japanese-style garden.
Story: Instead of making a “call” to her boyfriend, Yoon-Jung accidentally dialed the wrong number and started “talking” to a stranger.
I may be a little bit mad, but I’m a good girl, and honest, and I work hard, I’m kind of cute, I have nice boobs, I’m a good cook, and my father left me a trust fund.
Story: During the Songkran festival, a guy and a girl decided to visit Korea instead.

                                          Korean New Wave of cinema swept across rest of the world from later 90’s and early 2000’s.
The story, shown side by side (at different time periods) reveals the faint love, both of them had for each other.
The heartfelt love between the two main characters concentrates on telling the story as it needs to be told rather than staying away from taboo subjects, fearing of viewers’ reactions.
The other love story is about Ji-hae’s mom, who keeps memorabilia of her first love.
Lee Chang-dong’s Oasis conjures up a love story that collides very well with the life in Seoul.

I'm looking for a korean movie to watch, something that a teenager would like.
I'm looking for a korean movie to watch, something that a teenager would like.
I watch a lot of korean dramas but I really want to watch a movie.
I watch a lot of korean dramas but I really want to watch a movie.

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Whiplash X’s entry in our Back-To-School Contest sponsored by Daisy Rock Guitars.
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I'm a Cyborg, But That's Ok (Korean) This has got to be one of the weirdest movies I have seen EVER! I've watched it three times still have no idea what the movie is about…none! But it's Rain.
I'm a Cyborg, But That's Ok (Korean) This has got to be one of the weirdest movies I have seen EVER! I've watched it three times still have no idea what the movie is about…none! But it's Rain.
(Korean) Cute romantic movie.
Now and forever (Korean) Great romantic movie.
Too beautiful to lie (Korean) Romantic and funny.
Innocent Steps (Korean) Cute movie about a girl learning to dance in a different country.
My Tutor Friend (Korean) Romantic Comedy.
Shotgun love (Korean) It's ok he is madly in love with her and she has to marry him.
Shotgun love (Korean) It's ok he is madly in love with her and she has to marry him.
Heartbreak Library (Korean) It's ok about love found in a library.
Heartbreak Library (Korean) It's ok about love found in a library.
Heaven's Postman (Korean) Great movie! Title says it all.
Heaven's Postman (Korean) Great movie! Title says it all.

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[BEST] Good Korean Movies 2014 [HD] – How to Keep My Love With English Subtitle Part One, Best Genre of Romantic Comedy Korean Movies.
Korean movie comedy Hello Ghost —– Plot: Sang-Man Cha Tae-Hyun attempts to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge and into a river.
Tenkousei Sayonara Anata 2014 18+, korean movies with english subtitles romantic comedy.
[Eng Sub] Baby And Me Full Best Korean Movie A 2008 comedy movie starring Jang Geun Suk and Kim Byeol.

“Hello School Girl” (2008) An adorable look at love and love lost, this Korean romantic comedy follows a group on high school students that shed boyfriends and girlfriend faster than socks.
“My Sassy Girl” (2001) The only Korean romantic comedy that is based on a blog, this movie is the true story of one man trying to cope with his sweet but domineering girlfriend.
“My Little Bride” (2004) This Korean romantic comedy tackles the subject of arranged marriages with a light-hearted wisdom that takes the horror out of the subject of arranged marriages.
“April Bride” (2009) I the spirit of films like “Steel Magnolias,” this Korean romantic comedy is a mixture of comedy gold and heart-wrenching sadness.
"My Wife is a Gangster" (2001) Part action film and part romantic comedy, this Korean romantic comedy is a fun look at what happens when a mild mannered man discovers that his adorable wife is a gang busting assassin.
Feelings between the pair begin to grow, but will their budding relationship survive their different backgrounds? It’s a little formulaic at times, but this Korean romantic comedy is good for a laugh.
Just like American rom-coms, the best Korean romantic comedies have a tendency to be a bit formulaic, but despite their predictability, the ten best Korean romantic comedies are filled with adorably quirky characters and heart wrenching storylines that will have you wiping your eyes and blowing your nose before the movie is over.

over the years ive watched a few k-movies as i would watch just about anything whenever i ran out of movies to watch…(just realized recently that they were in fact Korean, i thought they were Japanese, Chinese or Taiwanese hahaha but i definitely know that they weren’t Thai because im a Pinay working in Bangkok, Thailand) i’d say nothing beats how Koreans do it, they’re just so romantic even their language, it’s sweet and endearing hahaha—- ive started really ignoring hollywood films after i watched BOF straight from 1st to the last episode and fell in love with Lee Minho hahaha….after that i asked my hubby to download Coffee Prince for me as “pasalubong” when he came to visit me in Bangkok last month..watched it til the wee hours and watched many times thereafter…i just love it! i cant watch all the k-drama as they take time so im just into Lee Minho’s drama so yeah done with Personal Taste and City Hunter and currently watching Faith…and Gong Yoo’s projects….im super into k-films now that i have to watch at least 2 movies before i can put myself to sleep…just soooo glad to know that there are so many of us who appreciate the efforts of the Korean film industry….
♥ Christmas in August (1998) – Highly praised for its earnest characters and endearing yet bound to fade love, “Christmas in August” made me really want to consider the idea of really reciprocating love out of all the romantic and single life movies I’ve seen so far.I have prepared myself that it could be a dragging narrative since it is already a 15-year old movie but the fetching capturing of the scenes showing vibrant emotions is a must watch for film majors and critics.